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  1. Nevander

    Hardware Challenge

  2. Nevander

    GZDoom secret stutter

    This may not be what you want, but personally I don't like the sound in the first place so I made this: https://www.doomworld.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=32522 Should alleviate or eliminate the stutter.
  3. Nevander

    why do people care about hitler and medkits so much?

    Wow, it wasn't me this time!
  4. Nevander

    Classic Doomguy Figure

    If there is, I must have one.
  5. Nevander

    What ports support Doom64 lighting?

    Yea, we've tried that. There's still a whole thread over there about it and nothing seems to come of it. I've made one, someone else made one, it's useless. Feature requests on this subject are just being ignored.
  6. Nevander

    What ports support Doom64 lighting?

    GZDoom's support is also incomplete, last I saw. Might have gotten updated since then but I still don't see any ACS functions for changing colors documented on the wiki, nor does it have the flags for changing how the color is applied to walls in that sector in regards to pegging, nor does it work under 3D floors. All of which are important.
  7. Nevander

    What is a namespace and can I convert it?

    Namespaces are organized sections of WADs divided up by markers. For example, flats go in F_START/F_END. That's a namespace. So if there was a flat called FLAT01 then for some reason you had a sound effect called FLAT01, you'd be fine because they belong to different namespaces. The engines won't get confused because it knows how to read the lumps. More info here: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Namespace I think it means there are some lumps present that Eternity can't use. My only guess as to what's going on is certain lumps for the map or elsewhere in the WAD (maybe an entire namespace like TX_) are incompatible with Eternity. I think Eternity's UDMF support is barebones, which means it does not accept anything that's a G/ZDoom thing. I'm not an expert on Eternity though so I could very well be wrong. To make it work in Eternity, depending on what it is, may be a chore to do if it heavily relies on GZDoom. I don't know if any of this helps, just what I know.
  8. Nevander

    Half-Life Or Duke Nukem 3D?

    Both, for different reasons. As someone else once said (paraphrasing): "They are like my children, I love them all, I can't choose just one."
  9. Nevander

    Can't join sectors

    Sometimes when weird things like this happen to me I'll use Make Sector tool on each sector to ensure they are all separate and closed, then attempt to re-join. Usually fixes it for me.
  10. Nevander

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Or even funnier is killing an enemy and the corpse slides up stairs. Physics be damned!
  11. Nevander

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    That I think we can all agree on. First thing I do with old games is look for source ports so I can avoid DOSBox. I don't hate DOSBox, but I'd much rather have a modernized port that just works.
  12. Hell no! I'm sorry, but I absolutely despise it in games when being injured/shot slows your movement and/or distorts your aim. It's just annoying and impairs gameplay. Some may say it's more challenging and realistic, I say it's annoying.
  13. Nevander

    Doom and Doom II 2020 re-release

    Sometimes this is a legitimate concern though, it's happened several times with different games on Steam. I'm not saying that it will happen to the OG classic Doom versions but it's in the realm of possibility. Some examples... Duke Nukem Megaton taken off after World Tour (as mentioned) Metro 2033 and Last Light taken off after Redux releases Dead Island and Riptide taken off after Definitive Edition release Blood: One Unit Whole Blood taken off after Blood Fresh Supply I'm sure there's more than this.
  14. Nevander

    Any peculiar Doom habits?

    Hey you never know. Especially in older WADs and 90s stuff. I know I've seen cases where doors look like they are key locked but the real key locked door is elsewhere, possibly even unmarked!