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  1. Worst hangovers I've had in order were from Black Velvet Canadian whiskey, and Jim Beam bourbon. Awful stuff both of them.
  2. Cheaper alcohol CAN be decent but it really depends on what kind. Beer? I think the best beer I've had was a $10 pint of Rogue Breweries Double-Chocolate Stout. Beer can definitely get better the more expensive it is, but it really depends on what kind of beer you like. I consider myself a beer snob, but there's some cheap beers that are just fine too. Wine? The year has more to do with how good the weather was than how old it is. Good weather = better grapes = better wine. Depends on the region it was grown/bottled because of that. But generally you can get pretty decent wine for around $10 (even boxed wine can be pretty decent, don't let the snobs fool you) and unless it's a status thing it's really not worth getting a super expensive bottle. I really couldn't vouch for any other kind of alcohol. Ultimately it comes down to personal tastes. If you don't care too much for hard alcohols, a $15 bottle probably won't taste much different from a $1500 bottle.
  3. haha! I assume it was trying to bite a caco and got pushed off the ledge mid-animation?
  4. Considering DW is using 13 year old forum software I doubt it will ever happen
  5. This is the only way I even like steak:
  6. Yeah, I think that depends on two things: If the time you spent was enjoyed, and whether there is something else more important you should be doing. I don't see any harm at all in spending a whole day playing a game if you had fun and weren't avoiding some other responsibility.
  7. I know this is a problem for a lot of people--literally an addiction--but I've found it pretty easy to stop playing a game once it feels like a chore and I'm no longer having fun. In my 300+ hours of Skyrim and other such situations with open-world games, I generally don't regret any of it. In this way, I do find them worth the time spent. If I'm having fun, it's worth it. When it becomes a grind I generally stop playing unless I know there's going to be something actually worth the grinding afterward and not just more grinding. This is why I usually don't go for MMOs even though I love open-world games.
  8. Another quality hardcore_gamer thread. Most games allow me to do far more of what I want than real life does. Or at least in most cases I can do what I can't or shouldn't in real life.
  9. Exactly. I'd suggest looking into the MCSE courses. The digital courses I took for my older version of the cert years ago (MCP 70-270) was through a school that used Testout Labsim and I actually enjoyed it and found it useful. I'm sure it can be acquired without paying 2 grand if you use certain nefarious means; I actually got a grant from the state to do my A+ and MCP certs which was super nice.
  10. What Gez said. I'd say 33% Christian is pretty accurate.
  11. A+ is only going to deal with the basics of Windows and more geared towards configuring hardware. An actual Microsoft certification would be the way to go; MCSE I think is the current certification for general Windows knowhow: A+ barely matters anymore, TBH. All it tells employers is that you know how to turn it off and on again, though it's certainly good to have. It's probably better, if pursuing an IT career, to go ahead and go for certifications for more specialization like Security+ or Network+ if going with CompTIA
  12. Watched my friend play some of this a little while back. Looked pretty cool, and like a suitably fun experience. Might tide some of us over until Hellraid finally gets a release. ;)
  13. But what if I really DO intend a pun, out of irony?
  14. Cryostasis. Kind of a bioshock/STALKER clone/ripoff. I think it got pretty average reviews but looked cool (no pun intended)
  15. Probably FF7's side bosses, if only because the methods to beat them require tons of grinding for specific items or whatever that I just never found the patience to do. Most recently, the hardest boss I've found is Xehanort in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep. If only because the difficulty of the fight ramps up ludicrously high from the rest of the game. All this time you've learned to block and spam special commands, most of his attacks are nigh unblockable and he teleports around too much for most attacks to be any use against him. Not sure if I hated it because it was too hard of because it was just unfair.