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  1. Nevander

    Cool wads for kids and teenagers?

    Scroll down to "Censor Doom"
  2. Major Stormtrooper aim in that trailer. I bet it was on purpose as a meme.
  3. Nevander

    I think UDB might've just broke my computer

    I'd try reinstalling/updating your video drivers, or roll back if you recently updated first. What is your OS? Any system updates recently? Hard drive or SSD?
  4. Nevander

    How To Get Over My Fear Of Math?

    Just start by adding up what you do know and aren't worried about. You'll be able to subtract the things that do. With this, you can divide and conquer to tackle this issue. The fears will be a fraction of what they were before. Your confidence on the subject will multiply and you'll be soaring with new powers. This is my secret formula to success. Remember to like and subscribe.
  5. Nevander

    There was a guy in our house

    This is why I lock everything all the time and have a firearm ready to go at a moment's notice. Home invasions are way too common and I have no intention of being a victim.
  6. Nevander


    I'm adding DM maps to 1.6. Eventually.
  7. Nevander

    The Above Avatar is Fighting You. How Screwed Are You?

    Pretty much screwed. This particular Imp was gifted the top hat for deeds of great valor in Hell.
  8. Nevander

    What's the biggest regret in your life?

    Is that the same advice you'd give to all the men out there in successful and happy relationships or marriages? It doesn't help the men who seek to have the same things others do. We aren't wrong to want it and I wish this concept of not needing it would die already. But it's true that most women (especially these days) are not worth effort because they show zero in return for people who care about them. Modern dating world is fucked. The lucky ones still exist and there's a vast amount of men languishing that nobody ever talks about, because to hell with men's feelings.
  9. Nevander

    What's the biggest regret in your life?

    Not asking out my high school crush.
  10. Nevander

    What are Your Favorite Xbox 360 Racing Games?

    Favorites are NFS Most Wanted and an underrated one called Baja 1000.
  11. Nevander

    Marathon's legacy for sale, cheap

    That's true. My comment was directed at AAA studios.
  12. @Johnny CrueltyRemove me from the slots I can no longer participate
  13. Nevander

    Marathon's legacy for sale, cheap

    I guess good single player games are becoming a thing of the past. A big fuck you to those of us with no friends. Time to cry in the corner and play Durandal.