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  1. Seems everything supposed to be inside was there and undamaged, though I did not open the booklet with the CDs and the USB "floppy" yet (they're separately sealed). I will need to ask LRG about the card however... Some size comparison photos: edit: To answer this question... ...I just checked my original order confirmation email date and I got it around 18:00 (6PM) on December 20th local time (UTC+2). I'm pretty sure I got the confirmation instantly after transferring the money via PayPal but if not, I think it was at least within 24 hours. The open preorder period was two weeks and ended on "December 24th at 11:59 PM EST" according to the page on LRG's webshop which is still up. So I ordered towards the end but there was still a few days time to order after that, and they probably numbered and sent these out first come first serve since I got mine so late and it has a high number, so make of that what you will. My guess is 2500 tops, but who knows really. also, the card was there after all, it just somehow flew out of the outer shipping box when I opened it and hid itself very quickly...
  2. Well I finally went to collect the Beast Box from the post office. Box is #1963, highest I've seen myself so far. Something heavy is loose inside (might even be the head and not just the coin?) and there was no collectible card included in the box that I could find. :( The card was supposed to be outside the box and shrinkwrap, right? I should probably open it to see if anything is missing or damaged, but I wonder how much that will effect resale value in the future... (though to be quite honest, I don't think there's really anything preventing someone from rewrapping their already opened box, so it's a bit dumb to pay extra for it, but people on eBay are often silly)
  3. ...which means sigil.wad is not loaded at all. Why this happens, I cannot say. It should always work as long as you have both doom.wad and sigil.wad in the directory you run sigil.exe from. No need to use -file even.
  4. I don't think hardware specs have much to do with it. Somehow it is not loading the correct WAD which should never happen if you have SIGIL.WAD non-compat version in the same directory as DOOM.EXE, DOOM.WAD, etc. Even SIGIL.WAD v1.1 includes M_EPI5 already. Try downloading ftp://ebible.org/pub/public/md5sum.zip and copy MD5SUM.EXE from the zip to your DOS PC to the same directory with SIGIL.EXE, SIGIL.WAD, etc., then run "md5sum -b sigil.wad". Correct result is: "1fe9daa0e837c7452eb2f91aac2cc983". If you get "c04912beab6aa82c114a19c976ec8c0d" instead, then it means you are trying to use the compatibility wad renamed to SIGIL.WAD which is not what you are supposed to do if you use SIGIL.EXE.
  5. My box also finally arrived on Friday, but I have not fetched it yet from the post office, bad weather and have had other stuff to do. Not sure if an delivery attempt was made at some point when I was not at home or if the price simply didn't include delivery to door... Seems it did not go into customs after all, so I guess everyone in EU is covered in this respect when they order from LRG, even though for some reason they only mention Germany specifically, eh? You need to use SIGIL.WAD, not SIGIL_COMPAT.wad. Check that you have it in the same directory as the exe (it will be autoloaded). M_EPI5 is found inside SIGIL.WAD, but not in the COMPAT version since it reuses the E3 map slots. (M_EPI5 is the menu graphic for the 5th episde as mentioned above by Kristus)
  6. xttl

    how do i make multi-sectors? (bridges)

    Attached is a simple example wad with a 3d floor. Also two pics: Does this help at all? 3dwad.zip
  7. xttl

    how do i make multi-sectors? (bridges)

    You mean vanilla-compatible bridges or GZDoom 3d floor stuff?
  8. It should come with both the regular edition and Beast Box (on the USB drive), if I remember correctly. But at least thanks to the leaker and no thanks to LRG and the slowest shipper ever they use I finally get to see it! Eh, seems Romero didn't know Plutonia and PWADs had prior art on separate deathmatch arenas. Level testing was done in GZDoom's OpenGL renderer using the default (=wrong) lighting setting or at least there's lots of footage of GZDoom running with broken lighting in the video, so is that why the maps are in some places way too dark if you play with proper lighting? Though to be fair, I've used VMware to run Doom Builder & test maps under Linux and well, GZDoom's shader-based lighting doesn't work with the emulated GPU so it probably doesn't work in VMware Fusion on MacOS either. Of course there's still always the software renderer to play with something which doesn't look like flat overbright crap...
  9. The package didn't arrive yet, but now there are finally some updates on Asendia's tracking page. Did the package seriously only start moving now, even though it was sent two weeks ago? The tracking says it's been "received by export agent" on 26th.
  10. xttl

