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  1. Man of Doom

    Eternal at The Game Awards.

    Welp, here are the results so far (I wouldn’t be surprised if Ghost of Tsushima or Miles Morales took GOTY but seriously how is TLOU2 overtaking Doom Eternal): Anywho here’s the link in case you’re interested in voting: https://thegameawards.com/nominees
  2. Man of Doom

    Post your Doom textures!

    Spoilered as these are large images. You're more than welcome to make textures out of these (which is why I posted these here in the first place):
  3. @AtimZarr1 So there are a few points I want to touch up on. Regarding the shit-talking of Mick in various places: So after a further bit of digging, I've come to find that the overall consensus on TAG1's soundtrack has usually consisted of "eh it's not quite Mick but it'll do" or "yeah, this is just as good as Mick's stuff". It's only a very small but very vocal minority that has either gone "ANDREW IS THE ONLY ONE ALLOWED TO MAKE DOOM MUSIC" or "absolutely nobody can touch Mick's work". As for the category of comments made by said vocal minority, I have come to find that they're extremely rare and are only really found on TAG1 soundtrack gamerip videos nowadays (in the comments section, of course). Additionally, the comments that disparaged Mick as a person were mainly found on Reddit right around the time Marty's open letter came out. It's honestly just how I remember things, but I do remember seeing comments like "good riddance to Mick" or "I've lost all respect for Mick". Regarding the contract to make the OST: From what I recall, it wasn't until January of this year that Mick was contracted to do the music, but I recall a similar process occurring with 2016 where the composer has about like a few months to do an OST. The only real difference was the presence of the Collector's Edition which forced a hard legal deadline on the OST as stated by Marty himself. Additionally, there were two more developments that hampered things regarding the OST's development: that Mick had been moving to another studio at the time of working on it and much of Mick's equipment was unavailable at the time, and that it was all during the middle of a major global pandemic; hell, I think those two reasons may have been major factors in why id ultimately agreed to give Mick multiple extensions and later cut down the number of tracks on his end to 12 instead of around 59 like originally agreed to. I should also note that it hasn't been until recently that Mick has been active on social media, and his more recent posts (primarily on Instagram) have mainly consisted of "check out this cool Doom stuff I found while unpacking just now!" Regarding the shitstorm that ensued after Mick's social media comments: So the big question as to why Mick didn't just address everything in one statement could be that he would've received endless shit no matter what he said (and that even to this day, he still could be under NDA regarding the OST development). Hell, this whole thing started right when someone on Twitter got outright confrontational with Mick on why "BFG Division 2020" sounded like it was hit by the Loudness War train (no seriously, they were all like "hey, what gives with this shit!?!?!"). Not helping that Mick's comments were really vague and absolutely open to interpretation, with said interpretation ranging from "Mick's not coming back for any more Bethesda titles, not even Wolfenstein III" to "Mick is doomposting about how id wants nothing to do with him anymore and he feels really bad". I mean, Mick's lack of a response after Marty's open letter kind of lends some credence to the interpretation of Mick going "why would they even bother with me anymore after I let them down like this?" (though that's just my own personal opinion). Not only that, I already have a feeling that Mick had privately told Chad not to engage with the Internet Hate Machine and made the decision himself to just not engage with said IHM at all. Plus, Marty even said that Mick is more than welcome to return to do more tracks for the OST and that Mick being gone from the Doom franchise isn't likely to be permanent (indicating that things may not be as bad between Mick and id as previously thought). I still maintain that this whole debacle was neither Mick's nor id's fault, and that the only ones who really fucked things over was the extremely vocal minority of Doom fans (who shouldn't be claimed) who went out and started sending threats to id/Bethesda employees (especially Chad) and later sent those same threats to Mick himself. And I have a sneaking suspicion that these are the same vocal minority of fans who end up complaining over the tiniest of things regarding Doom Eternal, the minority who actually sent death/rape threats to the cast and crew of Doom Annihilation because DOOMGIRL WITH NO AVENGERS BUDGET (it was all primarily over the lead actress of that movie going "Who needs Doomguy?" in a tweet).
