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  1. sponge

    Patch The Doom 64 Re-releases

    https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1148590/view/3333243235353175643 FPS issues on Steam Deck fixed, along with the weapon sprites. Should be fine on Steam Deck now (only reason it's playable and not verified is because you have to manually pop up the keyboard on the Bethesda.net login modal)
  2. sponge

    Doom 64 now available on GOG

    Definitely happening, just don't know when yet.
  3. We didn't do anything to lock down console mods specifically, but they might be .NET serialized files at the most, so it is probably not very proprietary. I didn't think we put the addon data in there though, I'm surprised it's not just a file named 1-15 like on the PC. It'd be silly to spend time trying to add extra protection from jailbroken consoles since they already are able to interfere with your operation at a level you can't control. I have no clue what that stuff looks like on disk though, you don't really need to interact with the filesystem directly very much. RE: SIGIL, there's specific code to handle the Master Levels. There's no specific code to handle SIGIL, as the point is that we don't need to update the game in order to ship new addons. As for the start menu stuff, it was just a decision made out of time. Was easier to just punt you to the Level Select screen which was already data driven, vs making a whole new menu that was un-hardcoded to read the episodes out of DMAPINFO and generate GameObjects out of them. I ended up doing this dynamically in Quake, since the game ships with multiple mods out of the box (the expansions/DOPA/DOTM are all in separate directories). There's no functional difference between level selecting the first map, and hitting new game, it's entirely visual.
  4. I looked into mouse support but it wasn't really working great when I tried it on the Switch, and Unity doesn't seem to support it natively. Keyboard support was (accidentally) left on since the original launch at QuakeCon 2019. Should work on Android though since Chromebooks are supported.
  5. sponge

    Doom 64: Ethereal Breakdown - 25th Day Map Jam

    Just popping in to say that we've released a minor update for D64 on PC platforms, but it also fixes the graphics loading in PWADs! https://store.steampowered.com/news/app/1148590/view/3088910094673350020
  6. There's some unavoidable input lag on Chromebook unfortunately, even comparing it to Delta Touch and other native games, I haven't found anything else that offered an acceptable amount of latency. Disabling/raising the FPS limit and disabling VSync will help.
  7. sponge

    Doom 1/II on iPod/iPhone is impossible.

    We do support controllers on iOS/Android. Touchscreen controls are always tough, though, especially if you're not used to it. I played many hours of other games to try and figure out what we need to improve our controls. I've gotten fairly decent on HMP and can even beat most of E1 on UV. I think what we have now is pretty damn good, the biggest omission being moving controls around. Not being able to look down makes it a lot easier. You want to be rolling on the tip of your thumb in order for fine aim.
  8. There are a couple of mods in the pipeline after the next one so hopefully there won't be as much of a gap as this time. Shipping Quake was tough!
  9. sponge

    DOOM Unity port WAD Suggestion thread

    I've sideloaded nuts on my Switch during development to test and it actually tanks the FPS pretty bad, although I did bump up the amount of sprites being drawn so its a little less broken rendering wise than vanillla. Not sure how it works on the other consoles. It's possible it still lags because all the game logic and rendering has to happen on a single core. Computers and consoles are fast now, but they're fast because of how many cores and how powerful the GPUs are. It's pretty easy to make a 25 year old game run slow on a modern system if you specifically ignore everything that makes modern systems fast. 3x resolution in 16:9 at 60FPS was already a problem in some of the more complex addon maps we have, it was one of the many reasons we standardized on 2x resolution across all platforms when we added widescreen support.
  10. sponge

    Quake Remastered

    Probably some audio pulled from a production library.
  11. sponge

    Quake Remastered

    Auto aim should feel better now, which will probably help. If you're playing on the Switch the sliders work now, too.
  12. There are more add-on releases planned still, just busy with lots of Quake stuff, and starting the Quake add-ons. The update was just a version number bump for the physical release, it is the same build as the last one. As far as I know, Doom 1 and 2 is playable offline with no WiFi, you just need a linked Nintendo account before you launch the game.
  13. Not really devs to talk about here, it is just myself, and I have been working on Quake. I looked into the Switch crashes on sleep many times but was never able to fully solve it. I found one issue I was able to fix, but it seems people are running into another now. There's always going to be requests and such that could be added but I'm not sure what's missing or incomplete at this point, especially compared to previous official releases.
  14. sponge

    Quake Remastered

    Thanks for all of this, this was pretty much on spot. It looks like we got rid of the original volume cvar multiplier when porting the audio system over, which caused the pre-mix volume to go from 0.7 to 1.0, which immediately started clipping all over the place. The 20% post-mix volume hack was trying to address why the game was so loud to our testers, and then I applied the same value to the music to be consistent. In the next version, we added back the multiplier to the samples, hardcoded it to 0.4 to further avoid some clipping in the noisy areas of demo1, and then got rid of the volume scaling hack. This is at 0 music, 10 sound: The overall sound level doesn't seem to overpower playing a YouTube video/my podcasts in the background, either. I might still tweak the pre-mix level, I don't think this is something we'd want to expose directly and instead rely on the current volume output slider, but just trying to stop "garbage in, garbage out" kinds of issues here.
  15. sponge

    Quake Remastered

    Hey all, just popping in here to say hope y'all enjoy the new port! This is the project I've been involved with for the past year, and am excited that it's out on everything. For nightmare, 50HP is intentional. We removed the "turreting" that enemies tended to do in Nightmare, and set health to 50 to compensate as a nod to what Copper did, in order to make Nightmare harder than hard, not easier.