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  1. Nevander

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    Before I start my maps, which format are we using? Pick one: 1) Vanilla Doom 2 2) Boom (limit removing) 3) UDMF The three are vastly different and are not interchangable for port targeting. If even 1 map is UDMF, target ports skyrocket. Boom makes the most sense for such a project.
  2. Nevander

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    Yea I'm a little confused on the music thing. Are we just using the names of the tracks as map ideas (map is directly based on the song title)? If so, there should be no Doom 1 songs? And using the same MIDI? If yes, then music should not be changed at all. Is this correct?
  3. I love it! Italian food is my favorite. It's a little pricey, a dinner for two with dessert and drinks can reach up to the $80 mark. Quiet environment. Excellent alfredo sauce.
  4. Nevander

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    I mean the ones I need would be in spirit of the concept for the WAD, and still vanilla format.
  5. Nevander

    Doom 2 In Song Only - A Community Experiment Megawad

    I'll take MAP10 and MAP26. Question: are new textures allowed?
  6. Nevander


    I'd like to nominate this thread for a Cacoward.
  7. Nevander

    What has happened to Laz Rojas?

    Why does any other random poster on any forum anywhere stop being active? Life happens. Don't assume the worst, it's likely just that they've become busy or moved on to other things.
  8. Nevander


    I love this new E1M1 retextured meme we got going on. Let's see more!
  9. Nevander

    "Save map into" button deletes one of my maps.

    I'm paranoid so I always use one WAD for one map, then merge lumps with SLADE later. Way safer.
  10. Nevander

    Do you know any obscure 2000s PC games?

    Ohh how I wish it was on PC or at the very least backwards compatible with 360.
  11. Nevander

    Which Doom creators do you appreciate this year?

    Aww thanks! I've loved getting to know you too. I'm an open book on Doom stuff and general stuff, any time any place. I don't know as much as some here but I know enough. I keep meaning to check out some streams but I'm always so darn busy with work and our schedules aren't synced up. One day!
  12. Nevander

    Duke Nukem Forever 2D 1996 build leaked

    I don't know who the source of the leaking going on is, but I love them the glorious bastard.
  13. Nevander

    I hate twitch

    Looks like some Google Account stuff going on, not necessarily twitch.
  14. If it's choco doom, you may need -merge instead.
  15. Nevander

    on secret hunting

    Hump every wall Observe automap oddities Hump every wall Out of place textures Misaligned textures Hump every wall Strangely placed items Don't forget to hump every wall