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  1. @Clippy thank you for the video, still alive I'm just busy lately. As you posted comment here I yet again realised I made a map and as I'm looking back there could have been some cuts and stuff packed innit. As you may guessed it secret really was in a wall somewhere I did not have much plans for this one let's say it is a freestyle map
  2. Alright, so I reached the half point, 16th map and I really do enjoy it so far! Amazing experience. Can't wait to play the second half. I like the concepts like exploding crates it is fun time
  3. @netcurse2000 thank you for playing and the video, glad you like it. Whenever I have time I will probably put somenthing different there.
  4. @Riclo500 @LadyMistDragon @Delisk Thanks for the videos, good to see more perspectives and if I didn't miss anything I'm glad there are no bugs. Good to hear, bit inspirated by the plutonia map where you go down with the platform though. Thank you for playing and the demo. I have to agree that it is quite too much of cells Good to hear Thanks for playing through, yeah I can do somenthing about it later. Also the revenant is there just to explode :D Sometimes he even kills himself
  5. @Zesiir Thank you for playing, I'm glad you like it ;) And about the secret.. I put it there before placing the non secret berserk so yes there probably should've been somenthing different but I think it's funny to leave it that way now since it is near the end anyway. Also I like to use lots of textures (can't help it :D).
  6. Hey y'all, after not being active for few reasons I decided to release new single map. Hope you all will enjoy. i tried to execute some ideas in my head ;) Let's keep it simple like that... Have fun everyone! Download: Escape to Deimos.zip - Compatible with Doom 2 (most likely works in any port) - Replaces MAP01 - Music "Riot Squadron" by James Paddock - Editors I used were GZDoom Builder, SLADE - Gameplay around 10-20 minutes - Custom Graphics > only menu changes - Freelook / Jump / Crouch? Up to you to decide but I prefer not to jump or crouch. - COOP / Difficulty Settings aren't set. Screenshots:
  7. @Thil Thank you for playing, I'm glad it was fun!
  8. @Clippy Thanks for playing the mapset! That was a lot of fun with that voxel mod, looking great, Revenant probably looks the best :D.
  9. @Riclo500 Thank you for giving the a go! Appriciate the crazy videos. Congrats for the secrets, I enjoyed it
  10. Hey, I may be bit late to the party but after a long time I decided to play through! There's part 1 I really like how every map feels like you know what's about to happen but isn't going to.. PS: If anybody is going to watch it, hd quality is still proccesing
  11. Hey guys.. @LadyMistDragon Thanks for the playtrough, Glad to hear you did not have that in the last one. That pain elemental at 3:10 did a good mess! I see the second and third map wasnt the best experience, thats honestly understandable, just enjoy your time :D --------------------- @Kan3 Thank you for playing the map. Enjoyed the commentary to it! Anyways yeah the previous one probably is better but I want to make stuff bit different from time to time so the maps I produce doesn't look the same. I love that 3:20 moment where the revenants jumped on you :D 10:47 I meant it like you can't see the building and there wasnt any room behind so yeah but you probably are right, there could have been more the scenary. 17:17 Sorry bout that, I was playing pistol starts while testing so I didnt notice but its been fixed now (added 3 health boxes) :D Also I'm not sure why but ironically may have spent more time on each map than the previous one (fun fact: the title screen wasn't even taken on the maps, it is a special room made for it) Click the spoiler --------------------- @Zahid Thanks for giving it a play, appriciate the demo :). Also might have been easier for you but after the playtest I dediced to add few more of them just in case because I was actually dying quite sometimes. --------------------- PS: I have realized that when map 1 ends and you enter map 2, people may have autosaves like me so I did add 3 health boxes to the spawn just incase it isn't impossible when playing continous (dying to the poison lake and making the progress impossible)
  12. After a long time I have new pc so I can record again, if I didn't complete this I'd be incomplete. So here's map11 from pistol-start :)
  13. @S3M_XM haha thank you! I'm probably not able to change the map 3 since is supposed to be void. Appriciate playing and giving me this issue, If I don't come with somenthing else I'll simply remove the limit-removing
  14. Download the map here ---> 2Hell'n back 1.1.zip /-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-# Preview: /-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-#/-# Map Info = # Iwad : Doom2 # CO-OP/Deathmatch : no # New levels : 3 # Playtime : ~ 25-30 minutes # Build time : ~ 14 days # Editors used : GZDB, Slade 3 # Difficulty settings : not set # Custom music : yes # Custom textures : few # Should work in most ports but the maps prefer boom or gzdoom # pistol starts : it's up to you, they're not set by default so you can choose! ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # Music credits = "Hate Machine", "Midnight Strike", "Besieged city" all by Jimmy ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------- # MAPLIST = MAP01 - Trouble in the hell MAP02 - Barrels o hate MAP03 - Voidless monster base Hey, so I hope some people will find this mapset fun. Enjoy the wad! I wanted to release a side project before a big one.