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  1. Nine Inch Nails - The Perfect Drug
  2. Can I just say that after playing Akeldama recently and hearing Iridescent, I am absolutely in love. It's like you somehow knew exactly which musical tropes I love and said "yeah, I win." It's almost romantic in how calming and introspective it makes me feel. I almost can't describe it. It's even inspiring because it's made me consider writing music again. I just wanted to say that really bad. :)
  3. Bashe

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    I want to see the original unedited version of the 1986 Fist of the North Star movie. It's been told that the original theatrical release was fully uncensored, and all home video releases following, except (partially) one Italian VHS, were censored using rainbow blurring and other artifacting. The trailer contains a a short clip of a scene that was censored in the movie, but not in that specific trailer, which makes me wonder. Some believe the original reels were lost in a fire, others say it was always censored even in the theaters, but I think only Toei knows the answer and they're not about to tell anything. A friend and I have been dying for some closure on this situation for years now.
  4. Just stopping in to share a few more discoveries in what was likely my last excursion for a while. E2MUSIC E2M2 seems to be a file called "sound of the middle east.mid" Google doesn't yield much of interest except a link to it via bitmidi, and the metadata has nothing useful. I found it in that behemoth 130000 midi collection from archive.org. This one must have a shorter filename somewhere because it's from the early 90s, but I have no idea where to start. Doom 2 Xtreme map13 I found as manuever.mid in ArtScene's library. It's called "Dangerous Maneuvers" and was written by Ozzie F. Talamann in 1995. Google has nothing on this composer unfortunately. Earlier in the thread, someone asked about the origin of Vex Doom map04. I found that as die-reznor.mid on ArtScene as well. "Die Reznor," written by Troy Martin in 1997. Heroes 2 map25 is BIGCITY.mid, done by MTA in 1992. Another ArtScene discovery. Not sure who MTA is. The music from rip7.wad is titled MTNBIKES.mid, which I found in the 130000 archive.org collection. This is one of those Passport Design midis, like PASSPORT.mid and CANYON.mid. Using archive.org to go to their old midi archive page, there's some variants of MTNBIKES that are shorter, but "Mountain Bikes" seems to be the prevailing theme. Having gone through several massive collections of midis has left me exhausted. I'm going to take a break for a while, and hopefully later I'll be able to find some more leads.
  5. Right here. Just some kind of old ftp archive of midi stuffs. This was one of many like it that I went through during this week.
  6. I'm excited to see most of E2MUSIC finally identified. Thank you @omomo for not letting me give up on this one! If I had a way to only search for midis dating about 1997 and back, I'd have an easier time in identifying the midi group I'm currently stuck on. I know there's still a lot of midis packs out there (including one with like 130000 or something) but I just don't know if I have the patience to exhaustively check it out. I want to at least keep looking through older, smaller archives preserved in time on the web if nothing else.
  7. Apologies for double-posting again (Thanks @Revenant :)) but I wanted to share some more updates from my several arduous trawls through old midi archives. E2MUSIC E2M6 and E2M9 (also in Mr. Smiley Head, Heroes etl al.) I was able to find in an old zip file titled "jamie.arj" from 1993. This posting by James Andrews, who made the midis, describes what's in the archive. AMBIENT2.mid is E2M6, and MOTHER.mid is E2M9. The metadata shows that these were made with Power Chords. E2MUSIC E2M4 I found as SENTIN.mid. Metadata shows it titled "Sentinel" and copyright 1993 BowRad Limited. Google shows nothing useful in regards to that name, so no leads on who wrote it. Map14 of HEROES2.wad is FLESH.mid by Twilight Zone member Wonder, the same composer responsible for TZ_THEME.mid from before. This archive contains the midi, and its NFO denotes it's a Twilight Zone remix of the song "Flesh" by A Split Second. DWANGO6 intermission I found as WATCHERS.mid. According to this document, it's part of a Roland Sound Canvas demo series. It's called "Watchers" and was composed by Mitsuru Sakaue. @Doomkid was right on the money. Osiris' intermission midi I think has been asked about before in this thread. I was first able to find it as WHOKNOWS.mid, but some further searching led me to the original MOD version that was used for a 1990 Amiga music disk by The Crusaders. It's simply titled "Who Knows" and was written by Seppo Hurme, aka Fleshbrain. It's quite a lot better as a MOD actually :V
  8. UPDATE: I was able to source the one that also got used in Mega Trickster's Mistake. It's called TECHRAP.mid and was composed by Kevin Newman in 1995. According to this video, it was a sample song for a set of Gravis Ultrasound patches
  9. The shitty piano-only version of this MIDI that came with Gemstorm is very, very clearly the edited version. I can't believe this was ever a point of contention (there's a big ancient argument about it over on ZDaemon). Unless someone 1) bought the game, 2) took it back in time a year, 3) edited the MIDI and gave each instrument a way better choice than simply "Grand piano". Yeah, no way... It seems far more likely the people who made Gemstorm thought they could get away with piracy and no one would notice (and history proved them right, to be fair). Some more sleuthing led me to find this zip file that contains the midi in question, called TZ_THEME.mid. According to the NFO included, it's the theme song of a group called "Twilight Zone," some kind of demoscene thing I'm guessing. The song itself was composed by someone named "Wonder." I have a feeling this is probably its very truest origin.
  10. I think I might have a lead on this one. I was sifting through a midi archive in an attempt to source some other elusive tracks, and I played a file called ANOTHER1.mid that sounds just like the midis from those two Dwango maps. However, this supposed "original" version sounds much different in that all the instruments are playing together right from the outset, whereas the Dwango versions seem to delay the accompaniments before they eventually play together. Unsure if that's an artifact of conversion or an intentional edit. I found a driver package through Google for something called Kurzweil (looks like a synthesizer of sorts), and in the zip file was ANOTHER1.mid, dated 1992. This leads me to believe that ANOTHER1.mid was some sort of sample track for showing off the hardware, which has been discussed in this thread numerous times before. The metadata for the midi doesn't provide anything useful unfortunately.
  11. I was able to, I strongly suspect, finally identify the source of an older midi that has made the rounds. In an older post I made in this thread, I asked about the source of a few midis from Doom 2 X-Treme and Doom 2 X-Treme Gold. Among one of them was a midi used on map25 of Doom 2 X-Treme that typically goes by the name of "alien.mid" when hosted on various old pages. At first I saw that it was once listed on vgmusic.com as being "Underground" from Donkey Kong Country 3, but that couldn't have been the case because D2Xtreme came out before DKC3. One version of the midi had metadata that read "ALIEN LEGACY", which led me to my current suspicion that the midi is a bad conversion of something from that game. There's music in Alien Legacy that features a similar ascending/descending scale that is present in alien.mid, though that's one of the only things that sounds consistent between the two. Regardless, this is the explanation I'm going with, since none of my other leads went anywhere. Unfortunately, the other unidentified midis from those two wads still remain as such. Haven't heard any of these midis in any other wads or sources of media to date. I have some suspicions on where they might come from, but it's all conjecture. D2X_map04.mid sounds very much like a mid-90s action/thriller movie theme, but not one I recognize. The other D2X midis sound like they could be from video games. I like D2X_map13.mid in particular. D2XG_map23.mid gives me JPRG vibes bigtime, but obviously not one I've played...
  12. Bashe

