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  1. So I'm only two days away from my official Doomguy cosplay debut at a con, and the guy who made my helmet also had a SSG prop that was supposedly ready hasn't been ready, and I've tried reaching out to him, to no avail. I'm guessing he's busy with work, but pls send help.

    1. Albertoni


      Run to a toy shop and get a toy shotgun? lol

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Actually, I finally got an update from him. He'll ship it out tomorrow, but it won't be here until next week. 

    3. bzzrak


      Using toy weapons is as Doom-ish as it can be. :]

  2. For anyone still salty about Doom 2016 having "dubstep" for a soundtrack, watch this video: There are completely valid reasons as to why Doom 2016 can't have just thrash metal blaring in your ears, and why it's been so heavily lauded as a result. Also, a bonus video that both backs up the OP's argument, and provides a rebuttal at the same time:
  3. I really can't help but feel that Doom 64 has pretty much been vindicated by history, that many more people are starting to appreciate it more for what it really is. Not only that, it's also a game that's aged extremely well in terms of visuals, especially for the N64. The decision to have sprites instead of fully 3D objects may have baffled many reviewers and fans back in the day, especially when you have games like Ocarina of Time or Goldeneye, but looking back, it's quite possibly the best looking game for the Nintendo 64, bar none. Whereas the games on the N64 today look blocky and quite silly as many developers were struggling with the polygon ceiling, Doom 64 still has monsters which still look very menacing, environments which still look desolate and barren, and weapons that feel both used and powerful. I should also note that this incarnation of Doom also has my favorite depiction of Hell, and it helps that two-thirds of the game take place in Hell. Namely, that Hell isn't just depicted as just fire and brimstone, you also have rolling thunderclouds over mountains resembling gravestones, you have killing fields marred by rivers of blood and the cries of the forgotten, you have an empty void lit only by a distant fire. To me, Doom 64 depicts Hell for what it truly is: an inescapable dimension of infinite chaos.
  4. If there's one thing that truly annoys me, it's forced pistol starts, especially if I'm playing with an RPG-like mod (DoomRLA, for example). I usually have to end up having to turn on God Mode before I go through the death trap that is the exit. I don't mind as much if I'm going vanilla, but when I play it modded, it can really grind my gears. Like no, I totally don't need that gold-plated anti-matter cannon that can instagib Cyberdemons with the push of a button, and I sure as hell don't want that armor made from the wings of an angel that can give me back massages while making me impervious to the razor-sharp nipples of Imps. Just give me back my dinky little pea-shooter, I really don't need anything else. No, REALLY.
  5. As my first status update, I'm happy to report that I'm making further progress to making the Doomguy Reviews, and that the overall consensus for the live-action GitS movie reads thusly:
    It doesn't suck.


  6. Something else I've come to notice: Apparently, there's a new disciplinary system in place now, judged by "warning points" and "restrictions." This means that much like PH, Losers and getting losered seems to be another thing of the past now.
  7. There is a rare variation of the neck-snapping animation for the Possessed, the Soldier, and the Imp, but they're all extremely tricky to pull off. Its not just that you have to be behind them in a very specific position, you also have to be aiming at the back of their heads at a very specific angle.
  8. In all seriousness, though, it's just like I said over at the New Forum thread earlier:
  9. Last I recall, Nazi Auferstehung was never helled. You can still find it in the WADs and Mods forum, just look for the author (Darkexodus).
  10. So the possibilities of a game like Doom 2016 being modded has so far yielded almost no tangible results (aside from a mod that implements modded explosion and improved SFX). In fact, there's an entire subreddit dedicated just for modding D2016. That being said, the work I've found recently didn't come from that site, but rather from some more intensive digging to see if modding for D2016 could be viable. While Snapmap has considerably more content than it did at the time of release, many consider it to be a poor subsitute for true modding. Here's some of the work that this one guy did (along with a video I had posted a few days back in another thread): And of course, the mod that leaves lasting corpses: Personally, these have potential, but it's going to take a radical rework of the game code to make bosses like the Cyberdemon or the Spider Mastermind function outside of their respective arenas, plus it's kind of absurd to be seeing monsters like Mancubi and Barons in places like Resource Ops. Surprisingly enough, I actually wasn't all that impressed with the lasting corpses mod, but it may have to do with the fact that the author put dozens of Barons in a narrow hallway as a showcase to prove that the game (on a reasonably powerful PC) can still run at 60fps rendering dozens of larger corpses. What are your two cents on how the modding community for Doom 2016 is holding up?
  11. Those Zombiemen sure love their D_RUNNIN.
  12. As weird as that crack fic was, it's surprisingly accurate for much of the earlier Doom clones that flooded the market back in the day. Namely, by just how either derivative they were in terms of copying the superficial aspects of Doom, or just how clownshit insane they were. Angst: Rahz' Revenge, anyone? Like a stain on a shirt, I- *shot by a toaster*
  13. So somebody actually did it. Somebody actually modded D2016 so that all corpses stay. Apparently, it's still a work in progress, which is why there is no download link as of yet.
  14. Usually, the breaks I take usually range from a few minutes to a few hours. Sometimes if it's still not working for me, I end up deciding to try again tomorrow.
  15. The concept of lasting corpses may indeed be a better concept on paper rather than in practice, but until we see a mod that does away with disintegrating corpses, we'll have to see if it's the same story in Doom 2016. Plus, Doom 2016 has much more dynamic ragdoll physics than Serious Sam. To be completely honest, your arguments for the despawning corpses are completely logical and I definitely understand why lasting corpses wouldn't look out of place in a game that was open-world, if said corpses were rendered static. That being said, though, the corpses in Doom 2016 (except for the corpses you find in the environment), aren't static (most of the time), and are not solid, meaning even something like a Mancubus corpse wouldn't block your path (although it would block your sight, and it would look weird to the player when walking through larger corpses). Interestingly enough, even though you can only gib an enemy when it's alive, you can actually fuck up a corpse as much as you want (at least until it burns away), meaning you can blast off arms, legs, and blow additional holes in it to your heart's content. I picked this up as a casual observation during gameplay. That being said, though, this only applies when a common death state occurs (doesn't happen with a corpse resulting from a special kill or a glory kill, including examples such as a Hell Knight with a hole in its chest, or a Pinky with its throat slit open). The issue is not the disappearing corpses themselves. The issue that how to deal with them could have been handled so much better. There are several different ways to take care of something like this, such as leaving the corpses of smaller enemies and despawning larger corpses, despawning corpses as soon as you leave a room, letting the player choose how much gibs can be left behind before disappearing, analyzing just how much carnage can be left based on how powerful the hardware is, etc. Even in Half-Life 2, I've heard that it depends on whether your computer is powerful enough to handle the corpses of larger enemies such as Striders. If your computer was strong enough, their corpses would remain indefinitely, or disappearing in a cloud of sparks if your computer wasn't powerful enough. EDIT: This actually got me thinking about my time with the Doom 3 Perfected mod, where zombies would only be gibbed by certain weapons, and the corpses of demons stuck around for much longer (like approximately 2-4 minutes). This got me thinking of another way that the demon corpses in Doom 2016 could have been handled. Possibly, the corpses of smaller enemies would stick around than the bodies of larger enemies (About 5-6 minutes for the former, 2-3 minutes for the latter).