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  1. I would say the vast majority of people don't understand how vanilla Doom works. But that's to be expected, we're the giga-nerds here who worked on the project :P. So I don't mind answering these questions for the players, particularly when it comes to stuff that couldn't be carried over from the original N64 game.
  2. No, that's not something that's possible in vanilla Doom. A new weapon could replace an existing weapon, but that's about as far as we could go. Implementing the demon keys would essentially be impossible without altering huge portions of how the game behaves.
  3. I didn't use the Mastermind for a few reasons. It didn't get used in any of the other maps for one (it could have been used by someone if we kept it, but by the time I took the project over, I decided to save it for the new Motherdemon). And I felt like it would have been an anti-climatic boss at the end of the game. There was a point where I considered beefing the Mastermind up for the final boss, but then Cage was able to help out and create the brand-new sprites. So that's when I decided to create a vanilla-like Motherdemon. The Mastermind also has various boss-related properties that I wanted used for the Motherdemon, including explosion immunity and map-wide sound effects. There are also other dehacked changes besides just the new Motherdemon, including the Nightmare Imps, Nightmare Cacodemon, and some other behind-the-scenes changes. So the SS and Keen were both already replaced with those things.
  4. Are you running the wad with any extra mods? Some mods may break the dehacked patch changes, which are required for some of the maps to play properly. Everything is working correctly on my end, even if I use GZDoom's default compatibility options. I'd need a bit more info in order to help you out.
  5. I've been asked that question quite a few times since the Lost Level were released; its a good question, so don't feel bad :P. So I haven't looked into this since I'm really too busy to mess with it right now. But my general feeling is that it probably wouldn't be a good idea to do that so soon after the game was re-released on modern hardware. In particular the Lost Levels are sort of a bonus for the people buying the re-release. I don't think id/Bethesda would appreciate me essentially remaking the levels and releasing them for free. That said, maybe it could be done at some point in the future. I would need to get in contact with Kaiser and see what he says. It might be beyond his ability to give me permission though. But like I said, I haven't bothered to look into the possibility because I have other things going on. So the short answer is no, probably not. At least not in the immediate future.
  6. Thanks for playing Bytefyre! I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it :) I tested the map out in GZDoom and Chocolate Doom, and it works in both for me. Are you using Doom (Strict) compatibility in GZDoom? I tested it out in GZDoom's default compatibility mode too, and it worked there as well. So I'm not sure what happened.
  7. Mechadon

    [WIP Standalone] Supplice

    Unfortunately I don't have an answer for you just yet. Things have been sort of a whirlwind lately, so I can't give definite answers just yet. But I will say that a modding resource is something that I absolutely want to do at the very least. We want people to be able to make their own maps and mods for this, it would be a huge waste of potential to ignore that. A Boom-compat resource is maybe less likely now. Same goes for a standalone weapon mod, monster mod, etc. I would like to do it, but things are just too up-in-the-air at the moment to give a clear answer.
  8. Mechadon

    [WIP Standalone] Supplice

    I guess I should go ahead and say that we're going the standalone route now. The new Twitter page probably sorta gave that away heh. I know doing the standalone thing has been mentioned a few times in the past, and for various reasons we decided against it. But things have changed a bit recently, and after discussing it with Cage and the rest of the team, we've decided to go in our own direction. The details are still being figured out, but the idea is that we're going to be saving as many of the finished assets as possible. That includes the artwork, music, sounds, code, most of the weapons, story (sans Doom references), and so on. Anything Doom-related will have to go, obviously. But it's going to be inspired by Doom as far as general gameplay structure is concerned. Everything else will be fresh and new. So yea, it's official! We'll probably be posting new stuff in here as things progress. If you guys use Twitter, we'll be posting updates there as well (retweet 'em if you can!). (I know the OP is out-of-date now...again...so just ignore that until I get time to redo it :P)
  9. Oh this is really cool! I'm going to try and grab that Classic edition, would love to have it alongside my N64 cart :D
  10. Da Werecat and Gez are both right, the maps with 'B' appended to the name are there for compatibility and QoL reasons. ZDaemon didn't like the vanilla-style voodoo doll scripts that some of the maps used. The solution was to convert those maps to Boom format (thus the 'B') which use scrolling floors for their voodoo dolls. An additional upside to this is that other ports that support mapinfo will load these maps instead of the vanilla ones, meaning the voodoo doll won't hurt the player (the vanilla voodoo dolls do tiny amounts of damage to the player in order to work, in case you were wondering). Also the only file required to play the megawad is the main D64D2 wad, everything else is a bonus (ie. extra statusbars) or is there for modders to use (Motherdemon sprite sheet).
  11. Mechadon

    Back to Saturn X E1: 1.1.6 bugfix

    Friggin' awesome :D
  12. The /idgames link for v1.4 is now up. The first post has been updated. Also sorry for the delay, I got busy with other things and forgot about this.
  13. Mechadon

    [WIP Standalone] Supplice

    Thank you guys, y'all are always so kind :) I'm definitely going to try and make more use of portals in the rest of the maps. The next map I'm planning on making is going to be for the floating techbase setting (basically the same theme as that last DM map with the orange/yellow colors). That setting in particular will benefit heavily from portal-enhanced layouts/architecture, just so long as I can get them working well. The first-half of episode 3 will also benefit heavily from portals since we want to try some surrealist stuff there. I'm still grappling with how they work though, so we'll see if I can make good use of them or not :P
  14. Mechadon

    [WIP Standalone] Supplice

    Update time! I posted some screenshots on twitter, so I figure I should post them in here as well. I'm finally starting to do some proper mapping now that our assets are in a good enough state to work with. The gameplay pass on Romeda is done, and I decided to see if I could work in some portals to add just a bit more depth to some areas. I haven't done anything of substance with portals before, and this seemed like the perfect time to learn how to use them. These shots were taken while I was doing a testing run, just to show off some of the areas where I added portal details. Lately I've been working on cleaning up Cryoferron before doing its gameplay pass, so I'm adding some portal details to it as well. So far these portals have been used mostly for detail purposes. But I would like to do more gameplay-oriented things with them in the future if I can wrap my head around some decent concepts. Once I finish up the gameplay pass on Cryoferron, I'll finally start working on some new maps and stop reposting this old stuff :P