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  1. You know what I think they should do? - Lucasarts reverse engineered the DOOM engine to make Dark Forces. - Id software reverse engineers the Dark Forces engine (Jedi) to make a DOOM game. Problem solved. Everybody wins!
  2. Don't you worry now. If history has taught us anything, we can expect to see Joel return Last Of US Episode 9 as a clone hellbent on galactic destruction and then vaporized into oblivion by a force-wielding Ellie. Cordyceps is a path to many abilities that some would consider to be unnatural.
  3. Ahhh, clearly you are referring to Mr. Salacious B Crumb. You know.... the little rat thing that that was laying on Jaba the Hutt for a whopping 30 seconds of screen time in 1983 and snickering at anyone who approached him. Oh Yes! There's an entire backstory and fanfic universe dedicated to this character. Just in case you weren't up to speed, here's some reading material: https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Salacious_B._Crumb/Legends https://starwars.fandom.com/wiki/Salacious_B._Crumb https://www.starwars.com/databank/salacious-crumb
  4. Maybe. Numerous articles popping up today that id software has been summoned by Microsoft to work on a entry in the Star Wars "Mandalorian" universe exclusively for the Xbox. While just a rumor backed by a (questionable) leaker, certainly possible I guess. Though it'd be more likely that its a side-project or perhaps their Frankfurt studio may be focusing on, but also possible it's their next big thing? I'm sure if anyone could pull off a great Mandalorian game that it'd be id software. Though kinda shocked though if it is their next big thing. Would have suspected if Disney was gonna toss IP their way to work on it'd have been "Alien(s)". Personally, was kinda hoping for a new Quake (and still keeping my fingers crossed). Saw this here, and all other articles seem to just echo what this one is saying (or vice versa): https://tech4gamers.com/doom-developer-mandalorian-game-xbox/
  5. It's hard to believe that 30 years ago, I was just a 12-year old kid who was this big computer nerd hiding out in his basement, smashing away at a keyboard and playing DOOM all day.


    Actually, heh.. no it isn't. I'm still a giant computer nerd. Still playing DOOM. Thirty years later.


    There's something interesting about it though. While I've grown older and gray, well... DOOM never has. It's still a mirror image of that very first time I booted it up in eager anticipation, not knowing the path it would pave in life ahead. It can't age.. it's physically impossible. DOOM will always remain untouched by time. It will forever look and play exactly as it did on December 10th, 1993.


    DOOM is more than just a game to many. Almost spiritual in a sense. A portal back into the most exciting era of tech and entertainment of our time. If you trace the steps back and watch how it influenced all of what I know and do today, there would be no denying it was acting as some digital force guiding the way. There are a lot of fans and fellow community members who would proclaim the very same experience and testimonies. This is fact.


    To see a community as strong (if not stronger) for a game thirty years after the release, well, that's a feat so very few games can accomplish. A lot of undeniably amazing years of wads, mods and followups in the franchise. Still so many ways to play and to contribute.


    In writing this, I think of all the folks that we fragged alongside of that didn't make it to today. The memories and good times shared are also untouchable by time. May they rest in peace and know that they are not forgotten.


    What will DOOM and its community be on December 10th, 2053? Or even 2083?


    Well... Exactly what it is today.


    Happy 30th DOOM! I would say 'here's to another thirty'  but we all know so well by now that DOOM is eternal. And as such, the image attached was the first glimpse into the virtual world that awaited us on that historic day. Etched into our minds permanently and rent-free is that first step into E1M1 - 'Hangar'


