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  1. If I were to nerd out about this: there are a couple of Netherlands / Japan co-productions I watched as a kid that were quite popular on TV over here. I think it's fair to label these as cartoons, but the animation was outsourced in Japan, while most of the character-designs, art-direction and story stuff was handled in the Netherlands. I'll list some of them here, maybe some Americans have heard of these too: Boes (Dutch title) / Ox Tales (English title) - Cubitus (original title) / Dommel (Dutch title) / Wowser (English title) / Don-Don Domel to ron (Japanese title)- Alfred J. Kwak / Little Duck's Big Love Story (English title) / Ahiru no Quack (Japanese title) -
  2. I don't like humans.
  3. In my experience, Brutal Doom is not the best way to promote classic Doom. Most people who play it are too used to its modern mechanics to go back to Doom's old school approach of the FPS genre. Things like no mouse look, no big special effects, a fairly limited sound-palette, are all things that would rub a modern player the wrong way.
  4. What kind of "brought me back" into Doom is the expansive modability. Just the idea that you can craft any sort levels you like, just by dragging some lines around and adjusting the sector's vertical space is something that is fairly exclusive to Doom (and Duke 3D, but it doesn't have the same workflow). I think most people are familiar with classic Doom in some way, so promoting it from a mod standpoint might just work (if they're into that, obviously).
  5. Answer: No, it's not.
  6. @YukiRaven Is that wallpaper an Amiga reference? If so, that's pretty cool! It's also nice to see more Linux users around these parts.
  7. I don't use any sort of wallpaper, besides just a black colour (faster loading-times at boot). I like judging other people's desktops for no reason though, haha. :)
  8. British underground classic from 1980! I'm still surprised by how good this first Killing Joke album sounds. It aged surprisingly well.
  9. I'm opting out of this thread now, since I've said everything I wanted. The only reason I continued is because I felt like I needed to counter Gez's brainfarts.
  10. *CLAIM* to fight nazis. Huge difference. Do you have any evidence that the people they're "fighting" are in support of Nazi-ideology? The whole term "nazi" is used inappropriately as well, since nazis are long gone and the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany no longer exists. Have you ever heard of this thing called "nuance", or is everyone who is not a liberal a "nazi" to you? Also not true! I don't care about the nazi aspect of the campaign, since nazis (ACTUAL nazis) have always been an integral part of the game. I just find it distasteful that Bethesda's marketing department uses modern day Antifa slogans to promote their game. Slogans by violent, criminal thugs. Is that really what you want this to be associated with? What does it add to an already vitriolic political climate, except more division and more people getting sick of having this shoved in their face? This is exactly what I wanted to say. Thank you.
  11. Did you see what Antifa did in Hamburg? YEAH, we definitely need these guys to protect us from the evil right wingers! Here's a hint: maybe get away from your computer-chair every once in a while and check out the bloody news before you spout this nonsense. Of course, some moron drove someone to death, therefore all violence and intolerance towards people who are not liberal is justified. As for the Stormfront thing: I'm not even right-wing, you presumptuous basement-dweller. Way to be part of the political problem with your "you're either with us or against us" mentality. Should I go tell you to go back to Tumblr then? Is that how that goes? Fuck off.
  12. Yes, different opinions. You know, like how Antifa started rioting at Berkeley just to prevent people from speaking there?
  13. That's the most ridiculous and presumptuous bullshit I've read so far. "I'm against radical communists terrorizing the streets and silencing people with a different political opinion, therefore I'm pro fascism". Seriously man, go fuck yourself with that.
  14. That's not what I was talking about. Of course Wolfenstein has always been about shooting Nazis. I just don't think dollar-eyed game-publishers should capitalize on a political climate. The whole "punching nazis" line is directly lifted from Antifa's banter. No, I'm not "alt-right", I don't care about politics. Just leave this shit out of my games.
  15. I'll conceit that that's a fair point.