  4. …yeah, I think I’m gonna test the waters first on UV to ensure I don’t end up losing my sanity.
  5. This will be a long thread that deals with some deeply personal matters, so I might as well get a TL;DR out of the way. The TL;DR version- So literal trauma has affected my ability to enjoy Doom Eternal and it honestly sucks major shit, which is why I'm currently figuring out how to best frame said trauma to a professional therapist. And I'll need some help with that. The full version- So at times, it just feels like I end up becoming complete trash at Doom Eternal because of my abject inability to get past Exultia on Ultra-Nightmare even on my best days (as well as die during the barge combat encounter in Hell on Earth during my worst days), which makes zero sense to me given that I've honed my skills to the point where a fully-loaded Slayer will get me past entire fights without so much as a scratch on Nightmare difficulty, and even during my entire Extra Lives UV run in TAG1, I only lost two lives during the Samur fight which showed me that it wasn't complete BS as I previously thought when I did my initial TAG1 Nightmare run. And that's not even getting into Battlemode where a semi-competent Slayer is enough to completely wipe the floor with me and my partner (playing as a demon), or I end up getting Worldstar'd by a demon team that actually knows what it's doing (playing as a Slayer). The thing is, Doom Eternal is a game that requires a ton of attention to fully master it, and it's not just dealing with deliberate treachery (like tentacles hidden in purple slime) or memorizing which demon will spawn where. It's also figuring out how to strategize on the fly in case something doesn't go as planned and knowing which demon is most vulnerable to which tactic (as well as having to know multiple tactics for each demon in case you don't quite have the ammunition or weaponry to deal with them). And as a result, there is very little room for error and even one solitary fuckup is enough to completely wreck you. And as a result, I end up getting extraordinarily angry with myself because I end up believing that I'll never get that gold Slayer skin. This is whenever one of three things happen during a Nightmare practice run or an actual Ultra-Nightmare run (since UNM is literally just an ironman version of NM): 1. I end up getting accidentally cornered by a bunch of demons and they all proceed to wail on me. 2. I end up forgetting about a demon that might show up in a place I hadn't checked and they end up draining my health and armor (like the times I got smacked in the back of the head by a zombie). 3. I end up overestimating the resources I have (for example, going in for a Blood Punch I hadn't realized I had already used up) and I end up screwing myself over. I know I'm gonna get the response of "oh bless your heart, you get salty at video games" and... no. I realized that I had never gotten this angry playing any other video game, nor any other game in the Doom series (not 2016, not 3, not 64). Even while I was playing Call of Duty when I was much younger, the most I would probably do is spout off some profanities under my breath. So far, I ended up punching or kicking the wall (or a punching bag that's nearby) to the point where there's bruises on my knuckles, I end up biting myself to the point where I see visible teeth marks on my skin, I punch myself to the point where I end up tasting blood, and I've even ended up breaking 2 if not 3 controllers already. I end up fantasizing about doing horrific things to myself like cutting or stabbing myself with something sharp, or something along those lines. I think the only thing I haven't done is scream my lungs out. In other words, I reach violently, destructively, and psychotically unhinged levels of outright fury. As in, the "you should talk to a professional" levels of anger I end up having. I also know I'm also gonna get the response of "see this is why Doom Eternal is objectively bad compared to 2016" or "lol imagine thinking the Marauder is well-balanced", and honestly, save your hot takes for someone else because I do NOT have the patience for that right now. Thing is, Doom Eternal is an extremely well-made, well-polished game that focuses on what made Doom 2016 and further expands on those concepts, so I completely fail to understand why Eternal is somehow "inferior". And real talk, people kept bitching about how Wolfenstein: TNO and TNC looked "too similar" yet there's also bitching about how 2016 and Eternal "look like they're from entirely different IPs" despite taking place in the same universe. I just keep thinking that people who complain about Eternal are just mad that it's overtaken 2016 or classic Doom as being "the popular Doom game" or that Eternal had dethroned some other game entirely. Plus, I think that those who are particularly mad about Battlemode just wanted