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  1. Thanks @URROVA & @princetontiger for feedback, I'm happy you liked the map. Thanks @Custom Longplay for the video! I uploaded the map to idgames and updated download link, so it now points to idgames.
  2. Thanks @Thil , @TheCyberDruid & @The BMFG for feedback, glad you liked the map!
  3. Haha, thanks @Biodegradable for your video, great fun to watch, as always! You're not late - it's actually perfect timing as you played the updated version of the map :) I made a small fix to the map yesterday and you managed to grab the new version :) Regarding friends of the caco at 13:30 of the video - no idea why they didn't teleport :D They teleported much later - you fight them at 13:57. It actually ended up interesting as they blocked your path back but it wasn't intended :D No idea what happened but I like in Doom that it's unpredictable sometimes :) Yes, I should've made the megasphere harder to find or at least put something less powerful in that secret. In my previous map nobody found any of the secrets so I decided this time I will make them easier - and I probably exaggerated the other way :D
  4. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    What’s a theme / setting you’d like to see in PWADs?

    I would like to see more postapocalyptic cities, things similar to DBP50: Emerald City or something like Ashes but with Doom enemies.
  5. I did a small update of the map: - fixed visplane overflow in vanilla Doom in one place (thanks @Roofi for spotting that) - made a few monsters teleport to an area that can be empty in some circumstances (thanks @Clippy ) I updated the file the link in OP points to so if you re-download you will get a new version. Still, the change is very minor so unless you plan to play in vanilla Doom it may not be worth re-downloading if you already downloaded.
  6. Thanks @Aeddes666 and @Riclo500 for your videos! Thanks @DrRock for the demo! (you were so close to finishing the map on your first attempt :P) Thanks @Roofi for the video and bug report! Very useful! I tested the map in chocorenderlimits for VPOs and I couldn't get more than 124 visplanes, but after your video I was able to reproduce the problem you encountered - when blue door is open and triangular wall lowered I can now get up to 132 visplanes in the spot when you got the crash. I admit that most of my gameplay testing was in crispy as it's just more comfortable for me to play with its enhancements and I probably introduced a few small changes AFTER testing in chocorenderlimits. Is it possible that doing a change in a completely unrelated area and rebuilding the nodes caused the visplanes to increase? Anyway, I will need to have a think of the best way of fixing this. I don't want to simplify the architecture, so I will probably need to just put something which obscures the view from that particular spot. Thanks for the report! I'm really happy to get so many recorded playthroughs, I watched them all and enjoyed them all!
  7. Thanks @discpaul and @Noiser for positive feedback! Thanks @LadyMistDragon and @AshtralFiend for the videos! So much fun to watch! It's great to see different people having different playstyles and taking different paths! I'm very happy you liked the map! Thanks @bioshockfan90 for your review and kind words! This is all very motivating to keep mapping :)
  8. Thanks @TheNonDrinkingLeprechaun, glad you liked the map! Thanks @Zahid for the demo! Thanks @Clippy for the video! I probably exaggerated with making the map too easy :) Regarding that blue door area - there were monsters in there but they all went for a walk on the terrace outside and got shot there :D I agree some more should teleport once player reaches that area though.
  9. Thanks for feedback @Synami ! Thanks for the demo @NoisyVelvet , very fun to watch! Glad you both found the secret(s), I think I finally got it right as in my previous maps my secrets were too obscure and nobody could find them :)
  10. Hi Doomworld, I made a new map :) It's a very classic map in terms of gameplay, it has 116 monsters on UV and takes around 10 minutes to beat. There is some nonlinearity despite relatively short length - you can take different paths. All difficulties implemented, UV is recommended for most players, the map is easier than my previous map (for those who have played it). The map is vanilla compatible (tested in Choco, Crispy and GZDoom). IWAD is Doom2, MAP01 Custom resources: - OTEX by ukiro (yes, the map works in vanilla Doom, I used subset of OTEX, all textures are included) - music: Siege Mentality by NeilJohnRips from Ultimate MIDI Pack I'd love to see some playthrough videos and/or demos! Get it here: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/g-i/iron Some screenshots:
  11. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Thanks @Wo0p, glad you liked the map! Yes, the model for the chairs in the conference room is made by me in Blender, it's actually based on a real chair I have at home :) Feel free to use it in your maps btw, I explicitly allow (and encourage) it in the text file.
  12. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Map is now on idgames and can be downloaded from there.
  13. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    @Blacklight the update is cosmetic, so if you didn't like the map then I don't think you will change your mind after downloading the new version. The map has its distinct visual style that is not everyone's taste. Some people like it though. Thanks for playing it still! Regarding FOXTEX - not sure if I'm really the first one to release a map with this texture pack but it's definitely less popular than it should be! I think part of the reason may be that it's really hard to package the map with textures from it. The whole pack is almost 1.5GB so obviously you can't include it with your map and due to various GZDoom-specific features it's not completely trivial to select stuff that you used in your map and need to include. And as far as I know there is no tool that will do it automatically for you. For OTEX you can use WTExport from Doom Tools but here it doesn't work due to pk3 format. I wrote a tool that automated this process for me and works with FOXTEX but it's very rough around the edges and not user-friendly. I might release this tool at some point if I find time to make it production-ready.
  14. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    I did a small facelift of the map - I added a little bit more detail and dynamic lights in some places, also tweaked health and ammo placement a bit. I updated the link in OP, for anyone who already downloaded the map and intends to play it - please re-download if you want better looks :) Hope you enjoy!
  15. Jacek Nowak (jacnowak)

    FLUORIDE - new single map using FOXTEX texture pack

    Thanks @BerserkerNoir for the video! I think the outdoor section is harder with BD as monsters deal more damage and it's so hectic there it's hard not to get hit by a stray projectile. Lucky that you picked that soulsphere at 4% health :)