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  1. scwiba

    thoughts on The Doom Awards™

    So I've previously felt it was pointless to post in this thread, but if @hakros is actually here I do want to share some genuine suggestions. Your awards haven't exactly been the big success you were hoping for, and you have an uphill battle at this point. But there's a lot you can still do. Number one is to distance yourself from AI stuff. Let's take everything you've said about ChatGPT at face value. Even if the only thing you had the AI do is translate text, I don't think any creative community is going to react well to content generated by AI. Since you're doing community picks decided by votes, I guess I question why there need to be write-ups at all. A simple list of the winners would be fine, maybe with a more refined streaming show to announce them. That format would help to differentiate from the Cacowards. If you're set on keeping the written format, the obvious solution is to bring on more writers. If that's not possible, change the timeline for the awards. I keep seeing this idea that you cut corners because there was a lack of time. But who forced you to do everything in X days? Why do the awards need to be posted in December? Just give yourself more time. Respect the creators you're trying to honor. Double-check their names and @ the correct person if you mention them. If someone doesn't want to be featured in your awards, take them out. Make sure you play the nominated projects to see if they even fit in the categories they're in. I recall one of the early signs of trouble at the Doom Awards being when we started to see projects shoved into categories that they didn't even belong in. Finally, dump the AI images. Pay a real artist to make a banner and some award graphics and you can use those every year. A small cost upfront and you're set for the foreseeable future. EDIT: To clarify this point, it's not that we "don't like" AI art. It's just hard to believe you're serious about celebrating creators when you're using a technology famous for ripping off the work of creators.
  2. Post you WIP projects you mean? It's definitely encouraged, just to show off what you've done and to get feedback from players. But posting something doesn't mean you can't keep working on it or use it for something else down the road.
  3. Can't believe we're already at the end, but it's November in every timezone I'm aware of. Another NaNoWADMo complete, and this one had the most mappers of any year so far! Keep posting your updates and I'll keep adding them to the list of projects at the beginning of the thread. Remember: they don't have to be complete or totally polished to share, and feedback is helpful at any stage. I hope to see you all back in 2024!
  4. Try deleting the ZSCRIPT entry in the wad, then open the ZMAPINFO entry and remove everything from "gameinfo" down. Don't delete the ZMAPINFO entirely or the map will stop working correctly. ZDoom-based ports are not my specialty but I think that will fix your issue.
  5. Just an FYI: the public Discord invite has been removed temporarily because we were getting raided. If you'd like to join in the meantime, DM me here for a link.
  6. We're halfway through! Just over two weeks left. I love what I'm seeing so far. Keep mapping and remember to hydrate! Yes, it looks to be some sort of Blood Zone.
  7. That's fine! Sure, I've added you to the list.
  8. And away we go! Good luck to everyone on your projects! Feel free to post updates here or on the Discord as you go.
  9. Immorpher is correct about CE. The reason I don't recommend EX or EX+ is due to a number of relatively minor issues: Visual differences, mostly related to skies. At least one sky does not display correctly in EX/EX+, but in general I think they just look better in the remaster. Fog is also thicker and more intrusive in EX/EX+, a noticeable annoyance in maps like 13, 22, and 37. Kill percentage is calculated including enemies that failed to spawn in and were therefore impossible to kill. There are many maps where you can't get 100%. Demon keys are carried over after the death exits in maps 08, 16, 24, 35, and 39 (which are designed to wipe out the player's inventory). This can at times affect the intended difficulty curve. The player is unable to pick up duplicate keys, which is relevant for map26, where it means a certain secret cannot be accessed.
  10. I'll cheer you on. I'm excited for everybody's wads. That's a-okay! There are already at least two multi-mapper teams I'm aware of.
