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  1. Why on earth would anyone bother to do this except as a joke? Quake's art style is legendarily infamous and quite literally its worst and least interesting quality, and this game can't even get that right with the 8 bit palette. Quake has atmosphere and ambiance in spades however...but that certainly doesn't translate well without good audio production and map design and I ain't seeing that here.
  2. Serious answer? Corruption. Both the defense attorney and the prosecutor asked that the bodycam footage be sealed until after trial and the judge granted the motion. Why would the prosecution want evidence withheld? Because the defendant was a police officer . They all play for the same team.
  3. What's the point? To get the public upset after the fact? This particular footage was only released days ago after the trial and not-guilty verdict. It was inadmissible in court and the jurors never saw it during trial. It is also worth pointing out that the officer barking out orders was not the shooter. IIRC there were 4 or 5 officers with rifles drawn on the suspect throughout the encounter. Also, this occurred in Maricopa county Arizona, which is fucking ground zero for systemic law enforcement abuses in the US.
  4. Do other user-made wads work for you? This shotgun one works just fine for me in gzd 2.3 and gzd 2.1.1, albeit with a 1 or 2 script errors during loading. How are you loading it exactly?
  5. Would it not be possible to physically replace the platters in a working drive?
  6. Faux-nihilism is the worst.
  7. But space exploration as far as the US government has ever been concerned was never about "boldly going where no one has gone before". It was "fuck the soviets" and mine-shaft gap thinking.
  8. You have an awful integrated gpu/cpu combo acting as your bottleneck and if halflife 2 can just almost run properly, then your options seem limited to idtech 3 era games: the jediknight games, elite force 1 and 2, rtcw etc. But that's saying a lot because halflife 2 will run remarkably well on terrible hardware.
  9. A terribly uninteresting and forgettable fps. You should've gotten prey instead. Prey is a corridor shooter through and through yes, but at least it has charm and good visual design.
  10. Atlanta - 20 New England - 34 It's worth noting that Brady is not only 39 and under contract for 2 or 3 more years, the dude isn't really slowing down. That is incredible in and of itself. Most qbs are beat-up, old and retired by their mid 30s.
  11. That is engineering and it is the worst part of the game for sure. I almost hate to say it, but...it does get better. Except for the egg hunt at the end. You may not have gotten quite far enough to fight the annoying little psionic monkeys and the more annoying, yet funny suicidal robots. I'll agree that ss2 hasn't aged that well, though the difference with deus ex is that ss2 is more 'open world' as you gain access to more and more areas of the ship. The main things I really enjoyed though, was the general ambiance of the entire game and the goddamn crew logs you find. Many of them are pretty damn creepy and the voice acting isn't that terrible either.
  12. Not at all, in fact I'm more disappointed that the build games don't have the engine support that doom has. Honestly though, the only thing that really bothers me about them is the general sound quality (not music) is pretty bad imo.
  13. No, this is 100% true for SS2. I've never played the original, but I do know that SS2 doesn't have musical 'tracks' of any sense, rather it has short 15-30 second themed and sectional parts of music that weave together depending on what is going on and where you are.
  14. SS2 has dynamic music. The fast paced parts of it only play when you are in combat.
  15. Huh? When the hell is this movie supposed to take place? Alien 3 takes place a century or so after prometheus, and resurrection 200 years after 3. Also the shower scene is totally lame but it's probably supposed to be a wink and nod to how lambert died in alien...I believe they call that fan service.