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  1. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    Alright, folks, I'm basically done with my map submission. Here is it : AngryQuilt2v05.zip What you need to know : - Features ammunition for the rocket launcher, for those willing to put it later on; - Features a two-way door access to Square 9, as well as a switch levering down access to Square 6 and 9 (mind the height difference !); - Features the Chainsaw as an available weapon; - Features the second secret of the entire mapset (hint : angrily pressing a certain portion of Square 5 might help), giving off a Berserk Pack for the player; - Features a new enemy type : four Lost Souls, ferociously guarding those precious rocket boxes; - Huge focus on Former Humans / Sergeants, with a bit of Imps / Demons sprinkled in, and a cherry cacodemon on top of it; It's your turn, @Snaxalotl. Good luck to you ! :D
  2. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    Seeing that I already had finished my submission earlier on in this project, I'll spend some time tomorrow including it into AQ2v04. I did some design polish and whatnot in the meantime. This should be good.
  3. Hey there ! Seeing that one map slot remains for Booked and that I have a bit of free time, is it possible to join in and participate in the whole project ? Thank you in advance (if it's okay), @CBM 🙂
  4. Look at these healthy young people. They definitively don't look like shady cultists ready to skin you alive for their mad god :D

    (This acts more as placeholder textures and design exploration for now. I have yet to convert those faces onto working enemies)


    > Should I make them real, here's how they would behave :



    Grey : Basic hitscan enemy, akin to zombiemen

    Brown : More dangerous hitscan enemy, behaves like a sergeant

    Blue : Even more dangerous hitscan enemy, behaves like a chaingunner

    Green : Projectile-based enemy, sends orbs of illness (light poison damage) at you

    Purple : Projectile-based enemy, sends lightning at you

    Orange/Red : Projectile-based enemy, sends fireballs at you



    Inverted foes : Same as Grey / Brown / Blue, but with inverted sound effects.


    Drops : mostly ammunition, with a chance of dropping additionnal health and armor bonuses.

  5. Hey there Dubbag ! I've recently remade some old WADs from the 90s (1994 to 1997), and would love to have your thoughts on them :O You can find them here : Thank you for your hard work, and let's hope you have quite some fun :)
  6. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    Yeah, sorry about that. Should I delete the post I made earlier as to avoid confusion ?
  7. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    Alright, here's a first rendition of my map spot for Angry Quilt 2 : AngryQuilt2v02.zip Note that sector / line tags and effects should be functional as intended, although I haven't managed (so far) to make them work in my versions of Crispy / Chocolate Doom. Good luck to @Snaxalotl and @stewboy !
  8. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    Sorry about that :V
  9. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    I'll take the square spot just down the very first one. I'll also include two doors to give room for the other participants :)
  10. Origamyde

    Angry Quilt 2 - a limit removing map for Ultimate Doom

    Hey there ! I remember having quite a blast at Angry Quilt, and would be honored to keep up (as much as possible) with the good work while participating for the sequel 😎 I promise it won't suck ;-;
  11. Hey there ! Back again with another WAD remake, this time straight from 1997 with Daggis' CYBER1 (revamped into [GE]NU-CYBER) ! I think this WAD's initial concept is kinda neat, having to fight two bosses and a high-tier enemy in a cramped space. I made a short and action-packed reinterpretation of this map, switched one Cyberdemon to a Spider Mastermind, added mobs in order to hinder you, and tried to emulate a sort of mini-boss rush feel to the map. Oh, and I added a proper exit, since there wasn't one in the original for some reason. * Strictly uses vanilla textures; * Compatible with modern Doom engines (GZDoom); * Crouching / Jumping / Mouselook allowed; * No groundbreaking techniques allowed by UDB used (such as 3D sectors and many more); * [GE]NU-CYBER uses music from the standard Doom & Doom II soundtrack, as well as a MIDI rendition of Quake II's Descent to Cerberon track (by Jay Reichard) in replacement of D_RUNNIN; As always, have fun ! CYBER1.zip [GE]NU-CYBER.zip * Screenshots (side-by-side comparison) :
  12. Hello there, fellow DOOMers !


    Just a quick message to warn you that I'll be taking a break from the site : I'll be going to my university soon enough, and probably won't have time to spend here.


    No worries, though : BNBII is still being worked on. A relative of mine (who works as a freelancing artist and designer) suggested me to revamp the weapons sprites a bit, and this will be included as well. I'll try to release screenshots of those changes at the same time as the final levels are done.


    See you soon !

  13. I'll be back to my BNB shenanigans soon enough, so please have a taste of my latest WAD upload in the meantime !



  14. I'm back, and this time with yet another WAD remake : Gereon P.J. Meuser's Painful Castle of Horror Reimagined, or NU-PACAOFHO ! Some additional information regarding this rework : * Uses a mix of both vanilla textures and assets from the Gothic Texture Pack; * Still compatible with modern Doom engines (GZDoom); * Crouching / Jumping / Mouselook allowed; * Unlike Nu-Arsenal, this WAD was made without any groundbreaking techniques allowed by UDB (such as 3D sectors and many more); * PACAOFHO's soundtrack (which I felt was unfortunately out of place in such an ambitious rework) is now replaced by DeXiaZ's creepy renderings of Doom's original soundtrack, for a much more spoopy ambient ! Here's a link for both the original WAD and its remake : https://www.dropbox.com/sh/brjtb9tjyebdsmm/AAA503bus8yCU5vuyW-tOnnPa?dl=0 Have fun ! Screeshots (side-by-side comparison) :