  11. This year's NaNoers and their projects are: @A Handsome Fridge - Exit the Gecko @A2Rob - Escape From Sunveil Starport @Arsinikk - Boxcutter @Ash4ash @BarbarianGrunge @beansguy @BigBeanDotGov @BluePineapple72 @Bobby "J @Cacodemon187 - Ciudad Empresarial @cannonball - Return to Hadron E4 and Almistice @CorzaX24 @DaBigNerd @dac @DankMetal - The Dank Levels Vol. 2 @dashiefrickintyan @DavidN @DeathBearOfDeath @DeetOpianSky - DeeNanoWadmo Episode 1 @Dieting Hippo - Doom By the Numbers @DoomGuy999 @DRON12261 - Russian Random Speedmap Pack #1 @DukeOfDoom @Dusty_Rhodes @Ecafr8708 @El Inferno @Engired @finnks13 and @Yumheart - Doomed: By the Hour 2 @gabirupee @General Roasterock - Alcázar @Heretic926 - Onset @HiMyNameIsChair @ilmutus @IvanDobsky @JJBoren - Trouble in Tiny Temple @JustAthel - Power Struggle @Kam Tovalski @KillbotMKV @komojo @Large Cat @LoatharMDPhD @lokbustam257 @Major Arlene @Maribo - Let's Be Enemies @Master Medi @Melodic Spaceship @Misty @MoiraHeart @Napsalm @NecrumWarrior @Nefelibeta @NiGHTS108 @NinjaDelphox @OliveTree @Pechudin @Petyan @Phoenyx @Plerb @plums @Rayziik @riktoi @russin @Scypek2 - Yangshuo Invasion @SilentD00mer @Skela - Enter the Facility @Sneezy McGlassFace @spd7693 @Spectere @spineapple tea @StarSpun5000 @stochastic @stupid (tsocheff) - Doom But My Way @Super Mighty G @Surreily @SuyaSSS @Synami - Synami's Speedmaps @ThatWeNGuy @The_SloVinator @TheShep @tonytheparrot - Tony's Speedmappy Tomfoolery @VIE-rus @Vortale @Walter confetti @Worm318 @Worriedidiot @Yagacaw - Midnight Movie Marathon: Spooky Sequel Season @Yoshiatom - Yoshiatom's NaNoWADMo 2023 Midis @yourlocalchef
  12. I'm a little late on the announcement this year, but never fear -- NaNoWADMo is here! Every October, dozens of mappers come together to do that thing we love to do: make maps. Maybe you've been itching to get your first finished map under your belt? Want to break through a creative block that's held you back for months? Thinking about laying the groundwork for that megaWAD you always wanted to make? Give NaNoWADMo a shot and see where it takes you! The premise is simple: you start mapping on October 1st and challenge yourself to complete a project by the last day of the month. "Completed" doesn't necessarily mean released, polished, or even playtested. Nobody expects a masterpiece; the point of NaNoWADMo is to buckle down and make maps without overthinking or second-guessing yourself. At the end of NaNoWADMo, if all you've got are some half-finished concepts to build off of later, consider that a victory! You're also encouraged to share your work as you go! NaNoWADMo-ers and spectators will be giving feedback and cheering you on both in this thread and over at the Discord. We're in this together! The challenge runs from October 1 to 31, and at the end I hope everyone who participated will share what they made. That's it! Any additional rules are ones you set for yourself. You could make it your goal to reach a certain number of maps, sectors, or linedefs. You could aim to have a playable map at the end of every week, or make it a rule that you'll set aside 30 minutes each day for mapping. But if rules don't work well for you, don't use them! It's all up to you. For me it helps a lot to have concrete goals and deadlines, so I've included a spoiler below with the rules I used in previous years. Keep in mind that this is just one example of a goalset, and a pretty extreme one at that. NaNoWADMo is about what you want to get out of the challenge. Okay, so you set out to make a 32-map epic and you didn't quite make it. You've only got 25 maps, or 10, or 3. Did you "fail?" Heck no! You've got 25 or 10 or 3 maps you didn't have a month ago! You've got something to build off of at your leisure, or some cool concepts you can turn into even cooler concepts later. The idea of the challenge is to get your mapping juices flowing, so if you get anything done, pat yourself on the back! You did it! Remember: this is a challenge, not a contest. Above all, it should be fun. Happy NaNoWADMo! Here are all the awesome projects that came from previous years' NaNos (note that some of these are still works-in-progress): NaNoWADMo 2022 NaNoWADMo 2021 NaNoWADMo 2020 NaNoWADMo 2019 NaNoWADMo 2018
  13. Minor update is up now, mostly adjustments to map22. This is likely the last version before an /idgames upload.
  14. That's correct. EX+ is not the recommended port due mostly to visual differences between it and KEX, but it does work. There are only two known gameplay issues in EX and EX+ which are listed in the OP: 4) [EX and EX+ only] Demon keys are carried over after the death exits in maps 08, 16, 24, 35, and 39 (which are designed to wipe out the player's inventory). This can at times affect the intended difficulty curve, but you can always select Restart Level from the menu to start any map with a blank slate. 5) [EX and EX+ only] The player is unable to pick up duplicate keys. This is relevant for map26, where it means certain scripts cannot be activated. The map is completable but one secret is impossible to reach. EDIT: Whoops, I actually lied. There was an EX-exclusive progress-halting bug in the new map that I just caught. A hotfix has been uploaded. If you've already downloaded the wad, make sure you grab the new version before you hit map22.