    Question to Doom Soundtrack

    Also in case the OP was really asking how to get the background music in game to sound like on a Sound Canvas (or someone else looking at the thread wants to know it): it is possible to use VSTi synths with DOSBox or source ports via MIDI loopback. For Windows, loopMIDI is a good free loopback MIDI device driver and savihost is a simple freeware VST host for hosting SC-VA, S-YXG50 or whatever you want to use. CoolSoft MIDIMapper is also freeware and allows changing the default MIDI output device if necessary, since eg. Chocolate Doom (due to SDL limitations) cannot do it otherwise. PrBoom+ (via PortMidi), GZDoom and DOSBox allow selecting other output devices besides the default so MIDIMapper isn't strictly necessary with them. In Linux, SC-VA and S-YXG50 running in savihost work fine under Wine (though I'm not sure about the Roland DRM... ;) and MIDI loopback is already set up in at least Ubuntu 16.04 and 18.04 (don't have experience with other distros, but it should be possible to get this working in any distro somehow since the feature is provided by ALSA), the "MIDI thru" device functions as such. Unfortunately this does not work too well in ports which use SDL for music output, eg. Chocolate Doom under Linux can only send MIDI output to any arbitrary MIDI device under Linux by resorting to writing a temporary MIDI file somewhere and passing it to another external program (such as aplaymidi) which will cause issues with resets, looping and changing the song. It works great in DOSBox though which has direct support for ALSA MIDI output, and IIRC GZDoom can do this too (but it's been a while since I needed to use GZDoom for anything). PrBoom+ via PortMidi also works but is a bit buggy, some MIDIs from PWADs (eg. sunlust.wad) cause it to crash... I've not used MacOS much, but I managed to set up this once there too, at least for DOSBox. I don't remember the details anymore, but the OS should come with an application called "Audio MIDI Setup" which allows adding a CoreAudio MIDI loopback device or "virtual MIDI cable". Then if the synth you want to use comes as an AudioUnit (like SC-VA does) you can use AU Lab from Apple's free developer tools pack to host and direct input from the "virtual MIDI cable" to it. Whether there's a usable free VSTi host like SAVIHost for other synths which don't have AU versions, I don't know. AFAIK SC-VA on iOS can receive MIDI input via network or Lightning cable, so it should be possible to setup it too for this use but I have no experience with it. MacOS probably comes with the required software, for Windows see eg. https://www.tobias-erichsen.de/software/rtpmidi.html and http://musicioapp.com/downloads/ Actually, here are step-by-step instructions how to get this working in Windows: 1. First, install loopMIDI and start it: 2. Add a loopback device: 3. Download the zip of the right version of SAVIHost for your VSTi (32 or 64 bit? VST2 or VST3?), extract it, copy savihost.exe to the directory where your softsynth VSTi DLL is, and rename so the part before the file extension is same. If your synth is eg. "syxg50.dll" you rename "savihost.exe" to "syxg50.exe". If you do not have file name extensions (the part after the dot) visible in Explorer, then just rename the thing with the purple diamond icon to have the same name as the thing with the gear icon. In this example I have used the 32-bit x86 VST2 version of SAVIHost which is the correct choice for Yamaha S-YXG50. (SC-VA is also a VST2 instrument but comes in both 32-bit and 64-bit versions, either one is fine, but whichever version you choose, you must use a matching SAVIHost) 4. Run the application and open MIDI input device configuration: 5. Change one of the input ports to be the loopback device added previously: 6. Install CoolSoft MIDIMapper if it isn't installed already, and open the MIDIMapper Configurator: 7. Change default MIDI output device from Microsoft Synthesizer to the loopback device: 8. Run any source port which outputs MIDI to the default device (such as Chocolate Doom's Windows version with "native MIDI" selected from chocolate-doom-setup) and enjoy: Another pic where SC-VA is running with the same setup: Obviously it also works with any other VSTi which has General MIDI support.
  11. How did I miss this until now. :D It's really too bad there is no way to do the launch without dealing damage. The most hiddenest way to do it would probably combine the PLAYPAL modification mentioned earlier, with sacrificing one of the health pickups and some DHE to change the pickup message. Actually: an unrelated pickup the doll will get right after the health item would also work because vanilla can only show one message at the same time. Or how about a savegame you're supposed to load when starting the map with the doll mobj already moving? (saw that thread too only now for the first time) actually wouldn't work because it will lose momentum if you block it with a sector which later goes out of the way... Personally, I think the ultimate vanilla mapping/modding trick would actually be finding a way to get arbitrary code execution from any loaded WAD. Preferably early in the game startup, but at map load time, at time of running the first tic, or while rendering the first frame wouldn't be bad either. I've tried a bit to look into getting this working, but unfortunately I am no hacker extraordinaire after all. ;__; The only thing I've found so far is that the code which handles DMXGUS lumps (inside libDMX) allows you to overwrite stack contents with data from this lump, but obviously this only works if the user has GUS selected as the music card and the game must be able to detect it too. In addition, the first zero byte in the data will always terminate the copying of data from the lump since this is a string function (strcat) copying data to a fixed size buffer, and this zero byte will be replaced by a '.' (0x2E) from ".pat" which is further strcat'ed to the string to form a path to a GUS patch file on disk, which makes it difficult to write any good pointer values (they tend to have zeroes as the most significant byte) to the stack. Exploitation of any possibly usable overflows or other bugs is also made difficult by the "ASLR" which is in effect. As probably everyone who's interested in Watcom binary hacking/reversing knows by now: you can't really trust DOS4GW to load the sections to same addresses every time... (though this wasn't really meant as a security feature like ASLR nowadays so depending on hardware and software config the addresses aren't guaranteed to always change either) Perhaps Hexen could be a better candidate for this due to the multiple text-based game definition lumps it loads from WADs and parses, plus the ACS bytecode interpreter? ...now that I think of it, can the CPU execute code from VGA memory in DOS era PCs and DOSBox? Doesn't matter if it's slow as long as it works. That would always be guaranteed to be at the same address (0xA0000) no matter where DOS4GW relocates the LE sections. You could write code there by crafting special graphic patches and textures for the game to draw, then try to trigger a jump to 0xA0000 somehow!
  12. I actually meant to type 11.6., I got the order confirmation about two weeks ago and the tracking number started working within 24 hours, but the tracking status has not updated since then at all.
  13. By the way, my Asendia tracking number in the email from LRG (received on 11.6.) still does not really tell anything. Asendia's tracking has only said "Shipment Has Left Seller Facility And Is In Transit To Carrier" this whole time. I guess it will arrive some time this week, shipments from the US to here usually take 2-3 weeks. I will probably also have to pay over 50€ in import fees. Did anyone in Germany get their box from Ireland instead of US, as was originally advertised on LRG's order page? (not that it would help me in any way because I do not live there)
  14. xttl

