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  1. Wereknight

    Doom RTX On - AKA "Ah, shit, here we go again"

    Why doing same shit all over again after being noticed by Zenimax, have very negative reaction from people and shutting previous "mod" revision down due legal issues? Stop. Vasyan, you DON'T do it right.
  2. Wereknight

    The new SSG...?

    Before throwing such nonsense do some research first, boy.
  3. Wereknight

    i need some freedoom levels

    Search for "Distress call" on /idgames
  4. Wereknight

    Neural network generates text from any prompt

    And this thing isn't working for me... shame. WHY NEURAL NETWORKS ARE ALL AGAINST ME?!
  5. Wereknight

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

  6. Wereknight

    MAYhem 2019 - Doom for the Doom God!

    i'd expected more time to have but vacation over... sadly. But hey, at least I have done this sky for your needs.
  7. Wereknight

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    If you'll look at reload sprites you'll see that upper part of barrel have sharp-ish edges close to center. Try to make it look that way.
  8. Wereknight

    Random stuff

    I can deliverr you some of latex teddies.
  9. Wereknight

    i play guitar

    And I play Gormoshka
  10. Wereknight

    Poor people

    Not interested in Roblox. Thanks
  11. Wereknight


    Nah this just got Post Hell'd Oh wait...
  12. Wereknight

    Freedoom Skulltag Stuff

    Spicey alien bastard ruined some rando's ride. Sound fine to me.
  13. Wereknight


    With such thread name? DIFFENETLY YES.
  14. Wereknight

    D4RKP1G Stuff (Sprites, Edits, Etc...)

    I don't. I do not like to lie to people about their abilities and then will not do that there either. I already told you, you have some potential yet you lack of practice and experience in spriting. I'd recommend you to continue studying. And I have good material for learn Also this one. And to ensure that you may get better: That was my old plasma gun that I've redone once. I felt that I could do it. And I did, it was worth of effort. Yet it lacks of shading pretty much, but suits some things like freedoom just right. And this one was made ~month ago for the People's Doom. This beauty shaded, colored and looking good overall, therefore have all it need to be good looking sprite.
  15. Wereknight

    Freedoom Skulltag Stuff

    Yet these aren't demons at all