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  1. @Maisth The inside should be so big to have space for a mid-size level. Something like a giant ship on wheels. @not jabba: I will look for, thank you!
  2. Yes but I fear I need a very good tutorial for it...
  3. I'm planning to create a landship like this: for a gzdoom level. The player starts in a desert, then reach the landship and goes onboard from a lift positioned between the wheels. The main problem I have is, how to realized some good looking tyres. I could use a lot of sloped ceilings to resemble an half cylinder (the other half being invisible inside the landship) and a ceil5_1 texture but it would be too flat for a tyre. Tyres have usually a complex pattern on them. Do you have any suggestion?
  4. Still working on it...
  5. With some strong weapon mod, of course!
  6. Incredible that you find the will to create contents for Doom-related stuff after all of this...
  7. Favorite Movie Genre: Science Fiction Favorite Food: Pastasciutta with rag├╣. Favorite Holiday: Xmas Favorite Memory: Making love with girls Worst Memory: Being hospitalised Age: 35 Favorite Outfit: Blue jeans, T-shirt Favorite Genre Of Music: Heavy Metal Most Hated Genre of Music: Rap Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: No big injuries but other nasty problems. Favorite Hobby: writing books Your Definition of Success: Havin created something worthwhile for yourself AND the others In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Maybe
  8. I will try this as soon as possible. "Industron" seems a cool name too!
  9. I played it when you post it in zdoom forum. I suggested it for Cacowards because the aesthetic and visuals are amazing for a doom engine. I really woulsd like to learn to map like this. How have you done the "white light on black wall" effect?
  10. Pareto law? 80% of comments are made by the 20% (or even less) of members.
  11. My map seems to be missing.
  12. But looking like more advanced doesn't mean it is more advanced in actual performances.