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  1. I am now confused... Literally the same timestamp and almost identical message that was received by the other guy, only the wording and question has been changed?
  2. A dude ,(who also has a pretty sweet tattoo of the Slayers Mark) from the DOOM FB group dropped a message to Hugo in regards to the Slayer mark design, and received this response So now that it's confirmed it's the crucible and hilt piercing the flames of hell, wonder what the other markings could possibly represent?
  3. Buckshot

    what do you think the minimum specs are for doom eternal

    It's a terrible time to buy new hardware right now with the end of the 12nm CPU's and GPU's near. By the time DOOM Eternal is released, there'll be the 7nm CPU's and GPU's either very close or already on the scene. AMD currently seems to be on the brink of launching their first server/workstation class of 7nm hardware, while intel is lagging behind due to fab issues atm but should catch up shortly thereafter). We should see mass consumer grade 7nm cpu/gpu's from both AMD and Intel rollout likely by mid-2019. Of course with that said, if you absolutely need an upgrade or just want a new PC entirely, it's safe to assume whatever is high end or mid range will (probably) be more than capable of playing the new DOOM as was the case for DOOM 2016 and older hardware, but if you want the absolute latest and greatest that will be guaranteed to run in pitch perfect, then yeah, hold off. It'll give you plenty of time to save as well.
  4. Buckshot

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Well Nvidia had made sure not to cannibalize their top end cards by eliminating NVLink and SLI on cheaper gpus. This prevents anyone from buying (2) cheaper cards where the total amount combined would still be lesser than than just purchasing one higher card, connecting them and getting faster performance than if they had bought just the higher priced enthusiast card. Which is entirely possible... But Nvidia has been careful in the past couple generations to gimp said cheaper cards and remove SLI or now NVLink interface entirely. For this reason, the 2070 does not have an NVLink interface.
  5. I love how the title of this post starts with an almost definitive and damning accusation to the point of certainty, but the post itself is completely devoid of any reasonable or irrefutable evidence with literally nothing more than a line implying petty suspicion. OP would make a great author of some tantalizing clickbait.
  6. Buckshot

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Now, thats the thing I'm not quite sure of. I have a slight understanding on how NVlink functions in compute and/or content creation systems as many of our teams use at the office, but how exactly a game will utilize such feature isn't as clear (nobody has used the tech for gaming yet). From what I can find, rather than being handled by the software drivers and dependent on the game engine as SLI is, NVlink routes all cross-gpu data through its own highspeed interface and not through the PCI-E bus, so the performance is literally "stacked" between the gpu's at a hardware level, and it acts as more "many gpu's acting as one at a hardware level" vs. "multiple gpu's being detected as many and striping data and mirroring vram across them all at software level". Does this mean the system API will see it as being all one giant supercard and the drivers/game engine no longer need to have seperate code to support it? Possibly. The goal is to have API say "Here's your total amount of GPU power and your total amount of VRAM, now have fun", and have all the multi-gpu stuff handled at hardware level and not be driver/engine reliant. To have GPU's function akin to hardware-level RAID (in comparison to storage), ideally. I know that's not a great example, but it's the best I could think of. Again, DX12 and later OpenGL/Vulkan api's have supported GPU stacking in this manner from a software level, but that means the drivers and engine also have to support it, and while there are games out there that use DX12 (many do these days), the rest of it was never really in place to take advantage of that, albeit maybe a game or two. Of course, there would probably still have to be *some* level of software driver/engine support for NVLink, but games going forward will see likely full performance and vram usage abilities from the additional gpus, unlike sli.
  7. Buckshot

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Heh, it's more I just spend all my money on gaming hardware when I probably shouldn't be 😂 but in all honesty I just make decent pay; not the greatest, not bad, but just decent. My wife would probably murder me if she knew how much I put into gaming tech every time something new came out. But yes, I ordered the (extremely overpriced) $80 NVLink adapter for the as well. As I've had experience with NVLink Tesla/Quadro hardware through my job, i can safely say it's going to beat the living shit out of SLI performance in games going forward. At a hardware level, think of more unified stacked card performance (where cards act more like one big single card instead of striped frame handling across two or more cards) and stacked vram (where you get the total amount of vram between between both cards as opposed to only of one card as the other us mirrored in SLI). These type of features can only be done currently at software level API in Windows with like dx12, and no game and the Nvidia driver's themselves don't integrate it's ability for SLI. NVLink still is backwards compatible with sli-supported games. Games that currently take advantage of SLI will continue to run in NVLink,but still only under the limitations of SLI performance. Games going forward, though... NVLink is a massive overhaul in bandwidth and hardware level GPU stacking; you will literally get double the performance in games (right down to vram) for any game that is NVLink enabled. Unlike SLI, where you'd get no vram additional. From the second card, synch latency, and maybe only 30 to 50% of the performance of the second GPU (if even that) And yes, that's kind of my tactic, dump the old just prior to the launch of the new to recoup as much of the cost as possible. Typically that only leaves me down for a few days no more than a week at most, but I I'm down for at least another couple weeks for my little slip-up on actual release date.
  8. Buckshot

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Sadly, while the initial impression is kinda cool as far as projected holograms go , it's got a long way to go as far as visual fidelity, fov, and optics. Let's hope the consumer version is a bit more evolved than the development model, else I would advise you against it. Makes for some interesting selfies, tho.
  9. Buckshot

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    I royally fucked up as I ordered (2) 2080tis on launch. I completely ignored the 9/20 ship date in a panic to get them before they sold out. I had sold my Titan XP's the day before to a buddy the day before the launch assuming they would ship the new cards upon order. Now I sit here GPU-less for another three weeks. Fml. (Also CPU-less, but that's until the 2950x hits shelves on Friday. Had to hock the 1950x while it was still worth something)
  10. Buckshot

    Is Mick Gordon running out of ideas?

    For all of us who take elevators to taco bell at 2am, I think you're being a bit judgemental.
  11. Buckshot

    How about a Doomworld interview?

    Yes, there was a live broadcast event related to DOOM 2016 sometime back where it was either Willits or Stratton who directly mentioned Doomworld and thanked them for all the support over the years (it was a groups and community support comment in general, but Doomworld was mentioned directly).
  12. Buckshot

    How about a Doomworld interview?

    I mean you guys have had shoutouts from Willits (EDIT: or maybe it was Stratton) before on live broadcast events, so maybe! Ask them! Never hurts to try!
  13. Could have always just called it "New DOOM". I mean it worked for Coke, right? Oh, wait...
  14. Buckshot

    Doom Eternal's confusing released date

    Officially is "TBD", though from an inquiry they really have hopes for 2019. Source: I asked them using the good ole' fashioned approach... When in doubt, send a politely written message. Does wonders :)
  15. Cool. Just wanted to make sure you were getting credit where its due.