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Bijou Doom

   (6 reviews)
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About This File

Bijou Doom is a little mapping exercise/project where I basically recreated the

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Not my thing, looks nice for 128x128 maps, but still, I prefer bigger maps with more room to use comfortably the weapons, specially the rocket launcher

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Dedalus 80


Quick and funny. Well done!

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one of the quickest megawads ever, made in such tight spaces but isn't tough until the cyberdemons roll in.

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The Ultimate Doom
Pocket Edition.

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Damn, that was fast. I had a good time while playing this megawad. Only thing that I disliked was e3m1 due to shooting two cacodemons with pistol. It's worth to check it out. 

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· Edited by SOSU


This is the most fun i had in a while!It's short,sweet,creative,fun to play and a great megawad.
i give it 5 stars!

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  • File Reviews

    • By Tango · Posted
      Fun stuff. Visuals, gameplay, music selection, it's all there :D
    • By Spectre01 · Posted
      Impressive visuals and scale for its time. Epic memes are thankfully limited to secret areas. map04/final quarter stretch is extremely cheeseable compared to the rest. Plenty of time spent cleaning up turret enemies. 3/5
    • By SilverMiner · Posted
      So rarely I see cool things...
    • By Walter confetti · Posted
      Is pretty funny killing hordes of cyberdemons with a toy spoon... Try It!  
    • By kmxexii · Posted
      Do not play this in ZDoom-family ports. An incompatibility with Boom breaks progression in MAP01. There is a cool effect where a tech column barrier blocking the way to the red key basement is "disappeared" by what I believe is a short-lived scrolling floor effect; this should happen after handling the Hell knight teleporter chamber in the northeastern wing that comes off the main yard. I verified the correct behavior in Eternity after banging my head on the wall for at least a half hour if not longer; this is probably the source of the frustration felt in the comment dated 3/27/07 and the anonymous comment where the player knows where the red key is but can't access it.