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  1. Mechadon

    Cacowards 2018 - 25 Years of Doom

    Awesome job guys, I'll be looking forward to reading this in full! And congrats to the winners as well! It's another yearly reminder that I've got a lot of amazing stuff to add to my backlog.
  2. Mechadon

    Deathless - an Ultimate Doom megawad (Final!)

    Griefless was a ton of fun, but I didn't realize you were turning it into a megawad! Or a one month one on top of that...or not even a month, wow. Amazing job! I'll have to set aside time to play the whole thing now :D
  3. Mechadon

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    Yea that would be awesome! If you (or anyone for that matter) make something that goes along with this project, I'll happily mirror a link to it and toss it up on the first post here. By the way, you'll want to take a look at the MAPINFOs in the main wad for some of the alternate track names. CoTeCiO has some 'enhanced' tracks that couldn't play properly in vanilla due to some limitations, so those tracks are named differently and are pointed to in the MAPINFO lumps. To make sure your tracks play, you'll probably need to either supply a patched MAPINFO with your wad or duplicate some of the tracks that have alternate names. Yup, that was my original goal when the project got a reboot. I wouldn't say the idea was dropped, more that we didn't really get enough ambient entries to fill the entire roster. Also I remember some of the ambient tracks didn't sound all that great in OPL2 and certain soundfonts, sadly. In the end it seemed to make more sense to have a more original Doom musical soundscape I suppose, though I did try to work in more ambient tunes on the whole. *edit* Quick PSA while I'm here - stay away from the beta downloads page for now. Recent uploads have been screwed up for a while now and you won't get the correct download or readme info there. The legacy page is correct thankfully, and if that doesn't work for some reason, you can download from my mirror. I'll try to keep an eye on the beta page, and once its fixed I'll add a direct link to it.
  4. Mechadon

    [WIP] Supplice

    Yup that's how it would work. If I try to design a fight around using multiple Minigun turrets, I'll have to try and present it in a way that the player knows what to do (maybe with some specific sign texture or something).
  5. Mechadon

    [WIP] Supplice

    This is actually the Minigun's alt-fire mode. What happens is that when you press alt-fire, the Minigun gets removed from your inventory and tossed onto the ground as a turret (along with a chunk of ammo). It'll then auto target enemies and fire away until it either runs out of ammo, gets destroyed, or is picked back up by the player (you pick it up by bumping into it). If there are multiple Miniguns on the map available to pick up, you can actually have a little army of them helping you out (which is a design I want to play around with). We're also thinking about having them be enemies in certain settings too.
  6. Mechadon

    [WIP] Supplice

    Hmm, good question. This is harder to answer because Supplice has lots of changes and additions compared to your average Doom stuff. Cryoferron is probably on the same scale as MAP02 from Counterattack, and that map takes maybe 20-30ish minutes on average. It depends on the player, the difficulty level chosen, and so on. There probably won't be any Vela Pax sized maps in this; the largest will likely push past 45 minutes of play time. But I would really like to keep the average map play time between 5-15 minutes if possible.
  7. Mechadon

    [WIP] Supplice

    Got a new map update to share with you guys! Editor shot: This is the first complete Triton-themed map, called "Cryoferron". The Triton theme will be made up of super-clean, high-end looking techbases nestled in frozen outdoor areas (or that's the plan anyways). These maps will make up the first half of episode 2. Currently this map doesn't have gameplay elements (we're still fleshing some of that stuff out). But I anticipate that I'll be adding gameplay stuff to the maps pretty soon. Cryoferron ended up being kinda large, and it is actually linked with Romeda (another kinda big map, relatively speaking). I made both of the bare layouts for those two maps around the same time, and they were originally going to be for a potential Doom 64EX project. There will likely be more large maps like this in Supplice, but I have made layouts specifically for this project that are smaller. It took me a while to get another map in production and finished since my last update. But with D64D2 out of the way, I'm looking forward to cranking out maps a bit faster in the future. Also sorry about about the state of the first post, I will try to get that updated soon! *edit* By the way, if Twitter is something you're into, we would appreciate helping spread the project around!
  8. Mechadon

