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  1. Nevander

    Project Proposal - Ultimate Doom: By The Map

    Nice. I had this idea for a while, good to see an actual project being started up for it. I would love to participate but I can't currently. If there are still open slots when I get back in gear I would take them. Good luck!
  2. Nevander

    POLL Do you want RTX? Cross-website-post.

    My choice, which isn't here, is "Yes, but only once the cost goes down by a lot." I was supposed to buy a GTX 1070 when it was relatively new, still haven't. By the time I get around to it, there will be better cards for the same price I would have paid then.
  3. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for April 2019

    Middle one for sure. Are you taking orders? I'd like one Funduke Romero's Head Replica Beast Edition before April please.
  4. Google is constantly changing their stylesheets or using multiple ones fetched randomly or something because I see my page change very frequently. I always clear cache after browsing and sometimes the next time I load Chrome the Google Search is different again. Try clearing your cookies and cache and restart.
  5. Nevander

    Which aspect of modding do you find the most difficult?

    Definitely sprite work and drawing for me. I can code, I can design a map, I can edit textures (very basic MSPaint edits) but I can't do sprites for shit. Since I only do Doom modding now, that rules out the advanced 3D stuff that you'd do for other games.
  6. Doom 3: Really Not That Bad Doom 2016: Pretty Fun, But Overrated Edit: Needed 4 words not 3.
  7. Nevander

    Doom 64 retribution music

    Honestly I'm considering completely removing the MIDI soundtrack from the WAD and requiring users to just download the OGG pack since nobody can seem to figure out how to set up a soundfont properly, and then criticizing me for not using the real Doom 64 music.
  8. Nevander

    Apparently, there won't be a new Duke Nukem game or movie.

    First SIGIL gets delayed and now this terrible news? Not liking 2019 so far.
  9. Nevander

    Is ZBlood really faithful to the original Blood game?

    From least to most accurate, here is a list of the ones I know: 5. ZBlood (least accurate) 4. Blood Crossmatching (CM) 3. Blood GDX 2. NBlood 1. Blood (original, obviously it's 100% accurate to itself) I predict the Nightdive one will be between NBlood and the original.
  10. Nevander

    How many maps have you created and released?

    That's not a bad idea, to create like a mapping portfolio or something with all your various work. As far as my released work so far, I think this is everything but I don't know the years. I might be missing some. 1. Depraved Classic Edition (first mapping attempts, alpha version of project on haitus) 2. D!ZONE Simulated Screenshot Recreation 3. Doom Comic As a Level (COMIC.WAD) 4. "Overgrowth" map in Gridlock 64 5. "Trials of Iniquity" map in Gridlock 64 6. "Command Station Zulu" map in Doomed in Space 7. Doom 64 Retribution TC This is just maps, there are numerous mini mods for GZDoom as well.
  11. Nevander

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    It uses A_CustomMissile because it's far more compatible with a wider range of GZDoom versions. It doesn't affect the others because not all monster attacks needed pitch correction. However now it appears due to the constant problems pitch seems to have in GZDoom, I'll need to remove the corrections in the next update to stay compatible with all current supported versions, which is 2.4.0 to present.
  12. Nevander

    [v1.5] Doom 64: Retribution

    There was an adjustment made to the attacks of certain monsters so that they don't aim at your legs and aim at chest height. If they are aiming too far up, there may have been a change in a later version of GZDoom with pitch calculation again. Try an older version, the older you go the less likely you are to hit bugs.
  13. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for April 2019

    Well this sucks. Let's hope it doesn't keep happening and April turns into July, then July turns into December. Hopefully the free WAD still shows up within the next week or so since we can always just play the music in the background while we play. I'd like to know more info about what the "few snags" are exactly. That doesn't tell us anything and doesn't sound good from a customer standpoint at all.
  14. Nevander

    SIGIL - New Romero megawad for April 2019

    At least you can always hunt down the songs individually and buy those pikes. I have a list started a couple pages or so back with the tracks John chose (so far). The issue will be the unique exclusive track that Buckethead did just for SIGIL. In that case, you'll have to *get* it somehow, or find a suitable replacement from the pikes. Here's that list: https://www.doomworld.com/forum/post/1947718
  15. Nevander

    is shitposting a bannable offence?

    Please don't do it.