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  1. Al-Faris M


    “Creativity is just connecting things.” ― Steve Jobs A rather bland techbase map, but really creative for using automap art in 1996: You're inside a Macintosh and you need to get to its keyboard, mouse, cables and screen in order to exit. You can do an Arch-Vile jump in UV at the start of the map if you want to be a speedrunning king. I liked most of the map except for the keyboard fight, I don't like the moving up-and-down crates gimmick. The use of the Apple logo is the cherry on the cake :D
  2. Al-Faris M

    Istanbul (ISTNBUL.WAD)

    4 maps full of unique use of Doom II's textures and focus on excellent-looking lighting and architecture, although it does get quite repetitive with its use of textures. MAP01-MAP02 are easy but slightly boring, it gets better in MAP03 with the fights' difficulty and action. I love the middle-texture metal doors, and the usage of the blue computer texture to portray a waterfall (Doom II has no waterfall texture iirc), also, I found a bug in MAP04 where you can exit quickly with only a yellow skull - Get the yellow skull and press the wall that was behind you at the starting area, I'm not sure if it was intentional. Also, if my imagination is correct, I think MAP03 takes place in a mosque.
  3. Al-Faris M

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Old guy with a cool fedora hat that composes music
  4. I use GZDB (and might use DBX in the future) because my OpenGL version isn't compatible with TUDB :p
  5. Al-Faris M

    Chili and Hot Sauce

    For most of the time, I try Hot or Chili sauce on food once in a blue moon, but when I do, I try it with Pizza. I prefer Sweet Chili sauce over Hot.
  6. Al-Faris M

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    The skull of acceptance
  7. I love the way this map is detailed, the Doomcute and voice acting are cool. Amazing map overall.
  8. Al-Faris M

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Skinnyguy from Skinny 64 Well, not too skinny but somewhat
  9. The details look nothing short of amazing, and I love the Plutonia theme you're going for in this map, and also the absence of monsters when you were navigating, not sure if it's by design or you're planning to add them. Keep it up!
  10. Al-Faris M

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    What's nine plus ten?
  11. waltuh
    put your bfg away waltuh im not tryna deathmatch with you waltuh

  12. Al-Faris M

    Doomcute thread

    "You get to the end and Pepsiman once again buys a Pepsi at a vending machine. Y'know, Pepsiman is a rather sad tale. Pepsiman can make Pepsi for everybody... except himself." - James Rolfe, 2019
  13. Al-Faris M

    Favorite 'Hell Revealed' Map?

    Sometimes it feels quite boring, like MAP07: Arachnophobia when I played it on Ultra-Violence, but other times it's fun and challenging. I haven't finished it though so I'm going to say my favorite map currently is MAP09: Knockout for the time being, I love the use of the berserk power-up and large amounts of enemies in small rooms, I find it satisfying to punch them with the berserk 😎
  14. Al-Faris M

    Who is your favorite Doom/Doom II mapper?

    My favorite is Sandy Peterson, I find his maps to be the most experimental in The Ultimate Doom, such as E2M2: Containment Area, E2M6: Halls of the Damned and E2M9: Fortress of Mystery, I'm also a fan of Ty Halderman (RIP, legend) and Drake O'Brien for their TNT maps, and the Casali brothers for their Plutonia maps. @Mr. Hypnos I was surprised to hear that you're Dr. Sleep's son. I knew him from The Master Levels, and liked the way how his Inferno maps are somewhat based on Dante's Inferno; Inferno's (the map series) story is fanfiction-tier writing (I mean, it is fanfiction, I think). Nessus from The Master Levels is my favorite map of his. I hope you're doing well now :]
  15. Al-Faris M

    Is anyone here still using a 32 bit operating system?

    The last time I had a 32-bit OS was Windows 8 for 3 years, when I upgraded to Windows 10 I used it as a 32-bit OS for some time until I figured out I can reboot it to get 64-bits, I did it because of the programs that don't support 32-bit.