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  1. That is not something I expected to hear from anyone!
  2. You mean people have used it elsewhere? I've only ever heard it in resurgence.
  3. Don't forget MAP33 guys :) This is also a great opportunity to see early stewboy music writing, as this was my first major project (after doing a few tracks for plutonia 2, and both claustrophobia 1024 packs). It's kind of inconsistent, looking back. I really like some tracks (eg 24, 25) and others just make me feel uncomfortable (eg 3, 16) because there are compositional issues that I would definitely have avoided if I wrote them now. I was wild and experimental in those days (totally unlike AA's soundtrack which is of course completely conventional and unexciting). Also I was 16 when I started on this project! Nobody is at their best when they're 16.
  4. @Psyrus @Dopaminecloud @Jimmy Your wish is my command.
  5. So browsing the 'identify that Doom song' thread made me realise how much I enjoy coming across my music being used in other wads, and although it's easy enough to copy the music from the internal structure of wads it would certainly make it easier if I just went ahead and gave everyone the original midi files. Which I don't think I've done yet. So, here you go! Please reuse as you see fit (and maybe give credit somewhere of course) :) Ancient Edit: I have now attached a zip of almost everything I have in my midi folder spanning my entire decade of midi composition, excluding the ones from AA and Resurgence and also excluding ones that are either too horrible to release or are being used in current projects. This pack also includes a few midis which I'm fairly sure I have never uploaded anywhere here or actually showed anyone else in this community at all (like 1.mid or the very corny march.mid, and a few others). A few are also from midi battles over at (midiville, dance of the reindeer, rub a dub dub, overture, escher's garden, cloudrunner). Also included is my doom 2 midi mashup which you can listen to here. If you find any sort of use for them then knock yourself out :) There'll be a few (eg, risk.mid) which probably break the windows poly limit because I never bothered to optimize them for modern systems and I'm happy to fix any midi which does that if anyone wants me to.
  6. Personally I almost never check the creative works forum so that's possibly another reason. The first one has a good rhythmic feel going. It's not the type of music I usually would enjoy listening to (it's a little too repetitive overall in mood and tonality for my tastes) but I could certainly see it being used in a doom map where the repetitiveness wouldn't matter so much. The change at 4:30 or so was a bit of a sharp contrast to the beginning but that's still thinking about it from a doomy perspective, which maybe is not necessarily what you were going for with it. Also Chalcanthite certainly isn't too upbeat for the game imo (have you played Ancient Aliens? :P), I can definitely see it going in a deathmatch or CTF map, and even a normal map if it had the right atmosphere. In fact I preferred it to the first midi, and I would be perfectly happy to be listening to it in doom. But then, plenty of people have criticised my own music for not being doomy enough so I'm kind of biased in this way. You should never be afraid to experiment with moods if you find a suitable place for them!
  7. Hey so on impulse (and because I needed something to do) I wrote something short for map05, what do you think?
  8. The Ancient Aliens soundtrack could definitely do with some reuse :)
  9. Hey I can finally make something! Sign me up :)
  10. More or less haha. Naming things is hard alright? :P
  11. You may hate to bump it, but I'm never going to be annoyed by having more attention on it :P You can find the midis here. I'll put the link in the first post as well. No harm in putting them out there I guess, especially as I'd love to hear them used elsewhere.
  12. Someone please correct me if I'm wrong, but from what I've gathered, vaporware is waiting for the eternity engine to improve on a few matters before the maps can be adequately realized. (Plus BTSX happened/is still happening.)
  13. This happens with any gameplay mod which uses a new palette. There's a palette-only wad for btsx e2 which you have to load last, it might also work with e1, I'm not sure. Or there might be an e1 one out there. It wouldn't be too hard to make anyway, just copy paste the relevant entries into a blank wad.
  14. @rdwpa: Well, I can't answer for Essel, but for the most part when writing the music for this (and in general) I just went from start to finish, having no real idea what the final structure will be. I start off with some simple idea (usually the opening melody/instrument/bar of the track) and build off of it. If anyone's interested, 'Imaginarium', '20 GOTO 10', and 'Concentration' (Kass's map, AD_79's map, and the intermission track respectively) were extended from tracks I wrote for a weekly one-hour competition (1 2 3), basically because AA was nearing completion and I didn't seem to have enough creative juices left to think up of whole new material. If you liked those tracks, check out the originals :) 'Moonwalk' (MAP14), incidentally, was written in its entirety in under an hour. Also check out 'Night Owl', the track I wrote which was too experimental even for AA!
  15. No, this is more my take on "A Horse with No Name" :P