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  1. So it’s been somewhat confirmed that the levels won’t be completely flat.
  2. Regarding the 2014 reboot: But yeah, I'm actually one of the more optimistic ones in regards to a direct sequel to OG RoboCop. If Blade Runner can have a badass sequel over 30 years after the fact, why can't RoboCop? I mean, the original screen writer did have an idea for RoboCop 2, and it was supposed to be even more batshit insane than the first movie. Apparently, it was supposed to take place about 30 years after the events of the first movie. But yeah, none of said writer's ideas made it into RoboCop 2.
  3. The post above demonstrates pretty much what this mod does. I wouldn't really be posting this otherwise, if it weren't for one major caveat: This apparently now has the ability for the user to make demon corpses (specifically gibs) stay in the game world. I found this comment both on another thread at r/Doom2016Mods and in the comment section for that one video I showed where a bunch of Barons got chainsawed and yet their corpses remained: If anyone is able to give this a try, please post the results. We could finally have a Nitro Gore mod for Doom 2016. EDIT: The reason I'm not able to try this myself is because while I technically have D2016 on Steam, not even my laptop has the horsepower to run it on minimum settings.
  4. This may have to do with the fact that physics have been enabled for every object in the game that isn't part of the environment. This ranges from chairs and fire extinguishers, to the corpses of various UAC scientists/workers. In fact, you can actually choose to shoot human corpses and they'll lose limbs like the demons.
  5. Disappearing corpses. That is all. But seriously, while the art direction is very much inspired by the classic games (even Doom 64 gets some love), it really doesn’t quite have the Gigeresque spirit that the original game was crawling with. Additionally, while the arenas were fairly understandable, the environments got increasingly more “gamey,” meaning that the UAC bases don’t feel like actual people lived and worked in them, and the Hell levels feel more confined than chaotic. Titan’s Realm/Necropolis and the Lazarus Labs/VEGA Processing are pretty much the worst offenders here. Seriously, I was ecstatic when I found that in New Colossus, enemy corpses not only had left blood pools and better impact marks, there were also levels that Doom 2016 desperately needed, like anything on the Venus base!
  6. I did a photoshoot:
  7. So in case you’re wondering what this is, it’s very much what you’d get if you somehow fused Doom and Heretic in terms of gameplay, and if you tried to remake Quake’s art style in BUTCHER (which was essentially a 2D sendup of Doom as well). I figured to see about giving this little gem some extra love, as it seems to be under the radar right now. Beaides, there’s really something about it that draws so much appeal to me. ETA is supposedly Spring 2018.
  8. As of the latest update, Win10 has buttfucked GZDoom to the point where I can only play software mode (OpenGL mode pretty much renders it unplayable, to the point where I often have to force quit just to exit). What happens is that once I start a new game, it takes either a few seconds or almost immediately for the video output to be completely unresponsive, forcing me to use Task Manager. The audio output’s doing just fine, though. Additionally, the Creator’s Update has also buttfucked my laptop’s startup process, to the point where if I try waking up from hibernation, it’ll boot up as normal (rare), take forever to start up (less rare), or just straight up crash and restart (least rare). Not to mention this latest update has caused weird problems for me, ranging from the laptop having no sound at all to the laptop refusing to sleep after a certain amount of time in inactivity.
  9. So I went and painted it. Thanks for the feedback!
  10. Since I can’t edit an existing topic to include a poll, I figured to just make another thread. So yesterday (as of this thread’s creation), I just received a new cosplay helmet. However, the main issue here is just how to paint said helmet, and what color it should be. I’ve tried asking around every possible community I could find so far (Instagram, Discord, etc.), but there doesn’t seem to be a consensus on what color this helmet should ultimately be. In the poll, the three options are: Green (the helmet’s current color, and apparently the most popular option on Instagram so far; only real issue is that I could end up being mistaken for Master Chief far more easily, not to mention that the Doomslayer’s helmet being green is a surprisingly common misconception) Beige (for a more recognizable look, and supposedly the real color of the Doomslayer’s helmet; I just purchased some matte spray paint of this color, and this is the actual color of the Doomslayer’s helmet, albeit a very subtle shade of brown/beige) Grayish-Black (to give my overall cosplay a more consistent palette, but I may not be as recognizable) What’s your take on this issue?
