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  1. This is the title of tonight's episode of House.

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    2. Sporku


      Technician said:

      I love the show but it keeps setting up a situation and simply backs away from it and goes back to the formula. The last two seasons had some ballsy episodes so heres hoping for a great season just the same.

      Isn't that how most season finales work? It's always been about setting up some awesome cliffhanger and then solving it 5 minutes into the first episode of the next season, or at most having it solved by the end of the first episode of the next season and then having things go right back to the way they were.

      I could be wrong though; I haven't been keeping up with House. I've only really watched an episode here and there, most of which were from the first season.

    3. Planky


      Just watched this episode. The intro wasn't what I was expecting. Thought it was one of those bogus named torrents, and got some clip of someone playing a shooter.

    4. Technician


      That buzzcut wig must have been troublesome to put on him.