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  1. No worries Blastfrog :). I'm just glad you let me know so we could keep the project alive. Let me know if there's anything you like me to do to the map. And good luck with the rest of your projects!
  2. Good post CoTeCiO! I was thinking about this too and there are some tracks from Ultimate Doom that I think would work very well. Mix those up with some of the custom pieces and I bet that would work pretty well in the end so long as we stay somewhat consistent. Consistency is really my main concern here. Tonal shifts from really slow, droning ambient to super upbeat stuff will make the experience feel very off balance in my opinion. I'd like to stay on the more low-key side of things, but have some upbeat stuff for the more intense maps (like Even Simpler, Cat and Mouse, The Spiral, etc).
  3. Thanks Saint_Guy, I appreciate you taking the time to toss in a couple Nightmare Imps in your map :). Music stuff is still not totally decided yet. I was leaning towards custom stuff because we've had some contributions made for the project and I always like including new work. But I think we're also going to have a bit of a thematic problem too since not everything is going to be moody/ambient style (at least not all of the contributions have that tone). Opening to Hell is a great track and I think is a perfect example of what I'd like to see, style wise, for the whole wad. Anyways, I can set your map to use that track for now if you would like.
  4. More stuff from me today. This time its a finished version of The Terraformer. Blastfrog didn't think he would be able to finish it, so I took it over the other day and polished it off. The Terraformer v1 Aside from the detail work and COOP stuff, I spent a good deal of time replicating the traps. The traps and dynamic stuff in this one were a doozy, but also a lot of fun. I took full advantage of the vanilla voodoo dolls for this one, and the BK trap in particular is kind of silly (but it works!). I could really use some testing help on this one by the way. I'm pretty confident there aren't any VPOs or egregious SEGS overflows. But I want to make 100% sure that the BK trap setup is consistent. I did a bunch of tests and I got it fixed to where I think its consistent everytime, but the whole setup is held together with a lone Archvile triggering certain doors in voodoo dolls setups. So if someone could give this one a spin and do the BK trap a few time in Chocolate Doom, I would be very grateful!
  5. I always like to see purples and pinks, mostly because they are so rare in the original palette (and I think they can look awesome when done right). I'm also partial to the sickly desaturated greens that show up in the cement and marble textures. That color coupled with how it fades in the original game always reminds me of playing through the game for the first time.
  6. Hey guys, I've got a resource wad update here. I added a few more fixed vanilla textures, as well as a coop sign texture (based off of the exit sign) for anyone who would like to signpost any COOP-specific areas. It's handy if you want to avoid confusion for COOP-only areas that might be opened up (like teleporters). D64D2 resource v3 Please let me know if there are any issues. I also put together a quick to-do list in the first post. Let me know if need to add anything to it.
  7. Thanks _bruce_ :D BaronOfStuff's absence is most of the reason why the project got a reboot. He contributed quite a few maps too, and it was going to be necessary to edit them at some point to, at the very least, fix bugs. I've just gone an extra couple of miles by doing more visual cleanup work and tweaking gameplay in some bits.
  8. Yea I suppose I should release them sometime. I had plans years ago to clean them up and release them as a mini-episode thingy, but I came to the conclusion that it was going to take more work than I would like. Nowadays if I did that, I would end up completely remaking the entire maps...probably defeating the point :P. So if they get released, they'll probably be released as-is (with bug fixes at least).
  9. Yup still got 'em! I don't have them available for download anywhere, but I got a few screenshots here. It would be really nice to be able to read through the old Skulltag forums. That was a really special place for me when I started mapping.
  10. Yes that's the idea anyway. It's not something that was a part of the original game, but was in the Absolution TC. Obsidian wanted to include it, and I thought it would make a nice addition for COOP-only plays. There will likely be a few pop up in some of the maps because it replaces a redundant gore decoration object. Any map that uses this as a decoration (from before the dehacked was completed) will unintentionally have a Nightmare Caco as part of normal play. So this would be considered a bug; all that needs to be done is to replace the bloody mess 2 object with the normal bloody mess. If you happen to come across any others, just report it and it'll get taken care of ;)
  11. Thanks for the kind words Torm! To help keep the project looking alive, I spent some more time updating another one of BaronOfStuff's maps. This time it's Burnt Offerings. Here are some screenshots: Burnt Offerings v2 I felt this one really needed to get some attention with its visuals and with some of the trap setups. So the entire map got a visual overhaul; a small suburb+demonic temple combination felt appropriate for this one. Also the lighting is a lot less flat now. At the expense of adding a ton of extra work time because of VPOs, but I think I squashed all of them :P. As for the gameplay, I had a little too much fun trying to figure out how to better represent the cool traps and effects in vanilla. This one will require that you set vanilla compatibility in ports like ZDoom, otherwise the voodoo dolls might not work properly. The RL trap works beautifully as far as the mechanics are concerned. However the RK trap is a bit messy. Apparently vanilla treats some of the crusher actions differently, and the RK trap requires the use of one that damages the player for 1HP. So I tossed in health bonuses which the voodoo doll picks up after being pushed...I don't know if this will be a problem later on or not. Anywho, in addition to all of that, the map now also has proper COOP support along with lots of other bug fixes and small changes. *edit* Made a quick fix to the RK trap, so I reuploaded.
  12. Yup sure is! I believe there is a separate animation for ceilings as well.
  13. Yes, its going to require more work than a simple recolor. I'm talking about completely repainting over the sprite entirely.
  14. Nice catch CoTeCiO, I just confirmed it. It looks like the teleport tags are screwed up from what I can tell in DB. While I'm here, I'll also report a misaligned texture on the lift that leads to the Soulsphere secret (just past the BK door). This is MAP01 as well: