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  1. Agentbromsnor

    Fy_pool_day remake for GZDoom - Now on idGames!

    I'm sorry for the super delayed reply of almost 6 months but I wanted to say thanks for checking out my map! I've been checking out the idGames submission for comments but I was disappointed I could never find any; didn't think to check the Doomworld thread. Anyway; if you want me to try my hand at de_dust, I could try that some time in the future. Hit me up with a DM if you're still interested!
  2. Hello everybody! I hope nobody forgot about this project? :'D It's still very much active, even though we're taking it slow as personal stuff has taken a bit of a toll on us. With that said, dt mentioned they would like to take another map slot: MAP15 so that's now taken.
  3. Map16 by Egg Boy has been provided with a download link which I included in the OP. Please play-test it for us if you're willing, and leave your thoughts below!
  4. We're only doing one boss battle, which is at the end of the mod (meaning, map30). I'll send you a DM with a Discord invite.
  5. If you're still op for joining: noisebloom just bowed out of his map20 slot, so it's open for you to take it!
  6. @noisebloom mentioned that they're too busy to properly work on map20, which is completely understandable. Therefore, the map20 slot is now open to anyone who wants it. Just leave a message here and *pleeeeeease* make sure you join us on Discord for more efficient communication!
  7. Just to be clear: if you *do* decide to opt out, there's no hard feelings but please do mention this either in this topic or on Discord. Clarity really helps in that regard, I'm sure you understand.
  8. Take it easy, and don't beat yourself up over it! I explicitly didn't put a strict time limit on this project for a reason. If you're on Discord already, please make sure you engage with people in the play-testing channel when your map nears completion. If you're not on the server yet, please send me a PM and I'll send you an invite link.
  9. Thanks for getting in touch! We're very active with play-testing on the Discord server, so if you submit your map in the "play-testing" channel you'll be sure to get some feedback!
  10. @DJVCardMaster @damned @noisebloom @Walter confetti @IvanDobrovski @DukeOfDoom @Philnemba @DSC @Velcrosasquatch @dt_ @TheNoob_Gamer @Juza @whirledtsar @Egg Boy @Miss Bubbles @NeedHealth @Doomlust @Crunchynut44 @Archvile Hunter @Aurelius @Forli @onetruepurple @joe-ilya @nxGangrel @DJVCardMaster @YeOldeFellerNoob Pinging all users to remind them to submit their map for testing if they can!
  11. Yes, absolutely! Keep an eye on this topic. I can also add you to our Discord if you'd like.
  12. Yeah, unless somebody bows out of the project. That being said; we could do with some updates from some of the people who signed up for a map.
  13. Agentbromsnor

    Fy_pool_day remake for GZDoom - Now on idGames!

    Thank you, I've worked quite hard to preserve the original layout and texturing! Even the skybox completely matches up with the original map's, lol. The layout might look completely symmetrical, but it's actually not; a lot of the wall dimensions are ever so slightly off (most likely to prevent spawn killing at the start of a match) so that was quite tricky to get right. I'm not sure if there exists some kind of CS gameplay mod for GZDoom or Zandronum? If there is a mod like that, I wouldn't mind making it compatible with it for the complete experience, so to say.
  14. Agentbromsnor

    Fy_pool_day remake for GZDoom - Now on idGames!

    Now on idGames! Check it out: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/deathmatch/Ports/d-f/fy_pool_day
  15. UPDATE! I've included the download links to all the currently finished maps in the OP, so that people here can hopefully help us out with play testing. Check it out.