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  1. mxrgan

    Is TSPG Down?

    Hey, I was wanting to get onto TSPG to host a coop server for a few friends, but I cant access the website. I disabled my VPN and even changed my DNS to make sure it wasn't a connection issue. So is it down?
  2. Tbh I agree with most of what this thread is saying. Id prefer if the ports were actually based on Doom and not just shrunken down versions of Wolf3D but usually a fair share of hardware, especially most calculators, arent able to render such graphics. But the media blow it out of proportion a bit as if someone ran Doom on a public kiosk (when that never happened) and someone just photoshops Doom onto a potato or lemon. What I'd like people do more of though is tetris. Way less intensive than Doom (given that it was made for the NES and Gameboy) meaning it can run on more hardware and its really fun and customizable in colors and shit.
  3. Step 1: Send a few messages

    Step 2: Make a leak on the map you've been working on for over a year, maybe even close to two.

    Step 3: Disappear for another good while


    Rinse and Repeat!



    If anyone wants to check in, the map is pretty close now, just finishing this last puzzle-like segment and then some tweaking and fixing. After that, it should be done!

  4. Doesn't look even half bad. I should be finishing my own map, but if you'd like I can try it out and give feedback on better level design for the future, I can even give some neat videos and resources to get started. :)
  5. mxrgan

    Spawn in Monsters?

    Usually when its done in DB2, its doable in newer iterations (DBX, GZDB, UDB, etc.), but even then, this is a technique done even by Id Software themselves. Also, make sure you mark a best question so that way people know there was already an answer, almost double answered after the other guy :)
  6. mxrgan

    Techbase Gemini Beta 2

    Very late response but thank you and @Sonikkumania for testing it out and giving feedback :) I personally think testing it with mods is a double edged sword cause of the other custom content I put in might break it but PB3 happens to make the textures look real interesting. Even then, the name "Custom Longplays" might have something to do about it lol. Edit: You were also on track for finding some secrets like the shoot switch in the starting area, which lets you into the toll booth. Also, the switch at 5:40 seems to be bugged with PB3, as youre supposed to activate some other switches in sequence to make that last one appear to get the secret elevator.
  7. Top o the mornin', Doomworld! I would like to make another thread to showcase my current progress on my project: Techbase Gemini! Download If you've played the other beta I posted a long time ago, heres what to expect: New sprites for monsters and weapons (added in using dehacked) A new wip hell section. Just a disclaimer the "techbase" section is relatively untouched between versions, but with any feedback you guys provide in mind, I will tweak them in the final stages of development. The wad is currently.. 70 - ish percent done. The wad should run in most versions of PrBoom+ and other modern ports (e.g. GZDoom), but this was mainly tested with PRBoom+ 2.6.2... Any and all feedback is accepted and wanted. As soon as I feel content with this I will continue towards finishing and making the final tweaks to the map. Thank you for your time. Credits: Few textures ripped from OTEX Skybox from Mek's Box o' Skyboxes Variety of sprites used from the Realm667 Bestiary
  8. Im back once again, now with a different name. I really need to get to work on my current project but Id like to make another test post to see peoples feed back on the progress I have now. Idk how much longer it will take but I really hope I can get it done, as its been going on for over a year, maybe a lil longer by now.

  9. Ah, thanks for the info! That makes a lot of sense.
  10. As a few others said, the progression is designed for continuous play. Maybe viable if they did something like Half Life (The crappy Source Engine port, not the original), cause I think in that the game would give you a load out of most of the weapons you were supposed to find before the chapter you select. This feels like asking for a lot, especially given that they need to set up netcode, and everything else for a 2004 game that didnt have such multiplayer features initially. I know quake got that when it got updated, but it already had the multiplayer functionality in the first place. Chances are though, you can find a decent fan made mod adding at least coop in, given Doom 3's engine is open source. EDIT: also, this... Already done in the Re releases for Doom 1 & 2. Multiplayer has been in Classic Doom for years? Even in the earliest days of it, Ultimate Doom had support for LAN duels IIRC.. And Doom 2 definitely had the multiplayer support, and many clients for it, like DWANGO, have been made for it back then. And there are also multiplayer oriented ports like Zdaemon, Odamex, and Zandronum for today. You also need a server browser to connect to servers more easily. Zandronum should come with one prepackaged. What about Discord or Skype? Consoles like the PS4 and Xbox also have options where you can mix party audio as well as game audio, as well as choose to play in game chat or party. There is no way in hell they're gonna see this and take your request to heart.
  11. Thanks for the info, and I am currently mapping in Boom(Doom 2) format. That could give you a bit more info :)
  12. Ive been wanting to edit the pistol to have more accuracy and modify the Chaingun to have a slower rate of fire. But Im just a little confused on which states of each weapon I should change to make it work properly. I would also just want to know if modifying the accuracy is possible in DeHacked. A push in the right direction will help a ton, thanks in advance. FYI: I also use WhackEd4 as my DH editor.
  13. mxrgan

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    Whats your favorite song(s)? Mine probably are Ruler of the World and The Bidding.
  14. mxrgan

    React To The Custom Title Above You

    I thought ive seen quite a few of those on here. Theyre chill though.
  15. mxrgan

    Need tester

    Being called "dudette fish person" feels cool.