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  1. Doomworld Firefox Themes

    Put together some Doom Firefox themes that match Doomworld's theme. You can download them here: https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/firefox/user/Captain_T/themes
  2. Replace all missing textures?

    DB2. I completely forgot about GZDB! Thanks.
  3. Replace all missing textures?

    I tried that to replace '-' unfortunately that applies the new texture to everything including every mid-texture.
  4. Replace all missing textures?

    Am I having a brain fart or is there no way to fix all missing textures in a map using Doombuilder with one button?
  5. Why an imp at the end of a level?

    He's hiding of course.
  6. user Malinku was murdered

    RIP Malinku

    Bring on the cheesy plastic tat and old skeleton memes!
  8. Funny/Weird/Shocking/Awesome School Stories

    My little town was quite boring, but I remember a few funny things. -some kid went mental and climbed onto the roof and wouldn't come down -a bunch of chavs knocked out a pensioner (they would hang about smoking at the end of his garden) -poop smeared all over the bathroom mirror -janitors had a secret stash of beer in the lost-and-found -weird kid brought an axe to school in his bag -some kid fell over and you could see his knee bone in his leg -some kid got knocked over riding a bike while wearing earphones, causing iPods to be banned -discovered a giant turd on the bottom of the swimming pool during swimming lessons
  9. You can use these as spectator boxes to send dead players to too.
  10. Demon Defense

    Rival demons seek to dethrone your master, the dreaded demon lord. Protect him as long as possible. Can you get the gold medal? Recommended for coop play - have fun! CODE: X9MZEP32
  11. Solo Campaign Map: Theta Labs

  12. Showdown with Mancubus Prime

    Mancubus Prime. The epitome specimen of the Cyber-Mancubus experiment: -resistant to damage -regenerative abilities -his wrath increases as he is damaged -commands an army of imp minions -is equipped with his own personal teleporter As part of a crack team of UAC commandos, descend into Prime's lair and remove him for good. VEGA may provide you with backup and assistance. Make sure to bring some buddies if you want to have a chance of beating him. You have 4 lives. Good luck. CODE: RSZE2DM4
  13. Solo Campaign Map: Theta Labs

    I tried my hand at a solo campaign map. You have two objectives: -find the green card in the cargo zone to unlock access to the Theta Labs -recover the blue card from the lab to unlock the exit elevator There are several secrets to be found... (oh, and don't touch the lasers... they're lethal) God Speed Marine! Level Code: 4KR5PEKQ Screenshots: http://imgur.com/a/EHi0L
  14. You ever have those moments where: -you go inside after an extremely bright day and everything inside turns green? -you stare at the wall hard enough that you can see your vision rippling and warping slightly? -you get this weird flickering halo in the centre of your vision for a while?
  15. Core Meltdown: Co-op campaign map

    The 2 Barons never arrived SCvoid.