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  1. Well, after a few days I can see that mining alone isn't going to cover the cost of the electricity. It's a shame because I really liked the idea of helping meaningful scientific research rather than simply using energy (a precious resource - financially and environmentally - unless you have a good solar pv set up on your home) to mine prime numbers or whatever. But it looks like the cost of electric outstrips proof of research credit approximately ten-fold for me, and I can't sustain that. Yes I feel your pain. When I wanted to upgrade from my R9 270 last year the highest I could go was a two-year-old 970 - I just wasn't prepared to pay over £200 for anything more powerful and certainly not £300+ for a new 1060 6GB. The 970 is fine but it's made me think about holding off changing to a 1440p monitor for a while - mostly because of the amount of VRAM. With the 11xx series supposedly out soon and mining getting more specialist, it may hopefully mean that 1080p gaming hardware at least is somewhat good value again. Please tell me you do game at least a few times a week with that card...? Has zcash covered the depreciation on the card?
  2. Cryptocurrencies by and large don't interest me that much, just as real currencies don't interest me that much, but having a spare machine and a reasonably capable spare gpu that I don't need for gaming any more got me interested in finding out more. I discovered that BOINC (Berkeley Open Infrastructure for Network Computing) is the modern-day SETI@home (in fact that is one of the projects it still runs, and I think it's the same guy behind it) and that Gridcoin should allow you to earn some crypto, as it were, for contributing to certain BOINC projects. The power costs have put me off any form of mining or volunteer computer work, but covering the power cost would interest me to take part in something like this again, so I'm trying to set it up on the other machine now. I'm particularly interested in contributing to the Milky Way mapping project as that is in line with my interests. Do you do any form of targeted computer work? How do out-and-out miners feel about more holistic approaches like this? Would any of you not interested in mining the usual cryptocurrencies be more interested in something like this? And does anyone understand any of the terminology? Because I sure as shit don't, and could do with finding a glossary!
  3. pritch

    Who's hyped for Fallout 76?

    There's a lot of different opinion on how much MP element there will be to the game. I wouldn't be surprised if this were a predominantly SP game with a MP element. Honestly, if it was a genuinely good SP RPG with hundreds of hours of meaningful gameplay, I wouldn't care if it had a GTA V / GTA Online split ratio. I wouldn't really care what it looked like, either. But it almost certainly won't be an RPG - we know that's not the direction Beth has been going in. And even though I play both I personally would much rather see the sixth installment in TOS, which is a richer, more interesting, better looking universe and not a single packet of Sugar Bombs in sight...
  4. pritch

    Your thoughts on the Unreal franchise

    The original Unreal is a generally underrated game in the history of the genre - it's not quite up there with Doom but it was an important release and a great engine. Klingon Honour Guard and other very good titles that might have slipped under the radar were built with that engine. IIRC, it had issues running on multiple core processors and so I haven't tried either KHG or Unreal in years but I would like to again at some point and will either find a way to do it or run them on some old hardware. Unreal 2 was disappointing by comparison, very generic and I didn't like the slow and clumsy player movement or weapons / gameplay much at all. Half-Life 2 came along not much later and blew it - and a few other stale offerings from the early 00s, out of the water.
  5. I hope his framerate never drops below 60 tbh. He'll be missed. I appreciate anyone left in gaming approximately the same age as me (I'm actually a bit older, which is pause for thought at a time like this). Ultimately you tend to share a gaming aesthetic with your peers. I didn't share all of them, but respected his opinions. My condolences to his wife and family.
  6. pritch

    Most Recent TV series you last saw

    Silicon Valley, series 4, but I'm rewatching the whole thing, too. Love this show. I'm also rewatching all of Red Dwarf on Netflix, even though I own it on DVD...
  7. pritch

    Most favorite level from Episode 3

    I like Erebus a lot, I've always loved open maps like the Factory and Dead Zone as well, but in Episode 3 Limbo is probably my favourite. I like the flow of the map and I was always satisfied to max Limbo, including using the rad suits to minimise damage ahead of the exit to the final battle.
  8. pritch


