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  1. And horror, hence the super shotgun (Evil Dead series), the chainsaw (Evil Dead series again), Alien-like themes etc.
  2. I remember the bonus missions in Underground with the aliens, knights, and the evil dancing dogs... Fun times!
  3. Nothing too much, though I often try to cheese Doom levels (or other idTech 1 powered games) by using the infamous glide bug whenever I see an opportunity for it. When editing my own Doom levels, I have the habit of curving every otherwise angular wall. I'm sure I'm not only one to have this minor compulsive behaviour.
  4. I've honestly never played any of the PC games, just the PlayStation 1 titles and the few MoH titles on PS2. The first two MoH games on PlayStation 1 are classics in my opinion. They have a very cinematic style to them that not many games were able to achieve at the time. Of course that style is mostly thanks to Steven Spielberg, and I think he did a great job directing the game. I think a lot of people these days would complain about the campaigns being too linear, but when viewed through the lens of games in 1999, I think it's pretty good especially considering the limitations of the PlayStation. I also had a lot of fun playing the derpy splitscreen multiplayer.
  5. I know this might sound arrogant or whatever, but I was working on a horror project called "Project Legacy" for GZDoom many years ago, which featured the exact same looping hallway idea that P.T. popularized.
  6. Or you can just stop acting so salty because not everyone likes your style of maps. The arguments given for not liking slaughter-maps have not been unreasonable, and as I've said the argument of "not all" doesn't fly. It's also not unreasonable to say that you don't enjoy them when they "pollute" otherwise normal WADs, since they're a strong contrast to "regular" maps and therefore obviously feel strongly out of place. The only reason I'm bothering to reply in these topics is because it typically turns into a wank-fest of slaughter-fans who pat themselves on the back for enjoying "difficult" maps, and comment how everyone who doesn't like slaughter-maps are just scrubs who are bad at the game.
  7. This is your argument, not mine. I was providing a summation of your post. Are you saying circlestrafing and infighting is *not* a common element in slaughter-maps then?
  8. I'm just stating this because throughout this thread, slaughter-fans jump to the rescue with the one argument that not all slaughter-maps are only about circle-strafing and infighting. Of course not every slaughter-map is going to be *exactly* the same in practise, but it's still a common element in most of them and that makes it a legitimate complaint.
  10. Let me guess: you're one of those Dark Souls fans who is quick to denounce anyone who dislikes the game as "someone with no skills". There's this thing called opinion, you know. As an example: Just because a bowl of soup is hot, that doesn't make it tasty by default. That's pretty much a good analogy for slaughter-maps in general: a big bowl of spices without any of the essential ingredients that makes it a good recipe. I dislike slaughter-maps because they simplify Doom to a boring and predictable landscape of monsters. Slaughter-maps are very much one of the reasons why people outside of the community think of classic Doom as "just a mindless shooting-game".
  11. Just get a GBA and a copy of Doom then.
  12. Sure, but you have to concede that the core mechanic of a slaughter-map is monster in-fighting. Theoretically speaking: as long as you keep moving and keep a lookout for hitscanners it's not that difficult. I never got the "git gud" argument for slaughter-maps, because almost every slaughter-map I played has removed pretty much every aspect that makes a conventional Doom map challenging (and fun, for that matter).
  13. I don't get it. How is it a challenge to circle-strafe around a million imps and hellknights until they all die from in-fighting? If anything, slaughtermaps are too easy because they rely on the monsters in-fighting mechanic for the most part.
  14. It's hard as nails. Proceed if you like tons of trial and error, or looking up a walkthrough out of frustration. Besides that, the game at least looks really good. I can't say I'm the biggest fan of the gameplay, but I think it's worth checking out at least once.