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  1. "Going Down" PWAD also has some another fun and ultra hard map "Stair Crazy", MAP31. This place: When you get here - monsters starting to teleport from both sides. Up and down. Behind bars - 2 archvile that also teleport between the sections and restore monsters. No save place here. Only if... You grab the blue sphere, run close near the wall fast, open the door, push one arch to that corridor and kill him. Kill another one fast in same corridor and all this in one fast, lucky and perfect run. After you hide in end of the corridor. Waiting till monsters kill each other and go down the stairs. You kill the incoming if there are something. Place near the door. View from the corridor. End of the level. MAP32 "Roof Rage" is also isn't simple one. For start you can hide in this four sections with heal items and kill, or monsters will each other, up to ~ 1/2-1-3 of the enemies. There are 2 (may be more) cyberdemons here. But main fun starts later - here are tonns of cacodemons, ~ > 50 at once. And in my case - also some way harder onces types. So you need run like crazy for a long distance between teleport to make rare sequence shoots of 2-3 from BFG and 1 of 4 barrel shotgun. There is a secret with invulnerability on the map, but I find it after and done it without this item with the same settings - UV difficult + Complex Doom.
  2. On second place in top, if count unique WAD's, I put MAP13 "Deep Trouble" from "Going Down" PWAD. This map is real circle of hell at the end one arena. You need to get lucky first running by circle in the center and then move to outside circle to continue running. In that case it's close to "Plutonia 2" mentioned map and required to make several save/load, but, still, not so tough one. Same as there - Complex Doom + UV.
  3. UnknDoomer

    Corridor 666 (Work in Progress)

    3. One more suggestion. As you remember in the original game the elevator was an important feature. Perhabs you can make some things with that by taking some insperation from and, probably, combain it with Blake Stone feature - back to previous level to get some items. Didn't seen such in PWAD's. Perhabs hard to proceed, but might be interesting. May be make a hub with few elevators, Hexen style in case you talking about sci-fi movie insperation, ships and sort of things. 4. Also. It might be a feature to run the textures through the neural network. Perhabs someone can help with that.
  4. UnknDoomer

    Plutonia 2

    Options and things: * GZDoom. * Have played with "Complex Doom" modification. * Difficult - "Ultra-Violence". * 100% secrets and enemies (if not count #33). Finished 32 levels, didn't get into #33. I guess to get there you need to choose right teleport (?) on secret map #32. But I don't know for sure. * A lot of cyberdemons and skeletons. Really a lot. * Enough number of save/load required with such options. * A lot of hard maps. Especially secret onces #31, 32. As for regular - 21,22,30. Pros: 1. + Starting maps is fine. Small, well constructed, not much enemies (less then 150). 2. + MAP 29 (Ticket to Eternity). Nice design. 3. + Challenging. 4. + Combines fine with "Complex Doom" modification. 5. + Good sequel to "Plutonia Experiment". But someone probably will not like local huge maps. 6. + Ammo balance. Especially in case of using Complex Doom. Contras: 1. - Annoying door switches on some maps. 2. - MAP31 has 2 bugs. * Area with the credits and items isn't accessable. Seems to switch not working. * 524/534 enemies. Some probably didn't teleport... or something else. Can't get 100% here.
  5. Let's tell some stories about? doomworld.com/files/file/15550-plutonia-2/ (#8 in community top list) https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=58535&hilit=Complex+Doom My current record - Plutonia 2 PWAD, map 32 "Go 4 It". Ultra-Violence difficult + Complex Doom. In this mod enemies has several tiers and they way tougher then original onces. You also has some better weapons, but, still, on this map... this doesn't change much of things. For example some skeletons and every cyberdemon has homing missiles that will follow you. ~ 2044+ enemies of ~ 2150+ died here. Many demons destroy each other. At the end of the map a lot of onces are spawn every few seconds + arches restore few. How I done it? 0. First of all. To get on this map on map 15 last enemy, arch, must drop you to the secret zone, where you can enter to tough enough map 31 with a lot of cyberdemons and other enemies. That jump require enough HP. Better - close to 100. Still that map not close to map 32 in case of hard things. 1. Map 32. Gate to the ending area. Here were 3 cyberdemons. Killed them all. They also killed all nazi enemies. That enemies can't be killed or hit by the player. 2. The part of the area, small rectangle type, behind the gate looks like that. Tonns of enemies everywhere. Black pain elemental - tough one kind. Cacodemon with bigger eye - too. No save place here at all. You can hold for a few seconds sometimes in few places, but in total it always required to run around like a circle to stay alive. 3. To go to the exit you need to turn on 5 swiches around the map. After that bridge will be completed at the center of the map. But here will be another problem - at most of the time some enemies, like barons, will stay on that bridge. The only chance to get to the exit is to run fast on the clear bridge. 4. After a lot of attempts bridge finally clean. Time to run. 5. Near exit. 6. Another side. Lost souls can enter between this barier. Other demons not. You can turn off the switch here - it, seems to, will destroy local version of "icon of sin". Or you can just go to the teleport and left it intact. 7. Statistics. 8. You think this is the end? Jokes on you. After you teleport on regular MAP 16 enemies just from the start will shoot at you from all the sides. Including: probably cyber baron just near by, pack of arches in a tower, tough pain elemental, 2 cacodemons and for cherry on the cake - flying spider. When I've had around 20 HP. Well. You know what they said: "Question is not how we will enter there. Question is always about how to exit...". But, if you will be lucky and fast enough, you can hide and fight from here: And I not recommend to open a door with a skull on it until you will get some HP / clear the area near by. 9. Grenade launcher and 4 barrels shotgun can help you here a lot. Door with skull was on right side of the screen before I've opened it.
  6. UnknDoomer

