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  1. Hello everyone, I'm making a custom lamp in DECORATE for my wad, but when I launch the game, this message pops up : Script error, "marsholeresources.wad:DECORATE", line 1 : Error parsing defs. Unknown tag : actor. If I understand (I guess I don't then), the problem comes from the word "actor", and iirc, it's how you define an actor, isn't it ? Here's the full code : Actor BlueTechLamp 1001 { Radius 16 height 32 +SOLID States { Spawn : BTLP ABCD 10 Bright } } That's really weird (there's also a function that doesn't work, A_AttachLightDef, but apparently you have to do that in GLDEFS now). Anyone knows what's happening ? Thanks in advance !
  2. TheEvilGrin

    Your greatest achievement?

    Ending in the 3rd position at a national competition (archery). I also broke my PB by 37 points this day. It was 2 years ago. Last year I couldn't participate, I broke a rib diving on the ground during a game. And this year, no championships because of covid. Hope I'll do it again in 2021.
  3. TheEvilGrin

    Basic helpfull scripts

    If you wanna get into scripting, you might wanna have a look in the "ACS functions" category in the ZDoom wiki. There's the list of all the pre-built functions you can use. If you know about loops, variables and conditions, you know all you need to know to make basic scripts which will handle a lot of stuff at once. Oh and don't forget the semicolons too.
  4. TheEvilGrin

    I made a video series for complete beginners

    Great ! Love to see a new member helping others to start mapping ! (DBX is also a very good choice for beginners, less complicated than UDB). Difference between decoration items is, "obstacles" are blocking on the floor, "light sources" emit light when the "load lights.pk3" is ticked, and "decorations do neither of those 2 (some are blocking, but their hitbox is on the ceiling).
  5. TheEvilGrin

    Your mapping fears

    Greatest fears : _Getting that unpatched bug in DB that crashes and you can't save _Not being able to make the map look like I thought it would look _That one time were imps glitched through the ground and HB levitated, and a shotgun also disappeared fro some reason (never happened again though) _Having the script error window pop up when I press the "playtest" key
  6. TheEvilGrin

    How do I get stunning lighting effects for Doom maps?

    This in indeed linked to sourceport. Here's how to turn it on in GZDoom, I guess it's the same for other ZDoom-derived ports. When you launch it (drag-and-drop or click or whatever you use to launch doesn't change anything) hold shift, and a window will pop up allowing you to choose the Iwad. In the bottom right corner you have 3 options, tick the "load lights.pk3" and "load brightmaps" ones. It should turn on the effects. You can also enable/disable the launch window in the option menu.
  7. TheEvilGrin

    What about a Lua hub ?

    tl,dr : I'm thinking about making a Discord server to share Lua scripts. I've been mapping for quite a long time now. I've always liked the think-then-build-what-you-imagined process and nothing irritates me more than having to do a repetitive task for a long time instead of creating something new. That's why I decided to write Lua scripts who do all that kind of things automatically. Example : I've currently making a "crater map" and adding a lower texture to all the rocks is long, so I made a script that does it instead of me. I shared it with the mates I'm having this project with, and I thought to myself that it would be cool to share it with the rest of the community. So, I'm thinking about setting a Discord server where mappers can ask for scripts they would like to have and I (and other people if they wanna join, which would be really great) answer their request. Then all those scripts could be shared in a single zip file for mappers to use. I don't know if this exists in one way or another. If you're interested please reply. TheEvilGrin, a mapper who wants to save time
  8. The editors did an excellent work again. It really looks gorgeous. Can't wait to write for the next issues (at least if I find something to review).
  9. TheEvilGrin

    Is 80GB of space enough for DOOM 2016? (PC)

    According to Steam, the Download is 55 GB, so I think that even with additional content or updates it should be fine. Don't know the exact size though.
  10. TheEvilGrin

    Original WAD Soundtracks With Distinct Themes and Leitmotifs

    The first one I thought of is the soundtrack from HeXen, about half of the tracks are remixes of others. In the Heretic category, there's the Wayfarer. If you listen to the intro music, there's E1M1 main theme, followed by E1M5's low hap melody. I find that kind of stuff really cool, and I would love to see more in the future. If any of you knows any ....
  11. You can change that in Options/General/Miscellaneous/Game speed (percentage of normal). It's on the second page of "general". Setting it to 100 should work.
  12. TheEvilGrin

    Among us maps in DooM

    I've had this idea too, and I as wondering if it's worth it. If you're talking about just doing the maps, it's doable but I don't think there's a great interest. If you want to do the whole game, I'm almost sure there's a way to do it using some scripts, but in first person the gameplay will be very different, let alone setting and system so people can talk and vote and stuff. If you want, you could always try to make it a singleplayer map where you have to do tasks to win, I guess.
  13. TheEvilGrin

    What kind of maps do you enjoy?

    I give a huge importance to aesthetic and music. Gameplay just has to be somewhat engaging for me not to be bored. Most of the WADs that ended up in my "dumped into oblivion" folder is because they were boring to play and/or ugly. So about 100 ennemies and 15-20 mins of gameplay is good. Hate getting lost though cause my memory is bad af. Oh and if anyone wants to know my currently favourite map is "Crush Depth" (especially because of the music).
  14. TheEvilGrin

    Doom Eternal. Is there an actual date??

    The thing is, the dates mentionned in Doom 2016 and Doom Eternal don't correspond. There are 2 main possibilities : 1) The people who made the game just didn't check and this is just an oversight. 2) Time flows differently in the different plane of existence. This is highly probable and would explain why there is a sign in the arc complex saying "25 years of ARC gala" or something along those lines. Or maybe the Slayer spent a really long time wherever he was during the 2 games, and then every time he goes to Hell the time is kinda accelerated. I hope the DLC will give us more details about that frikked-up timeline.
  15. @Jimmy Track done, except of course if you want me to change anything. Follow your path.zip