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  1. Super Mario World, going by its Japanese release date. There's also the US release of SMB3, but SMW will always have my heart. I fucking love that game.
  2. I've tried multiple 27" monitors running at 1440p and I had the same problem with all of them, being that certain text on screen was juuuust outside of being fully comfortable to read. I'm used to monitors having a PPI of around 91-95, like my current one running 1200p at 24 inches. 27 @ 1440p is about 109 PPI, and I just didn't find it as comfortable to read smaller text, especially since I like to slouch in my seat sometimes and create more distance from the monitor. I'm aware that scaling options exist, but they aren't as universal as they ought to be and can also cause issues here and there. Plus, I feel like the extra screen estate over 1080/1200 is kind of wasted if you have to scale things, so it just never sat right with me. I would like to try a 32" screen running 1440p, but those are pretty rare and only use VA panels instead of IPS, which probably isn't a huge deal but I do kind of worry about potential problems. That, and 32" is just a big thing to have on my desk, and might not be that comfortable anyway.
  3. Seeing them in St. Louis? I'm headed that way tomorrow to see them on Wednesday.
  4. Is it bad that I can only see your name as "Manletstapler" ?

    1. Marnetstapler


      I am a compact, space efficient pocket stapler.

  5. The TRUE ironman experience!



    1. KVELLER


      Polygon, is that you?

    2. DoomLover234
  6. 5tnMDFUl.png

    1. Sparktimus


      I will KILL you


  7. Same
  8. Holy hell I had forgotten the normal ending to map15. That last time I actually played that part of the map, I think Clinton was still president. I didn't even remember there WAS a blue key there...

    1. bzzrak


      ...what blue key?

      I've forgotten the normal ending of e2m5. The secret route is so much shorter.

    2. leodoom85


      And in Heretic I always go to the secret level in E1M6 instead of clearing that map :)

    3. 40oz


      The exit room in MAP15 Industrial Zone is way cooler than the secret exit.

  9. Playing Doom and Doom 2 without getting secrets feels so empty and gross, speedrunning aside.

    1. 40oz


      I feel like I can't help myself from impulsively getting secrets I know about even when I try not to.

  10. This is a bit of an odd example, because I've never watched this particular anime (or much anime at all for that matter), but I really, really dig this track from Gintama. I was first exposed to it while playing Goldeneye Source, where it was used for a custom level, and I took a liking to it right away. It has that wistful, nostalgic feel to it that affects a lot of emotions in me. One year, I decided I would watch the sunset while listening to it, and eventually did. It's definitely a reminder of the happier times for Goldeneye Source in general before things went down the shitter. Great tune.
  11. My brother just landed his first full-time teaching job at Bluffton Middle School in South Carolina. Very proud!

    1. Patch93


      Congrats to him! :D

  12. 4 friends playing the original version of the game that we all met in. Great way to celebrate turning 27 today.



    1. Xyzzy01


      🎊 Happy birthday! 🎉

    2. Dragonfly


      Happy birthday dude! I was playing Goldeneye no more than a week ago with a couple of friends, accompanied with a few beers of course. We also played Mario Kart 64 & Pokémon Puzzle league. I miss the heydays of the N64! I also miss the days before I recognised that the N64 was almost always lagging, heh.

    3. Fonze


      Lmfao Dragonfly, yes.


      Happy birthday bashe! Next time get them to play some Doom :D

  13. I generally dislike forced pickups, especially when I'm near the cap of the respective item's usefulness. It's not too bad for little pickups, but large health pickups and armor especially drive me up the wall. No bueno
  14. Yep, this one was absolutely blind. All I knew coming in was that this one was going to be a "Bloodite killer" so I already knew it wasn't going to be pretty. I ended up recording my demo as my friends watched which definitely made me far less attentive as well. "Byeeeeeeeee~!"