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  1. Your Thoughts on Last Rites

    Heard of it. Love the concept and design for it. Would really love to do a TC of it to GZDoom, but first we need a full rip to do it right. The files I have are only partial.
  2. Any way to port the DOOM 1/UD MIDIs to DOOM II?

    So then how does Ancient Aliens get away with it? It's for Doom 2 and there's still tons of Doom 2 graphics in it.
  3. Why was my WAD rejected?

    But I've seen WADs with IWAD resources included again and they are on idgames, like Ancient Aliens. Or do you have to be well established in the community for your copying to be overlooked?
  4. That 90% complete build needs to get released. I don't care what it takes. We need, hell we DESERVE to play DNF the way it was meant to be played.
  5. Anyone else get this feeling?

    I'm only like this in games like Fallout and Elder Scrolls. I can't kill normal NPCs and be able to continue, only enemies and bandits and the like. I'm not an evil character ever, I can't even play evil on purpose. I end up deleting that save and going back to being good.
  6. I always wondered why that was.
  7. ACS Quick Help: Item counter for a door/monster spawns

    To be more specific with an example, you'd do something like this:
  8. I still don't know why this was even part of their agreement. Is Getty Images even familiar with the internet? Obviously not, because a) plugins are already made to circumvent the changes and b) the user can circumvent the change already with context menus. Then what if right-click gets blocked? There are ways around that too! View page info or source, find the links... they can't stop us. They can't stop the people from getting what they want. They should just put things back and deal with it.
  9. Need help running an Absolution PWAD (yes really)

    I got hit with that message once while warping to a map in the Redemption Denied set. It doesn't seem to be constant, and so far I haven't had to change anything (knock on wood). How big is that map anyway? Maybe try something a lot bigger, like 512. I don't really know what to suggest unfortunately.
  10. Apparently due to some kind of agreement with the devil Getty Images, Google removed the button that hotlinks directly to the image in search results. This is a big problem because it makes viewing images and downloading them harder than it needs to be and you can't right click the button to open the image in a new tab anymore. You also can't quickly and easily search by the image in question in one click either. I really don't understand the point since you can still right click the image and view or save so long as the site doesn't block hotlinking themselves, the only problem is this makes it view in the current tab. They aren't going to stop people from stealing images, they aren't doing any good here. This is just another stupid thing that is happening in this stupid world we live in.
  11. Is it possible to use linedefs for skys instead of sectors?

    In OpenGL mode, if you leave a wall untextured it will show as sky.
  12. I'm adding the names of the original map authors of Doom 64 maps to my TC to go under the map names just like the old Absolution TC but I can't seem to find who actually made the Doom logo MAP33 in the original. I don't know if it was Randy, Danny or Tim. Anyone know? It feels like Randy's style but I want to be sure. In the mean time I just put "Midway."
  13. Ending caption screen question

    Former refers to the first suggestion, that being the Print or HudMessage function. But that is moot now since you meant a text screen. Make a new map in UDMF, and then do script 1 OPEN { Exit_Normal(0); } Save it as whatever, MAP00 would work. Then in MAPINFO, make it so there's no intermission or autosave alert on MAP00, and then put this map into its own cluster. Set up a cluster definition which contains exittext for this cluster. That will cause the map to end immediately upon load, and then skip the intermission and go straight to the text, then to MAP01. Redefine the episode with an episode definition to start on MAP00 instead of MAP01.
  14. How do I fix a door not opening correctly?

    Yea for reference, doors in Doom by default will open to 4 units below the lowest adjacent ceiling, so the ceiling or floor here is made in such a way that the door breaks and fails to open. You might could also make the door free standing by drawing a very thin V-shaped sector at the two sides of the door, so you end up with something like this: |>=====<| Where the separators are the sides, the signs are the new sectors and the equals are the door. That would pull the door sector itself away from the adjacent geometry and allow the door to open without deleting the other sector.