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  1. Yay, a HMP partner! :D
  2. Lol 6

    Freedoom speedruns?

    Yes, right now is limit-removing, what I meant in that post is that the DOS exe's don't recognize the FreeDoom wads as IWADs, and that I had to use the -file parameter to load 'em.
  3. Lol 6

    I want to run a wad in dosbox

    You can use this exe to avoid crashes, but before you play, try using deusf first. Here's how (Credits to @Doomkid for his tutorial)
  4. Lol 6

    Ultimate Doom levels in UDMF format

    Yeah, I can confirm that
  5. Lol 6

    How do I run GZDoom

    Yeah, FreeDoom changes that, with Dehacked I believe
  6. Lol 6

    How do I run GZDoom

    It'd be nice if it came with FreeDoom though. That way you'd have something to play without buying the game
  7. Lol 6

    How do you handle your Mouse?

    Dragon claw, I find it more comfortable.
  8. Si6il Map 01 NM 100s in 1:56.97 min Zip: sig01ns156.zip
  9. Lol 6

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Hey grandpa, I want to play Doom too!
  10. Lol 6

    Pr-Boom+ problems

    I believe you can play Sunder in Woof!, it has hardware acceleration like Prboom-plus so you can play demanding maps without burning your GPU ;-)
  11. Lol 6

    Pr-Boom+ problems

    You may want to use Woof! for that, it has gamepad support among other things
  12. Lol 6

    Hexen is next in line for revival?

    Hopefully, I'd love to see a HeXen remaster of sorts, like the Doom Unity Port
  13. Lol 6

    UAC bad to work for?

    It'd be interesting to see those changes in place, now that I think about it...
  14. Yay :-D, I was wondering what happened to the original PB's thread... Anyways, here's a demo, for dsda please :-) Witness of Time Map 01 NoMo 100s in 1:35.80 min Zip: wit01os135.zip
  15. Lol 6

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The Big Lizard in my backyard