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  1. Bashe

    The Official 'Trying to Find a Specific WAD' Thread

    While playing H2H-XMAS again as per holiday tradition, something popped into my head that might be suitable for this thread. Many years ago, around 1997-1998, I remember looking in a PC gaming magazine of the time whose name I don't recall, and I saw what appeared to be a screenshot of a Doom wad containing a massive weapon that looked like it spanned the entire length of the HUD, and the HUD itself appeared to have a Santa Claus face, possibly from H2H-XMAS. I want to say there was a deer enemy on the screen, but now that I think about it, maybe it was Santa on the screen as the enemy. The details aren't clear anymore, but at the very least I remember seeing a scene to that effect. Does this sound familiar to anyone? Strange as it may be?
  2. Went in blind for this one. Thought I might be on to something but scripted "Cyberdemon decides to attack at the worst possible moment" got me. udtwid_ohno.zip - Cat 1
  3. Bashe

    [RELEASE] Eviternity RC1

    Just finished playing this today. I have to say, it has been quite some time since I had wad really just amaze me the way this one did. Numerous times I stopped to say "wow, that's so cool!" I've been playing Doom on/off for the better part of around 20 years, and I still find it really something that this late in the game, I can still be wowed so much. The visuals in map26 are just...HOW. So many releases in a few years have set the bar so high, and I just don't know how it can go higher, but I know it will. Incredible work to all those involved!
  4. Bashe

    Doom music: Sign of Evil - intended instrument?

    I've always preferred the "plucked violin" interpretation of the song. That's what I heard first, and never quite got used to the "correct" version with the synth drum. There's a few other songs Prince did with synth drums that I find better in OPL from Wolfenstein 3D, I think.
  5. I had a chance to drop in and play when it was packed. I forgot how OTT Doom deathmatch can be with so many people. Fun times! Kind of annoying at least one trend from another online multiplayer game I used to frequent seems to have followed me, but that's neither here nor there. I should get in on these FFAs more often!
  6. Late to this party, but managed to get these demos in just in time. Survived Renascence in 1:58:40. Cat 2 - played this one when the year began, but didn't remember it super clearly. Wasn't too bad overall, but some close calls and the harrowing Wormhole nearly got me. Resistance - died on map02. Also at 2; I played an early version of this around the same time, but certainly don't remember this difficulty. I might have played on HMP at that time, too. These are the exact kinds of traps designed to do someone like me in. rena-resist.zip
  7. Finally finished the original TimeSplitters on hard. Just merely completed it, mind you.



  8. Dead on map31. BOO. I came into this one with full confidence, having played it before and after it came out. It figures when the camera is rolling, suddenly the hell knight encounter decides to kill me ungracefully. Category 2. d64_iron.zip
  9. Oh okay, I was thinking Boom also loaded them up but this makes sense.
  10. OH SHIT BOI, gonna jump on this one for sure. One question though - there are alternate versions of some maps in the wad for Boom-compatible ports; are these taken into consideration? I was going to run with PrBoom+ as per usual, but I wasn't sure if playing with complevel 2 would just load the vanilla versions when appropriate or not.
  11. Bashe

    Do People Really Like Classic Doom For What It Is?

    Everyone here is lying - nobody actually likes Doom on a site dedicated to it
  12. Bashe


    Modern Doomworld, everyone
  13. Bashe


    As if we don't have enough nonsense spamming threads already
  14. Bashe

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    You're not shooting them hard enough ;) (They are shootable. Unsure as to why it wouldn't work...)
  15. Bashe

    Vanilla Doom startup issue on Win98

    This is actually a surprise to me. I was wondering why Doom would sometimes have weird blips and anomalies with the sound when I played it on my machine running 98SE. You can really hear the glitchiness with the audio in this video (timestamped). Now I'm wondering if I should use original 98 or even 95 instead.