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  1. My brother just landed his first full-time teaching job at Bluffton Middle School in South Carolina. Very proud!

    1. Patch93


      Congrats to him! :D

  2. 4 friends playing the original version of the game that we all met in. Great way to celebrate turning 27 today.



    1. Xyzzy01


      🎊 Happy birthday! 🎉

    2. Dragonfly


      Happy birthday dude! I was playing Goldeneye no more than a week ago with a couple of friends, accompanied with a few beers of course. We also played Mario Kart 64 & Pokémon Puzzle league. I miss the heydays of the N64! I also miss the days before I recognised that the N64 was almost always lagging, heh.

    3. Fonze


      Lmfao Dragonfly, yes.


      Happy birthday bashe! Next time get them to play some Doom :D

  3. I generally dislike forced pickups, especially when I'm near the cap of the respective item's usefulness. It's not too bad for little pickups, but large health pickups and armor especially drive me up the wall. No bueno
  4. Yep, this one was absolutely blind. All I knew coming in was that this one was going to be a "Bloodite killer" so I already knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I ended up recording my demo as my friends watched which definitely made me far less attentive as well. "Byeeeeeeeee~!"
  5. :)))))))))
  6. Par for the course when it involves people talking over videos, it seems
  7. Gaaah, of course it'd be the most nondescript, forgettable song in the game. I don't even like that level much either.
  8. Finally have some songs to share with the thread. I culled all these midis from Doom 2 X-Treme and its sequel Doom 2 X-Treme Gold, however some of these I have heard in at least one other place. There's no metadata with these so that's a no go, unfortunately. Almost all of the other music from these two wads I was able to identify, even very recently, but these last few's sources are eluding me. Zip file here
  9. Man, when can we get lazy loading for YouTube embeds back? My browser just does a big greasy dump in any page with more than like five or six embeds now. I used to use a script to convert embeds to URLs but it has patchy functionality on the new forum.

  10. wtf it look's the same...god old graphic's are so bad
  11. Ooooooh my god. Died on VV map06 while distracted by an Archvile and didn't realize there was more than one Cyberdemon. DNF on VV2 map07 because of that stupid fucking alcove. I had it in the bag until that un-fucking-believable bullshit. Blah
  12. I meant to hop on this earlier this month, but kept putting it off. Anyway, here's my demo. I actually survived! One SUPER close call though - I thought for sure I was a goner after that. The rest comparatively wasn't as bad. M1-M3 and part of M9 I had played previously, but the rest was blind. - recorded with PrBoom-plus at complevel 9, as per the rules.
  13. ARMAGEDN is always pretty nostalgic for me. It was one of the first PWADs I ever played. My dad had gotten it and a bunch of other wads from some websites back in 2000 and put them to a disc for me to try out, around the time I got a copy of Doom 2 again during summer of that year. Although the levels are pretty trash and sometimes outright nonsensical, I still hold it dear in terms of nostalgia. Playing it with Doom2 X-Treme as well also brings back some good memories.
  14. Part of me is always going to miss the old look and feel of the forums, mostly due to being part of them for nearly half my life. That said, I still do enjoy what this new software has to offer. There's a lot of nifty things that I find useful, and despite there being a few features here and there that I don't particularly like, it still mostly comes together into something I can appreciate. I wouldn't mind it looking a litter closer to the old look, but otherwise, I like the change thus far.