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  1. Another way you can do this is to use the Find and Replace function. Select "Sidedef Texture" under search type, then put "-" under find and then the texture you want to replace under "Replace With". This should apply your selected texture to all untextured walls.
  2. A timed gate thing should be possible with some voodoo dolls (just increase the height of the crushing sector's ceiling to get the desired length of time). If a key/trap setup turns out to be no good, this is definitely something that could be done.
  3. So we're about halfway through November, and I hope you remaining mappers are busy finishing up your submissions! Just remember that if you need help, please don't hesitate to look for a partner. The plan is to release the next test build sometime after the deadline. From that point on we'll do bug testing, fixing, and polishing. I won't feature lock the project at that point, but we do need to try and get playable versions of every map in by the deadline. So if your map isn't perfect, don't worry. You'll have some time to polish it up after the deadline. Anyways, I have two maps to share - one is an update and the other is entirely new! First here's Blood Keep, which I finished up just a few minutes ago: Blood Keep v2 So basic stuff done here; the visuals were polished and the gameplay was tweaked a bit. I had to wrestle with a bunch of VPOs which meant the architecture had to be altered in areas, but I tried to integrate the new stuff as gracefully as possible. I also added more in-depth COOP support. Pretty standard stuff here. Also I could use some limits testing help just to be sure everything is good. And here's No Escape, which I finished up for DILDOMASTER666 using a partial base he created: No Escape v1 So this map is more of a re-imagining than a straight-up conversion like many of the maps in this. Overall its larger in scale and a bit more involved, and its not going to play exactly like the original. I really liked what DILDOMASTER666 had started with this map, so I just went with it. It feels appropriate given its the map before the finale, so hopefully it works out. I also had some issues fixing VPOs in this one (arena maps are terrible about that), but I think I knocked them all out. As usual though, some limit testing would be very much appreciated.
  4. It wasn't, I should have clarified. There's an issue with spawning monsters on MAP30 due to telefragging. To get around this, we can use the IoS spawners (they can still get telefragged I believe, but its not as big of a deal since its unending). Of course its not exactly the same, but its close enough and helps remedy the issue. And with a voodoo doll setup I can have the spawner doors close at the same time the Motherdemon gets released. This is a good point, I'm not sure exactly how it works. The idea would be that they would keep spawning once the doors are closed, but beyond that I'm not sure how vanilla handles prolonged IoS spawning. As long as it doesn't crash the game though, I hope it wouldn't be a problem. And there might be some dehacked stuff I can do to have the spawners disable after a certain point, its something I'll look into. Hmm, yea maybe. I think I would prefer something more original for each puzzle just because those maps will have been seen by the player by the point. We could recreate similar puzzles based off of them, but mix them up a bit (I really like the puzzle in Outpost Omega, so something similar but on a grander scale could be neat). We'll have to be careful about any teleporting monsters in them though, for the same reasons as I mentioned above. Anyways I figured the way we would set this up is to have the three skullkey puzzles be accessible at the very start of the map. The whole starting room would likely be redesigned so that its clear the player has choices; do the key puzzles or go straight to the fight, being careful to only trigger the fight when they are ready.
  5. Saint_Guy and I updated The Bleeding recently. I spent some time cleaning up the texture alignments and general visuals, and we both tweaked the gameplay so it feels more balanced. So here's a link! The Bleeding v5 That track might be my favorite in the entire game exactly because of that spooky chorus intro. I agree, it fits the map very well! It would be pretty neat to hear something similar replicated in midi form, though I'd imagine an original composition would have to be crafted around it. Well there's no music deadline to deal with (other than the project's eventual release date), so maybe someone can make it. I figured I would be the one to eventually claim it. It's just that I need to take a short break so I don't completely burn myself out (I'll probably be overhauling Blood Keep next). Back when DILDOMASTER666 had the map claimed, we briefly discussed ideas. I've kept the IoS spawner object around with the idea that the spawners will work based off of those. I'll replace the spinning cube sprite with a blank one and that should be a pretty good representation of the infinite spawning closets. However the big issue we've got to figure out is the lack of demon artifacts, and those are a really integral part of the map. The only decent idea I can come up with is to expand the map to include optional skullkey areas, each with some sort of trap or puzzle that the player would need to figure out in order to get a key. That way the player can either chose to get 1 or all of the keys and then use those to close off the spawners and make the fight easier. Or ignore them entirely and just fight everything all at once. The hard part is coming up with short but difficult traps/puzzles for each key; I don't want them to be drawn out affairs, but they should be relatively difficult. If anyone has ideas they'd like to toss into the ring for this, please let me know!
