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  1. kuchitsu

    Post a picture of yourself!

    Was a bit scary taking this picture actually because meanwhile two policemans nearby were questioning some photographer. He was using a tripod though. But yeah, being in Belarus feels kinda weird for a Russian, people seem more quiet and just kind of oppressed.
  2. kuchitsu

    Balancing Lower Difficulties

    Can we assume that a weaker player is interested in the same kind of fun? Maybe they would rather just walk around, appreciate the scenery and mow down easy targets without having to deal with some pesky cybersniper all the time. Perhaps a player's abilities somewhat dictate his preferences as well, which would mean that lower skill levels should cater to other play styles instead of being more accessible versions of UV.
  3. kuchitsu

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    The NUTS song is Led Zeppelin - Kashimir.
  4. kuchitsu


    Boring samey caves and very obstructed movement. I don't understand the attraction of looking at nothing but ROCKRED all day. Somewhat non-traditional.
  5. kuchitsu


    Very stylish texturing and color schemes. While playing this wad you might feel like you're becoming a well optimized machine, sneakily killing monsters hiding behind corners, looking for familiar traits of secret areas, hugging helpless PEs. Kind of an interesting feeling but also a sign that common tropes dominate over imagination in these maps. Map05 was my favorite (be careful with these railings though or you might accidentally kill yourself). Many nostalgic midis are used.
  6. kuchitsu

    COOL Level

    You get through some of the dumbest rooms in existence, then you encounter a location that isn't a giant rectangle and you're like "WOOOOOW!".
  7. kuchitsu


    Incredibly fun midi helps you get through these plain rooms with obscure progression. But it's short and so the constant looping gets old after a while. At least there is enough action to not completely fall asleep.
  8. kuchitsu

    The amazing "identify that Doom song" thread.

    Debut please? Such a fun song.
  9. kuchitsu

    Do you ever get a charlie horse?

    Got it this morning. It was scarier than usual, I think I still can feel the effects a little if I stretch my leg in a particular way.
  10. kuchitsu

    Kuchitsu 2 : Dreadead (demo)

    Imo there was supposed to be a brown episode in kuchitsu. If someone has that wad with leftovers I posted years ago, maybe you can find a lev like that in there.
  11. kuchitsu

    Kuchitsu 2 : Dreadead (demo)

    I 0fficially endorse this.
  12. kuchitsu

    How to find a mosquito in a room?

    Yeah, I killed that bastard but today there are more. One already dead and there is at least one more still hiding somewhere. Currently I just do the usual stuff on my computer and wait for the mosquito to appear between my eyes and the monitor (that's when it's really really easy to spot it). Somehow most of the time I can't find it by just going around the room and looking everywhere. I tried using a blanket to make some wind and hopefully make it fly but no luck so far. I dunno, I used to be more calm about this stuff in childhood but nowadays they somehow piss me off a lot more. And they seem much more clever than in the past. Maybe I will try that cheese thing.
  13. kuchitsu

    Need help identifying some old maps

    Apparently the contest winner was announced in the December 1994 issue of PC Zone. I guess it won't be easy to locate it now. This is the best I could find: http://web.archive.org/web/20090722121700/http://www.robinnixon.com/pczone/ Wanna pay 10 euro for a piece of Doom history? If someone has spare money, it's on eBay right now: http://www.ebay.ie/itm/PC-ZONE-ISSUE-21-DECEMBER-1994-COVER-DISC-Retro-Gaming-Magazine-RARE-/201636147435?hash=item2ef27370eb:g:~kYAAOSwIgNXnePk
  14. kuchitsu

    Need help identifying some old maps

    E1M7 is TMP.WAD, a winner of a 1994 PC Zone WAD competition. Perhaps the other two Doom 1 levels come from that competition as well? The others are a mistery to me.
  15. There is one mosquito somewhere in my room. I wanna smash it before going to sleep. Of course the fucker is hiding ATM. Is there a fast way to find it?