  6. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    Apparently 'Florida Joker Man' is not all too thrilled with GTA6 devs incorporating his likeness into the game. https://kotaku.com/gta-6-florida-miami-joker-tiktok-grand-theft-auto-1851080705 I guess he wants to sue? You know, since he TOTALLY didn't pilfer his act from a certain Batman flick villain himself.
  7. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    Well said. Rather than "life imitates art", when it comes to the GTA series it's literally "art imitates life".
  8. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    Florida Joker man, gators waltzing into 7/11's, scantly-clad grandpas watering their lawns... Yep. But if you think that's the extent of the absurdity & insanity here, buddy do I have news for you. Like this one from a couple months back, at a store just down the street: https://winknews.com/2023/11/06/whats-next-human-skull-found-fort-myers-antique-store/ Mere mistake on the shop owners behalf? Nope... https://winknews.com/2023/11/06/thrift-store-manager-i-knew-real-human-skull/ Despite them blattingly admitting they knew it was real & what they were doing was illegal, they still have not been charged as far as I'm aware. Now, I doubt GTA6 will delve into the macabre elements of florida-man lore, but there's a lot of weird/bizaare things happening here that makes you scratch your head and wonder "what the hell, man?" Like how our governor was picking fights with Mickey Mouse and more worried about banning books all whilst the Gulf Coast was being wrecked by Hurricane Ian and home insurance companies weren't paying out for months (some still haven't been paid). I got hit head on by Ian, eye went right over my house. I didn't have power or water for two months, no internet for four months, didn't have a roof for nine months. It's not funny. Really it isn't. But the events that unfold and how they play out from (bad) to (worse) to (effing horrible)... I think Tommy Lee Jones in 'No Country For Old Men' said it best:
  9. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    Thanks for the clarification. My understanding of the term was more geared toward how everyone is calling Naughtydog and Disney "woke". I simply did not see the resemblance in the GTA6 trailer to why it was drawing a crowd chanting "they've gone woke!"... the same crowd doing it to other companies (which is apparently a thing that is happening). Just so you know where I stand: - I thoroughly enjoy the new Disney-era Star Wars. Not sure why everyone cries fowl about it. - The Last of Us 2 is one of my top 5 games of all time. Just like the 1st, it left a emotional scar in my mind. - GTA 6 trailer looks crazy fun even if it takes a jab at the culture here in Florida (we earned it) - Fuck the KKK
  10. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    What? People are calling GTA6 "woke"?? 🤣 Did they even watch the trailer? It's literally the most anti-woke thing I've seen since the term came into existence. There is so much sexualization, innuendos, unruly shenanigans and criminal mischief portrayed... It's about as over-top-the-top satire as they come and entirely expected of the GTA series. I would call it a parody of real life, I would. But I can't. Because it's only a *slight* exaggeration of how daily life is here in Florida. It's too close to be a parody... but more like a celebration of the batshit crazy stuff that goes on here (or a simulator of sorts).
  11. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    Going to agree. GTA radiostations have always been real bangers and fit the environment/era well. That's always been one of my fav things to do in the series, just zip around virtual town listening to the tunes. However one thing I'm not a fan of is that they had to cut several of the tracks in the recent remasters/releases due to licensing expirations. Seeing how Rockstar is probably not hurting for money, you think they'd just pay to renew them to keep the historical integrity of the game intact through the generations, but apparently not. At the very least they should have found replacements.
  12. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    Can you imagine if all the years between the last GTA release up to this one was simply because of some devs obsessive perfection of twerk animations? If it were me, hell... I'd put it on my LinkedIn skills set. Why not, you know?
  13. Buckshot

    GTA VI Trailer

    100% spot on representation of what life is like here in South Florida. In fact, i'm out here twerking atop an alligator as we speak.
  14. Buckshot

    STTP3 was a late night, fever induced creation

    Yes, papercraft. From his early works before he got into 3D printing.
  15. Buckshot

    Things about Doom you just found out

    She doesn't need to write a book. She can tell you anything you want to know right there in the id software lobby and surprise you with even more you didn't know. I've had a good chat with her a couple of times. Her wealth of knowledge on the history of id software is priceless and would equate to a book composed of thousands of pages. Personally, some inquiries should only be answered as a honor of speaking to her in person and then shared only thereafter. Books are great, but hearing it directly from herself as she reminisces through the years is a experience that should be reserved for that occasion. It means a lot to her to get to tell those things in person and she's equally excited to tell you as you are equally fascinated to hear it. You'll always learn something new from Miss Donna. The "Oracle of id" if there ever was such. One of the friendliest folks you'll ever meet.