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  1. Hi guys, I've got an update to share! I had a sky that someone wanted me to make for them, and I got around to doing that today. So while I was at it, I made a few more and added some from projects that have been released since v1. So here's v2 with 40 more skies (along with new bases, foreground stuff, and scraps). Box 'O Skies v2 (Mirror) [18mb] Here's a preview of a few of the new skies. I also included a little test map that let's you quickly toss in a sky to see how it looks. It's nothing fancy and it requires some SLADE 3 and TEXTURE1 editing knowledge, but it might be useful to someone out there. Like last time, I was too lazy to really test every new sky here :P. So if there's a cruddy looking sky, or if you see a bug or something that could be done better, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it. Thanks again to everyone who has left kind words, and an extra special thanks to all of you who have used these in your maps! More updates will likely come in the future :)
  2. I just went through and counted all of the decoration+obstacle objects that we've got. Currently we're sitting at 148 different objects in total, including lights, hazards, gore, and so on. Some of those are our 'suppliced' versions of vanilla decorations (pillars, barrels, etc). Then a lot of those are light object color variants. But a sizable chunk of them are totally new objects, and all of them are new in the sense that they have been made from scratch. I'm really terrible at showing off new stuff, so that's why it probably looks like this project is dead most of the time :P. Thankfully Cage has been really proactive about making some awesome thematic showcase maps lately. At the moment I'm busy chipping away at some mapping, and it takes me a while before I'm comfortable showing off something (ergo nothing much gets shown off).
  3. No word on a new build yet. I've been a bit too busy to do much with it. But I have map updates ready and those will be easy enough to get in. The big thing that I'm looking to do for the next release is the dehacked work, and that could take a little time. Just keep working on your maps everyone, and I'll try to make some time to get a release out soon :)
  4. That's true. For some reason I was thinking it might be easier to make a custom sprite by using just the fire cropped from the top of the burning barrel. But it would be easier to just replicate it and sink them into the ground. That's probably what we'll do. Hmmm, I think I ultimately have to agree with Gez here. The before looked much better, and it seems like you could get away with doing something to preserve the sky and keep it under the limit. That courtyard with the beams overhead is really iconic, I'd hate to see them removed. If your not able to get it under the limit, maybe I can take a look at it later. Thanks for the map updated by the way DeXiaZ! I'll let you know once we get your custom burning barrels in the dehacked.
  5. Jimbo plz
  6. My guess is that its just a left over from development. The Lost Soul must have had a corpse sprite at some point, or maybe one was planned.
  7. I most need an active mapper to be on standby when/if the map needs updates made to it (same goes for all of BaronOfStuff's maps). This includes anything from fixing bugs to revamping the entire map (if need be). I think those maps do need COOP placements, so that much could be done. Smoothing out the gameplay probably wouldn't be a bad idea either, even though my idea of 'smooth' is a bit subjective.
  8. Dehacked can change blocking flags on objects actually (I tend to do that when making Boom maps so all of the hanging body objects are non-blocking, just to make my life a bit easier). The only issue in this instance is I'm sure the burning barrels are being used in other maps somewhere, so I don't think it would be a good idea to make it unblocking without removing them from all of the other maps. I could make a custom, non-blocking barrel object for this particular instance though (maybe replacing the dead lost soul object or something). I'll have to check with Obsidian at some point to make sure there are enough usable frames to do that. In the mean time DeXiaZ, just leave out the flames until I can see if there's a way to do this in the Dehacked. You may want to think of a different way to represent the fire just in case its not feasible.
