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  1. Favorite Movie Genre: Action Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Holiday: Halloween as well Favorite Memory: Playing Doom as a kid Worst Memory: Being bullied in high school Age: 26 Favorite Outfit: Cargo pants and literally any shirt, I'm a simple dresser Favorite Genre Of Music: Progressive Metal Most Hated Genre of Music: Pop and Rap... ugh Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: Fortunately I've never been seriously injured, so I'll go with being really badly sick once when I was a kid Favorite Hobby: Videogames Your Definition of Success: Freedom In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Huh?
  2. Next update is definitely going to be the new episode, since it's past due from when I wanted to have them out. After the new episode is done, I will then focus on bringing over the Absolution and Outcast maps.
  3. Yea you might could do a SetActorProperty to change the alpha of the actor (you) to 0.0 or invisible, and change it back later. No idea if it works on the player actor but I don't see why not.
  4. I really like @Kapanyo's current one too.
  5. Your avatar is amazing.

  6. Look the bottom line here is whatever can truly help either my project or this one is worth considering and working to include. You need to know I didn't want to shut anything or anyone out, it's just a culmination of events got me irritated and made me nope.avi for a bit. There's only so much I can do to please everyone, and I am trying to give the players more and more options to control the experience. In fact, there's hardly anything that is forced anymore in my mod except for the skyboxes. I was trying to come up with a way to toggle between classic skies and skyboxes like EX does, but I have no idea how to do that since SkyViewpoints use TIDs differently.
  7. Indeed. The original choices for reverbs were quite obnoxious to be honest, so I toned them down to be more subtle. They are a lot easier to hear if the music is off though. You may also notice the reverbs change depending on the type of room. If the area is huge and would definitely echo, it will echo loud and long. A good example is the final room of MAP04. Inversely, small areas that are outside or have some kind of sky nearby will echo but it will be virtually unnoticeable. Finally, fully outside areas do not reverb at all. Also, the reverbs I used are all new custom ID combos, so you can open up the REVERBS lump and edit them to your hearts content without ever needing to mess with any maps. I will take suggestions on how to improve the reverbs to be even better, if such advice is given. Originally I used Factory Large/Small Room but changed to Spacestation Hall. I liked the sound of that one way more and used it as the main reverb.
  8. Version 1.3 of the mod is now available. The new episode is not ready yet unfortunately, still plenty left to do but here's a bunch of fixes and additions leading up to it. The Retribution episode will be the 1.4 update. NOTE: If you use the D64MUS.PK3 file instead of FluidSynth you will need to download the new version of the OGG pack due to the MIDI lump names being changed to allow for externalization. Download here: CHANGELOG:
  9. They are using a modified GZDoom Builder with support for all of Doom 64 and PSX Doom's features, including their own implementation of colored lighting which works only on their modified version of GZDoom 1.9.1. So basically, they have made a GZDoom version of Doom 64 EX and Doom Builder 64. They are God, I'm telling you.
  10. I don't remember those guns on the APU being that bright. Did Mifune get an upgrade?
  11. Is it flattering or bad that I keep confusing you with Sonic Mayhem? I seem to always think Sonic Clang did Quake 2's soundtrack. Either way, great to see some new stuff!
  12. Shit.
  13. Alright... I decided to go back through the maps again for reverbs, replacing my previous preset choices with custom reverb IDs instead. Some of them are the same presets (i.e. concert hall) but now it's easier to remember them and the normal reverb across most maps is different and sounds way better IMO. My previous choices were kinda ass and made the sound really crackly and most certainly was clipping. It will also be a LOT easier to fine tune them without needing to edit the maps. I am also adding the level freeze effect at the end of each level which was missing. Originally i didn't add it because it stopped music and sound, but I realized a few days ago that the music actually stops even in EX so I will add them now. Now you get the red screen blend that you are used to seeing and the whole map will be frozen now like it should. No more pressing the exit switch beside an Imp which you can hear tickling your ass. The MAP04 switch puzzle thing has been fixed for 1.3, no longer possible to break thanks to the magic of TagWait and SetLineSpecial. Tested it with turbo 255, no longer breakable. I might release 1.3 soon without the new episode and instead release the new maps for 1.4 since I've made tons of changes and I don't want everyone to be waiting around for these fixes and the new maps too. It's been too long without an update, so I want to get one out sooner rather than later so interest doesn't die off too badly.