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  1. Hey guys, just wanted to bump this as a heads-up for this coming v8 release on Wednesday. I would really like this release to be feature-complete if possible. Basically that means all the maps are finished and all of the bugs are fixed (that can be fixed). I'll push the release back if need be in order to make this version as complete as possible. But if you can, try to get your updates in to me before then. Cage is working on a custom Motherdemon sprite and we're both hoping that he'll be able to finish it off. No promises, but that might end up being a nice cherry on top once the project releases! There's one little thing that needs to be addressed if Cage is able to finish up the sprites. We'll need to figure out what to do about the sound effects. Currently we're just using the regular Mastermind sounds since the current sprite is just a silly floating...uh, Mastermind :P. There's a few options available to us. The easy one is to just rip the D64 Motherdemon sounds; this will probably be the last resort since it kind of goes against the project's current feel. Another option is to pull sounds from wherever we can and mush them together into something new. Lastly, and maybe the most ideal option, is to create something entirely new. The absolute best I can do is to mush together existing sounds to create horrible abominations :P. So I'm wondering if there's anyone around here who might be interested and skilled enough to make vanilla-styled Motherdemon sound effects?
  2. Thank you very much for the map update TwinBeast! Regarding music again, if none of the custom tracks work for you, feel free to pull something from the Iwads. We can also reuse tracks if need be, or swap tracks around from another map if something better works out. Just let me know.
  3. I would say its ultimately up to you. Personally I think the way you've got them set up right now is fine. Also be sure to edit the latest version I linked to since I had to make some edits for COOP in the latest build (I fixed a few of the bugs for you too). Oh, something else to consider - whatever music you choose for the map will be used in the endgame casting call. Its not a big deal but we should try to make to make the music work in both the map and the ending if possible. Thanks!
  4. I'm working on putting together the readme file. So far I've got a big chunk of it done, but I need a bit more info from people (I've already sent out PMs to some of you). To all mappers: if you used something other than DB2/GZDB for mapping, please let me know. Here's the current w.i.p. readme file; please glance over it and let me know about any typos or missing credits/info: I've decided that v8 will probably be released on Wednesday 24th. That's a week from the end of January and gives us a little less than a week from today to get final map updates/features in. If all goes well, we can do the final release on or around the 31st (although I know from experience that it probably won't be final :P). So just as a reminder, here's who I need updates from: @DILDOMASTER666 Need music choice for MAP01. @Da Werecat Need music choices for MAP04, MAP09, and MAP10. Need updated MAP09 and MAP10 (not sure about that bug report on MAP09). Also need updated MAP08 if possible (and music for it, probably should get @Archvile Hunter thoughts on that as well). @Megalyth Need updated MAP18 and music choice for it as well. @_bruce_ Need updated MAP21 and MAP24 (see bug tracker) as well as music choices for both maps. @TwinBeast Need updates on MAP31 (see bug tracker) and also music choice for this map. For anyone who is knowledgeable about midi music in vanilla, I could use some help figuring out some bugs. MAP32's music doesn't seem to loop properly for some reason. And the intermission music has been reported as broken in vanilla as well (not sure what the problem was though). Also there has been reports of music not playing properly in OPL2 (see the bottom of the bug tracker for specific tracks that were reported). There's has been some oddities with the music reported in ZDaemon for MAP30 and MAP07. Finally I've got more map updates to dump, oh boy! These are all bug fixes from what I can recall (and some COOP additions I forgot to include). Tech Center v5 The Lair v5 Staging Area v6 Outpost Omega v5 Even Simpler v8 The Bleeding v8 Dark Citadel v8 Unholy Temple v6 No Escape v6 The Terraformer v6 And here's a special MAP33 update as well. I got this one working in vanilla limits, though I had to make some pretty big cut-backs and changes. Title v3
  5. Thanks for the reports as always! I've already fixed the issues in MAP02 and MAP06 (was able to see them from the vids). I'm pretty sure I updated the voodoo doll in MAP08 so it would work in ZDaemon, but there's a possibility that I forgot to update the main build with it or something (or if I accidentally broke something else).
  6. So hey, we're about halfway through January! Just want to make sure everyone is on board with the deadline for the end of this month. If you have any work left to be done, please let me know if your not able to finish it up within the deadline. When we're about a week or so within the end of the month, I will have to start doing updates myself for anything that needs it. I'm going to need the remaining map updates in very soon. There will [probably] be one final test build before the deadline, and I would really like the get the remaining bugs fixed and features in that build. I don't have a set date in mind just yet, but try to get your updates in to me sooner rather than later. @Memfis Thanks for the report Memfis! I'm going to hazard a guess and say that is not intended since its so easy to pull off. So I'll be sure to get that addressed. @damo2k Hey, I'm watching through the TNS vids that @Rosh Fragger uploaded, and I just had a question if you can answer it. Was there a problem exiting MAP02? It jumped from the middle of that map to MAP03, so I wasn't sure if it was a map change or just a jump in the vid. There were a few other jump cuts in both vids, so I just want to make sure there weren't any major issues with them. I've already fixed and noted what bugs I could find from both vids. If there are any other that you guys came across, please let me know!