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    I've seen this sentiment mentioned a few times in various places, so I'll take the time to explain. Being that this is a vanilla project, we needed 32 maps to fill out the project. As it happens, those secret maps + the main campaign of Doom 64 equal out to 32 maps in total. The secret maps are a part of Doom 64, regardless of how they are presented. And if we had left them out, I'm certain I would be hearing "where are the secret maps?". We could only have two actual secret maps (31 & 32), and there was no way I was going to pull out Hectic or In The Void for any of those maps (Cat and Mouse might have been an ok candidate, but not the other two). It made sense to try and merge them into the project in a way felt appropriate. All three secret maps are essentially arena-style maps; Hardcore and Playground specifically feel like different takes on Even Simpler. I tried to treat them in a similar way by having them be spikes in difficulty (placing them in the map list was the hardest aspect). Cat and Mouse works as the nice techbase-theme sendoff since it feels like a proper boss level. I can understand if the maps aren't as interesting or fun when you compare them to the rest of the maps; again, they are mostly just simple arena maps that play off of the Dead Simple/Even Simpler motif. But would it have been better to fill those 3 slots with user-made maps and just ignore them? I don't think so. It made more sense to try and fit them into the main wad. Like it or not, they are a part of Doom 64 and it didn't make sense to ignore them. Also regarding any extra puzzle stuff that was added, almost all instances of 'new' stuff was added because of the vanilla limitations (that I can think of). The MAP07 shootable switches is one such case, the key side-areas in MAP30 is another, and etc. Doom 64 has lots of focus on puzzle elements for better or for worse. So to keep with that theme, it felt appropriate to use puzzle elements for any new designs that were needed to fit this within the vanilla limits. In theory I think this was a good choice, but the execution is definitely up to debate :P Anyways, I hope that clears up why those decisions were made.
  9. Thanks! I'm pretty much of the same opinion. It's why I spent close to a year going back to the 3 finished maps in Vela Pax and essentially overhauling them. Especially MAP02, I made huge changes and additions to that map. Even with all of that extra work, I wouldn't say I'm content with them. But they are 'done' now because there's no way I could truly make them up to my current standards without essentially rebuilding the entire maps. Dobu is totally right, really long projects can start to feel cursed after a while because you feel the need to tweak and update as your knowledge and styles change.
  10. I have been summoned! I haven't tried the map out, but the DB shot gives a clue. Having that many monsters active at once (or even if its a big chunk of them) combined with the long lines-of-sight are almost certainly the cause. I'll use one of my maps as an example - MAP05 of Vela Pax has significantly less monsters than this, and my FPS would dip down into the teens in certain areas that overlook the large outdoor vistas. If the monsters aren't active, its not nearly as bad. However if you run the map in PrBoom+ and look at the same areas under the same circumstances, the lag is basically nonexistent. From what I've heard, (G)ZDoom has a tougher time with maps like these just because it is inherently more complex under the hood. Anyways that's my guess!
  11. I definitely don't want to break demos! If I do a bugfix release, it won't include anything that would break them. I made a changelog of the potential update a few days ago, and dew mentioned that MAP04 might be the only one that could cause issues (MAP01 on the lower difficulties would too, but I don't think anyone has recorded demos on those). Sorry for going off-topic by the way.
  12. Mechadon

    Doom 64 for Doom II - /idgames link is up

    No updates are planned, this is the final version. Well, unless a really awful bug pops up of course.
  13. I've been lurking this thread a bit, hope you guys enjoy Counterattack :). If I had better timing I could have had a bugfixed version out for you guys, but its probably not a big deal. If you come across a secret lift in MAP03 that doesn't want to lower again after a few presses, that's a bug (just noclip past it). Also the entertext leading to MAP32 is borked - it plays at the normal exit of MAP31. So yea, just ignore that please :P You don't need all keys to exit the map actually. That's a conscious design decision throughout most of the project; I wanted there to be an array of paths and options leading to the exits of each map (to increase the replayability factor). You can skip the blue key and go for the yellow key and complete the map that way too.