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About Me

Sup I'm 129th/Mal (also known as Malcorium everywhere else), your local cybergoth mechromancer chick, Doomer since '99, and average Hexen/Strife/Duke3D/Blood/Half-Life enjoyer. I like crafting palettes and hacking together assets for various never-to-be-done projects of mine; ask me about Shattered Dawn: Development Hell Edition and I'll ramble at you enthusiastically. Much like me, the bulk of my mapping history just sits there and looks pretty, but 129_boat.wad, 129_ica2.wad, and 129_rain.pk3 are outliers im quite proud of.


Aside from being a graphics/story-focused modder, I'm also a sprite artist for a browser game, and a digital artist in general. You can find some of my art in this thread. I also shitpost on youtube sometimes, mostly with various outdated-meme-music endeavors.


Disclaimer: my brain sucks so if you ever see me acting extremely self destructive, it's not a big deal. I usually try not to post during episodes but sometimes I might. I'll usually be fine in like 10 minutes.


what i personally mean by reactions:

  • soulsphere: i like this
  • megasphere: extraordinarily great post. wholeheartedly agree and/or am in awe at the contents
  • invulsphere: laughed audibly at this post, either genuinely or in a mischievous >;3c way


On 9/3/2013 at 12:01 PM, Dragonsbrethren said:

I think 129thVisplane has the best username on the forums. I guess that's more of a Doomworld confession, but whatever.