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  1. @netcurse2000 Thank you for your video playthrough! It's always nice to see mods do work with this wad. Also I must say the bfg is pretty big cross and definitely can do some mess haha. I'm probably late again, you know it's been long week but now weekend has begun again
  2. @Custom Longplay Thanks for your playthrough! For some reason I love the atmosphere in the video after playing with project brutality! Looks modern and I love that. Appriciate you finding this on doomworld and deciding to play this one my map! PS: Maybe it is time to fix some of the missalligned textures
  3. I agree with Scrappy, it's not bad! I see potential in your career please keep making new maps, I enjoyed this one :)
  4. I almost went deaf after punching with my fist in "80x80.wad" and "BIGBOX.wad", I had volume on like 20% in doom and yeah, painfull. But nice and impressive to see! I wonder how good can you make normal map with this program
  5. Thank ya for another playthrough video today! This might have came out with more phases and stuff but I have started working on 2nd map of this project and if it's better I'll place it here as map02. I had fun time creating this and yeah, lets say it's my side project from the normal mapping. Lets be honest, Imp stronger than cyberdemon is just hilarious :D
  6. @LadyMistDragon I have replied on youtube but still thanks again for your gameplay! @Clippy Thank you guys for going through! I thought this one was lost on doomworld but it's not as I see it! It is also funny because to this point I didn't know the name was wrong but whatever let it be like it is. Might do a short video of the secrets to show where they are, I probably hid them quite well because it seems like no-one found this one secret near spawn and almost right at the start. There is a linedef which lowers wall by 8px down and then there is shootable switch to open pretty usefull secret, Maybe later. Also my monster and mapping style probably seems different and it might be because of the boom format thing. It allows me to do better stuff than they were in the doom 2 format I was using. However I enjoyed the video, thank you again Clippy and Bio!!
  7. Pezl

    Post your Doom video! [but don't quote video]

    I try to play this daily but you know not enough time every day! Also I got whole playlist on youtube, keeping it updated. This megawad has 22 maps and Im on map 11 now
  8. New video of Rowdy Rudy is up on youtube, the 10th map gave me some hard time huh, good stuff but I had to rush it ;)
  9. @Arrowhead Nice to hear, thanks for that and yeah I discovered how to play with bots like a week or 2 ago, so now I can play deathmatch maps from doomworld too and not only zdaemon,... servers
  10. Hello There, I've just made this brand new deathmatch map experiments, all of theme are not the same! Almost every map has it's own unique theme. Expect some of them such as "MARBLE02" or "EntryTech2" are similar to 01. / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / ## IWAD= Doom2 ## Tested in Zandronum / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / / If you want to try these but you have no one to play with you can use Zandronum> drag the wad here> select options> multiplayer> offline Skirmish> choose options you want> press start game and you can enjoy playing against bots Also If you do have to someone to play with, feel free to! Maps are designed for 2-8 players and should give you 90s vibes or at least I tried to make them look like. I will appriciate any feedback on it or videos where you play it with someone! :) Download Right here -> -> DMExpmix.zip
  11. First time I saw that, it convinced me it's real, but well..
  12. I played another maps, had around 30 mins to spend so I played as much as I was able to. Good time! PS: finally got editing software to compile these 10 minutes limited videos into 1!
  13. Alright thank you guys, I will add them then. See it seems important. ;)