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  1. HorrorMovieRei

    what is the status of development

    Certainly! Here's the cruddy sketch I did. Of course, I encourage anyone to take creative liberties if they choose to adapt this. As for the Archvile, the attack frame still needs rotations.
  2. HorrorMovieRei

    what is the status of development

    So nice to have you back! As mentioned before, most regular enemies now have decent sprites, but which can still benefit from some improvements. I'm personally looking forward to see what we do with the bosses. I've been learning 3D modelling too like @Korp, and I'm hoping we can all get something going soon. I've seen someone on the Discord server making a model for a possible Spider Mastermind based on a concept I drew, and likewise I'm looking forward to modeling the Assault Tripod and giving it animations that aren't janky like the current one (whenever i have free time that is).
  3. HorrorMovieRei

    Post your Favorite GIFS

    Incoming spam:
  4. HorrorMovieRei

    Why'd you choose your title?

    I play every social interaction on Nightmare difficulty
  5. HorrorMovieRei

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    Excelent, I was doing the same thing. The more people that have the full set of resources the better, i'd say. Someone might wanna take a look at R667's forums too. There are things in there that didn't make it into the repository proper (and now I doubt they will)
  6. HorrorMovieRei

    Discussion About Realm667

    Tormentor doesn't own the resources submited, he just hosted them. Most of them were made by the community, by people who wanted their stuff shared around and used. A few things were submited by Tormentor himself, but I'd argue it should be fine still, given that the stuff he submited were all based off of other's people's stuff too from what I remember.
  7. HorrorMovieRei

    Repository Dump [temp mirror added]

    A real shame about all that's happened. Here's my contribution in the attached Zip file. Contains the following: 0Realm667_stuff.zip
  8. HorrorMovieRei

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    That was Craneo. He polished the Technospider and also finished polishing the Combat Slug (which up until then I had started but stopped at the walking frames)
  9. HorrorMovieRei

    Finishing unfinished monsters

    The people who frequent the Freedoom Discord are aware of this, but I feel like I should post it here aswell. The Octaminator is nearing completion, and I will submit it to the git as soon as it is done. Me and Korp are working on finishing all other "outdated" monsters too, like the Summoner and the Death Flare. Hopefully next version will have a lot of new enemies. Octoboy in action: https://streamable.com/rjqdnm
  10. HorrorMovieRei

    Can you drink snow globe water

    Survival is good and all, but let's make this interesting: What's the minimum amount of money you'd drink out of a snow globe for?
  11. HorrorMovieRei

    Why is the Zombieman's hair green?

    They are green with envy because everyone else has more health.
  12. HorrorMovieRei

    Most overdone/played-out Doom arguments?

    I must apologize for my non-contribution in the poll, but I had to vote on everything lol
  13. HorrorMovieRei

    Get It Off Your Chest

    Honestly, I don't enjoy making gameplay mods anymore and I just wanna quit, but I have a lot of pending projects I have to finish. Specially now that Decorate is on it's way out in favor of Zscript, I feel like even if I finish what I set out to do, it won't have a long shelf life anyhow. I could probably just disappear and leave everything unfinished. I'm not that big of a name in the community, and my social ineptitude and anxiety has ensured that after 7 or 8 years making mods for Doom I've built exactly zero connections, so I don't think there's any sort of pressure for me to commit to anything. However, I have this weird sense of pride where not only do not wanna leave what I started unfinished, I also want it to be perfect. So, I'm pretty much stuck in this little personal hell of needing to finish a billion projects I no longer enjoy doing, for an audience of no one in particular, just so by the end of it I can say I did it, but not feel particularly accomplished in anything. Basically no one cares but me. Only reason I even feel comfortable posting this here at all is because I spent so much time here in the past, and because oldschool internet forums feel less "personal" nowadays.
  14. HorrorMovieRei

    What do you consider to be the most annoying game mechanic?

    Slippery ice in ice stages are something I hated in retro games, and still hate when modern games do it. I can see you enjoying it if you're good at platforming and stuff, but personally I'd just prefer being able to stand still and not have to fight against momentum very time I so much as fart in any direction. Quick time events. The only time I would say I actually enjoyed QTEs was in Metal Gear Rising, and even then it has some really annoying ones, like when those gorilla robots grab you and you have to rock your analog stick back and forth real fast to the point where anything short of breaking the damn thing will make you fail and take damage. Worst one I can think of though(and mind you, I don't play that many modern AAA games, so there's probably worse out there) is in Sleeping Dogs. The enemy type that grapples you and makes you do QTEs to avoid his attacks is incredibly NOT fun to fight and completely ruins the otherwise awesome kung-fu action in the combat. Overly complicated skill trees, and upgrades and such. I do enjoy it when it's done like in the original Deus Ex, where it's simple and straight forward, but modern games overly complicate it usually and have several "forks" and requirements, and billions of skills, and by that point I can't be bothered to keep track of any of that. Looter shooters. [let me reiterate for the 500th time how much I hate Borderlands] And lastly, while I don't think it is a mechanic, but more so a trend, is unbroken first person narrative. This might be a bit of a hot take, but for everything good Half-Life did, I absolutely hate that it popularized the whole "first 20 minutes of the game is a boring slog to help you 'get immersed in the universe'", and sections where you're just standing there having exposition spat at you. That's one thing that makes me enjoy the Half-Life series as a whole considerably less, and makes me hate any other game that attempts to copy it. Just let me play the damn game I paid for.