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  1. New updates incoming, oh boy! First thing is first; it's a little bit later than I had hoped, but here's the new build and a resource wad for you guys to play around with! D64D2 Build V2 (Changelog) Resource wad V1 Hopefully all of the maps are up-to-date. The past couple of weeks have been busy for me, but I made a point to update the maps in the build whenever new ones came in. I logged all of the changes in the changelog file (which is included in the .zip), so read through that to see what's new. And remember to test this in chocorenderlimits if you can! The big addition in the build is the Dehacked patch that Obsidian did, and I promised that I would explain the changes and additions that are a part of it. So here's a quick breakdown: All of the map names are in. The "MAP##" bits had to be removed so some of them would fit. The Pistol and Chaingun are slightly faster. Rockets fly a tiny bit faster. Cyberdemons call the KeenDeath codepointer at the end of their death animation. So this means that any door tagged with 666 will open once all Cyberdemons are killed in a map (this is used in MAP11, MAP20, and MAP27 and it should also be used in MAP29). Lost Souls have been tweaked so they act a bit more like their Doom 64 counterparts. They have lower health but they are more aggressive. The Nightmare Imp has been added (it replaces the Commander Keen monster). This is a fuzzy Imp which fires Cacodemon projectiles. You can check these guys out in MAP03. The Nightmare Cacodemon has been added (it replaces the Bloody Mess 2 object). Obsidian thought it would be interesting to add this since there was room for it (and its comes from the old Doom 64 TC). This is a fuzzy Cacodemon which has more health and moves a bit faster, and it also fires a volley of 3 Cacodemon projectiles. This guy should probably be used sparingly (it could be a nice COOP monster). So the idea behind these changes are to start with the maximum number of tweaks that's been discussed so far, and then scale back anything that's deemed to be unwanted. So give this build and spin and see what you think about the changes. By the way, the Motherdemon hasn't been implemented yet. We're gonna tackle that a bit later once we have some good ideas on how to implement it. I'll also be making some obituary messages for the new monsters in the future (probably once everything is more concrete). In other news, you may notice that the maplist in the OP is a bit buggered. Unfortunately the new forum's WYSIWYG text editor is a bit of a pain, and I wasn't able to edit the old map list in a way that would let me preserve the links to the maps. Hopefully we'll get an option to bypass the WYSIWYG editor in the future. In the mean time, all of the maps can be downloaded from HERE. The following maps have been updated (these are in the build too): Main Engineering V2 Cat and Mouse V3 Hardcore V4 Playground V3 Anyways, I think that's about it. Let me know if you guys run into any problems and I'll try to get them fixed as soon as possible :) Just to avoid confusion, are you guys talking about this graphic or a different one? I just looked over the old thread and that one was done by Da Werecat, and I think that's the one I'm using in the current build. If not, please let me know so I can get the credits right! Fixed, thank you! Also I'm interested in what the add-on project is going to be :)
  2. Not much. I've got to make some time to do a quick test run with the new Dehacked patch, and then it'll pretty much be ready to go. Hopefully by the end of the day Sunday it'll be ready.
  3. I believe that was Da Werecat, but my memory might be a bit fuzzy since that information was from the old project thread.
  4. Got a small update for you guys. Obsidian has finished up the first draft on the Dehacked work (all that remains is the new Motherdemon boss, which will come later). I will fill you guys in on all of the changes after I've had a chance to do some quick tests. But this means that a new build and a resource wad will be coming very soon (likely this weekend). If you want to get a map update into this next build, try to get it to me in the next day or so. Build updates will probably be coming more regularly now that the Dehacked is done though, so don't stress too much if you aren't able to get it into this next build. Oh and I will try and get the map list and music stuff updated in the OP this weekend as well :)
  5. Oh I see, so the status updates are essentially the replacement for the old Blogs forum. Your probably right though, a new thread here where its more visible is a good idea.
  6. Something I enjoyed in the old Blogs forum was the music thread. It was cool seeing what you guys listened to. And now with the blogs section gone (as far as I can tell), that thread is gone with it. So I thought it would be ok to resurrect that thread here. And in honor of the old thread, this is what I'm listening to (bonus points if you know why :P):
  7. Yea, the ending of MAP05 is describing the start of Vela Pax. MAP31 is mostly just a side-map thing. I guess the idea could have been that the player stumbled on a secret teleporter that leads to MAP31, and from there that map would have exited to MAP02. MAP31 was mostly added as an after-thought anyways (its an old texture test map from Supplice, if you can believe that :P). I cleaned it up and tossed it into this as a little extra, and as a way to hide an exit to the super secret MAP32. Anyways, thanks :). I am pretty proud that I finished this in 5-6 months, and I mostly attribute that to pushing myself to get back to work on Supplice.
