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  1. Why is everyone talking about and criticizing "vanilla controls" when vanilla always came with setup.exe starting from the first release ever? Always-run mode never was officially supported though and that certainly sucked once you started learning how to really play this game. Some people also hated (and still hate) how you can't disable moving forward/backward from mouse but at least I learned to use it somewhat effectively. Nowadays I mostly play with novert though. If we go into the other games using Doom's engine which added looking up/down I'd say having no freelook out of the box sucks.
  2. So I guess it's ok to double/triplepost in threads like this here, at least if it's been a while since my last own post? (been looking at the Shadowcaster RE thread going on under EE) Anyway I got a bit sidetracked again, but now I finally made a working tilemap viewer up (the window size is fixed, tile scaling is fixed and it's not very pretty code at all but at least it somewhat works...). I tried to add some code to display all objects from the spawn list data on top of the tilemap as rectangles but it's not working quite right yet... some (but not all) objects are drawn in wrong positions. I already read from the MacWolf source that for eg. doors the x/y coordinates in the spawnlist point to the target tile, but for some things such as enemies the x/y values are instead supposed to be the integer part of a 8.8 fixed point number (the final game world coordinate where the object is spawned) but maybe the spawn IDs are different on Jaguar or I just didn't get something else right yet, heh. I think I should try to get everything from the spawnlist show up correctly first before even attempting to parse and draw nodes/segs info.
  3. Today I'm continuing work on this. (yeah... I haven't been doing anything at all related to this since the last post :) I just coded a simple wall texture viewer and tilemap viewer using C and SDL2, I'll have to go through the tile graphics and see which tile number maps to which texture and add that information to the map viewer. The eventual goal is to add a nodes viewer to it. Btw. there is only one version of each wall texture, so unlike PC Wolf3D it's using colormapping for the darker walls. EDIT: Oh yeah, the wall texture format is similar to JagDoom in case anybody's interested. They're raw 128*128 pixel paletted images rotated 90 degrees (column-major format). First palette from RGBPALS works well (the RGB palette format is of course uint8_t r,g,b). I haven't checked this yet but I'd guess CRYPALS has the same palettes but in CRY color values instead of RGB.
  4. xttl


    Windows 10 has some great new stuff, for example the console finally works on the same level that xterm worked in the 1980s or so. You can finally resize the window freely using the mouse and ANSI control code support has been improved a lot. The Linux binary compatibility layer (WSL, or "Bash on Windows" which is a really stupid marketing name for it) already works well even though it's still officially in beta. I haven't done my own precise measurements but I think it might also be slightly better with regards to battery life compared to running Windows 7 on the same laptop. It would make sense because mobile is what they're concentrating on now much more than desktops. Too bad about all the UI downgrades since Windows 7 (well depending on whom you ask, they've been downgrading the UI since XP, 2k or NT4 :) but there have been upgrades on this front too (there's this handy menu for keyboarders you get by pressing Win+X that was added in 8 or 8.1 for example). And really fuck the forced updates (though you can avoid them by disabling Windows Update service completely, at least for now...), Windows store junk, Cortana, telemetry (maybe sending some diagnostic information back to MS isn't that bad after all but you should still be able to opt out of it) and advertisement junk, and MS cloud tie-in junk. At least you can disable pretty much all of this if you can get the Enterprise or Education version somehow (like through work or school). Enterprise users can even get LTSB releases that are supported for 10 years and only receive critical security updates during that time, and don't include Cortana, UWP apps or Windows store related junk at all. Unfortunately MS has now decided that newer hardware will not be supported on old LTSB releases (and they won't be releasing these every year or even every other year, previous was 2016 LTSB and next will likely be 2019 LTSB) either similar to how they killed support for new CPUs under Win7 and 8.1. So I'm probably still going to dump Windows completely at some point because it's not like I really need to get to play the latest AAA game releases on the first week or even year they're out anymore. Maybe I got old or something?
  5. xttl

    PSX Doom HD cover art?

    I still couldn't get hold a good camera so here's a quick shot taken with my cellphone which has a really, really bad camera. Seems that it didn't come out that bad after all though. And yeah, the CD holder is broken. :( I guess it got broken in transit from US to FI (either that or the seller was an asshole). If somebody sacrificed their ridged plastic longbox copy I'd say they could get a slightly better quality scan from this than from the CD sized cases (but they'd have to fix the gaps). I could maybe do it to this box if I can ever find another one in better condition for a good price (not over $40 which is what it is on eBay nowadays). Probably not going to happen because I live in PAL land.
  6. xttl

    PSX Doom HD cover art?

