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  1. I wanted to give you guys a quick heads-up about a potential issue. I might be away and unable to do much with the project on the upcoming deadline (May 4th). If that's the case, just try to continue things as normal and consider the deadline to be extended until I return. If your working on something, try to post a progress report of some kind if you can before that deadline. Basically treat the current deadline as valid until that date. If I'm not around by that date to check-in on things, then consider the deadline extended (I'll figure that out when I'm back). The next build might not happen on that deadline, but I'll try to keep the wheels turning on it so it doesn't get delayed too long. Yea I agree. Doing those other maps would be pretty cool, but I think they would need to be a separate effort from this. This project has already had enough of a rough time, and adding another big layer to it will slow things down even more. If there's interest in doing a side-project for those extra maps at some point, I would completely support it. If none of the contributors objected, I'd allow all of the resources made for this to be used in any side-project like that. Thanks guys!
  2. Sorry, the plan is to do just the original Doom 64 maps.
  3. Hi Doom4Ever, this project is just a re-imagining of the original Doom 64 maps in vanilla Doom. It's possible someone might do the same for the Outcast maps at some point, but that's not a part of this particular project.
  4. Just bumping this as a reminder for everyone involved that the first check-in will be on May 4th. So if you've got an active map slot, try to give us a status update before then! I will try to have a new build ready on that same date as well. If things go well, it will include an updated Dehacked patch which will tweak all of the things that we've discussed so far. And I would really like to have a working Motherdemon ready to go by then too. So that should be something to look forward to :) Also don't forget that there are music tracks in the first post that can be claimed. If there's a track that you would like to be used in your map, claim it! We could still use a few new tracks, so don't hesitate to make something if you can.
  5. Thanks MinerOfWorlds! I'm going to set the first deadline for check-in on May 4th (unless anyone has any objections). So all I need is to see some sort of progress from anyone who is currently working on a map before that date. After that, if I don't get a progress report, I will consider opening up slots. Also since things have slowed down a bit, I probably won't release another build until some new maps are completed or if there are a ton of updates made soon. I'll probably also wait until the Motherdemon is completed before the next release.
  6. Yes, though they are more than just simple recolors. Cage used them as a base and completely repainted them.
  7. Hey no problem Jaws in Space. If you change your mind, just let me know. The slot is still open for the time being :) I've been thinking that it might be a good point to set up the first deadline. Mostly just a check-in deadline for the folks that are still working on maps. My first thought is to set it a month from now - May 4th. What do you guys think?
  8. Awesome, I'm very much looking forward to this!
  9. I have some good news for you! It probably will be :D
  10. Oh this is super cool! I was actually thinking about this a couple of days ago. All of that content was locked away when the forums got shut down, and I was really active there. I always wondered if there was some way to view it again. Looking at it now, I honestly can't believe I had over 4000 posts there :P Thank you Wartorn!
  11. Here are a couple more deliciously sweet screenshots :D We purposely have a few Doom-inspired texture designs as part of the resource because the story is kinda connected to the original game (ie. we also have a STARTAN style texture). But there's not a lot of focus on derived stuff like that, and where it exists, its heavy altered to fit the style of the rest of the assets.
  12. @Devalaous Yea that sounds about right. For this vanilla-ized Nightmare Imp, the thing I'm mostly concerned with is the fuzzy effect. Doom 64 Nightmare Imps were still pretty easy to see. But the Spectre fuzz is a much more effective visual obscuring effect, so that's my main concern (at least I always have a terrible time seeing Spectres, maybe its just me :P). @DILDOMASTER666 Alright, thanks for letting us know! Good luck with Blood Keep by the way, I'm looking forward to it! @Jaws In Space Let me know if your still interested in working on Dark Citadel and I'll mark you down. The latest version should be in the build, but you can also grab it from here.
  13. Yup! Anything that says "Opened for Editing" next to its name needs someone to help maintain it (fix bugs, clean up gameplay/visuals, etc). More slots might open up in the future if the original mapper isn't interested in maintaining their map, or if they need help with certain aspects.