  9. Looking great guys, thank you all for taking the time to post status updates for me! I think even though things seem to be moving along slowly, we are still on track to finishing this project off in a timely manner. First thing I want to share are the map updates that Pedro VC made. You can grab them below: Altar of Pain V3 Spawned Fear V2 Remember that all of the maps can be downloaded from HERE (including older versions). Unfortunately I haven't figured out a good way to link all of the maps in the map list since the forum upgrade, so I apologize for any potential confusion. You definitely have room for some creative liberties. My basic advice is to go with your gut and reinterpret the designs in the way you think is best/most interesting. More than likely I think you'll be able to come up with something that will work just fine! Same general sentiments go with monster placements. Try to keep the same general idea behind the monster placements, but don't be afraid to mix them up by using some of the Doom II specific monsters (some maps do this already). Also don't forget there's a Nightmare Imp to play around with as well. Sort of. The Cyberdemon uses the Keen death codepointer, which will open all doors tagged with 666. The Motherdemon, once its finished, will end up using the level end codepointer upon death. And good question concerning the save game limit. I'm going to probably just go with the Btsx philosophy and say that we won't worry about it. If possible I would like to have our testers see if any of the maps do break that limit, so then we can at least make a mention of it in the readme. But otherwise that limit is so difficult to get around that its usually not worth it, so I'd rather not bother. I also had to do some major line reconstruction when I copied over the level geometry from the Doom 64 wad. Thankfully it was a small map (MAP03) but I could see that being a big time sink on the larger maps. Blastfrog did post a link to a batch of converted D64 maps a while back (see HERE), so that might be useful. Anywho, as I said previously, definitely don't feel bad about taking some creative liberties where its difficult or impossible to recreate a design from the original game. I think seeing how you guys work around those limitations is part of the charm of this project ;) Your screenshots look awesome by the way, nice work! @Blastfrog Thanks for the link to your w.i.p. map! I'll take a look at it soon; from the screenshots it was looking very good. I hope your able to finish it with just vanilla textures though. Don't hesitate to look for some help in that department if you think you need it. @DeXiaZ I'm going to mark you down as co-author on MAP16. Thanks for taking the slot! @Megalyth I almost forgot about you! Thank you very much for dropping by and providing a status update along with a screenshot. It's looking good, keep at it :)
  10. One last bump here before the deadline! I need to hear status updates from the following people: @Blastfrog @dt_ @Archvile Hunter @DILDOMASTER666 @_bruce_ I will send out PMs to any of you who haven't posted a status update, and I'll wait about another week or so before finally dropping slots. So please post an update if you want to keep you slot! I have a small update to share as well. Pedro VC got in touch with me on the ZDoom forums, and he is looking to update his maps. So I have removed their open slot status for now. The following maps still need authors: MAP16: Dark Citadel MAP23: The Spiral MAP27: Burnt Offerings Once all of the maps get completed, we'll need to start hammering away on some serious testing. I'm also going to set aside some time and do quick visual critiques of all of the maps so that we have a somewhat level threshold for presentation. There are a few maps that I think could use some visual clean up, though on the whole things look pretty good. I just want to ensure that all of the maps are in presentable states once the gameplay is figured out.
  11. Ok guys, the check-in deadline is just around the corner. I'm bumping this to make sure everyone sees this. So please give a status report of some kind if you are working on a map! I will send out PMs to anyone who doesn't give a status update by the 4th and allow about a week or so before dropping slots if I don't hear back. Please spread the word! I will likely be around on the 4th, so disregard the post above (unless something changes). The next build probably won't be ready by then, but we'll see.
  12. I wanted to give you guys a quick heads-up about a potential issue. I might be away and unable to do much with the project on the upcoming deadline (May 4th). If that's the case, just try to continue things as normal and consider the deadline to be extended until I return. If your working on something, try to post a progress report of some kind if you can before that deadline. Basically treat the current deadline as valid until that date. If I'm not around by that date to check-in on things, then consider the deadline extended (I'll figure that out when I'm back). The next build might not happen on that deadline, but I'll try to keep the wheels turning on it so it doesn't get delayed too long. Yea I agree. Doing those other maps would be pretty cool, but I think they would need to be a separate effort from this. This project has already had enough of a rough time, and adding another big layer to it will slow things down even more. If there's interest in doing a side-project for those extra maps at some point, I would completely support it. If none of the contributors objected, I'd allow all of the resources made for this to be used in any side-project like that. Thanks guys!
  13. Sorry, the plan is to do just the original Doom 64 maps.
  14. Hi Doom4Ever, this project is just a re-imagining of the original Doom 64 maps in vanilla Doom. It's possible someone might do the same for the Outcast maps at some point, but that's not a part of this particular project.