    The original plastic long box (not cardboard long box) NTSC U/C version of Doom for PS has this art in larger size than it appears on the regular CD sized cases of the PAL and NTSC J versions. It also does not have any logos or markings on top of it. Somebody would have to sacrifice their case to get a good scan of it though, and there'd still be a gap between the 2 cover halves (though somebody can always try to fix it). I can take a photo of it later but I'm not going to break the case unless I can find another one cheap somewhere.
  7. xttl

    Doom2.exe equivalent source ports

    You can play vanilla demos with it but you cannot record them. Also IIRC the compatibility mode you get when playing vanilla demos is more strict than what you get with TNTCOMP.
  8. Actually he did give the SHA1 hashes in this post
  9. Nope. The palette from the Jaguar WAD should be easy enough to convert into a usable format anyway if I need it. Unless you specifically wanted me to check whether Jaguar and Mac use the same palettes? Btw. here are some screenshots from outside of the map. If somebody wants to play around with no clipping and maybe take guesses on how the renderer works you can do this: open the ROM dump in a hex editor, go to offset 0x14F20 and change bytes 4E 56 there to 4E 75 (it changes the beginning of function TryMove used in player movement clipping to a RTS instruction). You can easily make the game start glitching or completely crash with this though, I guess due to some buffer the renderer uses overflowing. On the last pic you can see some timing information (you can get this display by pressing 4,8,8,7 on the controller when in game), I guess the renderer is split into multiple phases like in JagDoom. I think I'll try importing custom maps into the game next. Hopefully I can figure out how to generate the BSP data or find some code to do it (maybe from a map editor for MacWolf?).
  10. xttl

    The SNES Classic

    https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Rendering_Ranger_R2 They should've put that game on it. It's pretty good but really, really expensive nowadays if you insist on acquiring it the legit way, easily 500-1000 euros for the cart only... They also should've included the whole Mega Man X trilogy (IIRC at least X3 is a bit on the expensive side to buy but maybe their emulator doesn't support the Cx4 chip it and X2 use), maybe R-Type 3, Chrono Trigger, Terranigma (again, expensive and also a Japan and PAL only release), and... and... I've never really cared for "buying ROMs" but I might actually get this thing if the resale value is going to skyrocket like NES Classic's did. :)
  11. Looks like you indeed have the proper WAD files then in C:\IWADs\. I wonder if GZDoom is really getting the WADs from somewhere else? Like from BFG Edition's install directory.
  12. Download the attached zip file and start the bat inside it (extract it and double click it in Explorer). It runs these 3 commands: certutil -hashfile "C:\IWADs\doom2.wad" SHA1 certutil -hashfile "C:\IWADs\doom.wad" SHA1 pause You should get output that looks like the attached picture if you have the unmodified v1.9 doom2.wad and ultimate doom.wad files in C:\IWADs\ hashwads.zip
  13. OP, if you can use command line, all Windows versions newer than XP come with a tool called CertUtil. You use it like this: certutil -hashfile doom2.wad SHA1 Older versions of the tool didn't accept lower case in the hash algorithm name but I just tested and at least in Windows 10 (v1607) "sha1" works too.
  14. xttl

    Duke nukem VS Doom

    For some reason Build games were coded to handle mouse input only on one axis at a time which makes mouselook bad. There's an external mouse driver for them that fixes this called bMouse available here: http://swisscm.duke4.net/mine.html I couldn't play Blood for long without it.
  15. Some more offsets: 0000:00016D8C RenderView 0000:00016B0C R_DrawHUD 0000:0001032E R_DoPaletteEffects 0000:00011740 R_sub_11740 0000:00011F2C R_sub_11F2C 0000:000165E0 R_sub_165E0 ; disabling this causes walls to not be drawn and also only sprites from ; the starting room are drawn even if you open doors and move about the ; level blindly... 0000:000094B0 R_sub_94B0 ; disabling this causes doors & tracks to be drawn using the gray wall ; tile (#0 i guess?) 0000:0000FCE0 R_door_sub_FCE0 0000:00027AD4 bspcoord_bsptop 0000:00027AD8 bspcoord_bspbottom 0000:00027ADC bspcoord_bspleft 0000:00027AE0 bspcoord_bspright 0000:00011BC4 LoadMap 0000:00014032 SpawnStatic 0000:00014146 SpawnPlayer 0000:00014216 SpawnStand 0000:000143A0 SpawnAmbush 0000:000143CE SpawnDoor 0000:00014540 AddPWallTrack 0000:000145A0 SpawnPushwall 0000:00014710 SpawnElevator 0000:0001474A SpawnOut 0000:00014752 SpawnSecret 0000:00014788 SpawnThings 0000:000148DC SetupGameLevel 0000:000166F0 LoadMap_nodes_sub_166F0 0000:00010A7E PlayLoop 0000:00015B2A Cmd_Fire 0000:00015BA2 Cmd_Use 0000:00015CEC Cmd_ChangeWeapon 0000:00015D8A TargetEnemy 0000:00015E38 KnifeAttack 0000:00015E8E GunAttack 0000:00015F38 FlameAttack 0000:00015FFE MissileAttack 0000:000160B4 MovePlayer 0000:00011B04 StopSong 0000:00011B30 StartSong 0000:00012D0E str_err_baddir 0000:00012D1C str_err_enemyinwall 0000:00012D3C TryWalk 0000:0001300A SelectDodgeDir 0000:00013156 SelectChaseDir 0000:000132DC str_err_moveactor_baddir 0000:000132F2 MoveActor 0000:0000FD4E P_Random 0000:0000FD7A M_Random So far things on the playsim side seem to match the MacWolf source code closely (so easy to map the function names to binary offets there). Rendering not so much.