    Question to Doom Soundtrack

    True, all of this except maybe for the part that connecting the SC-55 to modern computers is difficult*. USB MIDI interfaces can work even without installing any special drivers, and if USB is not good enough then other options exist as well with support for current OSes. Some of cheapest USB MIDI interfaces unfortunately aren't very good even for just listening because they somehow manage to break SysEx messages. The hacked VSTi version of S-YXG50 is obviously also not strictly legit if someone cares about that. If not, there's an even further hacked version of S-YXG50 with instruments ripped from modern Yamaha Tyros workstations. With some songs it can sound really good, almost like something from an official HD "remaster" of a game. Many songs from Duke3D worked really well with it. Sometimes it's better to stick to the old soundset though, similar to how SC-8820 or 88Pro (or some modern Roland synth with GM support still included) can sound worse on songs composed for SC-55. (* and there's also the SC-55mkII which has slightly increased polyphony, 28 partials)
  15. xttl

    Question to Doom Soundtrack

    By the way, I'm not an expert on the subject (anyone who is feel free to correct me) but my guess is the legality of these soundfonts is dubious at best. So in that respect using these is not really any better than using SC-VA without a proper license. Nobody will almost certainly care though especially if your use is purely non-commercial and hobbyist. I'm almost sure I saw something about sampling instruments being forbidden in the user's manual or other accompanying documentation of a Roland or Yamaha synth module I used to have (SC-88ST or MU80), and regardless it would only make sense that this is not allowed. https://www.kvraudio.com/forum/viewtopic.php?p=4588443