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  1. Shanoa

    Do you know how to create a cool map?

    I'm reaaaaaally good at creating cool maps...in my head. Applying those ideas in the map editor though? Ha! I wish.
  2. Shanoa

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    I've yet to try an SNK boss, I mostly seen them on videos but I'm not in a hurry to get Genocide Cutter'd into a second Genocide Cutter for over 50% of my life.
  3. Shanoa

    What are you listening to?

    Some SNK's goodness~
  4. Shanoa

    Game Obsessions You Don't Understand

    I don't think there's gaming obssessions I don't understand. Naturally, at many points in my life, I had that sentiment toward many games but it hasn't happened in many, many years. Nowadays, I just chalk those off as "they ain't for me but I can see why folks would be into it". For the sake of the topic though, years ago I didn't understand the appeal of fighting games. That train of thoughts went well into the year 2000's. Where I live there's never been an arcade scene, unfortunately, so for the longest time I just outright dismissed those games as mere button mashers. Oh boy, how wrong I was...now that I play them these days they're anything but that. I'll say though, while not 100% on-topic, I envy all the kids who're into Fortnite and share that love of the game at school and whatnot. When I was in school I got bullied a lot for playing video games. While Fortnite isn't for me I wish I had something similar back then. Sadly, it would take several years before video games ended up mainstream so...
  5. Shanoa

    What Video Game Are You Currently Playing?

    For the most part I've been playing fighting games lately, notably The King of Fighters 2002 on Fightcade, I'm super excited to see Terry Bogard in Smash Ultimate as well sometimes in November. Played a bit of Jojo Heritage for the Future as well. Beside those, well I have The Outer Worlds on hold and Vampyr.
  6. "I can't see very well...it's all pixelated! Music's pretty good though..." Ah, the joy of SNES DOOM.
  7. Shanoa

    Do anyone play on Nightmare seriously?

    I finished Episode 1 through 3 of UD but forget ever trying in E4. |: That said, it mostly ended up being a "how the hell should I go about speedrunning this one..." situation so it wasn't fun. Playing DOOM on UV with -Fast enabled could be interesting though...
  8. Shanoa

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v3.2

    This is a work of art, damn. Awesome work!
  9. Shanoa

    How you play DOOM

    Used to play primarily on ZDoom. In recent times I switched to QZDoom/GZDoom.
  10. There's something relaxing about drawing sectors in Doom Builder.

  11. Shanoa

    Least favourite weapon and why?

    Pistol but nowadays I have a bit more use for it when I play conservatively. Like, if an Imp doesn't die from a single shotgun shot I finish them off with 1 or 2 pistol bullets. Same with pinkies, if they don't die after 2 shotgun shots, I finish them with the pistol.
  12. My SO and my friends all respect the franchise and although they're not into it to the same degree as I am they know the games are enjoyable.
  13. Shanoa

    Favourite fighting game character per series

    For Street Fighters it sorta vary from game to game. I don't have a fav in each games I played though. - Sodom in the Alpha serie - Q in Third Strike - Kinda torn between Zeku and G for SFV. Q's probably my overall fav from design alone. King of Fighters: King (including a crossover anyway) Killer Instinct: Fulgore Darkstalkers: Rikuo Blazblue: Jubei Under Night In Birth: Akatsuki
  14. Classic aesthetic is my jam. Downloading this and will give it a try in the near future!