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  1. Captain Toenail

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Map25: The blue switch (2639, 802, -144) may be broken so I could not finish the map. Or maybe it didn't animate? Not sure. Otherwise map seemed good. Could use some more ammo after the first door. Map26: This map was too annoying and unfair so I skipped it, sorry. Map27: Didn't see any bugs here. Map28: Really liked this map. There are some odd hidden lines on the automap that are probably a mistake, and a random midtexture near the exit. Ammo and health was very tight.
  2. Captain Toenail

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Map18: - sky is missing - missing textures at blue circuits vile area and sideways switch - blue door accepts any key - texturing is very erratic - I realise it is a limited resource map but I ended up just running past all the yellow key tunnel monsters - what does the hidden sideways switch do? pressing use on it didn't do anything Map19: I think the player might be starting in a voodoo doll sector(?). Couldn't play this one. Map20: Didn't see any bugs here, though map is quite frustrating. Map21: This one was fine. Maybe move some health to the bottom of the blue skull pit? map22: liked this one - very surreal atmosphere. Some unforgiving bits that require trial and error like the trap before red skull key and the revenant swarm. Could use some more health/ammo for those bits. Map23: Clever but very tricky map. Save-scummed my way through the first part but I admit I didn't have the patience to complete it. Definitely need some more health and ammo here for the average player. Map24: - The transparent windows clip into the floor - You can get trapped behind the lift by the archvile (1840, -1000, -128) - Need more ammo to take out the barons and knights at blue key - The end sequence is impossible without the secret invulnerability
  3. Captain Toenail

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Are we still playtesting this? Anything I can help with?
  4. Captain Toenail

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    Is this dead?
  5. I may be interested in doing a map for this. Some questions. Are we using gothictx.wad or gothicdm as the resource wad? https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/graphics/gothictx Is this aimed at Zandronum only as you mentioned UDMF format. Can I include new decorative props?
  6. Captain Toenail

    The 96 kb challenge: final round of Doom!

    Had a quick fly through the wad MAP09 and MAP31 start in a secret sector (possibly intentional for 0 secrets?) MAP12 has an unknown script error in GZDoom MAP21 and 24 have unused/0 length linedef warnings in GZDoom There's a typo with the Intermission graphics for 13 and 17 - "Captain Toneail", and 'Hall' instead of 'Halls' You have the old version of map17 - see attached for v2. Overall seems pretty cool. I like the new palette and reverb effects they are neat touch. Also the submarine is really neat. I'll need to investigate how that sliding midtexture door functions in map15 ;-) CT_Halls_of_Apophis_v2.zip
  7. Captain Toenail

    How We Saw '95 Revival Thread [CLOSED]

    I am leaning towards keeping the vanilla limits but ultimately I don't really have a strong opinion about it. Here's the latest link to my map from the previous thread. https://www.mediafire.com/file/zju7psw3ejj3tgj/CT_Phobos_Lab_v2.zip/file Might be cool to allow remixes of the original map midis to keep things fresh.
  8. We could use some of those new areas for map33 but it needs to be compressed down. I am going to reserve map32 again for a bit. Edit: Done. Changes: Map32 New red key area New park area Swapped out WolfSS with Chaingunners Changed the cloud effect Misc Added GLDefs for new flats (lava, nukage and lights) Deleted duplicate patches NEGATIVEONE_v6_60.wad.zip
  9. Alright reserving the wad for a bit. Edit: Okay... I am done for now. Changes: Map05: Holograms and forcefields changed (glass in office building still needs to be changed) Map06: Holograms, forcefields and UFO beam changed Map13: Windows changed Map15: Windows changed Map18: Windows and hologram changed Map19: Windows changed (these could be improved further) Map20: Windows, forcefields, holograms changed. New holograms added to base. Glass added to spaceship. Forcefield frame animation sped up from 8 tics to 3. Hologram textures darkened Credits lump updated. The glass doesn't look too bad in ZDaemon after all, it just looks tinted. The hologram and glass effects are much cooler in PrBoom and ZDoom now ;-) NEGATIVEONE_v6_55.wad.zip
  10. Captain Toenail


    Impressive map set, very cool!
  11. Tried a few maps of this on survival mode the other day - solid maps, nice work! The cyberdemon temple level was really hectic.
  12. Hmm well ok. I have an alternate window that might look better in ZDaemon, I can upload an example later. I think we may be ok with ZDaemon textures. Nightmare's grandfather clock appears to be melting in map21. There are horizontal bars on at least one sky texture (sky3 as you mentioned). There was an issue with the 56 unit tall window frame texture but it appears to be fixed in recent builds. The blue/white used in map05/32 looks bad with mouselook - not sure if I could fix that by making it taller?
  13. From the very beginning I have not been very satisfied with Boom's translucent effect. It looks quite ugly and it's not easy to look through. I did some digging and it turns out you can do additive translucency in Boom after all with the obscure TRANMAP lump... I have created a new glass texture with the GIMP. In the middle is the original glass textures we have been using. On the left is the new texture with additive rendering in PRBoom/ZDoom. Unfortunately ZDaemon is the odd-one-out and does not support additive rendering from TRANMAP, which you can see on the right. I am prepared to go through the wad and fix up all the windows so they use the better glass effect, but it would mean having ugly glass panels in ZDaemon. Thoughts on this? It would not effect gameplay in any way. Speaking of ZDaemon, a lot of the textures now render incorrectly in that port. The most glaring one I saw was map18's sky has turned into ashwall.
  14. Yeah no problem @PinkFlamingo, I am not particularly attached to the palette it can easily be removed with the next build. Edit: I'd like to reserve map32 again. Edit: Ok I am done. Added some more areas to map32 and removed the custom palette. NEGATIVEONE_v6_52.wad.zip