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  1. I said "eh I'm not gonna wait an entire year before writing part 2 of 2070". I was right, I waited a year and a half. Anyway good job everyone !
  2. TheEvilGrin

    Doom Pictures Thread 2022

    Making an OTex map. Will be playable soon
  3. Mine is definitely esselfortium's "Ether" from BTSX Episode 2 map 20 : 'Speedtraps for the bee kingdom'. It's ... just a mood honestly
  4. TheEvilGrin

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    As a Top Hat -wearing memeber I can't help but approve of that picture. Makes me think of a lesser version of a smarchvile (archvile wearing a suit)
  5. TheEvilGrin

    [UDMF] WMC04: Heresy RC1 (8 maps for Heretic)

    Ah yes, here I go speedmapping in 2 weeks. I know it's a bad idea, but when the Heretic 2 texure pack is included I have to hop in, that's just how it is. Ah well.
  6. TheEvilGrin

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    @Austinado I see you've not removed me from the list when I opted out, and I keep getting people DMing me for playtesting even though I literally can't do anything, could you remove my name please :D
  7. First wad I ever played was Ancient Aliens, which is almost the reason I bought the game in the first place. Got it from a download link on a playthrough video if I recall correctly. Then I played Heretic : treasure chest and the Wayfarer. My second Doom 2 wad was PRCP ; and I remember Alien Vendetta and Zone300 getting played not long after almost in one setting while I was injured and all and could only sit at my PC all day. I got them all from /idgames ; I wasn't on DW at that time, and not really active on Discord. Now there are too much wads I wanna play and I don't have time D-:
  8. TheEvilGrin

    Monster from doom that terrified us

    As a kid I was scared as hell (pun untended initially but now it is) by pinkies as well. To me they looked like bulls and these gold eyes staring at you didn't help. Plus they just run at you when you're doing a 4 hand run of the shareware version with like 1 fps. Of course when I saw the barons in E1M8 my brain interpretated their appearance as giant pinkes (because pink) and I fully panicked. I didn't understand why the rocket launcher didn't one shot them like it did to everything else. Then when walking on the teleporter we died, obviously it's intended ; but we didn't know about it, so my dad and 9 year old me spent the evening arguing over whose fault our death was (plus our god mode had disappeared which neither of us understood). Ah well, good times :)
  9. TheEvilGrin

    Are you an active DoomWorld Playtester?

    Hey everyone. I will have to leave this list. Starting next week I will not be able to play Doom anymore ; let alone playtest other people's wads ; and I don't wanna make people wait for my answers. I'm really sorry about it, however there's not much I can do ; I'll probably re-join it one day when/if I'm able to get more free time.
  10. Progress has been slow. Jimmy has been busy with other stuff and since the thread isn't active anymore we all have kinda forgot about it. my track is almost one year old at this point and I haven't touched it since, even though I should now. Hope this project will get back on its feet :D
  11. TheEvilGrin

    How to transfer GZDOOM saves between computers?

    Look for the 'save' folder in your gzdoom folder and copy it - if there's none it means you're on an older version ; in which case you just need to transfer the files named 'save#.zds' where # is a number. GZDoom finds them on its own when you open the 'load' panel. Just make sure to paste them into your GZDoom folder on your PC. They may have the same names, which will cause conflicts : if that happens, you'll need to rename them (that won't affect your save in game)
  12. TheEvilGrin

    Most Satisfying Enemy to Kill.

    From the whole family of Doom Engine Games, I'd say the golems from Heretic or the gib death from the ettins in HeXen (it's bascially the same anyway). Golems get gibbed every time and they effing explode with their sould leaving their body, so you feel you've done something good. Plus their death sound is just *ok_hand* and fits their animation perfectly.
  13. TheEvilGrin

    Can pk3 files give you a virus

    Well pk3s are just zips with a different name so people don't accidentally unzip them ; so in theory, yes. But the Golden Souls is a well-known one (I've played it, and my Pc is still fine) and I've never heard of people doing that (or else they would very probably be banned faster that I can say BFG).
  14. TheEvilGrin

    Do you agree that Doom is becoming a "cute" game?

    I think OP mistook 'cute' and 'colorful'. The newer Doom games certainly are more colorful than Doom 1 and 2 ; but that's for palette and rendering reasons more than aything else. The fisr 2 games didn't contain 'cute' colors like pink, purple or orange, but that's simply because a palette choice had to be made. Sure, you have brighter-colored demons in Doom 2016 and especially Doom Eternal; but I still don't find them cute - and may I add, Doom Eternal with the Doom 1 palette would be a nightmare to play (pun very much intended) since given the pace you wouldn't be able to tell which demon is which. If you're mentioning the new skins and stuff like that, sure it's maybe not what you would expect from a game about slaughtering the legions of Hell ; but as Hugo mentioned when that topic was brought up a couple of months ago, it's also supposed to be fun ; not only violence and horror. (I'd say go play DotDC but that'd be mean). Of course, there's also all the meme things with Animal Crossing and other assorted cuteness, but even though some questionable stuff was done, it doesn't make Doom cute (as much as it doesn't make Animal Crossing a violent game).
  15. TheEvilGrin

    What map editor did first use and the one you use now

    Started with Doom Builder 2 mostly because I didn't know about the others and then quickly switched over to DBX so I could use Lua mode (spoiler alert : I mostly didn't). I was only mapping in UDMF back then, and had to constantly switch between UDB and DBX to be able to do cerain hings without having to re-do all my keybinds in UDB, and then definitely switched over to UDB when I changed my setup, and never came back to DBX.