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  1. how much worse can my life get????? im an unloved untouchable fucked up little wage slave retail goblin, my dead dog didnt live to see another of his birthdays, my most hated thing is getting a prequel, im so deep in the black hole of depression that my friends dont even want to talk to me anymore and now everyone on here hates me because of a stupid fucking browser extension that i forgot i even had. im already this close to crawling into the back storage cardboard compactor and the snark really isnt helping leave me the fuck alone my life is agonizing enough just forget that i ever said anything forget i ever existed

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    2. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      You sound like you have a lot more going on than just hatred of some video game. For whatever the hell it's worth to you just know that I'm sorry you're having such a rough time in your life. I feel you. So don't feel like you're alone in those feelings, cause we're all suffering in some way or another. I have no idea what is even going on anymore in my life as of this year, and I don't know what the future honestly holds for me at this point in time. But with that said, I hope you get through it, take some time off from here if you need to.

      Sorry about your dog too, didn't know that, not that I would've known but still, that's rough to hear.

    3. Lila Feuer

      Lila Feuer

      Completely random thing to say but also, your pfp is cute.

    4. plums


      Sorry to hear things are going so badly for you, I hope you're able to bounce back. Sometimes life is hard for sure.


      As far as the browser thing goes (I think I saw it before, I guess the message has now been modded away): without meaning to sound like I'm belittling you or laughing at you, I think it's great and kind of hilarious in a way. Like you hate something so much you're going to go out of your way to change it's name so you don't have to read it? Hell yeah, that's how the internet should be. I can't personally think I'd ever get that upset over a game but that doesn't mean your feelings about it are invalid.


      Anyhow I hope you are able to manage and take care of yourself, feel free to message me if you ever need to. As someone else who's had persistent depression and who knows many other people with similar things, I know it's hard to get out of your own head sometimes.

  2. 129thVisplane


    trailer looks alright enough but i most likely won't play the game myself, not just because DE pulled a DNF on my mental state for a couple years, but also because i bet it would run at 5 entire frames per minute on my rig. my poor 2017 gpu had a hard enough time running DE itself any higher than 10fps, it will burst into flame just thinking about running a 2025 triple-A game lol. i'll probably just watch a streamer or youtuber play it, if even that. [presses switch] one six-hundred-sixty-sixth of the puzzle has been solved in the blood swamps (disclaimer: i love hexen this is just a silly jab at it)
  3. i bring u: a pk3 of all my embed-eaten pydt contributions that i could find (and a few extras that i found in my mess of projects along the way). i used long texturenames in the pk3, so for wad purposes they'll need to be renamed/cut down. sorry about that, i just find long texturenames easier to deal with, source engine modding had me spoiled </3 i actually ended up recreating the 32-tall bricks and brick mixes because i couldn't find those. didn't find my SKSNAKE variants that the spreadsheet mentions either, but they Might be the SNAKE01-09 entries in the pyddtex wad. maybe. sincerest apologies if someone else actually did those, i barely remember what i did yesterday let alone a texture i did in 2018 lmao lemme know if there's anything else missing that i had made and i'll try to either track it down or recreate it c: ETA: ^ yesss i completely forgot about the shawn transitions that i did. i don't believe i have those on me either, so @Michael Jensen if you could post those (and the GSTONEs for posterity's sake, while i did end up remaking them, it would be nice to have the originals) that would be excellent thank you <3
  4. fwiw most of the missing stuff by me I should have somewhere, I gotta head to work rn but when I get home I'll see if I can dig out my entries from the depths of my harddrives and discord logs. c:
  5. 129thVisplane

    Games You Have The Most Hours In?

    help how do i close garrett's modification (i use it to test/chill in my source maps, pose models for art references, and make silly shitpost renders)
  6. 129thVisplane

    Doom music you'd !@#%* to

    catch me bangin to this banger i mean what
  7. 129thVisplane

    St. Anger isn't bad

    very much same here, St. Anger carried me through some Very Dark moments as both an angry depressed teenager and an angry depressed adult. honestly it's not even a guilty pleasure for me because i don't feel guilty about enjoying it. it's definitely a "listen only when i'm absolutely down" kind of thing for me though. also i enjoy both the st. anger snare and dave mustaine's vocals, what does that say about me
  8. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    late night roadtrip vibes only
  9. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    im glad at least someone appreciates the fruits of my unhinged duke obsession phase LMAO <3 even if 99% of the shit i draw also includes miss meowmeow over there. such is life, i fall for a character, i invent a shameless self insert oc (or in this case, resurrect one from the forgotten depths of time), i proceed to draw nothing but the two for a couple weeks/months/years, i make it everyone else's problem too have another memepost that i just drew the art part of, the rest is game content:
  10. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    edgelordry and shitpostery, all flavored with duke nukem and/or karri stormson, is the name of the game lately when it comes to my art. idk why i tapped so hard into my art drive recently but i did. i hope the pictures embed right bc they didnt auto embed i had to pull the bbcode move and idk if that works anymore. it worked in the preview. anyway, the edgelordry: the shitpostery: assorted unfinished/unrefined sketchposting:
  11. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    the kings of ms-dos platformers kick butt together. unparalleled speed vs unparalleled explosions but they both go to space and blast enemies away with laserguns to bangin' music (this started as a crusty referenceless sketch made in like 20 minutes on a break at work on a scrap piece of corrugated cardboard. also i might still shade this but for now it's flat)
  12. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    we interrupt your regularly scheduled broadcast of unashamed dukage with 4 AM Vent Artwork Fueled Entirely By Amaranthe and Recent, Regrettable Incidents (featuring Mal'kyr who very nearly got wiped from the maltiverse but i decided to keep her around and make her suffer. sorry mal'kyr ur my new depression vessel)
  13. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    my time machine got destroyed and im stuck in summer of 2010 with a Massive crush on duke nukem helppppp
  14. 129thVisplane

    I make art sometimes.

    this wasnt originally meant to be a half life duke, just a generic scientist duke made as a joke for a certain post-nuclear-apocalypse scifi setting, buuuut i guess nihilanth's gettin his alien baby ass kicked
  15. 129thVisplane

    Sector Trees & Mid Texture-Based Trees in Doom

    shameless self promotion of the janky tree that grows out of the initial hell portal in Trouble Over the Rainbow: the same wad also contains a dark forest that, however, is too dark to take any good screenshots of but trust me