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  1. Was Doom II definitely released on October 10th then? Wikipedia and, along with some others, both show that it was released on September 30th.
  2. Every time someone asks if it's gonna be done, it gets delayed another five years. ... In seriousness, this has been discussed pretty recently
  3. Now amazing subjects like "steamers are obese basement dwelling virgins" and "do you do anything else but play Doom?" can stay in the trash where they belong.
  4. End Game - died on MAP08 End Point - survived in 1:23:56 End Game I feel went pretty well until map08. That felt like a non-sequitur after the other ones, but I tried to take it carefully and unfortunately got put right in the perfect line of sight of the Cyberdemon attempting to escape some chaos and got nailed. Shame about that one. End Point started much rougher and was generally less well-played by me. Some of those traps are a doozy, but I managed to survive it overall, to my surprise. I enjoyed these mapsets for this month. They have a difficulty I would consider right up my alley, and despite some nasty traps, weren't too hateful overall. End Point really gave me an odd sense of nostalgia with its 90s-feeling maps and midis, along with that sky texture. I like that kind of charm. End Game had some cool designs as well. I did these both blind except for a very quick glimpse of MAP08 of End Game from Eris' video.
  5. Survived in 1:10:20. Nice to finally survive another one! This one was mostly blind except for bits and pieces of the first few maps, and screening the map04 barrel trap that most likely would have killed me had I not known about it. Not too shabby, this one.
  6. I'm currently using an old Dell QuietKey (RT7D5JTW) and a Logitech G400s mouse. I absolutely love this keyboard, but it has minor key rollover problems I never encountered before, which is a bit of a drag but I'm willing to forgive it because it's so damn good to type on.
  7. I've noticed a random mild tinnitus in my right ear lately


    Do NOT

    1. Memfis


      Oh man, I had it in right ear too for some weeks or maybe even months. Got quite worried already but then it somehow solved itself. Just in case I'm now always extra careful with loud stuff, and for example in cinema I often have earphones on because goddamn some movies are loud.

    2. Doomkid


      I have pretty bad permanent tinnitus so I can relate, but hopefully it isn't permanent in your case, Bashe.

    3. Bashe


      I'm pretty sure this is happening as a side effect to a medication, so hopefully it will pass in time. If not, I might have to try some things. It's very mild, but it's enough to concern me as it was never there before.

  8. Super Mario World, going by its Japanese release date. There's also the US release of SMB3, but SMW will always have my heart. I fucking love that game.
  9. I've tried multiple 27" monitors running at 1440p and I had the same problem with all of them, being that certain text on screen was juuuust outside of being fully comfortable to read. I'm used to monitors having a PPI of around 91-95, like my current one running 1200p at 24 inches. 27 @ 1440p is about 109 PPI, and I just didn't find it as comfortable to read smaller text, especially since I like to slouch in my seat sometimes and create more distance from the monitor. I'm aware that scaling options exist, but they aren't as universal as they ought to be and can also cause issues here and there. Plus, I feel like the extra screen estate over 1080/1200 is kind of wasted if you have to scale things, so it just never sat right with me. I would like to try a 32" screen running 1440p, but those are pretty rare and only use VA panels instead of IPS, which probably isn't a huge deal but I do kind of worry about potential problems. That, and 32" is just a big thing to have on my desk, and might not be that comfortable anyway.
  10. Seeing them in St. Louis? I'm headed that way tomorrow to see them on Wednesday.
  11. Is it bad that I can only see your name as "Manletstapler" ?

    1. Marnetstapler


      I am a compact, space efficient pocket stapler.

  12. The TRUE ironman experience!



    1. KVELLER


      Polygon, is that you?

    2. NaZa



  13. 5tnMDFUl.png

    1. Sparktimus


      I will KILL you


  14. Same