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  1. Pezl

    Mod Mapping [DOOM2]

    Screenshots from Brutal Doom v20
  2. Pezl

    Mod Mapping [DOOM2]

    Did you wanted to test your favorite mod like Buetiful Doom, Brutal Doom or Many more? Now you have chance because i created for you map to test them. Map contains all monsters, guns and items. Recommented Mod : https://www.moddb.com/mods/brutal-doom Upper here is page where you can download mods How to instal? 1.) Download your mod. 2.) Open GZDoom 3.) Extract Mod file and drag zip file into GZDoom File 4.) Select this .wad and that mod & Drag them into apliccation. 5.) Enjoy :) MAP INFO & DOWNLOAD Jumping: Allowed Crouching: Allowed Cheat Codes: Allowed Creator: Pezl IWAD: DOOM2 DOWNLOAD: testingmods.rar SCREENSHOTS:
  3. Pezl


    Yeahh, it is i beated it 2/3 attempts because when you got stuck its hard... But thank you do much for playing.
  4. Pezl


    Thank you so much for gameplay & playing, i wanted to do level with hundret+ monsters because it can be fun.
  5. Pezl


    tell me if you did it or how much attempts it was for yu Is it hard or easy?
  6. Pezl


    @SuperCupcakeTactics, yes but if you shoot and complete level you are master :D, I know that but when you run it on nightmare difficult so monsters are activated without shooting for me
  7. Pezl


    haha nice job man.
  8. Pezl


    Can you beat this level with pistol, bfg and 1320 monsters? I did it twice of 3 attempts IWAD: DOOM2 Screenshot: Too much of archvile Needed: GZDoom or ZDoom Enjoy: yes Crouching: no Jumping: no Creator: Pezl Challenge: yes Archvile: yes DOWNLOAD: Escape1320.rar
  9. Pezl

    DOOM2 - Pezl 2015 wads

    thank you so much clippy i wasnt in home sorry :)
  10. @Clippy, not 2 hours try to do real 30 minutes, you can do it. :) @MAN_WITH_GUN , yeah i will checked it and looks good, but i have no time today i will play it tommorow
  11. Guys, if you want just do map in 30 minutes, you can make your thread or post it in there (this thread)
  12. Pezl

    bb.wad - [RELEASED TO DOOM 2020]

    @GoosebumpsFan, thanks for this, later i will fix missing textures and @LateToDOOM2020, thanks glad you liked it. Btw i did WR Speedrun in 39 seconds. Can you beat me?. I have no video, because i have no youtube channel to upload it. Only my main
  13. @Doom_Dude & @Clippy, hope you enjoyed. It was maked to do normal run, speedrun too. Thank you so much for the video, i have finally somenting to watch :D thxx
  14. @Horus sorry it was my internet, its fine, thank you so much for the video i will watch it and i will put comment on youtube
  15. @Doom_Dude, sure i will test your map, I know here is some mising textures (2), but i wont fix it because it will be not 30 minutes, looks like good. @Horus, thank you so much, but when i saw that video it wasnt abble to watch, do you removed it?