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  1. TheEvilGrin

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    omg that is a gold mine ! i was precisely looking for that kind of stuff ! thanks a ton !
  2. TheEvilGrin

    Make Your Own Doom Cheat Code

    IDK : used when pointing at a switch, prints a message with what it does and marks where it does it on the automap IDENTIFY : gives you the decorate/zscript class name of the thing you are pointing at. also works with texture/flat names (jokes aside that would be great to have) IDIOM : adds "as the French say" to every hud message until the end of the level
  3. TheEvilGrin

    What Chocolate is Best Chocolate?

    Wait, some people actually like white chocolate ? huh The real best chocolate is dark chocolate around 65% with hazelnut in it
  4. Feel free to write a counter-article explaining why it's the worst Doom map then :-P
  5. Yay ! Glad to have been part of this one ! 3 Years of writing and 1 year of design work now ... this one is laaaaaarge, please enjoy everyone :D Also remind me to keep archives of my files :)
  6. TheEvilGrin

    Doom Pictures Thread 2023

    I made a blue map so now I have to make a green map
  7. TheEvilGrin

    Post your Heretic/Hexen textures and decorations!

    Blue Recolours of light sources I made for Blue Straggler
  8. TheEvilGrin

    What's your guilty pleasure wad or map?

    Mausoleum (E4M9 from Heretic)
  9. TheEvilGrin

    What's a wad/map you always find yourself revisiting

    I just can't stop replaying BTSX E2M20 pls send elp nah, joking, but the map really feels like a place and teh music kicks all kinds of ass so taht's enough for me to love it
  10. In the case of monster 411, you were probably standing on its teleport point ; for 355 and 359 I have no idea what happened, but I'll look into it. It seems like it doesn't always happen (didn't happen on the video playthrough above) so I assume the reason may be the same ... anyway, thanks for the heads up !
  11. I've just updated to version 2 ! This includes (hopefully, as it never showed up on my end) a fix to the missing texture, and an option to backtrack more easily by using the lift to go down. That is exactly what you're intended to do if you want, both items (with the one from secret number 2) let you cheese a fight if used correctly if you can't be bothered, but you can still do the fights if you want :). Thanks for the playthrough !
  12. I see what you mean, I didn't put the option of going down the elevator so the player wouldn't trigger it by accident during the first fight and end up in a room full of enemies without a weapon. I can definitely script it out so it only happens when you've been to the other room, though ! Thanks a lot for the feedback !
  13. Thanks a lot ! This particular area caused me a lot of trouble and it did have some missing textures at some point, I remember fixing it but maybe it doesn't show up for me because I'm on an older version. Ah, well ... I'll try to see what's causing it.
  14. ---------------- BLUE STRAGGLER ----------------- Information : Iwad : any Heretic Iwad Content : one map (E1M1), new decorations Music : 'Iron Lick' by Tristan Clark (from the Raven Midi Pack) Build Time / Editors : 6 months on and off, using UDB and Slade for the sprite recolors Difficulty settings : not implemented (on a scale from Entryway to God Machine, somewhere around the Wayfarer's latest maps) Textures used : Baker's Legacy, the Medieval Texture Pack Credits : playtesting by @Lemonlytical Screenshots : --------------------- DOWNLOAD -------------------- Any feedback is appreciated ! Thanks in advance for playing ! blue_str_v2.zip