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  1. Buckshot

    DOOM Reaper Miniatures now back on Bethesda Store

    Per this article: https://www.pcmag.com/news/365514/bethesda-is-reproducing-the-1997-doom-miniatures It states these will be exact replicas of the first 96/97 run. Now, as I mentioned in prior that the 2013 rerelease had some discrepancies and minor variations from the original molds due to some being misplaced or lost, but the article seems to imply otherwise (maybe they have located the few missing molds in the past 6 years since the 2013 release and do not have to resort to using prototype molds this time?). Also seems to imply they'll be following the same pewter casting and hand polishing as the original release (which some stated was lesser quality and finish in the 2013 pieces). Perhaps they had some feedback on the gripes over the 2013 casts and have taken action to correct it for this release. Or possibly PC Mag is just making assumptions. Either way, still nice to see these resurrected and not forgotten every so many years. They're great to have as their native gunmetal or professionally painted... Always thought they were incredibly detailed
  2. Buckshot

    DOOM Reaper Miniatures now back on Bethesda Store

    Considering when these were originally released in 1996 as individual packaged pieces, priced at (I believe) $8.99 a piece, it does seem about double the price (if you want to factor in inflation into pricing, it'd still be a bit higher), though in this you get them all bundled, padded carry case, and of course this is a more limited run (which is going to be more costly). Now, I do know when they re-released these in 2013, there were some complaints of tarnished or off-colorization of the pewter itself, and they apparently weren't packed very well in the carry case, causing some of the more fragile extremeties to warp/bend/brake in shipping, and that a couple of the pieces did not identically match the 1996 pieces (later explained as the original final cast molds were lost over the years, so they had to resort to earlier unreleased "less detailed" prototype molds that still existed). Despite the price and the minor concerns, it'll be the only way to get them as reasonably priced as possible. 2013 full set would have run you $500 or $600 prior to this 2018 release after that set sold out, and full 1996 set can run over $1000 depending on condition and if in blister packing. Some very rare prototype or demo pieces that Reaper had in house and were never for sale also can fetch a pretty penny on their lonesome.
  3. I know a lot of folks here have been looking to nab these, and it appears they are re-releasing the 2013 reaper pewter set (which contained a few slight piece variations as opposed to the 1996 individual pieces due to some of the original 96 cast molds being lost [beleive they had to fallback to prototype casts on a couple pieces]). Can be nabbed here for $200 https://gear.bethesda.net/products/doom-reaper-miniatures-figures?goal=0_6af4fa342b-0b09e99be3-56353615&mc_cid=0b09e99be3&mc_eid=607e549419 Wouldn't wait on it.. these sell out pretty quick as they did prior.
  4. Buckshot

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Oh shit, you might be right. For some reason was thinking it was doomsday, I stand corrected!
  5. Buckshot

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    I would assume they are spiritually and spoken E5MX, but we will probably see them as E1MX. Just a hunch. Also noticed in the gameplay twitch reveal was running in doomsday, which may provide a bit more insight as to episode numerical nomenclature.
  6. Buckshot

    Wanted: Sysadmin, inquire within

    And here I thought it was my internet connection sucking ass today. Took like 45 seconds to load the forums on several occasions. 25 years of DOOM... And the 14.4k dialup speed to go with it! Blast from the past!
  7. Buckshot

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Not really sure why anyone could possibly be arguing over free pro-grade maps, much less a free spiritual successor episode 5 coming from one of the masterminds of DOOM itself? I mean, most devs of 25 year old games have long since moved on (most... not all), and here we have one that not only still interacts with the community upon a game he helped design (and on a daily basis), he is *still* making and releasing new stuff for it all this time later, and at no cost to us. That itself is just almost unheard of in the legacy game community today. Sure, his projects after departing id may have been a rough ride and may have not held the same light as DOOM or Quake, but can we not just enjoy the fact that he's putting his effort and time in for us today? Keeping that spirit alive all these years later that despite the decades, there will always be something new in DOOM, whether it's from the founders, the current team at Id, or the community itself. So many games and devs get lost in time, but not DOOM and certainly not it's makers or fanbase. And I'm certain this will be the case another 25 years from now. They never forgot and neither have we. And from that twitch footage and promo trailer... Sigil of the Baphomet honestly looks pretty damn incredible. The best will just keep getting better. And it's free. "For those us who think we know DOOM, we don't . For those who don't know DOOM, you will...". Always keeps us guessing!
  8. Buckshot