  6. Ok, I'll try out a few more tracks and see what I can come up with. If you have any suggestions, just let me know :) I have some more updates for you guys. _bruce_ is working on a layout for Unholy Temple, so I have him as the claimant for the map right now. That may change in the future though so we'll see how things turn out. I've also finished up a version of No Escape based off of DILDOMASTER666's unfinished version. Right now I'm just waiting to see how he likes it before posting a link to it. So expect to see a playable version of that map up soon!
  7. Excellent, thanks to both of you for the continued musical support :D. I've tossed all of those tracks in the OP. And by the way guys, if you've contributed a map but haven't picked a music track for it, check the OP for a list of what's open to use. I've also been using tracks from the original games, so feel free to tell me to use one of those tracks if you'd like!
  8. Nice stuff Da Werecat! Thanks for taking the time to make those changes. And let me know if you'd like me (or someone) to do COOP+DM additions for you. I've got some good news regarding DILDOMASTER666's unfinished maps. He was able to send them to me so we now have some nice starts on them! He also sent along a new midi track that can be claimed (HERE), so let me know if anyone wants to use it in their map. So open maps right now are MAP28 and MAP30. MAP19 (Blood Keep) will likely be opening up as well. That map mostly needs clean-up work done (both visually and with the gameplay) as well as some limit-testing since there seem to be some areas that break vanilla. I may tackle that one myself since it seems like it will be a headache. Right now I've claimed MAP29 and I'll be working on it soon. So if anyone wants to try and tackle the other two maps, let me know and I'll toss you a link to the unfinished bits. MAP30 will likely need to be altered in some ways to make it interesting given the lack of demon artifacts. I've had a couple of ideas for it and I was planning on claiming it after I'm done with MAP29, but if someone wants to give it a try then just let me know.
  9. Yea after a bit more testing, it doesn't seem very reliable. I can only get it to work maybe a little more than half of the time, which is a shame. It's probably more trouble than its worth to be honest. If you wanna keep the light effect in the hallways, I'd probably just have them go dark. There was another light trick that I was playing with, but I don't know if it would be relevant to this or not. You can set a sector to glow (action 8), but make sure any adjacent sectors are the same light level so that it doesn't actually glow. Then you use some lines with action 81 (WR Light Change to 255) to create a sort of strobe effect that only happens when the player walks over the line. It's a pretty neat effect but I haven't figure out a good use for it.
  10. Yea its a shame that vanilla doesn't have a few more light effect options. Something I have really enjoyed during this project is playing around with lighting effects, so its really cool to see them being used here. I did dabble a bit to see if there was any way around it, and I think there is a way it can be done (if you can figure out a way around the teleport tag issue). It requires some stacked lines and also that both the light and hallway sectors start at the same light level. I set the light sector to 112 (same as the hallway), and then made a new line that uses action 13 (W1 Light Change to 255). Then I made another line for the hallway which uses the starting blinking action; same as the light sector, but tagged just for the hallways. After that, just turn off "Snap to Geometry" and move the lines on top of the original "start blinking" line action. So what'll happen is the light sectors go full-bright, start blinking, and then the hallway will start blinking all in one go. With some control sectors, you can make the dark-end of the blink be as dark as you want. And, at least in Chocolate Doom, it all stays in sync. One possible way to deal with the teleport tags is to basically just do the same for them. Stack extra light blinking line actions for each teleport tag and it should work (thought it might require control sectors so ensure it stays in sync and blinks to the right light levels). Or if you don't want to do that, maybe just have a simple ceiling light that acts as the tag destination, and have it stay bright. I don't know how well I described that, so let me know if you want me to make an example map. And if it turns out to be a nightmare to do, then I'd say that just darkening the hallways would be totally fine; its definitely a lot simpler, that's for sure. Yea that might have been part of it. The fake-out seemed kind of strange to me, not sure why. It's probably just me though.
