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  1. Did that fix the fatal error? Because normally ZDoom is supposed to just dump you to the console and tell you no player 1 start. I'm concerned why it's giving a fatal error from it.
  2. Imagine if he made it into a shrunken head and carried it with him as a good luck charm to give him luck while kicking demon ass. Maybe he did...
  3. Those shots above though. Now we're talking.
  4. Is there a way around this so that it can display the entire name as-is, not showing MAPxx or ExMx twice?
  5. Doom has made me better at resource management (i.e. ammo conservation), thinking ahead, and gave me better reaction time and reflexes even in reality. Well, maybe games in general for all of those but I've mostly played Doom and pretty much only play Doom these days.
  6. Would it be possible for something like UMAPINFO to treat a map name of "Level 1: Level Name" as the actual name instead of it showing up in game as only "Level Name"? Normally now GZDoom for example ignores everything before the colon. However if you use a language string that is nonstandard like LEVELNAME = "Level 1: Level Name" in-game it will show up as "MAP01: Level 1: Level Name"
  7. While playing some Ultimate Doom I wanted to ask a question like this to see what other people often wondered about Doom during their various gameplays. Some examples of what I mean (and my own wonders) include: What does the health bonus liquid taste like? What does it feel like to take a Soulsphere? What does it feel like inside the UAC facilities (like the temperature)? What does it smell like in the various locations? What is the green and blue armor made of? They almost appear glass like. How do we use the armor bonuses? They look like medieval helmets... What does it feel like using a Berserk pack?
  8. I always got the feeling he was never serious about it to begin with.
  9. Your GZDoom is probably too old. I got the same error on 2.0.05. Updating to 2.2.0 fixed it.
  10. Another vote for Valiant, then again I'm a Valiant superfan so anything Valiant I give the +1.
  11. It means you begin each level with a fresh inventory with only your pistol and 50 bullets. Basically think of it as starting a new game and then IDCLEV'ing to the level in question. You can use whatever you want during the level but the next one must begin with the starting gear.
  12. The pickup sound is unique to weapons, not every item. Can you seriously not tell when you've picked up a Chainsaw? The auto switch is a forced disable because like I said I personally hate it and I would imagine most people would not appreciate their weapon suddenly changing to a Chainsaw when they had out something like a Super Shotgun. It's an immediate downgrade and I've seen it screw up so many situations because the game auto switched to an inferior weapon. I just always thought of the Chainsaw being the one weapon that should never auto switch. If you really don't like this behavior I can remove the forced removed auto switch for the Chainsaw but the weapon order is unlikely to be changed. The order I chose is based on the scrolling through of weapons in Doom 64 EX. When you go from weapon to weapon by scrolling with whatever keys you have assigned it starts left to right 0 through 9. Slot 0 is the Chainsaw, slot 1 is the fist, slot 2 is the pistol. This means the order of scrolling is Chainsaw > Fist > Pistol. You have it listed here as console doom setup, except the weapons still share slots which they do even in Doom 64 EX. Yes if you press your key for Fist, it goes to Chainsaw first, but I don't know how to keep the scroll order as it is but change which one gets brought up first without breaking the first thing. I also have no idea how I could make that into a toggle. I don't think it's possible unless I create a whole new player class just for that and that seems like overkill. If you absolutely must have it the original way it's very easy to create a patch file to change the order.
  13. True, but it wasn't always supported unlike 3D floors themselves which have been around pretty much forever. I ran into issues using sectors with multiple tags and actions not happening due to older GZDoom not even recognizing the second tag. In these cases I prefer to make a new tag to use for both actions and add the new tag into the equation to keep compatibility.
  14. I usually forget and miss a lot of secrets even on maps I know, so I'd say yes.