  7. It's a shame I couldn't show up :/. But I super appreciate you guys hosting and testing this for us! I just watched both vids and already spotted a few bugs...and I'm sure there are more than just those. Hopefully it was a relatively smooth session though. I will be sure to log any bugs you guys report. And hopefully we'll get them all fixed up for the next test build. And I will also be sure to make a mention in credits for you guys!
  8. Heh, that's definitely thanks to my super-quick COOP placements :P. Thanks for spotting both of those bugs, I'll get them noted in the bug tracker. I'll check these out, thanks! A music track for MAP33 won't work for vanilla as far as I'm aware, but I can get it to work in other ports :) Awesome! I will try my best to show up!
  9. Thanks for the testing help Valboom! Have you tried it without Brutal Doom to see if there's a conflict? That particular switch makes use of a voodoo doll, and you may need to set GZDoom up to use the Doom (strict) compatibility mode. I'm not sure how well that will work with Brutal Doom or other mods. Alright, I spent some time today tweaking the maps @damo2k mentioned, as well as adding COOP monsters/items to a few other maps. There's a couple extra map updates in this build that was going to be released with v8 too (since I had already found and fixed a couple of things since v7's release). So I'm just calling this v7b. D64D2 Build V7b [4.1M] (Changelog) Here are separate links to the updated maps. Staging Area v5 (now has COOP things and a new secret) Alpha Quadrant v1 (fix w/ coop) (adds proper COOP starts and fixes the annoying sector movement sounds) No Escape v5 (very minor visual-related update) The Lair v4 (adds COOP things and fixes stuff from the bug tracker) Hectic v5 (adds COOP-only blockable objects to the easy exit and addresses a few of the bug tracker items) In The Void v4 (adds COOP monsters/items, difficulty levels, some tweaked gameplay, fixes a VPO and a nasty SEGS overflow, and addresses bug tracker items) As usual, please let me know about any show-stopping bugs and I will try to get a fixed build up as quickly as I can :)
  10. I'll get a fixed build up with proper COOP starts on those two maps for you asap!
  11. Ok, here's test build version 7! And a small~ish update to the resource wad to go along with it. D64D2 Build V7 [4.1M] (Changelog) This is now out of date, see this post for the updated build. D64D2 Resource V7 [792K] There's lots of new and updated stuff to check out in this build. As usual you can skim the changelog to see what's new. Much of this stuff was already released in the previous resource wad update, like the new graphics and decorate work. There are quite a few map updates and some other additions and changes though. Anyways, as usual, please let me know if there are any major bugs in this release. I can get a fixed version up asap if so! @damo2k Hey just to let you know, some but not all of the COOP-related issues are addressed in this build. I fixed the MAP01 exit issue so that shouldn't be a problem now. But MAP31 doesn't have blocking objects in front of the easy exit yet, so keep that in mind. @Da Werecat No problem! I think another build will get dropped fairly shortly after this one if we get more map updates in soon. Maybe within another week depending on how much gets added/changed.
  12. Just a heads-up guys. I'm looking to release build v7 sometime tomorrow. So if you have map updates that you would like to get in this build, get them to me asap! Also I have even more map updates to dump. Obviously these will be in the upcoming build, so you can just check them out there. Staging Area v4 In The Void v3 Outpost Omega v4
  13. I don't know a whole lot about speedrunning tricks like this, but I knew that gap would be glide-able from the start. All I have to go on is my own play experience, but I had to really go out of my way to squeeze through the gap (testing in Chocolate Doom btw). If its really easy for the average player to do, then I will definitely address it. I'll have to try it out in a few other ports to see if it makes a difference. Could you tell me what port you were using? @DeXiaZ That is kind of impressive! It definitely created something that could be passable as a vanilla Doom monsters (sort of a hybrid between the Motherdemon and a Baron). Very creepy! @_bruce_ Thanks for the update!
  14. That's probably something that's really not worth addressing just because of how difficult it is for the average player to pull off (at least in vanilla, might be easier in other ports). It also doesn't really break progression (unless you forget to grab the SSG at the which case I would guess players that could glide out could just glide back in ). I appreciate the report all the same though! I made a note of it in the tracker just to be thorough.