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  1. It would be best if we just release the project once we're ready instead of trying to coordinate with another project to release at the same time (even though they share similarities). I don't know how much longer we are going to take, and I don't want to make someone else wait on this (and I don't want to wait on another project to release either). It could be neat but ultimately I'm just gonna focus on getting this finished when it done and nothing else. These are the things left to do (just gonna repost this again since we're on a new page): - Motherdemon sprites - Finalize the Motherdemon's behavior once I get the finished sprites - Add in _bruce_'s super secret for MAP24 once he finishes it - Get demos for the opening carousel (still not ready to do this until the maps are 100% ready to go) - Fix the sound issues related to the monster spawners in MAP30 (still don't know how to fix this by the way, I could use some help) - Fix music related issues, possibly by replacing tracks entirely - Fix the Motherdemon sight sound in the new casting call in (G)ZDoom - Get MAP14 fixes in (Da Werecat might be working on this?) - Do the final rounds of testing Cage recently had a hardware-related issue that kept him from doing work on the Motherdemon. But thankfully he's got it taken care of, so he should be able to work on it again. Sorry this is taking so long, I was hoping that we could get it released in February. But this is just how things go sometimes. Thank you for your patience :) *edit* Oh I almost forgot. I had plans to release one last private test build to anyone who would be willing to help out. I think I would like to get @_bruce_'s map update in first (and probably try to finalize the motherdemon behavior as much as possible). But this is still something I'm planning on doing. So if you can help out, please let me know!
  2. [WIP] Supplice

    Sorry for not responding to your question sooner VGA. I've been mega burned out lately and I just kinda forgot. Anyways, we could possibly release episodes individually. That wasn't my plan from the start though, and the mapping side of the development isn't being done in a way that would make it easy. I'm sorta doing whatever theme suits my fancy at any given time. Sometimes we'll want to try out a certain subset of textures that are being worked on for a particular theme too. So in other words, the maps aren't being made in a linear fashion that lines up with the episodes. Of course I won't rule it out. We've still got a long way to go, so we'll see how things look once more of the mapping is complete. By the way, for anyone wondering, this definitely won't be done in 2018, sorry! I do have plans to get really serious with the mapping this year. So I hope to have some stuff to share with you guys sometime soon.
  3. Congrats you guys, you really deserve it! I'll be romping through this sometime soon hopefully :D
  4. No no, that wasn't an official date. I said that it would be cool if we could release it on the 31st, but that was it. Cage is still working on the Motherdemon; its an entirely from-scratch sprite set and those things take a lot of time. When the time is right, I will announce an official release date. It'll be in the thread title so no one should miss it. You did an amazing job with the trailer by the way! I'll be sure to put it front and center once we release ;)
  5. Oh yea, can't wait to try this out!
  6. I'm not sure if @DILDOMASTER666 wants to take a stab at making fixes to the map or not. But since you've already [presumably] made some changes, would you mind going through with fixing everything? I think it would be best to stay away from making major aesthetic or gameplay changes though, unless we get permission. If you don't have the time/interest in doing it though, I'll go ahead and update it. No update on the final release yet guys. Hopefully it won't be too much longer though! I'm thinking about distributing a private test release sometime next week even if the Motherdemon and _bruce_'s map update aren't finished. The changelog for the final release is longer than I anticipated, and I really feel like some of the changes (ie. the new voodoo doll setups) really need to be checked out before it goes out the door. Like I said before, if your interested in helping test this final build, please get in touch with me.
  7. Please report all of the bugs so we can get it fixed. We'll focus just on bug fixes for now, I'd rather not dig into doing any more than that.
  8. Thank you very much Megalyth! So that leaves 2 big things that I need before the release - @_bruce_'s super secret update and the Motherdemon. There's smaller stuff that still needs to be addressed as well. But its safe to say that once those 2 things are done, the release will come shortly after.
  9. Surprise update time! No, the project is obviously not dead. The inactivity is due to a couple of things. First off, I severely needed a break after finishing up my vinesauce contest map. Secondly, there's really not much left to do at this point, content-wise. The big one is the Motherdemon; Cage sent me some rough sprites recently and I've got it working in the dehacked now. He's just gotta clean them up and add some more details, and it should be done. So that's why the thread is so quiet...apart from reporting bugs, there's not much left to talk about right now. There are a couple of map updates I'm still waiting on (one is a big one from @_bruce_ which may require some extra testing before release). The bug tracker is pretty empty now save for a few things that are going to be addressed soon. So on the mapping front, there's really nothing substantial left to do (apart from continued testing until the release). I still can't give a definite release date since we might run into unforeseen issues. But it came to my attention recently that Doom 64 released on March 31st (in the U.S. at least). So maybe we'll shoot for it to drop then if everything goes well? Once the current build gets to a state where everything is mostly complete, I will probably send out another test candidate. There's been more changes made than I anticipated, so we're going to need some extra testing time before release. It won't be a public build, but if your serious about helping test, let me know and I'll send a link your way. Some notes for mappers who may be working on their entries Please avoid using thing type Hanging Victim, 1-legged (blocking) [type 51] & Hanging par of legs (blocking) [type 52]. I've had to replace these in the dehacked for some new objects. The first is a special 'monster' that doesn't get removed when playing the map with -nomonsters (which is needed for MAP02). The second is an infinitely exploding object that I'm going to be using in place of barrels in the voodoo dolls. Some bugs below I need help with Music is playing incorrectly for some people in MAP14 in vanilla/choco? I need to double-check on my end...anyone shed some light here? And any thoughts on a replacement track if we need to go that far? Similar music issue in MAP32, no idea what the problem is (this one as a problem with looping). I would hate to replace this track since it fits the map so well and is a nice nod to an original Doom 64 track. I need to figure out a way to deal with the BossBrain/DemonSpawner sound effects. They need to be silent, but my methods haven't worked out so far (1st was a silent sfx rendered out in Audacity but that caused faint static...2nd was a blank sfx ripped from somewhere but that only works in Chocolate, it makes popping sounds in other ports). For anyone with ZDoom editing knowledge out there, I've made an updated ending casting call to include the new monsters. The Motherdemon has an issue where her sight sound gets cut off right as she appears on the screen. Any ideas how to fix that? I think you kinda answered your own question here already, but I'll address it in case anyone else is interested. Shortly after this project was restarted, we put out a build with some experimental dehacked changes similar to this (slightly faster Chaingun, more aggressive Lost Souls, etc). After playing around with it, the sentiment I got from that was that it changed too much and deviated too far from the goal of "making the Doom 64 maps in Doom II" (which I agreed with). The project straddles the line with that goal already with the inclusion of some monster variants and other things. So yea, stuff like that isn't really something that fits well with the goals of the project, I think. If someone wants to make mods for this project after the fact that changes stuff up, I'm totally cool with that.
  10. Sorry to report that I have no news :(. One day I'll return to this though.
  11. Post Your Doom Picture (Part 2)

