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  1. Ideas... inspirations... ideas... I think this is the problem. You start working on ideas. And this is good, a good map is made of interesting ideas. But you probably are missing is an overall theme to the level. Something that binds all the ideas into a single vision. Like: a flooded base infested with vines. Space demon temple. If you have an overall theme you can keep mapping following the theme even when you're running out of ideas. And having a theme is a good way to create new ideas.
  2. That poor cat... was it also John Romero?
  3. But also Daisy is John Romero?
  4. First of all, not a Doom movie but a Cinematic Universe. 1) Doom: the first movie, UAC open a portal to Hell and set everything in motion. 2) Quake: using UAC technology, the Ranger travels in another realm and with the help of medieval knights he has to defeat lovecraftian monsters. Think it like Army of Darkness, but without the humor. 3) Strogg Wars: a tv show about the war between Earth and Stroggos. 4) Heretic: a fantasy movie. One of the dimensions which can be reached with UAC portals is Corvus world. And the worlds of Hexen 1&2 for the sequels 5) Doom 2: Hell on Earth: Earth is weak after having won the Strogg Wars and is invaded by Hellspawns. 6) Rage: post-apocalyptic movie ala Mad Max, depicting an Earth recovering from the hellish invasion. 7) Wolfenstein: a prequel set in WW2. Think it like the first Captain America, but without Cap.
  5. Well Romero is the model for the cover, I don't know who made the model for the hud face display.
  6. Here it is:
  7. Ok, I will have a look and modify the map accordingly!
  8. There was an Italian Doom Episode 1 made by 2 Italian mappers, some years ago.
  9. I'm working on a vanilla episode, but with new textures. But I can be interested on vanilla mapping with iwad resources.
  10. Totally wrong.
  11. Already seen in a Tomb Raider inspired doom map, I don't remember the name... I wonder why people comes up with old idea branding them as "new". It is probably because they don't know all the precedents of doom mapping, all the maps created before they were even born, maybe. I think it is fine not to know everything on a subject, but I really see too much rediscovering the hot water (as we say).
  12. Austro-Hungarian Empire. For us it is not dead yet.
  13. Here updated version:
  14. I'm doing some detailing on my map and will release it ASAP.