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  1. This world and the people in it are fucked in the head. I don't understand how people like him can even do that to somebody. And somehow people like him? Or liked, I guess.
  2. Nevander


    Wtf? I don't even understand what the real question(s) are?
  3. Nevander

    Bobby Prince CDs

    Thanks for posting this. It got posted once before but the thread vanished and the link for the file was dead. Been wanting a high quality rip of this.
  4. Nevander

    get anything cool for christmas?

    No not really. I don't ask for anything anymore. Not like how I was as a kid. I might just give instead. I got some money in my wallet I might just give to somebody. I might gift some Steam games to friends.
  5. Nevander

    Boomer Shooters, Half-Life 1, and Halo: CE

    The differences to me come down to gameplay styles and overall game design. Boomer shooters are catagorized by open, non-linear level design. Keycards, color doors, minimal scripting, basic AI behaviors, simple boss fights, no regenerating health, carry all weapons at once, fast paced action, story largely unimportant, etc. You get the gist. Modern shooters switched the formula up by changing to linear levels or "bubble" style levels. Other game mechanics changed too such as weapon carry limits (not Half Life though), regenerating health, scripted events, cinematic events, heavier on puzzles, heavier on story elements, etc.
  6. Nevander

    New Duke Nukem Game possible

    Forget a brand new Duke game. They need to do one of the following: Resurrect Duke Nukem 3D Reloaded. The modern remake of Duke 3D. It actually looked great but got nuked (pun intended) by Gearbox. Polish up and release the 1998 or 2001 build (either one or both) of DNF. Assuming it's still out there.
  7. Nevander

    ANIMDEFS question

    With Doom in Doom you'll have to use a thin blocking sector right in front of or behind the glass with no side textures (so it's see through) and lower it instantly when shot with the instant floor lower trick. If it was UDMF you could just do Line_SetBlocking in ACS when shot.
  8. I don't think this has anything to do with Crispy. Reason I say this is because I had the same problem with the 64 sounds in GZDoom. I think the answer is sound channels. It loops and replays the sound on the same channel and it happens to repeat in such a way that causes an audible crackling sound when it does so. I don't know if it can be fixed in Crispy. I could be wrong but I think that's why.
  9. Nevander

    Wads keep freezing/crashing

    Well, you're on integrated graphics which is one problem. GZDoom these days is pretty demanding. To check your version, launch GZDoom and it should tell you in the window. The console will also show it and hovering over the exe might show it too. My only real quick fix suggestion is to try a much older GZDoom build. The WADs you listed should still run fine, possibly even better for you. I'd try a version as low as 2.2.0 or 2.4.0. I use 2.2.0 and can play all those WADs. Certain mods however depend on newer features. Apart from that, you may need a driver update for your integrated graphics. Only other suggestion is to get a dedicated graphics card.
  10. Yes! Had that exact idea too. Like for Start Something they could edit the cover art so that there's no guy standing there too. A full instrumental discography release would be swell.
  11. For me that stupid meme of the skateboard guy with the ocean spray nearly ruined it. It's a great song but now that always pops in my head.
  12. Nevander

    Silent Lift

    I know format affects the size. If I remember right, although text based, UDMF maps will be larger. AAliens is Boom format.
  13. Can a wad be considered vanilla if it wasn't made with DoomEd on the id Software computers?
  14. Nevander

    Pages or Infinite Scroll?

    Give me my sweet, sweet pages. Infinite scroll can just go away. I prefer pages even on mobile.