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  1. @Lutz I could look into making a version of that sky that tiles vertically. Although the one that Empyre posted looks really good and would probably work just as well.
  2. Hey guys, I have some goodies to share! I finished up the visual pass on my first official map a few days ago. So here are some screenshots :) The map's name is "Romeda". It will likely show up somewhere in the middle of the first theme (so maybe a MAP03 or MAP04). I'm not sure if you can tell from the DB shot, but its a medium-sized map; its probably one of the smallest maps I've made in a long time. I can't make any concrete comments on the gameplay yet since that hasn't been fleshed out. But more than likely its going to be a mostly linear affair, perhaps with two or three minor path deviations if I can make that work. Hopefully I'll have some more map stuff to show off soon!
  3. Its more to try and keep the general feeling of the maps a bit more classic. It's also offers just enough features while staying simple to work in, and that's a nice thing for mapping speed. Since the original project was going to be for Boom, we decided to keep using that map format once we moved over to ZDoom. Actually if I'm totally honest, we also thought it would be good to keep the Boom format around because I have a bad habit of exploding map sizes. So the static limits that are a part of the format are a ceiling to keep my mapping in awful as that is :P We have talked about just escalating to UDMF a couple of times though, and we might still do that while attempting to keep the overall classic feel of the maps intact. I don't think it would be too awful to convert everything, but I haven't really bothered to look into it.
  4. This looks pretty awesome Jimmy! I'll definitely give it a spin and maybe record a demo for you too :)
  5. A few years ago I was helping out Carnevil with Wrack (it was under a different working name at the time). Basically I was doing some mapping, and it was the first time I had done 3D mapping before. Figuring out the editor and just wrapping my head around the 3D space was quite the learning experience; Doom mapping only carries over so far because there's a lot more you have to be aware of in a true 3D space. I have a few in-editor screenshots of the unfinished maps I worked on. I don't think Carn would mind if I posted a few of them. Also I didn't bother with retexturing them when I took these (they used temporary resources from another game at the time, and those weren't available), so it's hard to make out the architectures in the sea of checkerboard :P I actually had a ton of fun working on these, even though they probably won't ever see the light of day. But it did make me want to try out mapping for Quake and maybe other games. I haven't had the right opportunity to try it out yet, but maybe one day I will.
  6. Just bumping this to make sure the project doesn't look too dead ;) I hope everyone is still working on their maps. I haven't decided on when the next check-in date will be. If anyone has any suggestions, let me know. I'm thinking we should do one more check-in deadline, and then try to set a final map submission deadline after that. No news on the updated dehacked work yet. Unfortunately I've just been too busy lately. I will try to get in touch with Obsidian again soon and get the ball rolling again.
  7. Cage pretty much answered this and I'm of the same opinion. I thought the cold areas in UAC Ultra were handled well, so I think it can be done. In the case of the Triton setting, I was hoping to have some outdoor/underground areas where the player would be running through for a while. So the only way I could really see it working in a way that wouldn't be annoying would be to go with something like Gez suggested. Though I don't know if we can do that since we're using the Boom map format. One of the settings will have a much more defined hazardous outdoors area (where basically being outside will equal damage without a radsuit). I don't know if it would be much fun to have another whole set of maps using the same mechanic, so that's another thing for me to consider. Hey maybe instead just hop on board and make the map for us ;D Actually I love the idea of having ice geysers! I'm sure its something we could work in without too much trouble.
  8. Here are some new w.i.p. shots of the map I'm working on. I've almost finished the visual pass on this one, I just need to work on a couple more areas and then do the lighting. I'll post some more finished screenshots after that :) It's hard to put a percentage on it. But I'd say maybe we're around the half-way mark? We still have a ton of mapping to do, and Cage still has a lot of big sprites to finish up. But much of the artwork is done at this point, and we've got concrete plans for the rest of the project as we make progress.
  9. Yea, I actually wanted to have a few more hellish sky options, so I made a couple specifically for this update. The flesh sky in particular I wasn't sure if it would work, but it came out pretty cool in the end I think. I may try to make some more like that in the future if possible.
  10. Hi guys, I've got an update to share! I had a sky that someone wanted me to make for them, and I got around to doing that today. So while I was at it, I made a few more and added some from projects that have been released since v1. So here's v2 with 40 more skies (along with new bases, foreground stuff, and scraps). Box 'O Skies v2 (Mirror) [18mb] Here's a preview of a few of the new skies. I also included a little test map that let's you quickly toss in a sky to see how it looks. It's nothing fancy and it requires some SLADE 3 and TEXTURE1 editing knowledge, but it might be useful to someone out there. Like last time, I was too lazy to really test every new sky here :P. So if there's a cruddy looking sky, or if you see a bug or something that could be done better, let me know and I'll see if I can fix it. Thanks again to everyone who has left kind words, and an extra special thanks to all of you who have used these in your maps! More updates will likely come in the future :)
  11. I just went through and counted all of the decoration+obstacle objects that we've got. Currently we're sitting at 148 different objects in total, including lights, hazards, gore, and so on. Some of those are our 'suppliced' versions of vanilla decorations (pillars, barrels, etc). Then a lot of those are light object color variants. But a sizable chunk of them are totally new objects, and all of them are new in the sense that they have been made from scratch. I'm really terrible at showing off new stuff, so that's why it probably looks like this project is dead most of the time :P. Thankfully Cage has been really proactive about making some awesome thematic showcase maps lately. At the moment I'm busy chipping away at some mapping, and it takes me a while before I'm comfortable showing off something (ergo nothing much gets shown off).
  12. No word on a new build yet. I've been a bit too busy to do much with it. But I have map updates ready and those will be easy enough to get in. The big thing that I'm looking to do for the next release is the dehacked work, and that could take a little time. Just keep working on your maps everyone, and I'll try to make some time to get a release out soon :)
  13. That's true. For some reason I was thinking it might be easier to make a custom sprite by using just the fire cropped from the top of the burning barrel. But it would be easier to just replicate it and sink them into the ground. That's probably what we'll do. Hmmm, I think I ultimately have to agree with Gez here. The before looked much better, and it seems like you could get away with doing something to preserve the sky and keep it under the limit. That courtyard with the beams overhead is really iconic, I'd hate to see them removed. If your not able to get it under the limit, maybe I can take a look at it later. Thanks for the map updated by the way DeXiaZ! I'll let you know once we get your custom burning barrels in the dehacked.