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  1. New update! Balanced some maps + other minor fixes, link in the thread :)
  2. It has been a long time coming, but the last three maps have finally been finished! Link in the thread has been updated :)
  3. (Just saw the message now, sorry for not answering earlier, haven't logged into Doomworld in a long time :P) Thank you so much for playing! I really appreciate it :) My apologies for the lack of updates to this wad, it was a mix of being busy with stuff outside of Doom and also being burnt out from mapping in general. Fortunately, I've picked up development last December and I'm currently working on the next two maps. I will probably release them together, hopefully very soon. I'll also look into what you said with Gothic Funk and fix it too :)
  4. Hey would you look at that, a new update has been released! With it comes a new map, Islands of Inferno, and a new level order! Go get it on the main post :D Here's a sneak peek of the new map :)
  5. Don't worry, there's way more fireblue in-game ;)
  6. It's been a long time, but finally here's a new update! Added Map07: Urban Chaos. Here's a sneak peek for what you can expect ;)
  7. I made an update to this map a few days ago to fix some visual glitches found on Suitepee's stream but unfortunately I didn't have internet at the time, so I'm uploading it now :) RushedJobv2.zip
  8. New update! Added Map06 and changed some minor stuff. Go get it on the main thread!
  9. The Fireblue Conundrum is a miniwad for Doom 2 of varied difficulty and gameplay. It's Boom compatible and every map is meant to be played from a pistol start. Tested with DSDA Doom 0.21.3 on complevel 9 and GZDoom 4.2.0 on Boom (strict) compatibility. The Story: Screenshots: Changelog: Download As a bonus, here's a small patch for those who really hate shotgunners :) Older versions: Credits:
  10. Name: Rushed Job. Format: Boom (Complevel 9, tested with DSDA). Difficulty Levels: Yes Coop/Deathmatch: Only other player starts for coop. Textures used: 32in24-15tex.wad (Not included in the wad), Mechadon's Box of Skies (Plus text created using Doom Text Generator). Music: music2.mid from the game Astrobatics, originally composed by Vakhtang Adamiya. Additional notes: I quickly speedmapped the level this week since I was busy with irl stuff in the last month, hence the name "Rushed Job" :) Download link: RushedJob.zip
  11. Quick update: Altered a few encounters and made some of the progress more clear based on feedback. New download in the main thread :)
  12. @TheNoob_Gamer Thanks for playing! About the comments: I'll try to fix this when I publish a new version of the map soon-ish :) That switch was actually used for an earlier version of the revs + zombies ambush in the room, where it served more of a purpose there. I just never bothered to remove it so now it's there being useless. I'll probably delete it :P My main strat was to ignore the Cyberdemon and try to kill the imps and then the revs with the rocket launcher as quickly as possible. Then, when the second wave of revs shows up, I quickly try to kill the most revs I can from both sides before they can get out of their closet. Most of the time I end up alive :)
  13. Hey everyone, After months of work, I'm finally publishing a new level. It's a non linear Boom compatible map for Doom II. Tested with PRBoom+ , DSDA-Doom (both on -complevel 9), ZDoom, Zandronum and GZDoom 4.6. Expect the difficulty to be on par with something like Plutonia. Recommended skill level is Hurt Me Plenty. Here's some Screenshots: Download link: Version 2: gotsv2.zip Version 1: gots.zip NOTE FOR ZDOOM/ZANDRONUM/GZDOOM PLAYERS: There's an error in this map where if you play it with the compatibility settings set to "Boom (strict)", any action that's activated by scripts using conveyor belts break and activate immediatly when the map starts, possibly softlocking the player. To avoid this, please set the compatibility settings instead to "Boom" only or "Default". I also recommend playing using the Software renderer instead of Hardware (especially on Zandronum), since playing on Hardware can cause lag on some of the bigger fights. Mods that alter enemies might also break the custom Dark Imps enemies. Credits: - CWILV00 lump created with Doom Writer - Green Key from "Various Doom Keys" (Realm667 link) by Disguise, Blue Shadow, MagicWazard - Palette and Colormap from 32in24-15tex - Textures from 32in24-15, Jimmytex (sewage flats and blue rock flats), Greenwartex (exit sign textures) - Sprites from Skulltag - Music ("Simple Solutions") from Strain, composed by Mark Klem - Decorate created with 3saster's Dehacked-to-Decorate converter Special thanks to: - FrancisT218, Jimmy and Peccatum Mihzamiz for playtesting - The Joy of Mapping + The Hellforge Discord servers for additional help and support :)
  14. Some blue cave thing (I swear I will finish this map someday :P)
  15. Going for a more classical map look.