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  1. Nice one. Which reminds me, one of these days I should start playing Doom DM.
  2. Nevander

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    Gunplay wasn't poor. It may not have been amazing but it wasn't poor. The pistol is probably the best weapon and can be used for precise headshots. The level design could have been better, but every level was different and had something else going on. The AI to me felt alright. They were smart and challenging enough that you can't simply stand in the open and just shoot at them blindly to win. Honestly the biggest legit gripe I actually have with DNF is the weapon carry limit.
  3. I can't really relate... I don't know of anyone who cares if I'm online on anything or not.
  4. Nevander

    How do you prefer to have your desktop set up?

    My rule is to not have my desktop icons occupy more than 1/4th of the screen. Only use the icons that I need.
  5. Nevander

    Is Duke Nukem Forever Really That Bad?

    Wow so many people shitting on DNF for the wrong reasons. I'm a defender of DNF and I don't think it's a bad game at all and certainly does not deserve the hate it gets. The hype that the game had built up for so long was part of the problem. The end result of DNF was a game that should have came out years before it actually did, leaving people disappointed because they expected some game of all games. The hype was always there, and I cannot deny that the versions they showed off in 1998 and 2001 were incredible by comparison. It makes me sad we will likely never get our hands on those builds. We have to take what we got and what we got could have been worse. The development history was really rough and is the primary factor for why it didn't turn out the way we'd hoped. Part of me loves and defends DNF simply because it's Duke Nukem. I love Duke 3D and Duke himself. One of my all time favorite video game protagonists. Even the worst Duke Nukem game is better than none at all. Finally having and being able to play DNF was awesome in itself. Truly a gem in videogame history. Call me blinded by nostalgia, tell me I'm wearing rose tinted glasses, I really don't give a damn but I can see hate for something when it's not needed. You are of course entitled to your opinions but you can just say "I don't like it" instead of "it's bad, don't play it." Everyone should decide for themselves, and for their own reasons. This is one major reason why I never trust reviews. Love DNF. Never won't not love it.
  6. Nevander

    Custom skill titles not showing up in main menu

    Have you included graphics of the skill names using the same name as PicName? If not, delete or comment out PicName lines.
  7. Nevander

    what is the best doom wad according to you

    Valiant by skillsaw. Playing through that was a hell of a ride on UV. Felt like a whole new game.
  8. I love Rage. But I had no interest in Rage 2. Funny how that is.
  9. Nevander

    Making your own wads

    Nothing wrong with DB2. Don't let anyone tell you not to use it. When I made Retribution, I needed DB2 because back then GZDoom Builder couldn't accept paste data for pasting geometry across editors but DB2 did. There's always a use for older things.
  10. I don't mean to be rude or anything, but don't you think some of those track names are a little juvenile? I haven't listened to them though so I can't judge them on that yet.
  11. Nevander

    Would You Make Quake 1 Similar To Quake 2?

    I'd make Quake 2 more like Quake 1.
  12. Nevander

    The Doom Comic Is Now Playable!

    Thanks. That was the goal, I tried my best to recreate every frame and the flow of the panels like the comic did.
  13. Nevander

    How do you run the Doom 2 Master Levels?

    It has instructions. It requires a little work on the part of the user. Basically you take every WAD and put them in the maps folder except TEETH.wad. It contains two maps in one WAD, so you have to use SLADE to split them. Once you do all the steps, you can load only 1 file and play all the maps without needing to quit.
  14. Nevander

    How do you run the Doom 2 Master Levels?

    For GZDoom, I love using this: https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/utils/frontends/zdmlmenu
  15. Nevander

    Doomworld shower thoughts thread

    It's stating outright to not have electionchat on this forum, as in, elsewhere.