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  1. tmustaine

    Dimension of the Boomed

    This is one of the most excellent sets of DOOM maps I've played in YEARS. Extremely well done. So many wonderful tricks and techniques to integrate Quake'isms into a set of wonderfully designed DOOM maps. I giggled like a child when the Shamber first appeared. Many thanks for giving this gift to all of us!
  2. tmustaine

    Perdition's Gate Demo Pack Released

    Oh man, this is amazing. You had me yelling "WHAT?!" at the screen a few times when the player squeezed through the bars on Map04 or snuck the keycard without hitting the linedefs on Map03 or hopped the key barriers on Map17. Love all the planned infighting situations too. The runner slides into a crowded room with demons, hides in a corner and waits for the monsters to start infighting before making a sneaky grab for a keycard or a door. Excellent. So good! It's awesome to see people still enjoying these maps years later. A lot of love and heartbreak (curse you max visplanes!!) went into Perdition's Gate. Regarding downloading - the rights reverted to the creators years ago. Who do I need to talk to at DoomWorld to make that clear so people don't get banned for linking a 20 year old Doom add-on? I guess I can re-master the original and just put out a free re-release, that might clear up the confusion. (nothing that would break your demos of course!)
  3. tmustaine

    Tom Mustaine's doom music

    On the topic of Hell2pay. I'd have to go search my P100 hard disk archive to find out who did what on those levels. I only came on near the end of Hell2pay and basically did some level cleanup, music, and helped with putting together the shipping wad. Along with other minor work. Jim Elson would definitely know, but he's gone missing over the years - I have no idea how to contact him. I do know that Pavel did a fair amount of the level work in Hell2Pay. And Avatar did a lot of the character and weapon art (from what I recall.) I'll have to do a little data diving and see what I can dig up. Seriously, glad to see folks enjoying these wads. We poured a lot of heart and soul into those back in the day!
  4. tmustaine

    Tom Mustaine's doom music

    Seriously great to hear. PG was a really fun project for us back in the day. I get so caught up in the business of what we are doing these days that I rarely get to go back and check out the world of DOOM. It's amazing to see what people are still doing with DOOM, makes me happy! For Perdition's Gate, this link to an image on my site might help: http://www.mustaine.com/wp-content/gallery/perdgate/pg_status.jpg When managing that project, I kept an excel sheet with the status of everything at all times. This sheet shows who built which maps. Here you can see that Jimmy built maps 10, 12, 14, 18, 19, 21, 23, 27 and 28. Avatar built maps 22, 24, 25, 27, 28, 31 and 32. I personally believe that Jimmy made some of his best work in PG. He used to call map14 his "masterpiece" level. Little know fact, both Jimmy and I rebuilt PG levels in Quake2. I need to release that level one of these days :) See if I can convince Jimmy to do the same. Also: I was just checking out your review site (and responding to some comments, heh) Your site is fricking awesome. Please, please keep up the great work.
  5. tmustaine

    Tom Mustaine's doom music

    Hey T-Rex - many apologies it took me this long to get back to you. I just put that page and all the content back up! URL here: http://www.mustaine.com/about/my-music/ I didn't get to it for so long because I lost a hard drive that contained backups on my site and only recently was able to find another backup source to reconstruct. Thanks for continuing to push me on this, or I might have never done it! Jimmy and L.A. are definitely two different people. Jimmy and I worked together on Final Doom, Hell2Pay and Perditions Gate. He built some of the best levels for DOOM IMHO. He works at Gearbox now and is one of their lead programmers. L.A.'s (Leo) music is my favorite DOOM music of all time. He's a madman! He whipped up music for TNT in no time and I've harassed him many times to make more Midi stuff, but no luck. He is also a programmer at Gearbox now. I actually met Dave a few years ago for the first time. He thought I was squatting his mustaine.com domain, but I wasn't :) He's a cool guy, only chatted with him a few times. We determined a few months later that we were definitely related, our family tree goes back about 4 generations to two brothers that landed in Flordia and split ways. So he's like my cousin 15 times removed or something. Either way, it was fun to meet up with the guy and share some stories. In general, thanks for all the positive feedback everybody. I definitely miss the old DOOM days and still try to get some in zDaemon as often as I can. Thanks!