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  1. What sort of stuff should secret levels be? Should they be pretty gimmicky or can they bend rules about size/difficulty or are they just more levels that are harder to find? Just wondering since that's the type of slot I was considering.
  2. NecrumWarrior

    PUSS XXXIV: Naughty & Nice (Dev Thread)

    Map Name: Krampus Keep Author: NecrumWarrior Music: Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairy by Tchaikovsky Format: MBF21 Build Time: 1 hour 54 minutes + some balancing to make it winnable Co-op Starts: Y Difficulty Settings: N Which List Are You On: Naughty >:) Gimmicks: A Bone Closet in a Trick Door!, Five Archviles!, Four Cyberdemons! Download: Dropbox Comments: You woke up on Christmas morning expecting presents and candy, but you have been a naughty little Doomguy this year, so Krampus has taken you away for punishment in his keep! This is the most developed slaughter map I have made so far and I think it came out pretty good. Screenshots:
  3. I was very nervous about taking on MAP30, but I pulled it off! Map Name: Sin City Map Slot: MAP30 Author: NecrumWarrior MIDI: I am Jazz by James Paddock Coop/Difficulties: Yes/Yes Comments: In the center of the void you find the heart of all cities: The Sin City. Destroy the Icon of Sin and free humanity from the shackles of modernity! Download: Dropbox Screenshots:
  4. Things are moving forward. A rooftop battle! No I'm not ripping off Doom Eternal! My map has 4 Icon of Sins!
  5. NecrumWarrior

    Snow Wave (Christmas Community Project)

    Title: Ugly Sweater Author: NecrumWarrior Music: Silent Night (on a Soundless Mound) by @Arsinikk Link to level: Dropbox Difficulty settings: Yes Comment: Hell is quite frozen over, so why not celebrate the holidays with your demon pals! Screenshots:
  6. NecrumWarrior

    Snow Wave (Christmas Community Project)

    I was trying to finish this map tonight, but unfortunately I still have to make the final area. Here's what I got done for the red skull key which will open the 3 key door!
  7. NecrumWarrior

    Snow Wave (Christmas Community Project)

    Further preparations for Christmas dinner.
  8. This looks rad! Putting it on my list. I love the golden skull premise.
  9. Happy birthday, Doom! Here's to 30 more years with the perfect game! This is a 30-minute speed slaughter map that replaces E3M1. Download Screenshot:
  10. NecrumWarrior

    Pina Colada - Now on idgames!

    Congratulations guys! Now I have no excuse, I gotta start playing this.