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  1. I would play it but my PC is frying :| Is anyone doing a playthrough of it?
  2. Dedalus 80

    Heretic Speedmapping 1

    A nice set of big maps with lots of fighting.
  3. Dedalus 80

    Abyssal Speedmapping Sessions: Session 32

    The maps would be not too bad but they require a little more work to be enjoyable. At the moment, nothing special.
  4. Dedalus 80

    The Becoming

    Nice vanilla maps with fantastic music. You captured very well the atmosphere of the original Doom. Bravo!
  5. Dedalus 80

    Darkness Flaw

    Quick and fun to play map. Well chosen music and nice gothic setting. Medium/high difficulty.
  6. Dedalus 80

    The Black Crown

    The maps are visually and structurally mediocre. Hope you can improve and finish them. Above all, fights need some attention: they are very boring.
  7. Dedalus 80

    Doom II: Dark World [v1.0]

    Beautiful, demanding and engaging mapset. The difficulty level is (too?) high in the latest maps. Recommended.
  8. Dedalus 80

    The Last Experiment

    The map is a pleasant, detailed and HUGE structure. On the other hand it is too labyrinthine and the fight are not engaging. Things I hated: two little buttons (too difficult to find) and the mice (they don't blend well in the futuristic/nightmarish setting of Doom). Things I loved: vehicles/aircraft and the wide variety of textures. P.S. For a first map this is absolutely stunning. My compliments...
  9. Yeah, I loved Strife (well, the good/finished part ;P ). Screens looking great!
  10. Dedalus 80

    Fork And Knife In the Road

    Absolutely fun level. Props to the mapper. SPOILER: it even contains a little puzzle!
  11. Dedalus 80

    Antarctica Excavation

    I very liked the structure of the maps, the general atmosphere/setting and the music. The maps have personality and are immersive. They are properly long and articulated. The fights instead are not equally good: mostly not bad but often messy and unnerving. Sometime i found the ammunitions to be almost insufficient. Also some weapons are given to the player too late in the episode (chainsaw: map7, BFG: map10. Maybe it's me??). In short: good wad but don't expect top notch battles.
  12. Dedalus 80

    Bijou Doom

    Quick and funny. Well done!
  13. Dedalus 80

    Dens of Borsippa

    A single map with a pleasant architecture and well-thought-out fights where the player feels often cornered. Enjoy it while it lasts ;)
  14. Dedalus 80


    I liked this map: not a masterwork but it's funny and visually well made. Unfortunately I could not finish the final battle: my pc was throwing flames and screaming! My advice: give it a try.
  15. Dedalus 80

    Temple of the Lizard Men 4

    The fights (and the weapon system) are not bad but nothing special. Decent boss fights. The environment is instead really well made (nice music too) with well-fitting new monsters.