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    Also, while the "megawad" is of course free, there's a couple boxed editions you can preorder, from standard collectors box to a id anthology-inspired box with a shit ton of goodies and extras (including Romeros head on a stick pewter). It's a spiritual 5th episode to classic DOOM, of course. Full details and preorder info below: https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil EDIT: Additionally, here's link to the full twitch stream https://m.twitch.tv/theromero/profile
  9. Buckshot

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for Feb 2019

    There ya go
  10. I am now confused... Literally the same timestamp and almost identical message that was received by the other guy, only the wording and question has been changed?
  11. A dude ,(who also has a pretty sweet tattoo of the Slayers Mark) from the DOOM FB group dropped a message to Hugo in regards to the Slayer mark design, and received this response So now that it's confirmed it's the crucible and hilt piercing the flames of hell, wonder what the other markings could possibly represent?
  12. Buckshot

    what do you think the minimum specs are for doom eternal

    It's a terrible time to buy new hardware right now with the end of the 12nm CPU's and GPU's near. By the time DOOM Eternal is released, there'll be the 7nm CPU's and GPU's either very close or already on the scene. AMD currently seems to be on the brink of launching their first server/workstation class of 7nm hardware, while intel is lagging behind due to fab issues atm but should catch up shortly thereafter). We should see mass consumer grade 7nm cpu/gpu's from both AMD and Intel rollout likely by mid-2019. Of course with that said, if you absolutely need an upgrade or just want a new PC entirely, it's safe to assume whatever is high end or mid range will (probably) be more than capable of playing the new DOOM as was the case for DOOM 2016 and older hardware, but if you want the absolute latest and greatest that will be guaranteed to run in pitch perfect, then yeah, hold off. It'll give you plenty of time to save as well.
  13. Buckshot

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Well Nvidia had made sure not to cannibalize their top end cards by eliminating NVLink and SLI on cheaper gpus. This prevents anyone from buying (2) cheaper cards where the total amount combined would still be lesser than than just purchasing one higher card, connecting them and getting faster performance than if they had bought just the higher priced enthusiast card. Which is entirely possible... But Nvidia has been careful in the past couple generations to gimp said cheaper cards and remove SLI or now NVLink interface entirely. For this reason, the 2070 does not have an NVLink interface.
  14. I love how the title of this post starts with an almost definitive and damning accusation to the point of certainty, but the post itself is completely devoid of any reasonable or irrefutable evidence with literally nothing more than a line implying petty suspicion. OP would make a great author of some tantalizing clickbait.
  15. Buckshot

    Nvidia launches RTX 2000 series

    Now, thats the thing I'm not quite sure of. I have a slight understanding on how NVlink functions in compute and/or content creation systems as many of our teams use at the office, but how exactly a game will utilize such feature isn't as clear (nobody has used the tech for gaming yet). From what I can find, rather than being handled by the software drivers and dependent on the game engine as SLI is, NVlink routes all cross-gpu data through its own highspeed interface and not through the PCI-E bus, so the performance is literally "stacked" between the gpu's at a hardware level, and it acts as more "many gpu's acting as one at a hardware level" vs. "multiple gpu's being detected as many and striping data and mirroring vram across them all at software level". Does this mean the system API will see it as being all one giant supercard and the drivers/game engine no longer need to have seperate code to support it? Possibly. The goal is to have API say "Here's your total amount of GPU power and your total amount of VRAM, now have fun", and have all the multi-gpu stuff handled at hardware level and not be driver/engine reliant. To have GPU's function akin to hardware-level RAID (in comparison to storage), ideally. I know that's not a great example, but it's the best I could think of. Again, DX12 and later OpenGL/Vulkan api's have supported GPU stacking in this manner from a software level, but that means the drivers and engine also have to support it, and while there are games out there that use DX12 (many do these days), the rest of it was never really in place to take advantage of that, albeit maybe a game or two. Of course, there would probably still have to be *some* level of software driver/engine support for NVLink, but games going forward will see likely full performance and vram usage abilities from the additional gpus, unlike sli.