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  1. Shanoa

    Doom Eternal is a game, that exists

    Oh familiar friends, how good it is to see you again... <3
  2. Shanoa

    Doom monster inequality

    Well, i have to play this now. I must see this with my own eyes. On-topic: I've come to get used to the overuse of those specific monsters you mentionned, OP. My problem with most maps coming out these days is the predictability of the vast majority of them. As soon as Revenant are introduced you can bet your ass the majority ambush and closets will be revenants over and over again. Turns a lot of map/mapsets into a slog.
  3. Shanoa

    The "old doom friends who disappeared" thread

    BaronofStuff is doing well, been chatting with him lately. I do not know when he plans on coming back though.
  4. Shanoa

    Your dumb Doom habits

    - Only saving once, upon starting a map. This can be taxing if i mess up in a lengthy map and have to start all over. - Strafing into projectiles, this mainly begin to happen after a long session where i start to lose my focus.
  5. Shanoa

    Specific Things in Doom that annoy you

    I suppose this apply mainly to PWADs but ammo you're forced to grab. It mildly annoy me because i might prefer to leave them behind if i need them later. In fact, this apply to any items in the game.
  6. Shanoa

    Best episode in TUD?

    I played 2002ADO, was one of my earlier walkthrough on Youtube even! Did not try Concerned though, i'll go download it.
  7. Shanoa

    Best episode in TUD?

    Hmm, i'll go with E1, although by now techbases have been done to death i've always enjoyed the theme itself. I don't really know how i'd rank the other 3 episodes but they never give me the same level of fun as E1 does. On the subject of PWADs, the E1 levels often tend to be my favourites. Classics such as Double Impact and No End In Sight (E1M7 specifically) just further fuel my love of techbases.
  8. Shanoa

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Well, if you ever played Dead Island in co-op the experience is similar in Dying Light, it's funner than solo but at least DL is fun solo as well, unlike dead island. For extra danger you can try co-op on Hard mode or Nightmare. The latter is especially dangerous.
  9. Shanoa

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    Some Monster Hunter here and there. Might start up a coop file with a friend in Dying Light.
  10. Shanoa

    Which monster would you say is your least favorite?

    Hard to say, i absolutely adore them all. That said, ifrom a perspective of having played many users maps, and i'll pick the Revenant simply for how overused they are.
  11. Not even sure i would recommend any, i'd just be like: "Haven't played DOOM in forever? Let's co-op a bit on Zandronum, if you like all those badass maps we'll play i'll set you up with a list of must-play".
  12. E1M7 for sure, though i personally find the SNES version of it (E1M6 there) more haunting.
  13. Shanoa

    Good Ol' Exams

    I just go to the library, it's silent and bereft of all distractions. If i remain at home there will be too many distracting elements such as game console, computer, even cats and that doesn't include the potential noises especially if you live in a noisy home. Be sure to take 10-15 minutes breaks each hours or so between revision session. At one point or the other after focusing hard on studying, your brain might possibly need a break to assimilate the information better, as long as you come back to those studies after a short break. It's all about discipline here, it's easy to go on a pause of like 10 mins but then telling yourself "heeeh another 10 minutes won't hurt".
  14. Shanoa

    So, how did you meet Doom?

    You can say your cartridge is a mix of DOOM and Killer Instinct cartridge in it's colour scheme then!
  15. Something positive and rather inspirational for myself happened today.


    My mother told me she recently got news from one of our neighbor that lived in an apartment below our, when we lived in my old place well over 10 years ago. I didn't really had a lot a memories of the man himself, i simply remembered his name and how he looked like but most memories of what we did together were long gone. I just remember the last time i saw him i was around the age of 5 or 7 years old, one of the two.


    The man in question showed my mother old pictures of me and my brothers and by old i mean when i was 2 years old easily, when she told me that i was originally a bit puzzled, like, "why would he have those photos of us still after so long..." (and many more apparently) and then i learned minutes later that, at the time he was living below us his then-best friend had stolen his then-girlfriend, so he was going through a major depression. That's when he told my mother that me and my brothers had saved him, especially me because, after hearing this, i did remember how he and i were close. My mother was telling me how i was constantly shouting his name whenever i'd see him coming home and how i always loved playing with him. He was not a family member, just a friend, but the man felt like family more than anyone else, with the exception of my own mother and brothers of course.


    After she told me the story, i understood why he still had those photos over 2 decades later. I was part of his inspiration to keep on living and start anew and that's ontop of, i'm sure, wanting to keep memories once he moved away. I was happy to see the man got married and now has 2 kids of his own (he had nobody beside us back then). I decided to message him a few hours ago, he's yet to respond but i can only imagine the face he'll make once he realize i wrote to him.


    I couldn't be happier for him and apparently he drops by my city fairly often for work related stuff and told my mother he'd like to visit in the future. I feel so moved, knowing that i was once the driving force behind a man's will to keep on living and not take his own life.


    I had to share my story somewhere, someplace. Sorry if its a bit of a read but thank you for reading if you do take the time to read it.

    1. leodoom85


      I bet that you feel proud of knowing the fact that the man had some inspiration from you and not trying to giving up on his life. Those connections are precious for the ones that are close to you...being friends or anyone related to you. 


      Keep those connections fresh. That can help a person who has a difficult life and change it to be a better person. Nice story that you shared :)

    2. Shanoa


      Thank you for reading! I definitely feel proud~

    3. bzzrak


      Aw man such a cute story I'm gonna cry