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  1. HorrorMovieRei

    What "Lost Media" are you interested in?

    Lately I've been following with baited breath the search for some creepy pasta lost media, like the origin of Jeff the Killer. As of now it's pretty much agreed that the original unedited image, whatever it was, came from japanese internet in the early aughts. People used to think it was based on that 4chan post of the woman that was bullied, but that has been debunked since the image dates way back. (and also that woman never existed) Another one is the location of the original backrooms which also has an ungoing search. I actually don't even like the backrooms personally because of how over exposed and over explained it's become and also for assimilating a huge part of the "liminal spaces" art/aesthetic into it's own fandom. But I'll be damned if I'm not dying of curiosity to learn more about this seemingly innocuous room that managed to get a vice grip on the internet horror scene.
  2. HorrorMovieRei

    For those who dislike Slaughter maps...

    I don't hate or dislike slaughter maps (I'm totally in the mood for them sometimes), though if I had to point to a reason as to why someone else might not enjoy slaughter maps, i'd have to say it's probably because they're more like combat puzzles (pardon the buzzword). You probably hear the term "slaughter map" for the first time and go into it thinking you're gonna be killing by the dozens, but then you're actually herding demons most of the time, being very mindful of cover and item placement, and instigating infighting. The killing you'll be activelly doing most of the time is for the purpose of clearing escape routes. Not saying non-slaughter maps can't have all that, but combat in the average Doom map is usually a lot more free-form, and instantly gratifying, as opposed to a slaughter map's more methodical, non-imediate satisfaction. It's also just hard and plain brutal and requires a certain level of mastery over the game's mechanics that it's unreasonable to expect from most people, and that's okay. No one should be expected to become godlike at every single game they play. It's very fun, but also frustrating, and that's by design. Not everyone wants to tackle that level of challenge, or care to get that good, so I can see why you'd get frustrated to see a beautiful mapset that everyone is talking about and get completely steamrolled as soon as you start it up.
  3. HorrorMovieRei


    I have nothing to add. Just wanna say I've been playing this nonstop since yesterday and I've become obsessed with this little project. Very well done
  4. HorrorMovieRei

    Which celestial body would you visit?

    Any gas giant in our Solar system. Because the concept of a "gas giant" is fucked up and it makes me very curious.
  5. HorrorMovieRei


    Pizza tastes 10x better once it has spent a night in the fridge and is then reheated in your own oven the next day
  6. HorrorMovieRei

    Official Rap/Hip Hop Music Fan Thread

    I have never been much into rap or hip hop, but this last year or two I've been looking into the genre to branch out a little. I've taken a liking to Notorious B.I.G., and other artists from around that time. It's all great, lyrics are fucked up but I don't mind, the beats in these are fucking amazing too. I haven't listened to full albums or anything, but I can list some of my favorite finds: Write This Down - Biggie Mo money, mo problems - Biggie Dance with the Devil - Immortal technique Love for them gangstas - Eazy E Big Poppa - Biggie Have been lately looking into Death Grips aswell because i heard good things about them (and I can now see where the praise comes from). Very intense, it kicks ass.
  7. HorrorMovieRei

    What's the meaning of life in your opinion?

    Help your fellow human, lift each other up, and always try to make the world better even if it seems pointless or impossible, and even if your contribution is unfathomably small. Live virtuosly, and be humble. You don't have to be a saint, you just gotta try and be your best. I know all of this sounds sappy, but I've come to learn it's the truth. Pessimism, nihilism, social darwinism, excessive cynicism and mistrust, those are not only draining, but a waste of time. Such beliefs only serve to make you, and by extension, mankind stagnate in a status quo that isn't particularly good for anyone. I'm not bullshitting, once you start having a more positive outlook on life, it feels like meaning and purpose just come back in naturally. New experiences stop being intimidating, people stop being scary. Of course, evil will still exist in the world, and you have to recognize that, but you will also learn that it's not nearly as ubiquitous as you thought.
  8. HorrorMovieRei

    Blasphemer discussion

    Amazing sounds! That's one thing I think we've been sorely missing. Most of the audio in right now seems to be placeholders.
  9. HorrorMovieRei

    Blasphemer discussion

    Neat! Just one thing to keep in mind if you use the Dark Goblin as a base for all frames: I noticed the walk animation seems to be unfinished (or just lazy). It only has 2 frames it alternates between, so you might need to fill in some of the blanks in order to make a propper 4 frame walk animation
  10. HorrorMovieRei

    Do you know any obscure 2000s PC games?

    First 2 are Turrican fangames (I urge you to play Hurrican, it's actually really good) Second is some weird little game I happened upon. Third is a weird Splatterhouse fangame I played a lot when I was a kid. Last one is the comically janky Friday the 13th fangame, which I also played a lot.
  11. HorrorMovieRei

    Blasphemer discussion

    I for one woulnd't mind if the elk demon remained as the saberclaw replacement indefinitelly. The sprite looks good, and has just the right amount of frames for this monster slot.
  12. HorrorMovieRei

    Share Your Sprites!

    Doom Eternal Tyrant. Here's a video of it in Motion Tyrant_sprites.zip
  13. HorrorMovieRei

    Blasphemer discussion

    I think it's a good call to have the giant Golem/elder god combo as the final boss, specially because of the way dsparil works, where his first form has a considerable higher radius and height, befitting for it's stature. Must say also, as a big fan of LoK, I quite like the inspiration put on that vampire. Funny too because I myself took some inspiration from Raziel when making the player sprite years back. I'm also glad we can have a proper, more fitting name for the new Lich too. I am aware that the actual wendigo legend has nothing to do with the pop-culture idea of "antler demon", but i didn't know what else to call it. Reading up on the Leshy it looks more fitting to the heavy metal aesthetic this game has going on too Maybe it's skin can be like the bark of a tree, with the hands being like twisted roots or branches
  14. HorrorMovieRei

    Blasphemer discussion

    Glad to see you back! I seen this roadmap posted in the server. According to Cacowad, the game should be in a Deathmatch-ready state next release with my recent submissions. Based on that it would seem that the regular, non-boss enemies are probably the next set of priorities right now. There has been some discussion regarding possible designs. Craneo pitched this concept for a possible replacement for the undead warrior, which is now a vampire instead: We also discussed the idea of having the Ophidiam be a Daegon-like fish person that spits toxic clouds; and, as mentioned in the previous post, a wendigo-like monster for the Iron Lich. These are only suggestions of course, I don't think you should feel restricted in any way in what you want to sprite.