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  1. My constructive advice would be to aim for proper quality control in order to root out hideous maps from the final product, if the goal is to receive grand reviews. Opinions differ, and that's all fine when it's free content. Sometimes it's okay to summarize your impression without having to go through each section of a map to explain why. If that is "abuse" then we have a different viewpoint of the term. As a whole the product is a highly mixed bag in my opinion, and I pointed out what I consider polar highs and lows. Always fun to check out new stuff, regardless.
  2. Map32, 18 and 19 are absolute 100% trash. Yikes. 19 killed my last incentive to complete this. The cave ara in Map02, Urbanismo's stairway climb and the dynamic nature of map17 were the highlights, beautiful stuff and stark contrast to the overall quality.
  3. Very sad news indeed...I didn't have the pleasure of knowing him personally, but his reputation as an excellent player and a nice guy was evident. I'm sure we would have spent hours discussing the game if the timelines of activity matched up. Condolences to his family and everyone who knew him.
  4. I think you actually mean Lake Poison :) Nukefall was an even earlier map than this. That said, this horrible mesh was one of my first attempts at "atmospheric" settings utilizing a new texture wad, I belive I made most of this back in 1996 and as such it's a good representative of my early, cringy efforts. As a little bit of trivia the indoor part of it was based on the Derceto Manor from Infogrames "Alone in the Dark", but you'd have to put some effort into seeing that when comparing the two!
  5. That one went through the wringer a few times as well, yep. I don't wanna complicate your fun with this, but maybe it would be good to present these with a little bit of commentary as to why the different parts got changed specifically and what the reasoning for cutting the Croatian map was :) You decide on that, if you wanna go ahead and showcase feel free. I'd love to team up with you for some commentary tracks on these relics to give them a context perhaps. I'll hit you up on irc to discuss it further when I have the chance. That said, feel free to present what you desire, you have a pretty good idea of the backdrop for most of this - fun incentive.
  6. Fun to see the DM part of map03 again, I had completely forgotten about that :) I've been talking to Martin about making a little rundown vid of the various changes we did to AV, from the Alien Vindicta origins in 1996 until the finished product. Since there's a lot of cut versions and altered map versions one could dive into, and people seem to enjoy musings about old projects of the kind, it might be fun. I just need to get another project out of the way first, then we'll put something together. I think I have all the map versions backed up still, from cut maps to just tidbits of planned ones. Map03 sure enjoyed a serious Malde overhaul, didn't it. That map17 version you see there was cut real late, it was actually moved to the map31 slot until we had Gemini and Ebola do the included three color creation (one of the last maps completed for the project).
  7. Fantastic! That's what I get for not realizing there's a more up to date version. Thanks :)
  8. Thank you for the input :) Yeah, moving them would indeed fix the issue, I'm mainly wondering why it became an issue from one version of GZdoom to another, given the old build handles this fine, you do get sprites passing through each other, but it doesn't blank out the sprite in front of it in the process, like in the recent version. In the old one it just simply seamlessly clips through. The picture does not capture the flickering effect, it just showcase a sprite placement where such occurs because of the proximity. It would require many hours of rework to fix every overlapping sprite placement issue in the map (it's an enormous thing) and many areas have been designed / composed specifically for a certain density and combination of sprites, so if there's a possible setting to combat this I'd want to try that first. :)
  9. You're probably right. The problem only occurs with certain sprites that will overlap slightly and bleed through each other as you move by. The shot below illustrates a sprite placed on a sector in the back, bleeding through the tree sprite on a ledge below. Moving by, you'll get the flicker effect, and when you have plenty of these it looks unacceptably ugly. I do wonder why it worked just fine in the old build however
  10. I figured I would resume work on some GZDoom based map I put some time into a few years back. At the time I was using an older build of GZDoom since I had trouble getting the more up to date ones to run on my system (ended up getting g1.8.09-78-g1db064b to work, so I went with that for the time being). Now, installing the latest 2.2.0 build seems to give issues with lots of sprite clipping / flickering and various other issues. I used some unconventional sizes for the given tree sprites. Runs with no issues on the old GZDoom build however, but with the new one even slight sprite overlapping causes flickering and odd clipping. Anything specific that could cause this? (I'm using a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1060, and as mentioned, the old version runs identical on this system as it did on my old one. Tried tinkering with the settings, but it seems futile).
  11. Hi Adam! Deth was certainly a fine upgrade from DEU2 - but hugely time consuming compared to Doombuilder, which I'm having a blast with now. Good for its time as Deth was, it's basically possible to do the same work in a few hours that would have taken me days back then. That is not a case of doubt, but a mere fact. VPO hunting was also extremely time consuming, and more or less an impossible task to perfect. I disagree with your assessment of AV not aging well. I'm working on a full game run these days I'm still having a blast with it when played continuously - especially the first episode is very well fine tuned for that kind of play. It bogs down somewhat in the larger spencer maps and through episode 3. I also have to wonder if you really put enough hours into it to fairly appreciate the skill settings, or the multiplayer setting. Many of the maps have carefully planned maxkill setups that make them more fun on replays and with a planned route, than from casual playstarts - a point one can certainly argue works against its mainstream appeal. As far as Reqiuem and MM goes, I think it's highly unfair to compare the production effort behind those to that of AV, which received extensive testing and polish and was not rushed out the door like Requiem. I've had fun reading up the DW Megawad Roast thread, and tho I do not agree with most of your input in it, its an enjoyable read with some good points. One of the sticking points of your dislikes seem to be an inability to backtrack in several of the maps, for instance - which is just not factually correct. Perhaps you feel 1.9 mapping in general has not aged well? Granted, there's several maps I'd be keen to replace if it was a release by today's standards :) Anyway - this is sidetracking, and better left for the playthrough thread!
