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  1. Just check my last screenshots - you'll see clearly that BOOKS texture is lagging and it looks like not aligned. But it IS aligned. Just in different angles it lags and "moves".
  2. My friend just sent me this video. I've found it interesting enough to post it here. Why? Well, we all know how textures in PS Doom are warping (which makes things not good sometimes). I'm kinda curious to test such disabling feature like in this video.
  3. Deⓧiaz

    DOOM 4 VANILLA v2.5.6 [NEW!!]

    Just stop thinking about Brutal Doom as The Basis. That's not IWAD. So stop mixing it with random tweak mods.
  4. Deⓧiaz

    The "stupid mod idea" thread

    Daikatana 2. Made in GZDoom engine. Whoops...
  5. Deⓧiaz

    Is there a texture that drives you mad?

    In theory, you can convert my "Startanity" mod, just auto-rename all "STARTAN" into "FIREBLU".
  6. Deⓧiaz

    PSX Doom Glitching

    Not really. But I do know your old video. It was pretty interesting
  7. Deⓧiaz

    PSX Doom Glitching

  8. Deⓧiaz

    I REALLY hate key and secret hunting

    This image works only if you add "(Parody)" near the 2016. Like the "Duty Calls" or "Linear Doom".
  9. Deⓧiaz

    Noone liked what i made, so i made something better.

    Extremely-Slow-Reloading-Shotgun reminds me the jokewad "Extreme Weapons Pack". Looks like we should be playing as a kid - low hp, slow speed of everything...lmao But my theory doesn't work due to hand/weapon sprites. They're just red. Not even in blood, it's just red corruption. To make your wad useful for other wad makers you need to create the useful mechanics. Like "Pogostick", "Mechatron", "Hideous Destructor", etc. The mods I've mentioned can be used as base for new maps/TC. Those mods implements fundamentally new mechanics, really different from the vanilla Doom. Your mod is "Just Doom but Doomguy is weaker, and the shotgun is broken". No, you didn't create the new mechanics. You have just destroyed the vanilla ones. Feel the difference. You need to understand the videogame term of "balance". If you make Doomguy slower and unhealthy, you MUST do something with other parts of game. At present time, with the same (shotgunners even running faster?) enemies your mod doesn't make any sense. Especially for creating mods based on your mod.
  10. Deⓧiaz

    I REALLY hate key and secret hunting

    Then the Doom franchise is not for you.
  11. Hi there. I want to do a mod for the "Amnesia: The Dark Descent" videogame. I know, they're plenty of them already. And I did some small map packs for this game earlier. In present days Amnesia "got oldered" (haha...), but I'm still interested to do an especial mod for this game. But I need help. I have something like a "mapping cretinism". I want to create a big castle which should resemble the Resident Evil 1/7 mansion, where player must explore rooms to move and at the same time hide from the monsters. But I want this "Resident Evil Mansion" not really "cloned", just inspired. And I think I'm too dumb to do this in right way. I mean, people should think about this map "Hey, nice reference to Resident Evil", not "Hey, that's just a stupid remake of Resident Evil". So...I'm looking for "mapper" who could help me with creating an architectural drawing of the whole building, which I could use to create it ingame with map builder. That's not an easy task, of course, but I don't want a mega detailed technical drawing. Just (a lot of) rooms drawed on paper, which have a real life logic (it must be a living place where people were living, not the abstract hell). Maybe I'm asking too much, sorry. But it's worth a try, I guess...
  12. Deⓧiaz

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    Yes. Problems, officer?
  13. Deⓧiaz

    Which games are bad, but you like them?

    S.T.A.L.K.E.R. (any)