    Would this be some of that fake news I keep hearing about these days? I really don't understand the internet any more. The sweet spot was when I joined this forum, late 2001. I've been saying for ten years that Facebook peaked in 2007, visually and, given my age now, relevancy / content wise, too. And as for Doom, that increasingly feels like a childhood blanky that I need to throw myself under at times.
  9. I really appreciate you putting the time in to that list, including the links - thank you. Exactly what I was looking for, and great to see some of my favourite mappers represented including Chris Lutz, probably my favourite Doom 1 mapper period, and he's put in to another TUD 4 episode megawad? Wow. Tough to know where to start! I now have 173MB of zips on my USB stick. I'd better book an extra week off :) Had to go fishing as many of the mirrors seem to be down this morning, but thank goodness for mancubus.net (Manc, wherever you are, I love you man). Interestingly, from having to do a manual search on /idgames, I see the search function doesn't seem to like two words - I had no results with TNT Revilution and 50 Monsters, but they turned up under TNT and 50 respectively. Ling? I have noted all the other suggestions too, thanks... don't stop! Heh, thanks. It's one of the fishes which go a loooong way back on these forums. It wasn't one of the first though, just followed the trend. I made the original bmp but IIRC community member and contributor DSM made this much funkier and more colourful gif for me. It looked better at 36x36 though :P
  10. I'm (shamefully) out of the loop on the good work that's doubtless been released these past few years. I'm going somewhere for a week where I'll only have a really old machine of mine with, wait for it... an Athlon XP and a Radeon 9800 Pro. Yep, it's the best of 2003. A bit of dooming on a 4:3 monitor and very little internet, might actually be quite cathartic. Almost looking forward to it. So looking for anything that'll run in zdoom adequately on that hardware, released recently. Ideally mapsets, longer the better. Hit me with your recommendations and I'll put them on a USB. Thanking you...
  11. pritch

    Is 1440p worth it?

    The whole 144hz thing is another factor, and one about which I know nothing. I mean, I understand the technicalities, but haven't seen one in the flesh so I don't know if the cash would be better headed toward, say, a 144hz 1080p display than a ~60hz 1440p. Perhaps I'll just have to haul my ass to PC World or somewhere and try to see for myself. That would probably give me more card options, because I think I'm right in saying you don't need to be at the 980 Ti level to be getting around 140 or whatever FPS in most titles. Ling I seem to remember yours is a g-sync setup? And that you were pretty excited about it - has that held up?
  12. pritch

    Megawads vs Megamaps

    Yup, megawads of megamaps. Only half joking... I appreciate a megamap as a one-off project, and I think they can be better for some authors' sanity... But I really appreciate a megawad that builds flow through a single episode, or better yet, multi-episodic theme in the bigger ones. Start with small, tight maps and build to more expansive ones with bigger monster counts, more and tougher secrets etc. Making the most out of the secret maps scores highly with me. I know modern ports take away the need to be tied to the 32 map and episodic shifts, but I think it's somehow just right and if done well, it's the best. People often knock Evilution, but I thought it did this particularly well. Some tough, tight maps, then more expansive tech maps before a hell themed last ten maps. Always best to end with hell.
  13. pritch

    Steam sales

    Fallout 4. I've put it off because the user reviews have been a bit crappy - I can appreciate the move away from RPG elements has annoyed some, but as a shooter guy historically I figured I'd still get enough out of it at £10 now. That was all though - I have a fair bit of stuff to play through from previous sales and these days I tend to buy more than I have time for.
  14. pritch

    Is 1440p worth it?

    I built my current machine last year which is Asus z170 based, running a 6600k at 4.4Ghz and Vengeance RAM at 3Ghz. I re-used my monitor and graphics as I didn't want to lay down all the cash in one go so they are the weak links, so now I'm thinking of moving everything up to speed. I currently have two R9 270s in Crossfire. I ran a single one for a couple of years; I added the second a few months back as a cheap bandaid but of course it does nothing for Doom, and with such variable support and performance scaling I'm thinking it's time to cut my losses and open my wallet again for a single card solution. My monitor is an 8-year-old 23" Samsung 1080p. Nothing really wrong with it, but I'm finding myself wanting to give the newer titles a go in QHD. More to the point, I'm putting off playing the newer titles in my Steam library. Amazon has Asus 24" and AOC 27" QHD monitors at ~£200. The card is probably going to have to be used from ebay. I don't really want to pay through the nose for a new 10xx card. My whole life I have used ATi / AMD cards, but I find myself looking hard at the 980 Ti for 1440p. I have a Corsair Carbide case that can handle the long versions. Are these likely to have been on mining duty? Have you made the switch to 1440p and would recommend it? How are your frame rates?
  15. pritch

    Favourite Fast Food Place?

    In the UK from that list we only have McDs, BK, Subway and Pizza Hut with any regularity. We have other places instead but I voted Subway because a footlong with a drink for a fiver is p. much always the best value option and most filling and fresh vs the fast food competition. I quite like the taste of BK but there's a lot of inconsistency in quality between outlets and let's face it, it's not wholesome food. Aside from the saver menu or special offers it's not great value, either. I never go to McDonalds these days. I used to like a Big Mac when I was a kid, but that's it really, I think McDs is for kids. Also not good value, at least not in this country. I never liked Pizza Hut. Maybe it's better now but if I want pizza I will go somewhere proper and preferably Italian to have it. Domino's lunchtime collect offer is ok and I will do it once in a while, but I know that's a slightly different thing to this.