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  1. sponge


    One of the coolest experiences I had with a Doom mod.
  2. hey dude i dunno if you saw my comment on the unity tread but are there any plans to add a 35 fps limiter?

    1. Chip


      He'll get to it. there is a lot he has to do for the team, and small things like that are not important enough to warrant an immediate response. give him time, there is no rush. 

  3. The Unity port will look for a E1M1 or MAP01 lump in order to determine Doom 1 or Doom 2. This is what, as mentioned, lets us run the add-ons in both games. I don't think this was stock Doom behavior, but it seemed like the easiest way to detect D1 or D2. We then just merge the appropriate game's IWAD with the PWAD, and voila, no need for game specific add-ons anymore!
  4. Heh in terms of "how the team looks at it" it's literally myself doing the curating. I don't know much of the community output past the really old stuff like Hell Revealed, so I've been looking at Cacowards, community suggestions, and talking to folks I know. I wouldn't read into the tea leaves of previous releases too much, I'm not really looking for episode replacements or similar themes to the original game or whatever, it's typically about what looks cool, doesn't have a huge author list/contactable authors, and what doesn't use a ton of Heretic/other game assets. Stuff like BTSX is great because the new palette gives it its own style, and REKKR is like a brand new Doom engine game (once DEH support became viable) Frankly, most of the releases nowadays are far and away better than the original IWADs. D2ISO is cool too but I don't think the joke would make any sense outside of DW heh.
  5. Hi all! I've been keeping tabs on the thread, but don't have too much to add in terms of future plans. All the feedback is appreciated and acknowledged though. There are more add-ons planned, but the timing might not be as regular.
  6. The PSX maps would lose a lot without the colored lighting, and the GBA maps are deathmatch only (and my guess the simpler construction in the maps would not look great on the PC) so they're not exactly prime targets for inclusion. Sewers and Betray were more a programmer easter egg including their childhood levels, so I don't consider them the same as the other added levels, and were removed for the recent ports.
  7. sponge

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    That is indeed the SC-55 I used to record the IWAD music. Add-ons will use the GUS soundfont since we obviously can't ship Roland sound samples.
  8. sponge

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    Note that "1 extra version" is actually "6 extra builds" since we'd have to do a German/Worldwide release on all 6 platforms, bringing the total builds I'd have to manage from an already ludicrous 12, to 18. Given that the 2 secret levels are now 1.9 compatible, and the wall textures aren't blanked anymore, I don't particularly give much credence to complaints of censorship anymore.
  9. sponge

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    On (most?) storefronts it's DOOM (1993) and DOOM II (Classic) to make things more confusing heh. I probably would've went with DOOM (2019 rerelease) and DOOM II (2019 Rerelease) but considering I just refer to it as Doomnity myself the current DoomWiki name is probably just fine.
  10. sponge

    Thoughts on the new Unity Port Update?

    As mentioned, Nerve in this case. It's pretty rare that a publisher would dictate a tech stack to a studio like that, when they do it is often wanting to use internal tech for maintenance reasons. Unity was chosen for its ability to run on just about everything. It's easy to fulfill the whole "Doom runs on anything" meme but "good enough to sell as a finished, professional product that can pass platform cert" means writing a lot of platform-specific code for 6 platforms. Unity has quirks for sure but overall it was absolutely the right call to use it. I'm not sure what the alternative would've been (Unreal Engine?)
  11. Either way, whatever you want to consider it, it's not something we're interested in preserving in our ports since we're presenting the original game, not the original Xbox version.
  12. SIGIL at 3x resolution was starting to have some FPS issues on the base PS4, even. An extra 33% of pixels of widescreen on top of 60FPS would've been pretty brutal at 3x. We lowered everything down to 2x to give a lot more overhead on perf, in addition to the aforementioned renderer issues with the vanilla renderer.
  13. sponge

    I got a new laptop...

    I'd probably try repairing the install from Steam just to be sure. That usually happens when the game can't load the Doom engine plugin DLL.
  14. They are in GUS format in the mididata Unity asset bundle. I know there are tools to modify these asset bundles but I'm not super familiar with them to recommend one. I know Rewired supports choosing which controllers are mapped to what players but the UI for that is unfortunately not exposed. Rewired settings are in the registry at HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Bethesda Softworks\DOOM and you may be able to change the controller mapping, but you're on your own from there.
  15. sponge

    dsda-doom source port [v0.19.7]

    I'm happy to hear about tracking the pacifist rules automatically! I had brought something similar up when the new rules were being talked about, and while I don't really have much of an opinion either way, I think that being able to build it into the game itself can only help the community that wants to keep the category alive.