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  1. Lower back injuries may be the least fun thing ever. Take it easy out there.

  2. I have gotten significantly worse at Doom 4 in recent years D:

  3. The title screen music is a modified version of un31.mid from the Doom unreleased midis, which in turn is based off of "Rusty Cage" by Soundgarden. The other song I've heard before in Mega Trickster's Mistake, but upon checking that wad, the midi there has no useful metadata, only that it was converted with DeePsea at some point.
  4. I had forgotten, assuming the tags weren't working right. Ops!!!
  5. This mod is really cool! It's really nice to see something with such comprehensive DeHacked work done to make something like this. Since it's fully vanilla compatible, I decided to try it out on my old Windows 98 machine and see how it holds up in a real DOS setting. Here's some gameplay of D4V and Scythe, which goes okay until I die badly. It's no 486, but it's still something regardless!
  6. Bashe

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Can't verify 1.2, but it's definitely the case with 1.1, at least in a 1.1 wad generated from downgrading from Ultimate 1.9.
  7. Bashe

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Just learned yesterday that the original Spiderdemon death noise (from v1.1 at least) does not contain the explosion at the end of it, only the sound of the metal collapsing. This was a big surprise to me because I swear it was always the same throughout all versions, but I spent very little time with versions prior to at least 1.666. I've never seen any documentation of this fact before, which is probably what led me to believe it never changed.
  8. Wrestling with decades-old hardware ain't the most fun thing sometimes

  9. It's scary how quickly mental health can change for the worse. Be careful out there.

    1. DuckReconMajor


      Hope you and those around you are well

  10. Bashe

    Another one Daisy! :P

    Daisy, no! Please don't
  11. Bashe

    Things about Doom you just found out

    Yes, welcome to a month ago!
  12. Some of the posts in here are why I dislike Doomworld more and more each day. I have to fucking laugh at people who think creating content and doing what they enjoy isn't a "real job." Pathetic. I hope things go well for you Jimmy. I'll see to it that I offer some help when I can!
  13. Bashe

    First Doom fan site(s) you ever found?

    Most likely Doom Wad Station. I kept coming back to it a lot late 90s/early 00s and got exposed to some mods for the first time through that site. I think there might be other smaller sites I went to, but I can't really remember them anymore.
  14. This is "Organic Gods" from Memento Mori 2 - map17. It was also used in Jade Earth.
  15. Bashe

    Doom Streams

    https://www.twitch.tv/bashe86 Continuing Doom 2 on DOS (thru Win98), hopefully this time without my computer self-destructing edit: NVM COMPUTER STILL SUCKS