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  1. Sorry for the wait, but the zip file on Cyan Softcore has now been updated. Thanks for your patience !
  2. I'll be checking in the afternoon this issue, thanks for telling me @FEDEX
  3. Here's my submission for the project : Map Name: Cyan Softcore Author: Origamyde Music: James "Jimmy" Paddock - Dragonfly Difficulty Settings: Implemented Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom Description: "Where is everyone ?" wonders Doomguy as he puts down the only enemy foolish enough to go outside on the rempart today. But perhaps, the rest of those foes are lying still, waiting to ambush him... Notes: This map took me exactly 4 days to design. Feel free to leave feedback to further enhance it ! 30mc2_Origamyde_m1_v1.zip
  4. I'm in for the second Edition, any map slot you want @dac 😎
  5. Forgot to mention it, but I've updated the map to 1.1. There is a changelog that tells you what changes and additions were made here, so have fun again ;)
  6. Origamyde

    NU-EASYSHIT - A WAD remake of troll maps

    @xScavengerWolfx Perfectly understandable. I don't expect this map to be 100% top notch for some, since it's an attempt at making something decent out of a troll map that was some low-effort trash (just like my previous series called NU-ARSENAL and more), and I do regret saying those words actually : those were said in the heat of the moment because I couldn't believe this stupid thing had more views and traction than my previous submission, one I had spent weeks working on and tuning it. Hence, why I've barred that sentence. I shouldn't have been upset about all this in the first place, but I guess I was too sensitive about it. Eh. Looks like I've been trolled, in the end.
  7. @LVENdead Thank you so much for curating my content since I first released WorldCorp, I'm really touched you remembered this lil' level of mine and made astute comparisons with Thermal Burnout :O I do agree with most of the advices you've brought up with your video concerning making more arena-like sectors and visual differentiation, and while this might prove a bit hard to do because of how stuff is done there and how few space remains, It's certainly worth a try. Again, thank you for giving it a try !
  8. "Do not feed the troll. But feed yourself from the trolls." ------------------------------------------------------------- Hello there, fellow DOOMers ! Here is me again, bitter that a shitty map made by someone not giving a damn about everyone's passion still gets traction, but motivated to make something out of it. I will not name the aforementioned person, but if you know, you know. Here's a merging of their two "maps" (can you even call them that) made into a proper functioning level. It works on Boom (Complevel-9), and uses the ROTT track Watz Next. Here's hoping that moderation does its job at filtering between genuine attempts at level mapping and low-effort garbage people do the same onwards, and only interact with shitpost maps by remaking / stylizing them (can you tell I was very upset when I wrote those words ?). NU-EASYSHIT.wad
  9. @Biodegradable yes, that button was indeed for that lil' rocket closet at the easternmost part of the map (also btw, it's Eris Falling's Stardust song playing for the entirety of the map, not Jimmy lmao) ;) @LadyMistDragon sorry to be a bother, but it seems you forgot to upload the FDA for Thermal Burnout πŸ˜” Otherwise, thanks enough for giving this WAD of mine a try. I'm really happy with how it turned out, and you can at least expect some of that same quality for the rest of Oripathy II πŸ˜‰
  10. Hello there, fellow DOOMers ! I'm currently working on a sequel to Oripathy. While I still intend on implementing speedmaps here and there, I'll also try to inject more fleshed-out maps like the one available as a teaser here :) - It's a single-map wad. - It's linear. - It's choke-full of enemies (500-ish !). - It's fun (hopefully). - It's meant to be played on MBF21-compatible engines such as DSDA / PRBoom+ / RUDE and Chocolate Doom forks. - It has exciting music (ranging from Tim Follin to Eris Falling and RoTT's soundtrack !). In advance, thanks for playing my map and your thoughts about it ;) Thermal Burnout.wad
  11. It's been now 2 years since I joined the Doomworld Forums. Hurray !


    I'm really happy with the many projects I've partaked into, and even if some of my earlier works might feel rough to play now, I'm glad this gave me the experience needed to mature and progress in terms of gameplay :)


    Here's to 5 more years of mapping greatness from a French mapper (sorry about that. I'll do better next time) !Β 

  12. A really creative mod when it comes to horror tropes and nods to Leyland Kirby's work. Congrats on the release, and let's hope you get an accolade at the Cacowards ;)
  13. Hey there ! I've updated the map to 1.2. It features a linedef which, upon activation, enables a crusher to kill the barons from the trap door and give 100% kills to player into that.
  14. Hey there ! I've updated the map following some advice on the ammo amount available. It should be slightly easier, although that's the least I can do before UV becomes too easy in my opinion.
  15. Ha, glad to see there's still room for improvement 😊 Keep in mind that there is also custom difficulty levels : on easier levels, you get access to way more ammo, and even an extra secret gun to clean your way through. Ultra-violence is meant as a mean-spirited, challenging difficulty level, but I can easily add some ammunition just in case it's not enough.