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  1. Here an updated version of my Eden Log, following comments from @Liberation and @Spectre.
  2. I did one vanilla map for this project, you can use it as well for Freedoom. Not so much time ago (1 month mayb) I PM Voros about this project but he never answered.
  3. The "build stairs" is something I never get to work correctly. I think I will substitute it with something else. It should be possible to defeat the three baron in the "flesh" section of the map only with the shotgun and chaingun, the rocket launcher is optional. Nevertheless thank you so much for you comments!
  4. Here a first draft of my map, Eden Log: It is in E1M2 slot. I tested it with Zdoom and PrBoom I'm open to comments and suggestions: I think I still have to improve my monsters placement skills...
  5. Why is it so easy to write about not being able to write but so hard to actually write? Simple. As long as you're writing on "not being able to write" you are not really writing. You are more avoiding to write what you should really write (an essay, a novel, an email). The first thing to do is wondering why you don't want to write. Then starting from there.
  6. The Sky May Be, the confusion effect would be top.
  7. I've started populating my map with monsters...
  8. This. I just hope they managed to put in the movie all the IP cited in the book. Additional: Scorn.
  9. Really sorry to read this, hope you get better soon.
  10. Culonia? It means Big ASS Country in my language...
  11. Sometimes I believe that humanity needed doom... you know a piece of art with demons to kill with weapons and chainsaw, metal music, gore and action on pixel. If it was not id it was someone else who would have "answered this need" or "extracted from collective consciousness" Doom. Other days, I think everythings depend on chance and random, and without Doom we would have had another Wolfenstein, Dark Forces, or something else, with attention on other aspects of videogames (as Doom did on custom mapping and online games)
  12. Thanks you for playing and commenting! So in order to improve the maps, what you suggest is to: add more health change some baron with cacos or more imps add berserker for fistplay @RjY you're right. Actually the first map in inspired by original E1M1. It is something like an alternative version. E1M2 was partially inspired by E3M1, but I started adding new stuff while doing it.
  13. Acidity is a serie of maps I started some time ago for vanilla Ultimate Doom. At the moment only the first two maps are playable and I like to share them with the Doom community. Maps were tested with Chocolate Doom, PRBoom (-complevel 2) and Zdoom. Download link: Screenshots: Texture Packs is CWB by Christopher "shaithis" Buecheler and music is by Prozac+ I hope you enjoy the levels and let me know what you think.
  14. Yes, the title is inspired by the movie title. It is a small indie movie so it comes a surprise to me that someone knows it. Well done, Lüt! I don't recall Sunlust maps shape. I just abused of the "curve line" button in GZdoom Builder.
  15. Eden Log.