  11. I come bearing new updates.
  12. EDIT: It seems like there’s a game breaking bug in the Lost At Sea chapter. It turns out that there is a bit of a workaround (in the Fergus timeline): There’s a vent that you have to reach, and you’ll need the constrictor harness to do so, as you’re supposed to shoot some boxes, but because you haven’t spoken to Paris Jack (since he doesn’t appear), you’ll be unable to shoot said boxes. Once you go through this vent, you’ll find Fergus’s arm, and there the main characters in Club Kreisau should reappear.
  13. So after getting the new body, I went and chose the Ram Shackles. Only thing is, I’ve found the Constrictor Harness, but completing the side mission doesn’t unlock its upgrade. I’ve run into a bug, haven’t I?
  14. I'm at the part where you first reach New Orleans, and I actually think this is a much better and much more polished product than The New Order. That being said, it's not without its flaws. While Grace may pale in comparison to Caroline, who was more of a straight-up leader, I can't help but feel that the former is more of a deconstruction of the "fearless resistance leader" archetype. While still heavily driven to fight the Nazis, it does show time and time again that she's a very flawed human being, but of course nobody's perfect. In fact, she actually seems to be something of a hypocrite, something especially shown with her treatment of Sigrun Engel. However, that actually makes me appreciate Grace's character just a bit more, as it shows that even the "righteous" can have chinks in their supposedly impenetrable moral armor. And for all the idiots crying "left-wing pandering," the game shows quite nicely that the Resistance aren't exactly the paragons of humanity either. Case in point, everyone is still calling Sigrun a Nazi and treating her like one, even when she's demonstrated herself to be just as worthy to the cause. Another example is that when BJ first meets Grace and Super Spesh, both of them are quick to assume that he's a Nazi because of his "noticeably Aryan features". As for Horton (whom everyone is calling a "dirty commie"), it's not like this goes unnoticed, either. Hell, BJ actually calls him out on this because the former's propaganda was indeed a factor in the Allies losing WWII in this timeline, and to BJ, marks Horton as something of a coward. While most people seem to dislike Super Spesh, I actually enjoyed his character. I felt that he brought an appropriate amount of levity to otherwise bleak situations. That being said, I do think that the decision to give BJ such a fucked-up childhood was a bit heavy-handed. I know that times were radically different back then, and I know that people like Rip Blazkowicz really did exist (hell, they still do), but to have BJ's dad be this much of a hate sink was rather excessive. But if there's one character that I do hate, it's Frau Engel (although this was most likely intentional). I really don't get the "fun" side of her personality, and every thing she does do, makes me want her to die in the most horrific manner possible. And that's ignoring the fact that she has absolutely no sense of personal space. As for gameplay, they made about a dozen steps forward, but about a couple of steps backwards. Of course, the gunplay is as robust as ever, but this new dual-wielding system feels rather cumbersome and unwieldy to use. There were a couple of instances where I've only dual wielded two different guns, but more often than not, a pair of assault rifles/shotguns should do. And contrary to most popular opinion, I actually feel like instead of forced stealth sections that people complained about with TNO, I actually felt that TNC went too far in the other direction, by forcing you to go in guns blazing thanks to what could be hypersensitive AI. This wouldn't be such a problem on lower difficulties, but on "I Am Death Incarnate," good luck playing whack-a-mole with every rank-and-file Nazi you come across, because you're gonna be save-scumming your way through. This isn't helped by the fact that most enemies seem to have super-vision, and can hit you with pixel-perfect laser accuracy. Fortunately, when you get the new cyborg body, the game does seem to get slightly easier. Good lord, Doom 2016's Ultra-Nightmare wasn't this ludicrous. Speaking in both themes and gameplay, I've always felt that TNO always seemed to be holding back. Clearly not the case in TNC, where you apparently get to finally see Hitler. And for some reason, I've always felt that TNO felt a little rough around the edges, but I'm thinking it has more to do with the engine. Speaking of which, id Tech 6 is clearly doing wonders here, even if there are a few textural glitches every now and then. So overall, despite a few hiccups here and there, the story feels better-paced, the new side-missions add quite a lot of replay value, and I'm enjoying it so far, even if I keep dying over and over.
  15. So I’m planning on upgrading Shin Doomguy further by adding severed Imp spikes to the armor (like on the shoulders, elbows, knees, and even the boots). 


    Yea or nay?