    Good WAD's with custom bosses / "claustrophobic" maps

    Added one more criterion for second list.
  7. Mentioned it before. Now separate link. Tilt++ - Unified Camera Tilt Mod - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=105&t=55413#p981192 Mod like HeXeReTiC Fantasy, but for DOOM from the same author. HXRTC Project - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=48074#p820532
  8. UnknDoomer

    Corridor 666 (Work in Progress)

    Have played Corridor 7 a lot back in the day. For someone, perhabs, it's mediocre shooter, but it's has it's own unique atmosphere, monsters and things like health chambers that, in the same year, uppear in System Shock and years later in BioShock. Some questions: 1. Will be map display moving monsters on the level? 2. Do you plan to add working health chambers and med-kits in the walls instead of Doom type of things? Ideas: 1. Original game, same as original Doom, has different design sections. Like first third on the game - regular base. Later levels - more alien like type and more "scary" monsters. This TC doomworld.com/forum/topic/50772-corridor-7-alien-invasion-tc improved this idea, there are some mixed levels, and also mission were brifings. Perhabs you can try this ideas too. Another probably useful links: A. doomworld.com/forum/topic/68059-corridor-8-possible-community-project/ B. Corridor 8: Galactic Wars. Not finished alpha version based on original Doom - http://dl.old-games.su/get/xGzz9Bf0_-mmSei0oEM0-g==,1595645951/pc/corridor_8_galactic_wars/files/Corridor_8_Galactic_Wars.rar Sprites and a lot of other things remained as Doom onces. 2. Perhabs add a little of RPG elements. Like upgrade the same weapon 2-3 times. Same with monsters - tougher types of them. Also such thing can be good part for possible WAD's that might be based on your TC. So question will not stick only on one project and Corridor series will have a chance for a new life. Complex Doom in case of features might be an example here. Future: When you will finish with this perhabs you will find my list here useful: Especially #1 of 4 at the moment from the ideas list - Breakfree. In case you like different type of things. Beautiful arkanoid in 3D, Wolfenstein like style.
  9. 27.07.20: 11 TC, 4 in progress, 4 ideas. I did not find an existing list of similar ones. Especially for second question. So. If you know unique one - post you link. If you have an idea - post it too. I'll add it in the main message. Not planned to include: 1. "Regular" onces. They can be found here: https://doomwiki.org/wiki/Category:Total_conversions and here https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=60112&hilit=Quake+CHampions 2. Too close to original Doom/Heretic type of TC. As example PSX or 64 version; or where too similar sprites and things exist. 3. Mediocre TC. Existing onces: 1. Mortal Kombat II - doomworld.com/forum/topic/115881-mortal-kombat-ii-for-zandronum-and-also-gzdoom/ 2. Hocusdoom - doomworld.com/forum/topic/68477-hocusdoom-released-in-idgames/ 3. Jazz Jackrabbit - doomworld.com/forum/topic/107984-jazz-jackrabbit-doom-v21/ 4. Castlevania: Simon's Destiny - doomworld.com/forum/topic/97654-castlevania-simons-destiny-v14-out/ 5. Batman DOOM - doomworld.com/files/file/12391-batman-doom/ +/- 6. Corridor 7: Alien Invasion - doomworld.com/forum/topic/50772-corridor-7-alien-invasion-tc 7. Nobody Told Me About. Doom like Duke Nukem - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=67319 8. Quake Champions: Doom Edition - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=43&t=57716#p1016051 9. Bomberman-Doom - doomworld.com/forum/topic/110130-bomberdoomer-aka-bomberman-doom/ (separate game from early 2000's) Another, not DOOM type engine: 10. The Legend of the Seven Paladins 3D - doomworld.com/forum/topic/111362-the-legend-of-the-seven-paladins-3d-1994-gdx-port-version/ (BuildGDX engine project) 11. Blake Stone - http://bibendovsky.github.io/bstone/ GZ one version was never finished - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=45615 In progress (early stage): 1. Corridor 666 - doomworld.com/forum/topic/114611-corridor-666-work-in-progress/ 2. WindowCaster - doomworld.com/forum/topic/99215-windowcaster-the-shadowcaster-source-port/ 3. Bioshock - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=69233 4. Prince of Persia - https://forum.zdoom.org/viewtopic.php?f=19&t=68761 Ideas: 1. Breakfree - doomworld.com/forum/topic/111363-wad-idea-tc-breakfree-1995/ Beautiful arkanoid in 3D, Wolfenstein like style. 2. Escape from Monster Manor - doomworld.com/forum/topic/115659-wad-idea-tc-escape-from-monster-manor-1993/ Game from 3DO that can be run on PC this days via emulator. 3. Killing Time. Another 3DO title, but which one have had version on PC. Thread with resources - doomworld.com/forum/topic/89045-resources-killing-time-graphicssounds/?tab=comments#comment-1631697 4. Depth Dwellers (not separate thread available). Wolfenstein 3D kind mediocre clone, but with some unique things.
  10. UnknDoomer

    Corridor 8. Possible Community project?

    Perhabs something based on can be done today? This TC still quite playable for some folks +/- in case of unique enemies, health chambers and other things. Still additional problem is that TC was based on old version of JDoom. Not ZDoom of any type.
  11. UnknDoomer

    Good WAD's with custom bosses / "claustrophobic" maps

    Not much yet. That's a reason I'm asking in in this thread. To create a list.
  12. UnknDoomer

    Good WAD's with custom bosses / "claustrophobic" maps

    Added second question to the thread. So. Now this thread may contain 2 lists.
  13. TheNoob_Gamer, it's looks like separate mods rather then regular WAD's. Diablo 3D also too complex. I know that are just "few" of them, compare to Doom. Still. Perhabs someone played in such combination before and can mention some.