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  1. Hey welcome back mouldy! Glad to see you're still interested in mapping. I'll be sure to check this out :)
  2. I'm pretty sure the lone difference between the vanilla and boom maps are the conveyor belt voodoo dolls. Aside from that, the maps should be identical. The only other difference between them are the map lump names (ie. MAP02 vs. MAP02B).
  3. Mechadon

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Yea we're well aware of how powerful the Tandem is. It's been one of the more difficult enemies to balance. Initially he was a pushover because we wanted him to be more tanky with a slow spin-up attack. You could quickly knock him out before he even posed a threat. So we sped up his attack acceleration considerably and made him extra aggressive when coming out of cover. We ended up making changes to him a day before the demo released, but we didn't push them because we ran out of time. At the moment we've cut his HP and reduced his reaction time for re-attack when you go out of sight. I think his spin up acceleration has been nerfed a bit as well. He's still going to be a really deadly enemy to deal with though.
  4. Mechadon

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Thanks DuckReconMajor! Yea that area has been mentioned a few times already by other players. I actually made it worse in an update right before the demo was released (I had to update the area because it was too cramped for some of the new monsters). The switch texture doesn't pop out enough, and you have to go around the pillar to see it. In the previous version, the texture stood out more I think. Anyways, I'm going to address it, either by making it stand out more, or [more likely] I'll move the switch so that it's seen as soon as you enter that area. Thank you for trying out the demo! So the monster sprites are currently just renders. Cage is going to be painting over them at some point in the future, so that should alleviate the visibility problems some people are having. I think he's also going to experiment with a subtle outline glow using brigtmaps. Currently the plan is to have at least 1 secret map per episode (6 episodes planned for the main game). We might push it to 2 secret maps, but that depends on how quickly we can crank them out.
  5. Mechadon

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Thanks for the kind words as always guys! If you have any feedback or find any bugs, please be sure to let us know :) This particular demo is Steam-only. I'm not sure what the future will hold as far as GoG is concerned, but its not outside the realm of possibility.
  6. Mechadon

    Supplice - Wishlist on Steam!

    Hey guys! Just so you know, we're still working very hard on this. Most of what we've shown off has been relegated to our Twitter page. I will try to make more of an effort to post updates here from now on, even if its just a link to the latest tweet. I've also updated the first post with more up-to-date information about the project. Anyways, I recently finished up the detailing phase for a new map. So I figured it would be nice to share some screenshots :D And here's a DB shot for anyone interested in that stuff. I'm sure we'll have more stuff to show off in the near future! Well, we certainly have every intention of making the cover art good! We're not quite at that point yet though.
  7. Mechadon

    Doom 64 Lost Levels for Doom II?

    I think this has been answered well enough already. But since I've been summoned, I'll just lazily post a link to my answer when this question was asked last time. Doing a sequel project with the Lost Levels, the Outcast levels, and possibly recreations of the cut levels sounds pretty dang cool. Something like that would probably be a full-on proper megawad, much like the original D64D2. It would be a good starting point to explore ideas at least. All that said though, there's little chance I'll have the free time to work on anything like that in the near future. I've got my hands full for at least the next year or so :P
  8. I'm not entirely sure to be honest. It's been a while since I've messed with anything related to the project, so please bear with me. I believe the widescreen statusbars were only meant to work in ports like GZDoom. I do remember having issues with them in Zandronum (pretty sure I made a bug report about it too, so maybe it got addressed at some point). I dug through PrBoom+'s options, but it doesn't seem like there's a way to get wide-screen statusbars or graphics to work. I did the same with Eternity and had the same results. Maybe wide-screen graphics for those ports would be a good feature request? Unless I'm missing something and they are already supported. Hey these are great! I'll happily add them to the first post. Nice work @Terraformer9x, thanks for taking the time to make them :) I've updated the wad with your new BOSSBACK graphic and tweaked the file name a bit. The file is being hosted on my webspace. If you want to setup a mirror link to it, send it my way and I'll get it posted.
  9. Congrats on the release Tarns! The screenshots look fantastic :D
  10. Mechadon

    Underused high quality resources

    Yea sorry about that! I put together that texture pack many years ago and then bunged up the readme file. From what I remember I used the readme generator and, like Gez mentioned, the default must have been to disallow reuse. I just missed it before I uploaded. I've always wanted to go back and redo that texture set anyways (and get proper permission to port it, which I didn't do back then). I knew very little about what I was doing at the time and there's a ton of stuff that could have been converted over better (ie. I'd get rid of those awful D64 switches that I recolored). Maybe one day I can redo it if I get some spare time. So anyone reading this that wants to use that texture pack, please just ignore that usage clause. You're free to use them in your project (and be sure to give proper credit to Speedy as well).
  11. Mechadon

    [WIP] Vela Pax (on hiatus)

    Hey sorry! I'm really terrible at posting updates on my projects these days. I know this looks abandoned, but its not...well technically its not anyways. I made a detailed blog post about what my plans are for the future of Vela Pax; you guys can read it HERE. The tl;dr version is I'm not happy with working on the project alongside the currently finished maps. Too much time has passed since I last worked on it, and my bar for quality is a lot higher now. I'm just not a fan of the general moment-to-moment gameplay in those finished maps. So the plan is to basically restart the project, taking bits and pieces from the old maps and merging them with brand-new layouts. The new project will follow the same themes and settings of the older maps, more or less (ie. MAP01 will be an Earth-like base, MAP05 will be a lava-drenched hell, etc). I'm also considering moving the project to the Eternity Engine, though I still need to think about that. I know a lot of people like the old maps, so the plan is to keep them around as a legacy release of sorts. Basically just consider the current release the final version of this legacy variant. If there are any major bugs in those maps, I'll probably take some time to fix them up and bundle them in a neater package. All of that said though, I won't be able to restart the project for quite a while. I'm working full-time on Supplice and I just don't have the room to do anything else. Maybe if things slow down enough with Supplice at some point in the future, I might be able to come back to this.
  12. Mechadon


    Fantastic! I would have loved something like this years ago. Definitely glad we have it now though :)
  13. Mechadon

    Heartland - final version available on idgames

    Wow, I was just thinking about that construction site map the other day, really loved how that one looked in older screenshots. And I was wondering if it was something you would eventually release. The new screenshots are friggin' gorgeous, especially that third one! Congrats on the release, I'll be putting this at the top of my play queue :D
  14. Mechadon

    /idgames Wad Uploader Form

    Hey this is great! Nice work :D
  15. I would say the vast majority of people don't understand how vanilla Doom works. But that's to be expected, we're the giga-nerds here who worked on the project :P. So I don't mind answering these questions for the players, particularly when it comes to stuff that couldn't be carried over from the original N64 game.