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  1. Dusk is a lot more like Quake than it is Doom. It may have taken inspiration from Doom (and even some textures... I spotted some Doom 64-like texture work in there) but it's not like Doom. Needless to say, Dusk is still an awesome game and I haven't even played it myself yet. I am waiting for the full release to dive into it.
  2. What version of GZDoom are you using? The Doom 64 Features menu is written in MENUDEF that is based on an older version of GZDoom (2.2 is what I made the mod with), so that means it won't appear in newer versions where the menus are totally different. You'll have to change them with the console or INI.
  3. How do you know I'm not doing a backup right now? You don't.
  4. Maybe I should have said days, not hours. It took me a full 24 hours to download the new DOOM, and that is my download speed. Imagine doing that but with only a sixth of the speed.
  5. What's the point if nobody takes your contributions seriously?
  6. Because like I said above, doing both would require me to sit around for hours days while my shitty upload speed tries to upload the GBs of shit I need to back up. I'd rather buy two or more external HDDs, two or more fire proof safes, back up to all of them, and store them separately all in different locations with all but one being off site. I'd literally rather do all that than do online backups.
  7. Me too. Once I anonymously re-wrote a section on normal Wikipedia for a game that had just plain incorrect info. I love the game to death and know everything about it, and so I corrected it all. Next day it was all gone. Fucking bullshit. Just because it's anonymous doesn't mean it's wrong. "The encyclopedia that anyone can edit" my ass. Nope. If you want something done right, do it yourself.
  8. Yeah, next time make a second save at the beginning of the level so you have a fallback save. Or do what I do and keep a rotation going. Save 1 is at the beginning, then save 2 is next, save 3 is next, then after that save over save 2, then save over save 3, etc.
  9. You can say that again. Trying to directory traverse them is like impossible, they got that shit on lockdown.
  10. Another way to fake this is to create copies of your building many times over and then make the outside area identical from outside the windows view, then simply raise or lower your "floor" to simulate if you are higher or lower. Then use a silent teleport or something to move the player (or ACS) between each copy of the building or each "floor" if you will. That would give you no FPS problems whatsoever. This would also allow you to give each floor much more detail, since you don't need to do 3D floors on everything.
  11. Just use a source port. Only use DOSBox if you are trying to play it in the original form, and even then, Chocolate Doom is a better option.
  12. In one map I converted from Doom 64, I used 3D floors to create these connecting beams and these floating blocks between the beams. For the floating blocks, there's a middle pillar under them and the surrounding edge. Using 3D floors for both the part above the pillar and the surrounding edge produced some stuttering and a tiny drop in FPS. When I removed the 3D floor from above the pillars and instead raised the pillar to meet with the surrounding edge, it went away. That might be hard to follow but the point was: too many 3D floors in one area created mini-lag for me.
  13. Doom WADs, custom Doom files and mods, images and videos I've collected over the years of random stuff, my music collection, pretty much anything in my documents folder (nothing life-critical though, I don't store that shit on my PC to begin with), other files for various other games and stuff (like DUKE3D files), and just general shit like that. So if I lost all that, it's not a huge loss... but it would suck. That's why I'd just use the old fashioned method which has worked for me in the past. I just need to stop being lazy about it and do it. Anything like programs or games would just get reinstalled when I want to if I had to start over. Anything like unattached files is what I would back up. Another issue besides trust is my internet speed. Trying to back up online would take forever since I have GBs of music and yea... my upload speed is total ass. My download speed isn't much better, being only about 700 KB/s.
  14. Since Doom is pretty much my lifeblood, I'd say hell yes. I have this somewhat weird tradition of playing through Ultimate Doom (at the very least) every year on my birthday, and have dubbed it "Doomday." It's one day where my only care in the world is being the Doomguy and kicking ass. Very cathartic. In a more general sense, listening to practically any music from Doom instantly makes me feel better. Prince is a genius and his music is like medicine for a stressed gamer's soul. I wish they'd put that Doom Music CD back in print so I could buy one.
  15. I still don't trust online backups. I'd rather do a manual backup by hand to an HDD and then store the HDD in a fire-proof safe, which is exactly what I need to do soon. I have everything I need, I just need to do the backup.