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  1. That sounds like Icarus: Alien Vanguard.
  2. I went ahead and played build v5 over the course of yesterday and today and finished it just now. Really enjoyed the new take on the Doom 64 levels in the classic Doom style. It's interesting to see how things had to be changed and worked around in the cases where it couldn't be straight up duplicated. Some things I noticed while playing through in Chocolate Doom 2.3.0 There were some odd music bugs I noticed, when using OPL2. When I first got to The Lair, the music was not playing, but started playing randomly later on in the stage. I'm presuming it looped and then started working, but I can't be sure. The same thing happened on The Spiral and Playground, except there the music never began. Upon reaching Burnt Offerings, the music was very jumbled, with the guitar lead playing right at the start and the general feel of the song completely out of sync from normal. Once it looped, however, it was okay. I just reloaded Chocolate Doom and the wad and warped to the stages and the music plays fine in all cases, so I'm not sure what happened. The area in Breakdown where you can walk along a ledge and get an automap seemed to be bugged for me. I dropped down and got the automap, but the FIREBLU fixture blocking the path would not lower and I could not escape the area at all. I even clipped through the FIREBLU into the room with what seemed to be a teleport pad, but it would not function. Not sure what happened there. There overall seemed to be a lack of cell ammo all throughout the wad. I'm not sure if I was just being careless or overly-reliant on the plasma/BFG, but it seemed more often than not, I was lacking in cells in a lot of situations. Rockets sort of felt the same way sometimes, but not as badly. If you opt not to get any of the keys on The Absolution, the action gets so crazy during the final fight that sprites can start disappearing after a while. I was a bit slow in dealing with Mrs. Motherdemon due to all the shit that was happening, and I eventually noticed the sprites flickering. Other than this, everything seemed to go okay and I didn't run into any crashes or other showstopping bugs. Definitely doing a good job on this, all!
  3. If you were playing Plutonia, then this is normal - the soundtrack is recycled from Doom and Doom 2. TNT has the new tracks.
  4. Survived this one! E1 in 50:52 E2 in 1:10:13 E3 in 1:00:44 Had some good fun with this one. I really enjoy DTWID a lot, and I feel this was a good pick for the month, given Doom's birthday coming up. It didn't go without some trouble, especially on E3 (lol, when you see it), but I managed to get by. This is a category 3 demo. I had played DTWID in beta and final before, but I wanted to make sure I could get to the secret maps after the announcement, so I think that fairly puts me into category 3 for preparations, otherwise it'd be a 2. I did have to pause a few times during E1, so apologies if that somehow pops up on the demo. [3]
  5. Where have I seen this before... To answer the question though, Demons on the Prey (E1M7 et al.) is my favorite from any of the games, especially in OPL. Huge nostalgia factor and just very foreboding and striking.
  6. It's very difficult for me to pick least favorites as I have a spot for all of them, mostly due to nostalgia. However, to list some that are strictly my least favorites (but not outright bad otherwise), it'd probably be something like: Doom: The Demons from Adrian's Pen (E2M2). This was a hard one because I don't even dislike this track at all, but I'd put it at the bottom of the ones I do like the most. Doom II: Adrian's Asleep (MAP25). This one doesn't do much for me. I still like it in some ways, but again, bottom-lister. Evilution: Text screen music. Very epic 5-second song!!!! For a more "serious" pick, Into the Beast's Belly (MAP08 et al.) works well for a boss theme but I don't much like hearing it on longer levels, and it could definitely benefit from a 25% volume drop, at least.
  7. OMG...did you guy's know that...behind the boss on the last board of Doom 2, is the inventor of Doom, George Romero???? i dident know that... o.O
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  9. Sometimes I see mine go as high as the 120s and as low as the 100s, depending on what I'm typing and if I'm thinking about it too much.
  10. Thought I was doing well on this one, then came the YK/BK door encounter of map04. Good fucking invincible baron invading my safe space. [1]
  11. Wow, that's pretty neat! It's nice to see someone messing around with older Unreal for stuff like this. I'm glad this wasn't just another "EPIC GAME REMACKE!!!!" where someone ports a level over to UE4 and it immediately gets on Facebook trending. :V
  12. Was Doom II definitely released on October 10th then? Wikipedia and, along with some others, both show that it was released on September 30th.
  13. Every time someone asks if it's gonna be done, it gets delayed another five years. ... In seriousness, this has been discussed pretty recently
  14. Now amazing subjects like "steamers are obese basement dwelling virgins" and "do you do anything else but play Doom?" can stay in the trash where they belong.
  15. End Game - died on MAP08 End Point - survived in 1:23:56 End Game I feel went pretty well until map08. That felt like a non-sequitur after the other ones, but I tried to take it carefully and unfortunately got put right in the perfect line of sight of the Cyberdemon attempting to escape some chaos and got nailed. Shame about that one. End Point started much rougher and was generally less well-played by me. Some of those traps are a doozy, but I managed to survive it overall, to my surprise. I enjoyed these mapsets for this month. They have a difficulty I would consider right up my alley, and despite some nasty traps, weren't too hateful overall. End Point really gave me an odd sense of nostalgia with its 90s-feeling maps and midis, along with that sky texture. I like that kind of charm. End Game had some cool designs as well. I did these both blind except for a very quick glimpse of MAP08 of End Game from Eris' video.