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  1. Double-post but I played up to MAP07 and unsurprisingly it's just as entertaining as the first Nostalgia was. You really know how to make small but action packed maps. Even finding secrets are fun because, occasionally, they require to pay attention to find them. Like the secret with the large cell pack in MAP06 or that Plasmagun that require you to shoot an evil eye decoration, akin to Sigil. I'm going pistol start for this one! (versus continuous in Nostalgia 1...though I may go back and fix that) Just like with Nostalgia, looking at Nostalgia 2 is inspiring in the sense that I should really try to keep maps short and simple because clearly whenever I try to do anything doom mapping related nothing bear fruits because I always aim "too big". Bless you for changing the plasma sfx by the way. :P Thank you for the maps!
  2. Oh just seen this now! The previous Nostalgia was one of my favorite mapset in recent times, to think there's a second one I missed until now! Gonna download and play, ASAP.
  3. Oh damn, I remember when this particular mapset was very early in development. I remember enjoying it back then and now that it's released I'm eager to check out it's major overhaul. Congratulations on the release, Crunchy! I hope all's been well with you!
  4. Damn, you and the other members delivered hard on new Heretic/Hexen stuff, fantastic work! I refresh this thread almost daily and it's always a pleasant surprise when new stuff is being posted.
  5. Shanoa

    RK Heretex, a texture pack for Heretic

    Oooh, just seen this. What a fantastic selection of textures and flats, excellent work @RottKing.
  6. I almost regret having stopped uploading DOOM contents but I'm glad my channel was, at least, some sort of outlet for fans to share and comments on the great WADs I played in the early days of Youtube. It's great to see you as well. (:
  7. Archvile78, I'll take a wild guess and say your name was, and the spelling will be wrong, Mazzekarr or something along those lines?
  8. This is gut wrenching...while the TAS dub I watched was not the English one I still ended up hearing Conroy's Batman voice when I played the Arkham games and with Youtube it was simple to just look up a bunch of clips from the show in English. He was Batman and he'll never be surpassed, RIP to a legend.
  9. Shanoa

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    If it's the video i'm thinking about (the one almost 2 hours in lenght) I have to agree. Nowadays, I skip the majority of Cinemassacre's videos, although there's a few episodes in recent times that I consider classic such as Majora's Mask, Earthbound and Resident Evil Survivor. I oughta watch his DOOM one now.
  10. Shanoa

    Angry Video Game Nerd reviews Doom (and Doom ports)

    Surprised it took him this long to tackle DOOM in an AVGN episode, especially considering how he often mentionned the serie throughout the years. But hey, it's a fitting Halloween episode at least.
  11. Steel by David Jewsbury, released in 1996. Played with DSDA DOOM on UV, this is a MAP01 replacement. Status: Completed This is a short map and a linear one at that. Right off the bat you are given a super shotgun in the next room. There's a small mishmash of monsters that are instantly trivialized by your superior firepower. By the end of the fight you should already have a chaingun and the shotgun as well so you're pretty much set to finish the map. One set of stairs later you'll soon end up in the next big open room where more fight ensues, a revenant attacks you with a couple of pinkies but they don't really pose an issue here. The area splits into two paths, one path lead to a room with a rocket launcher and a few more enemies and the other is just to go deeper in the map. There's a long corridor with 6 or 7 doors opening one by one to unveil an Arch-Vile, the biggest threat. Sadly it's pretty much a sitting duck, you'll be able to kill it loooong before it's even close to reach you thanks to your rocket launcher. You'll then be given far too much ammos and a random blue keycard for the climax of the map but really it's just 2 pain elementals, an arachnotron that wish it could reach you and some cacos. Can't say I found the use for the keycard, maybe it's for the exit door or a secret, I didn't notice. Just feel like there was a key for the sake of having one. At around 38 monsters the map won't be long to finish. There's sufficient healing and ammos (especially ammos) but not once do you really ever feel threatened. A contrast compared to the author's description where it says, and I quote: "This one is another a precision level: a couple of wrong moves can destroy your chances of finishing.". Not quite, at most you'll need a bit of healing. The map isn't really visually interesting but the 3 big combat rooms were at least shaped differently enough to make them different from one another instead of what could've been a large, barren square room. It's just ok.
  12. Shanoa

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Replaying Judgment on PS4, I finished it once when it released but I'm replaying as some sort of "refresher" before playing Lost Judgment. Beside that, Hyrule Warriors: Definitive Edition on the Switch. Easily top 3 best musou games, if not the best.
  13. Shanoa

    Raven IWADs (and Strife I guess) chat

    I think the key to create an "Heretic-y" level is in how you use the artifacts provided. Whether it's having players go through a maze where the chaos device is provided at the end (to save backtracking), or maybe giving a shadowsphere as a warning for what's coming (could be in the next room or later in your level), same with wings of wrath, etc.
  14. TTADOM11.WAD by TTA, released in 1994. Played with DSDA DOOM on UV, this map replaces E1M1. Status: Completed Honestly, as far as maps from 1994 this one is decent! It's an easy map and should only take you a couple minutes to complete. Threat level is minimal, with a Cacodemon being the toughest opponent you'll be facing. The map hop from one theme to the next but that's intended. You begin in a simple techbase area, then go through a marble area and eventually some sort of "hell". The mapper left his "TTA" name on a wall, so that was a nice touch. There is no ammos issues or healing issue, what's needed is present and isn't offered in extreme abundance. The map also has a skybox...okay maybe not, it's just a wall textured with the E3 sky but just go with it! Considering the atrocities you could play in 1994 i'd say this one stand out. There isn't a lot of misalignments, there's good floors/ceiling height variation and there's even a wall you can walk through with a teleporter inside should you need to return to a previous room. The level is worth a few minutes of your time.