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  1. Pezl

    What DOOM map editor do you use?

    I use "Doom Builder 1" i tried other editors but i prefer this old one.
  2. Pezl

    DOOM2 - Prison Escape - [Pezl]

    Hey Clippy, Thanks a lot for playing and video. Hope you liked it. :D i know it was not easiest to find what opens that switches. Anyways i wanted to post map where i spent a lot of time but yeah i dont remember the name of it maybe it got deleted, who knows
  3. Pezl

    DOOM2 - Prison Escape - [Pezl]

    Hey Bio, thanks a lot for playing and video! :D I will try to do secrets without fake walls for sure. And i agree i used many GR switches
  4. Pezl

    DOOM2 - Prison Escape - [Pezl]

    sorry a lot, fixed
  5. Hello, iam back? Sorry i enough time in real life now i will try to be active. I had one big map but, all my files was deleted. Info: Gameplay isnt that long, i made this for fun Song is MAP01 : D_RUNNIN. If you dont like you can change, i had no ideas Story: You are in prison and you want to escape so you are escaping. Rules: Jump only Enabled Dont Crouch Tested with GZDoom, LZDOOM, ZDoom Screenshots: https://imgur.com/a/jzr3vEN Download: Prison Escape.rar
  6. little preview i think this day is not being released (Enough of time)


  7. Pezl

    You draw it, I map it 2 : Electric boolagoo

    I forgot on this project hope it will be released soon iam ready
  8. Hi so lets say that i have 110 monsters on my map but its only start (its not slaughter map)

    You can be ready for a lot of action, adventure & secrets



    4.2.2021 maybe?


  9. Maybe you asking why iam not active on doomworld..

    Before some weeks i got syndrome burnout.

    I will continue in mapping in theese two months, enjoy doom guys

    1. Clippy


      I been there buddy, nice to see ya :)

  10. coming soon next year 2021!!

    100 monsters but iam starting

    What if i publish this map with 2000 enemies ?

    staysafe and work hard


  11. Pezl

    What did you guys get for christmas?

    money, clothing (& gaming keyboard from me )
  12. Pezl

    the way my wad is meant to be played

    I like to find the guns and have them in inventory for next levels ;) It can be fun in every level with just pistol start gl
  13. Pezl

    DOOM2 - Slaugh them all (Single map)

    Thanks a lot, nice to see. Hope you enjoyed this map
  14. Pezl

    DOOM2 - Slaugh them all (Single map)

    @Clippy thanks a lot for reviewing and recording i really appriciate this. I spent about 8 hours in one day :D. I wish you merry xmas too! I will add more ammo today If you want to know where was those secrets look at spoiler Also, i will get a new gaming rgb keyboard so my maps will be easier in doom builder to create
  15. Pezl

    DOOM2 - Slaugh them all (Single map)

    @Degree23 yes, thanks for playing. Hip you enjoyed. I need to do somenthing with that last fight, but when you try to kill them you need ammo and when i tested this i was 2x on no ammo so i will add some & update last room. Give me about 8 hours i have 12PM :D tommorow will be released update.