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  1. Hi there. I want to do a mod for the "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" videogame. I know, they're plenty of them already. And I did some small map packs for this game earlier. In present days Amnesia "got oldered" (haha...), but I'm still interested to do an especial mod for this game. But I need help. I have something like a "mapping cretinism". I want to create a big castle which should resemble the Resident Evil 1/7 mansion, where player must explore rooms to move and at the same time hide from the monsters. But I want this "Resident Evil Mansion" not really "cloned", just inspired. And I think I'm too dumb to do this in right way. I mean, people should think about this map "Hey, nice reference to Resident Evil", not "Hey, that's just a stupid remake of Resident Evil". So...I'm looking for "mapper" who could help me with creating an architectural drawing of the whole building, which I could use to create it ingame with map builder. That's not an easy task, of course, but I don't want a mega detailed technical drawing. Just (a lot of) rooms drawed on paper, which have a real life logic (it must be a living place where people were living, not the abstract hell). Maybe I'm asking too much, sorry. But it's worth a try, I guess...
  2. Deⓧiaz

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Yes. Problems, officer?
  3. Deⓧiaz

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (any)
  4. Deⓧiaz

    BomberDoomer aka Bomberman-Doom

    That's not the point of this thread. BTW, Boom doesn't looks like exactly the Doom (because it doesn't use assets from IWAD). That's the big difference in meaning of game's atmosphere.
  5. Hi there. I just surfed through my old folders on PC and found an old mod for "Подрывник 2000" (Bomberman) created by CJoker (rus Doom fan). And I'm absolutely sure nobody outside of Russia knows about this game. It's a Bomberman clone made in early 2000s with Doom themed textures, enemies, sounds and music. The system requirements are old enough so it lags on Win8 & Win10, so I recommend to use DXWnd tool to run it on modern OS. Anyway, I also does know where to download the game. Maybe someone will find it interesting to play. UPD:
  6. Deⓧiaz

    Doom In Build Engine

    Say this to everyone who worked with Blade of Agony, KDiZD and Stronghold.
  7. Playstation Doom will happen here. (See also Pain Elemental and Chaingunner on E1M1)
  8. The Elder Scrolls: Doomfall
  9. Ahem... Actually, yes, I'm trying to do this, but tsh-sh.
  10. Deⓧiaz

    Doom In Build Engine

    Erm, how is this related to this thread?
  11. Deⓧiaz

    How did you find out about Doomworld?

    Just saw a lot mentions on russian Doom forum, heh.
  12. Deⓧiaz

    Doom: Slayer Edition for Atari Jaguar

    >SSG >494 Ammo oh shi~
  13. I've got a question. Is there a way to make "cheat with no use" enable "no hud" mode?