  11. Thanks for the reports! I knew about the screwed up teleporting zombies already, but not the other things. With DILDOMASTER666 not being able to complete his other slots, I might have to step in soon and do bug fixes for him. I went ahead and marked you down as a tester by the way. If you find any other bugs, just let me know and I'll mark them down in the bug tracker ;) Anyways, I just did a quick test of your updated map. I was pretty surprised to see how much you deviated from your previous version! I really liked the changes for the most part, and I would say that it should be fine to go ahead and replace some of those HKs with Revenants if you really want. First off, I found a bug. You've got a tutti-frutti step texture near the secret Plasma Gun room. The newly designed hallway segment was pretty cool, though I really missed the darkening of the hallways when you pick up the Soulsphere. I know the wall lights started blinking, but it didn't really have the same impact for me. If there was a way to do both the blinking wall lights and have the hallways go darker, that would be perfect in my opinion. The new exit seems a bit hit/miss for me as well. I thought the fake-out BK door was sort of bleh, maybe just because of how it looks. The Baron teleporting behind the player was a nice touch though. I guess I just miss the darker, more imposing exit from the original. Probably not a huge deal though. That's all I can think of to complain about :P. Nice job!
  12. Nice, I'll check it out soon! I say go for replacing some of those HKs with Revenants if you feel like it makes the map more fun to play. I've done similar changes in other maps for the same reason (and I was very close to cutting back on the tons of Barons in Pitfalls). Having some Revenants in MAP04 in place of HKs is probably not a big deal. And if it is, hopefully we'll get some feedback about it from the playtesters.
  13. I'm happy to hear that you approve :D I'll check out those tracks and see how they work. It felt like something a bit more subdued would work well in it because of the dark, claustrophobic nature of the architecture. So that's why I chose that track, but I'm sure others would work fine as well. I appreciate that _bruce_! Hopefully he will get back to me sometime soon so we can get a definitive answer. I'm not sure how long I'll wait before giving up, but we'll see. No Escape probably wouldn't be too difficult to do since its not a huge map. But Unholy Temple seems like it will be quite the job to do, especially with the bridges and puzzles in that one. And then of course I'll have to clean up Blood Keep too :P
  14. I've got a couple of updates for you guys. @DILDOMASTER666 got back with me recently and has essentially said that he won't be able to finish up his slots before the deadline. This is a small setback and I was bummed to hear he can't finish them. But I'm hoping that he will be able to send me the work he's done (I know he's done work on all three of his claims from screenshots). However he seems to be difficult to keep in touch with, and I haven't heard back from him on whether or not he can send me his partial maps. So I'm holding off on opening up the slots fully just yet; if anyone here has a way to consistently communicate with him, can you let him know that I need to talk a bit more with him? In the mean time, if someone here wants to preemptively claim his slots, just let me know. Worse comes to worse, I'll probably be the one doing the maps :P Speaking of which, I know I've edited a ton of the maps in this so far; honestly I wasn't expecting to do this much mapping when I took the project over. But I finished up DeXiaZ's Pitfalls submission tonight. I hope you guys don't mind that I'm doing so many of these! Here are some screenshots: Pitfalls v4 So same deal here - I cleaned up the visuals and altered the gameplay so its a bit more balanced in places and more like the original. COOP and DM starts were added, and COOP monsters/items were added as well. And lots of bugs were fixed too. I also added some music (Waiting for Romero to Play), so lemme know if you like that track or not DeXiaZ. Something that I'm a bit iffy about is the lighting. I went pretty dark in areas to give the whole map that dank, underground feeling. In my multiple play tests it felt fine (there's actually lots of bright and flickering lights that give you visual landmarks), but I'm curious to hear what you guys think. One other somewhat big change I made was the addition of a non-secret Rocket Launcher. This map has tons of bullet-sponge Barons in it, and ammo felt really tight. There is a RL in the map early on, but its in a secret; it almost feels like its a required piece of the map to balance it out. So I tossed the new RL in the blue key room, and that seems to work nicely. Oh I also claimed another one of CoTeCiO's tracks. I chose "Sanity Decay" for MAP17 since it seemed to fit pretty well.