  8. Hey sorry DeXiaZ. I have been really busy lately and it has been hard to keep my focus on projects. When I get a chance, I'll get your tracks posted to the OP. *edit* Unfortunately it seems the forum software update has totally borked the maplist in the OP. I'll try to get that fixed soon. *edit2* And a few hours later, I check and see that the maplist is back to normal! Thanks Ling :D
  9. Hey thanks a lot for the kind words StormCatcher! It's great to hear you enjoyed the maps :) If it were possible in Boom, I probably would have had a secret exit in MAP01 which exited to MAP31. Maybe I could have done that for ZDoom-only players, but I never looked into it. Oh well, its probably not a huge deal :P Thanks for the COOP feedback ketsuzoku! It was never heavily tested outside of my solo-net runs. So at best I was confident that those additions were broken; balacing was mostly guesswork. I'm glad to hear that it was a mostly smooth experience. That secret in MAP02 you brought up is meant to be a super secret easter egg thing. That's why the triggers for them are so obscure. The other you mentioned are probably going to be hit or miss depending on the player. I didn't get too much feedback about them being too obscure from other players (and I tweaked the ones that did get brought up).
  10. Oh whoops, I misunderstood. I thought that was something you were saving for another project (and was just showing it to me as an example). So I'll go ahead and get that one linked in the OP too. Sorry about that! Nice track! Yea it seems like it would fit well in one of the arena maps (maybe Even Simpler too). I'll toss it in the current build and see which map it fits the best. Thank you! Also thanks for giving me proper names for those tracks. I'll update the names in the links, but will probably keep the file names the same (so I don't have to reupload them).
  11. @Fisk: Just played your Staging Area revamp. Excellent work, it looks great! I like the added detailing flourishes you did, it really adds a lot of ambience to the map. Also sorry about the custom texture mix up, I really should have made a note about them in the build's readme. @MinerOfWorlds: Glad to hear you got your bug fixed! I've updated your map link in the OP. I've replied to the PM you sent me already, so I'm just replying again here for everyone else. In short, the project is really too far along to allow loads of custom textures. I want to preserve some consistency as well as keep the constraint goals intact. Keeping the project vanilla textures only also keeps things simple, which is important at this point because of how much of the project is done (and because how long it has been in development hell). If I had started this project, I likely would have allowed vanilla-derived custom textures (keep the Doom II feeling but allow some flexibility). But that's not how things worked out, so I think its going to be in the best interest for the project at this point if we stay with stock textures only. Again, as I said earlier, I'm open to exceptions. Just let me know what your looking to add and we'll discuss it :) Regarding your graphic replacements, I have added them to the working build. Thanks for taking the time to make them! The BOSSBACK graphic is the main one that I would like to see recreated (I was kind of hoping to stay away from using Doom 64 art assets). But I don't know if we'll be able to get someone to do that. So we'll use it for now. This is awesome, nice job! I'll be adding it to the OP. Do you mean Crystal Peaks? Or did I forget one? *edit* The OP has been updated with links to new/updated maps and new music.
  12. Oh sorry Fisk, that's my bad. Those were part of Da Werecat's old map, and I was just merging all of the maps that I had into a new build at the time. I have since removed them from the working build since that map got replaced, and I should have mentioned that. If you can keep the maps using vanilla textures only, that would be preferable. I hope that doesn't throw a monkey wrench into your work, because the shots look fantastic! If you are stuck needing a certain texture for something, let me know. I'm open to making exceptions. You'll have to figure out a way around it, even if it means altering how it works from the original map. You may want to consider asking for a partner to help you out with the map.
  13. Maeror Tri is another that has similar music (some of the members from them formed Troum).
  14. I've updated the map list and music in the OP. And good news! I finally have updates from all authors, so nothing should be up-in-the air now :) I have also added links to all of the currently submitted custom music tracks. If you want to use a track for you map, just claim it (musicians, if you made a track with a particular map in mind, let me know). I don't have a set date for the next build release, but it will come soon. I'm mostly waiting on Obsidian's dehacked work so we can fully test those changes. I'll be changing the naming convention for the builds too; I'll be using simple version numbers and I'll include the release date in a readme file.