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  1. Agentbromsnor

    Thoughts on Ken Silverman's BUILD2 engine/editor?

    It's cool that he made a sequel to the first engine, but I don't expect too much from this in terms of usage. I think it's indeed more of a novelty than anything else.
  2. Agentbromsnor

    The Metal / Rock Music Fans

    I'm bumping this thread because my band Prickrott has released a new album last Thursday called Dust of Obscure Devastation, and I'm particularly proud of it! It's a pretty brutal industrial-influenced metal release, so I figured this might be the perfect place to let people hear about it. If you're feeling generous or just want to listen to the album in the highest possible quality, you can also head over to Bandcamp: http://prickrott.bandcamp.com Play it loud!
  3. Agentbromsnor

    REKKR - V1.15

    It's going to have GZDoom exclusive stuff? Neat! I also really like the concept art. Are you doing everything by yourself? That's pretty insane!
  4. Agentbromsnor


    Performance, probably?
  5. Agentbromsnor


    Let me guess, it's just the game files with DOSBox attached to it? Not wasting my money on that.
  6. Agentbromsnor

    ''Military shooters are too brown and grey''

    I think the biggest difference between these older games and the typical "modern military shooter" is that a lot of modern games use post-processing effects to colourize / tint the screen, which will make the game appear more muddy throughout a lot of the time. These older games definitely have brown and grey looking textures, but their usage throughout the levels makes the game appear more varied compared to say Medal of Honor: Warfighter.
  7. Agentbromsnor

    Rollercoaster Tycoon Parks

    That's Rollercoaster Tycoon 3. It's a pretty good sequel, but it removed a lot of the simplicity of the first games, and I think you can argue that the sprite-based graphics are more charming to the eyes as well.
  8. Just a public service announcement: I'm actually not a guy.

  9. Agentbromsnor

    Is your home and Doom life separated?

    When talking about the community VS real life, I make no real distinctions. I log in, share my unpopular opinions, get called names because of it by people who would never say that sort of thing to my face, and log off again. I don't really make any distinction between that other than the fact that written text makes it easier to phrase my thoughts compared to real life. I talk to others about my game design and modding efforts, online and offline. To me, it's not really that Doom-related since I mainly focus on developing stuff for GZDoom, which I feel is a lot more different compared to "real" Doom. I know other people don't view it like that, but I kind of view GZDoom as its own thing that happens to also run Doom WADs.
  10. Agentbromsnor

    What is American about Doom?

    If it was made by the Japanese, it would have never been released on PC. It would have been a console exclusive game, and probably played from a different perspective as well, seeing as the Japanese aren't typically that into FPS games.
  11. Agentbromsnor

    Worst Doom Level

    I'm going to be predictable and say the majority of Sandy Petersen levels in Doom 2.
  12. Agentbromsnor

    RIP Gibson Cakewalk.

    I used to use SONAR Producer Edition (I think it was version 6) many years ago. I got annoyed with it, because the program was overly confusing and would sometimes throw errors seemingly at random. When I asked around on the Cakewalk forums back then, they would bitch about my computer not being up to spec (even though it clearly was) and how I shouldn't "complain" about it because the software was perfect. Ever since then, I stopped using it and switched to Reason. Haven't looked back ever since, so I can't say I'll miss it. SONAR was my first "real" DAW though, so I will remember it for that.
  13. Agentbromsnor

    Duke Nukem 3D is depressing

    I always thought that Duke's one-liners in Duke 3D had a certain carelessness to them, as if he came to the realization that he is one of the few human beings left alive and was just going along with it, not caring if he defeats the aliens or dies fighting them. That's a little depressing, I think?
  14. I really think that the first episode of Doom 1 contains the best maps of the entire franchise, and almost all of it was designed by John Romero. In my opinion, Sandy Petersen's mapping contribution is the absolute worst. His maps are so bland and sloppily designed, it pains me to play them and it's usually the reason why I stop playing Doom 2 half-way through.
  15. Doing any sort of platforming with the Build engine's warping view is a nightmare when platforms are located above you. What made navigation such a breeze in Duke 3D was the inclusion of the jetpack, IMO.