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    SIMPSONS DOOM! I remember playing the 90s version of that in one my early mod excursions. I thought the amount of blood in the character deaths was absolutely outrageous. Years later, the Zdoom version proved to be better and I got a fair bit of enjoyment out of that. Doom Wad Station was a great place to find stuff back then. That's how I got exposed to Doom 2 X-Treme, which is one of my favorites historically (though not much for its gameplay...)
  13. Bashe

    Best Memories of Classic Doom

    I have a lot of individual moments I cherish in regards to this game, so I'll try to keep it brief. One very special to me is the night my friend and I got his computer to cooperate and play Doom II, around late 1999. This was the first time I'd gotten a chance to see Doom II again in a few years since I didn't have a hard copy of the game, only Ultimate. He didn't have speakers at that time, so we played with PC speaker, and hearing PC speaker in Doom just always takes me back to those fonder times. Later he got speakers and I was blown away to hear Doom II music again, this time much more intently than before. I also remember playing a bunch of ZDoom stuff in the summer of 2004. Very mod-explorative time for me, and I have a lot of happy memories of that time (despite troubles on the forums :V)
  14. Finally felt like doing one of these again. Unlike before, I decided to play these levels beforehand and make sure I was able to complete them in one go before I started recording. I typically like to do blind runs, but I often die in them, so I wanted to see where this would get me. Vrack 1 - survived in 19:17 This entry seems so quaint after playing its sequels. Not too rough, but the revenant trap in the radiation switch room is pretty mean. Lots of hitscanners always puts me on edge too. Vrack 2 - survived in 29:17 A larger scale and more evil traps, some of which were quite dicey. Figuring out the secrets helped a lot, thankfully. Vrack 3 - dead, 339/553 This one gave me a lot of trouble. I was actually quite happy with how this was turning out, but cockiness led to this death by laser grid. I feel confident I could have finished if not for that. Prepared runs. Recorded with PrBoom+