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  1. Al-Faris M

    Why did id market Final Doom as the last Doom game?

    Perhaps it's because that Final Doom contains an astonishing 64 levels in total, when compared to Doom II? A lot of the answers here have really good points.
  2. Progress on my map: You may notice that the layout looks quite like a BFG/Plasma Rifle! haha Having fun playtesting it. I wanted to go heavy on the details which resulted in a basic but fun layout. I need to finish the outdoor area as well as provide more shotguns, a BFG, and a soulsphere control point (one of them might get a timing trap too). Also, can I use MAPINFO to change the sky texture for my map? Or should I move the mapslot from MAP01 to MAP12-20 so that the sky texture changes to SKY2?
  3. I've only finished E2 but those screenshots look immaculate. Looking forward to this.
  4. Al-Faris M

    The DWmegawad Club plays: The Rebirth

    MAP03 - Paranoya HMP - Pistol-start - DSDA-Doom 'Paranoya'? Whether that's an intentional misspelling, Paranoya reminds me of the early TNT maps due to the large amount of hitscanners and great usage of the techbase theme. There tons of chaingunners and imps which spice up the difficulty, as well as speeding up the pace of the map, it makes great heart-pumping action. The blood-stained green metal textures look a little suspicious as I thought there was a secret behind one of them. The secrets are quite random, but that's not a big deal. 4 out of 5 megaspheres. MAP04 - Sewage HMP - Pistol-start - DSDA-Doom Surprisingly, Sewage feels easier than the previous map, providing a super shotgun somewhat early and a small spike in difficulty in the yellow key area with the hell knight ambushes. It has a great layout with creative secrets (still quite generic) when compared to the previous maps, but MAP03 is still more fun with the monster placement and variety. The visuals are mediocre, consisting mostly of brown textures. 3 out of 5 megaspheres. MAP05 - The Complex HMP - Pistol-start - Crispy Doom Despite its generic name, The Complex is a really fun map, while it has tight ammo placement and lack of visual landmarks, it's a nice map. Stewboy's 'A Snake in my Boot' is one of goofiest and greatest MIDI songs in the MIDI pack so far, I also really like the new baron of hell sprites with the wings and stuff, it makes them visually distinctive and awesome. Good secrets, and monster placements. 4 out of 5 megaspheres. Also, the blue key crusher trap is rather uncreative and mediocre.
  5. Al-Faris M

    Do you care about getting good at Doom?

    Mostly satisfied about my skill level, I like hard non-grindy wads but not to an extent where I keep dying in the same area for 20+ times, however I would like to try grindy maps and slaughtermaps to upper my skill level. I wanna push it to the test To separate myself from the rest More or less: Beating Sunlust MAP30 is my quest Deathmatch with the noobs from the east to the west
  6. Absolutely. The inclusion of the overdrive guitar was kinda weird but I appreciate it. In the end, I'm not a big Zappa fan, I liked Apostrophe and seeing how you mentioned Zappa in the rules I wanted to add it. (Updated the map again)
  7. Al-Faris M

    Mountain of Grunch 1 et 2

    Pizza Tower AND PilotRedSun? That's awesome. Kinda weird release date since this is a Christmas-themed mapset. Also, I feel like you should've given a bit more context to what this is, and list the people who helped creating this community project too!
  8. 300 midis?! That's fascinating. Thanks for recommending me this. Thanks for giving me a spot for MAP30! And you know what? I change my mind, you can replace the midi if you want to :)
  9. I have heard the original song before and thought the midi was accurate! Oops. No thanks, I really like the song and I prefer to keep the midi. Also, I would like to make a section for MAP30.
  10. Check the Chocolate Doom version by looking at the source port's folder name or check the Choco Doom exe file's details in its program properties (if you're using Windows). My version is 3.0.1 from 2020. Also, do you want to share the pwad here so that we can digest the problem? If you don't want to spoil things in your project then don't do it. My advice to you is to be more investigative when you encounter problems like this, and also don't forget to edit your posts in most times where you want to give updates to the information that you give; Doomworld is a message board, not a text messenger.
  11. Yes, I do, I used Mr. Green Genes as I think it's more fitting for the general theme of the map. Updated the map in the OP: I did some balancing and replaced one of the secrets as I think the secret was quite unfun to get.
  12. Music composers are like onions, they have layers to them. The difference in difficulty between those games is hilarious.
  13. Jamie Christopherson, the guy who composed music for this: Also composed music for this:
  14. Al-Faris M

    Is DOOM 2 meant to be played continuously?

    Didn't Sandy Peterson mention in one of his videos that he playtested Doom's levels using pistol starts?
  15. Al-Faris M

    DOOM 2 Cover Art's Doomguy Is Canon

    Somewhat off-topic comment but that cosmetic looks really cool, the armor, the Doom comic reference and the classic Icon of Sin? It's all comin' together.