  12. Good, nuanced input from Demonologist here, so I'll just add to it: Popularity is not determined solely by quality, sometimes stuff get way more credit than it deserves, other times quality work drops into obscurity simply because the author didn't luck out with his timing, or didn't do a good job getting his work noticed. Lasting influence is maybe more of a guiding line as far as importance goes (and less subjective), and one can say what one want about the early projects compared to modern ones - but stuff like Hell Revealed left a permanent imprint on what came after it. Doom mapping has certainly evolved since the early 2k's. Keep in mind that a good portion of Alien Vendetta was constructed as far back as 1996-99. At the time of release, few solid megawads existed besides the already established classics (Eternal Doom, Memento Mori 1/2, Requiem, Strife, Hell Revealed, Icarus and a few others). Unless you're a mapper from those early days, you will have a hard time appreciating the effort that went into something like AV map20, or Eternal Doom map 04. You had no automated VPO or HOM checker, no fancy tools to effectively copy and rotate sectors w/o massive adjustments. Most of AV was designed with DEU2 and Deth - tools that were very crude and gnarly to use compared to something like Doombuilder. Imagine manually checking AV20 for VPO's, not to mention the load time and the build time on old systems. I think AV still holds up fairly well because of the exhausting testing that went into it, certainly far more than any project predating it. At the time (and still, I might add) it's rare to see a megawad that has all the skill settings implemented - with finetuned multiplayer settings and planned shortcuts that let you jump back into the action after a spawn, or that do not suffer from multiple coop intrusive one way traps and screwups. Sure, the layouts were less advanced than what you get in the delicious BTSX's of today, more linear and with some debatable monster placements here and there, a lack of thematic consistency and the occasional dud map. Many of the maps have quirks that will be lost on you if you're not doing them for a compet-n styled run too, I could go into a lengthy list of stuff that would seem weird at first glance and then make perfect sense if you're trying to accomplish a certain run (like the hidden exit berserk pack in map17) but that would be excess info here. Making a "most popular" list is always good fun. Each generation of mapping and modding improves on some level on the former, with a few roadbumps or stagnating trends like "lets make a purple copy-paste cathedral with 5000 monsters and no gameplay testing" - stuff I attribute to talented, vocal contributors with a high output which appeal to a certain bracket of players who do not request or give a shit in skill 2 and 3, nor balanced gameplay - as long as there's striking colors and lots of stuff to spam. (Nope, this is not a knock against "Ancient Aliens", which to me is a superbly fresh breath of air and an instant classic). Better tools and more reference material to pick from obviously contributes to the improvements seen in modern mapping. Different tastes and subjective opinions will always beat "objective" quality and polish though. If one is completely honest about the map quality in the ever popular Scythe, much can be said about the simplistic designs, lack of fine tuned skillsettings beyond a decent UV setting, and so on - but the appeal is undeniable despite the hasty work that it was. It's just no competition if one compare Scythe to say BTSX in terms of design quality of the maps and the time put into them. Yet, the fast-food appeal of Scythe makes it a lasting classic and many will prefer it over the other. Quality and mass appeal are two different things, most "classics" have some of both, and were fortunate enough with their timing to leave a lasting impression.
  13. Hi DeXiaZ! I see Brad / Vorpal already weighed in here, but I'll just add a few lines as well. First and foremost, I appreciate that you had the level minded approach of posting about this and asking instead of just going ahead - I know Kim would have appreciated that gesture as well. Like 40oz mentioned already, everyone is free to do whatever they like as long as it's not intended to be a publicly available edited version of the original map. However, as far as releasing an edited version that directly utilize parts of the original though, this does not sit well with me for a few reasons. For one, Map 20 in Alien Vendetta is very much a part of Maldes legacy, and I was fortunate enough to be sitting more or less next to him when he designed most parts of the map, testing stuff, giving feedback, motivation and what not. A lot of his time and effort went into it, and it still stands as a pretty unique vanilla map. I'm not a huge fan of remakes and tribute maps in general, but everyone who have been mapping for a while have taken inspiration directly or indirectly from others; and that is ok. When inspiration crosses the line into direct remakes though (and it goes beyond just having a fun Easter egg "tribute" element from another map) they tend to lose me; originality will always beat that. If you're inspired by the map, I would rather suggest you expand on the thematic ideas of it and make your own creation from scratch, with something we have not seen already. One of the windows near the exit of Kims pyramide give you a view towards two distant structures. Why not base your map on the idea that you're in one of those and looking back at Misri Halek, for instance. That'd be a cool tribute, and you could expand on the Egyptian theme of the original. A direct edit of the map though, would not be in my interest and I'm fairly sure Kim would have not wanted that either. Thank you again for the nice words, and the interest in the map!
  14. A joe-ilya inspiration maze sounds fascinating. If it's hard to read, you could explain it in detail with words next to the graphic. I will be anticipating it greatly. "momento" mori - AV <- that be some serious research right there. (hi Lee, nice to see you up and about :)
  15. I'm impressed. Just not in a good way.