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  1. By the way, here's today progress on Map05 of my Megawad.1795851900_2020-09-2122_07_15-ALIENREVENGEANCE.wad(MAP05)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3580(64-bit).png.03703b2dd9416564773bdb2c299d0739.png1350994400_2020-09-2122_10_34-ALIENREVENGEANCE.wad(MAP05)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3580(64-bit).png.8dac5afc41ad958d5fb59c8a8d7489c0.png1307156520_2020-09-2122_08_18-ALIENREVENGEANCE.wad(MAP05)-UltimateDoomBuilderR3580(64-bit).png.16e6491a77ed093316d0cdf3bffb2605.png

  2. Life finds a way. Always.


    (Reacting to Microsoft's 7.8B purchase of Bethesda Soft. and Zenimax. What a time to be alive.)Screen_Shot_2014-06-29_at_4_48.37_PM.0.jpg.9fba9eaad86d228a5375fa552d600225.jpg

  3. Oh yeah, it's


    M I R R O R

    T I M E


  4. Map 04's beginning sees the player navigate through a small, sewery-like tunnel, before making the plunge into a pond.


    Here's the pond in question.


  5. Progress on Maps 1-3 so far (they are complete  and playable btw) :










    (Small aside bonus ;) ) :



  6. I can't believe how easy my life has been made thanks to UDB.


    This is the result of approx. 1-1h30 of building.


    >>> (3D Bridge + Swimmable Water combo) <<<389413719_2020-09-1419_32_55-Window.png.f07eb87243744fd4686d4d59ec9c1c00.png1691249128_2020-09-1419_32_21-Window.png.186e2e0666e690ce4764b0bef0b4a910.png

  7. Back from Linguistics Faculty for a week-end !


    Gonna make some map testing and stuff.

  8. Origamyde

    Visual issues when creating 3d water spaces

    Hi there, DooMAD ! I made several attempts at following your suggestions, before realizing that I am utterly confused since I didn't apply a lightning effect at all. I simply created a script like this one : #include "zcommon.acs" Script 1 open { Sector_SetColor (1,0,100,0); Sector_SetFade (1,0,100,0); } Then made the aforementioned dummy sector with a 3d sector lineDef (and which has only the sector tag and swimmable type checked). If a lightning effect is activated by accident, then I do not know at all how it could happen in the first place :/
  9. Origamyde

    Visual issues when creating 3d water spaces

    Hi Bauul, thank you for your input ! To answer your questions more accurately : - If you go back to the images I provided, and especially the last one, you can see that there is a jutting green square that covers the whole lineDef, even though there's supposedly nothing. I mitigated that issue by making smalls sectors between the pool and plain "walls", but sometimes it's not that efficient, as you can see here for instance : - I'm not trying to unfill a pool of 3d water (sorry if I wasn't clear on that one), but merely trying to mitigate or suppress that one visual issue where some color brightness takes over lineDefs that are directly in contact with that pool :/ - I'm using Doom Builder 2, and wasn't even aware of other softwares such as UDB or X. If it can fix my problem, I'll try them for sure.
  10. Hello there, fellow doom builders ! I am currently working on a bunch of maps intended to form a bigger Megawad soon enough, and experimenting with 3d spaces - notably the watery kinds. Now, I've been able so far to create, thanks to a few tutorials, some decent water spaces, but I always encounter the same sort of problem (which I haven't been able to fix, nor find anything related to that on other editing topics) : Here's a standard-looking pool of totally not harmless nukage. You can see the tiny sector space intended for the lineDef action of the aforementioned nukage pool. Here's how it looks in Visual Mode. So far, so good, right ? However, Even though I make a functioning pool, I always encounter this peculiar visual issue with pools of water. I don't know if it's a known issue, with a specific name and characteristics, but I would love to be told how to make it disappear and give back my water pools their prime beauty :o Thanks in advance for any help provided within that topic, and good building ! :)