    Gonna piggyback off of dobu here and post some screenshots of my Vinesauce contest map too :P

    Very cool to see so many maps getting made for this! I was able to finish my submission after delaying until the last week of the contest. Actually I didn't think I was going to be able to follow through with it because I've been a bit burned out on mapping lately. But I pushed pretty hard and ended up with something I'm really happy with. Here are some screenshots: Here's the DB shot; I got kinda stupid with the detailing and that's partially why it took me a week to do this relatively small map :P Anyways, the map's name is 'Gossamer'. In the original contest, I wanted to do a hell map that came after my first map, but I only had time to do a really dumb slaughter~ish speedmap. Also Joel has mentioned numerous times that he was never a fan of the Doom 2 city maps. So I thought hey, why not do a hell+city themed map and see what he thinks. The progression is way more linear than the Doom 2 city maps though (which is very much on purpose...I wasn't sure if he would enjoy getting lost in something more non-linear). Hopefully he'll enjoy it. Originally I had plans for something more unique and I actually spent close to 2 weeks working on some custom textures just for this. But the first layout I made ended up being too big and I wasn't completely happy with the texture pack. If I had a bit more time though I probably could have made it work.
  13. If you can get it to work in a way that looks correct in both ZDoom and Eternity, that would be good. But I wouldn't stress too much if it is that much of a nightmare. We should probably make sure they look correct in ZDoom foremost (since I imagine that will be the most used port).
  14. You got it! I'll shoot you a message when its time. About rules...I guess try to make it somewhat short and entertaining? And I would probably stay away from secret areas to avoid spoilers. Other than that though, record it however you'd like.
  15. Nice, thank you very much CoTeCiO, I'll get all of this updated now :). If your still interested in doing a demo for the opening carousel, I'll send you a PM once the time comes (you can pick from these maps - Main Engineering, Even Simpler, and Watch Your Step).