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  1. Like I said, guys, this is becoming the darkest timeline.
  2. Some things I've picken up after a few rounds of multiplayer: -If you choose to keep all of your unlocks, you keep them, meaning that if you've gone full Echelon 11 and unlocked the Praetor suit, you've literally unlocked everything from the get-go -The runes still have the same functions as the hack modules, and they actually don't act like perks from CoD. From what I can recall, you can only equip one at a time. -You can have up to four different armor customizations at a time, provided you have the prestige levels -The VEGA announcer voice has been changed; he now sounds heavily distorted, almost as if VEGA himself is being corrupted by Hell's influence -The announcer now calls out announcements for specific power weapons and powerups -It may feel difficult to attain a Gold rating, but once you start getting a groove going, it feels surprisingly natural Good stuff so far.
  3. In light of Chester Bennington's death, I've become increasingly concerned for my cosplayer friend, who hasn't even touched social media in a while now. It's no longer just the prop I've been waiting on, it's that aforementioned fact. 


    I can always try reaching out to his girlfriend, but she doesn't know about me yet, and so far, absolutely nobody is convinced that I'm close friend with this particular cosplayer. 


    What should I do?

    1. R1ck


      Tell her you've been friends with him for some times and just want to know how is he doing. 

  4. This particular death really got me thinking; we always seem to lose the best of us, because we feel that we're alone in this world or that we don't deserve to exist. In reality, we're surrounded by love, and we just take it all for granted. I've loved several of Linkin Park's songs, and this passing is hurting more than usual. Rest in peace.
  5. In case you're wondering, this is not an update for the campaign or SnapMap. So if you're excited for the multiplayer, though: -All DLC has been unlocked and made available to those who didn't buy the DLC or Season Pass -Visual overhauls to the lobby, the menu, and the HUD -All ranks have been reset to 0, and you either have the option to reset your gear as well, or keep it -Those previously at maximum ranking will have a special badge assigned -Challenges and unlocks have been completely overhauled, meaning you now have to complete specific challenges to unlock gear, demons, weapons, camos, etc. -Hack Modules have now been replaced with Runes, these are meant to act like the Runes from the Campaign I'm pretty sure they're saving a bigger announcement for later, maybe QuakeCon. After all, it IS called update 6.66. Thoughts?
  6. Getting to see the now-unused concept art of various monsters in the actual game (ranging from Arachnotrons to various demon cyborgs). Plus, imagine the Hell Knight with cybernetic legs, but at least we got the Bruiser, I guess? Now THAT melding of flesh and metal perfectly captured the Gigeresque feel of the original Doom's art style, something that Doom 2016 has been seriously lacking in terms of art direction.
  7. Post Hell went the way of the Worst WAD Cacoward. Refer to the TVTropes page "So Bad It's Horrible/Video Games Other", under "Mods/Doom" for more information, to see what became of the Worst WAD Cacoward, and there, you'll have your answer on what happened to Post Hell.
  8. You may not be far off from the truth. Cable TV's days are starting to wane, and these larger conglomerates are starting to feel it. That's why they're trying their damnedest to deter "progress" (case in point, net neutrality), even at the expense of their customers and the general public. They're been part of the status quo for a long time now, and they're trying to keep it that way, no matter what new technology or methods is being created. It's the same deal with Big Oil vs. alternative fuels. The former knows that they're going the way of the dodo bird, and they're relying on similar underhanded tactics to keep their coffers full. Even if this planet is going to be rendered uninhabitable within a century, they won't care. A pity that such shortsightedness and greed impedes progress.
  9. Just an example of just how big this whole battle is: I actually saw the online protesting in the local news yesterday, and yet I didn't even see so much as a mention on the protests regarding SOPA back in 2011. What's even scarier is that on the FCC's official site, there's a comments section where you can voice your concerns, but you can't even do that there. Namely, there seems to be some sort of astroturfing there, in which that bots seem to be forcing people to say that they're against net neutrality with an automated message. People have gone on recording saying that they have never done such a thing. In other words, people's concerns are literally drowned out in favor of corporate mandate. Unfortunately, we live in the possible darkest timeline, where the evil, greedy, and morally bankrupt have free reign over the nation, and the voices speaking out against them are either met with deaf ears or silenced altogether.
  10. Only when he deals with a legendarily shitty game. ;)
  11. I wanted to have an alternative name to my version of Doomguy, which will be featured in The Doomguy Reviews, a web review show that I've been planning to get off the ground for some time now, but real life has caused me to be too busy to even attempt working on said review show. In other words, my version of Doomguy has multiple names and monikers (The Man of Doom, That Guy with the Helmet, etc.) But in regards as to where "Man of Doom" actually came from:
  12. The day Doom dies, is the day I die. :P
  13. So remember those mini Doomguys you'd find in secret areas, where'd they unlock a character/weapons model, and how people have been clamoring to Bethesda to make them a thing? Well, it turns out that they're finally going to be a thing, and they were also going to make their debut at E3 2017, but a prototype of the figurine had been smashed to bits (by accident), to the point beyond repair. It's likely they'll make their official appearance at QuakeCon at this point. Thoughts?
  14. On the contrary, it does seem like that brown/monochromatic phase of games these days are starting to wane. Hell, Doom 2016 was one of THE most colorful-looking games I've played in recent memory with a rather diverse color pallette, and that's based on the observation of the campaign alone.
  15. So before Doom 2016 had been announced, I had this idea for a Doomguy cosplay to be quite unlike any other out there. Most Doomguy cosplays I've seen are of the classic variety. After watching a couple of tutorials on how to make armor, I figured that I really didn't have the resources to make some of the more elaborate armor you see in most professional-level cosplays, plus I wasn't really planning on settling on armor made out of cardboard. Plus, I got the idea that aluminum plating would provide a style I'd like to coin as "junkyard samurai," being very angular and jutted. Hence, I would dub this work "Shin Doomguy." Also, I had this idea to have the cosplay look like samurai armor, or armor you'd expect to find in the event that Doom would get an anime. This was mainly due to the fact that I had no idea how the Doom4Guy would look, and I ended up sticking with my original idea when I found that the Praetor suit would be too complicated to recreate with the resources I have. However, I hadn't started work on the cosplay until the summer of last year, when I became friends with that Canadian cosplayer I keep mentioning, if you follow my posts. I had been looking for a suitable helmet, and as it turns out, not only is this helmet based off of an earlier build of Doom4Guy (before he became the Doomslayer), this is the only helmet of this particular design that will ever be produced. The rest is history, but I felt that this particular version of Doomguy isn't based on any particular version of the game, so I decided to make it a mixture of classic Doom (primary armor color, Cacodemon blood), Doom 64 (black boots, secondary armor color), Doom 3 (design base of armor plating, pants), and Doom 2016 (helmet, various decals), with a dash of that samurai look I've sought (leg armor) and some original twists (a shotgun bandolier belt with real shotgun shells). I also felt it was appropriate to give this cosplay a story of its own: Since making my debut a couple of months ago, I've made some additions to the cosplay, namely more armor plating on the arms, forearms, and on the sides of the torso to cover up the straps and create more dimension for the chest plating, as well as additional armor on the shin guards and feet to make the boots look more tank-like. I'm also planning on creating additional props such as a torn-off arm, card keys and skull keys. I have an appearance for another con due on July 27th to July 30th, and there, I'll post the renovated cosplay. Critiques and suggestions are appreciated.