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  1. I wasn't trying to suggest he hurry up, I was just concerned for him that's all. When someone says a "couple weeks" and you are expecting it, when a few more go by you start getting concerned for them, that's all.
  2. FEAR is still $10 but the FEAR Collection is $13... wtf. I don't care about FEAR 2 or 3 so I don't want the bundle. Why is FEAR 1 not in the sale?
  3. I know we shouldn't bump threads just asking for progress but I'm actually asking about Aubrey, has anyone heard from him or know what the status is? It's been a awfully long time without a post from him or the soundtrack being released on his BandCamp page. I'm sure he's fine but I gotta know my man Aubrey is all and well.
  4. I just want the Left 4 Dead bundle, Condemned, and FEAR to go on sale. Been wanting to replay those on PC for the longest time.
  5. 1) Classic Doom (which includes Ultimate, Doom II, and Final Doom since they are all classic Doom in a sense) 2) Duke Nukem 3D 3) Serious Sam HDs
  6. Start with a spiky basic outline of the rock formation you want to draw. Then, come back and add vertices between the first set to add roundness. Tweak it until it looks natural-ish.
  7. The PNG graphics may not need a color palette to display properly but whatever file you are loading needs one to load as an IWAD.
  8. Fortunately I still have my original Duke 3D CD and the Atomic Edition CD, so my files I use with EDuke32 are legit from the original discs. I also bought Megaton before it got removed and I'm glad I did, so I can always have the games to my account, also a legal and easy way to get the expansions. Too bad it got removed, way better deal than World Tour.
  9. HDoom map pack names?
  10. In my experience, if you want to do something but aren't sure if you can, you have two options: Option A is to ask the person or people in charge or who hold the copyright or whatever for the particular thing you want to do, in which case you will then get a resounding NO as well as being on their "watch list" for any attempts in the future shall you try. Option B is to "just do it" and will result in nothing happening, ever. Basically it goes like this: if you ask, you get told no. If you just do it, nobody cares.
  11. MIDI is actually considered to be different since it's in no way an original or a recording. It's an entire recreation and thus is safe to use unless said MIDI itself is an original and is under copyright, but MIDI is not even used in that way any more. Basically, you are safe using any MIDI you want. In some cases you should provide credit where it's due, like using a MIDI from a well known composer like @Jimmy or anyone else. Random MIDIs from the internet, I doubt anyone cares. Also with MP3, the only concern is not just copyright but also file sizes. Using MP3 music in a mod can boost a file size to ridiculous proportions just for music when a well chosen MIDI would be a much better fit. If you absolutely must use an MP3, just know you will not be able to upload it to idgames and should always credit your source. The likelihood of anything happening legality wise is about as slim as the chance for you to build a rocket by hand and fly to Mars. It's a small enough target audience and group that simply nobody cares. Use your best judgement and consider your use case.
  12. Why don't they just keep working on it under the radar? Who's gonna stop them?
  13. Those trapped health pills in Serious Sam games... the little bastards.
  14. Some ideas: Grid64 64by64 Vertex64 Gridlock Aligned64 64Units