a carbon-copy of OG Quake's multiplayer and then use the "BUT DOOM INVENTED DEATHMATCH" defense despite the fact that there's already things like Doom 2016's multiplayer or Quake Champions (plus, Doom wasn't even the first FPS to have what would now be called deathmatch). I mean, the late TotalBiscuit himself made a similar point when he talked about Quake Champions and I think he summed it up as succinctly as possible when it comes to arena shooters. Hell, serious changes had to be made with Doom 2016's gameplay had to be made in order to suit it for arena-style gameplay (and I'm talking about core gameplay mechanics, and none of that "hack modules" stuff). And no, "Serious Sam but with Doom stuff" would NOT automatically make a good Doom game because Doom has always been more than just "throw in 400 monsters at the same time to shoot". But I digress. And all of this is saddening on a personal level because all of this very much goes against my image of being the "chill Doomie", the "chill cosplayer", the guy who always provides fun thought-provoking discussions to the table and is not afraid to show his feelings (hell even my cosplay thing hasn't been doing as well as I wanted because social media algorithms are being changed up to prefer the influencers who already have millions of followers and such but that's honestly a whole another can of worms). Plus, it just all adds to the cultivated mindset of "I may never be able to amount to anything", not even in the Doom community because I haven't put out maps or that many mods even to this day. So why exactly am I flipping my shit over Doom Eternal even when I know that cooler heads will prevail for a game like this? Well, I'm about to spoiler what's about to come next because it's about to get really, really, REALLY bad. As in, this is gonna need a content warning for descriptions of suicide (both the ideations and the act itself), sexual assault/rape, and other assorted horrific things. And at last, we have the catalyst that ultimately led to me asking for help: The Mick Gordon incident. Ye gods, the Mick Gordon incident. So back when I initially heard the news that Mick might not be coming back to score anything Doom-related anymore, I was bummed like everyone else. But as more and more developments came out about what happened and more of my worst fears were confirmed without fail, it started to drag me to an extremely dark place for reasons I'm about to get to. I fully admit that I held on to hope that sometime soon that id and Mick would come to an understanding or that something would be worked out regarding the OST, but it doesn't seem like the case as all parties have pretty much moved on and the burnt bridges seem to have collapsed for good. And of course there was the announcement of Andrew Hulshult and David Levy collaboration on The Ancient Gods: Part 1 as well as Mick working on Atomic Heart which seems to confirm this. Hell, even as of this writing there hasn't been an "official" release (and no, only those with the Collector's Edition have access to the OST, FLAC files and all). And it was the former that just gave me quite the reality check on things, and it all came crashing in for me, like a train just slammed into me. But none of these things are the reason why I just broke down like that. I mean, I was *this* close to just bursting into tears in public. Not helping was that in one personal incident I previously described, it shared similarities to that situation in that: both parties apparently wanting nothing to do with each other (they told me to never contact them again and me telling them that I'm not sure if I wanted anything to do with them anymore vs. Mick's "doubt I'll work with them again" comments and Marty's open letter on r/Doom) unfortunate circumstances leading to disastrous results (me going through a horrific chain of events that led to suicidal ideations vs. the Collector's Edition fiasco that forced a hard deadline on the OST) tons of poor communication (me and them both failing to make any concerns known before it was too late vs. lack of communication on the OST and what was expected) shit-talking after things had ended horrifically (my friend and I shit-talking each other to friends and strangers vs. Mick's comments on id and especially Chad, though I'm not sure if this was intentional) So I asked around for help in various places and described my situation, and Bridgeburner had actually told me something that completely changed things: Namely, that equating personal life struggles to situations I had completely no agency in whatsoever is actually a symptom of PTSD. And it all just hit me like a ton of bricks. So I completely understand as to why you're already going to ask this million-dollar question: Why don't you stop playing? Because believe it or not, Doom Eternal has also been an amazingly positive influence on me, not just in terms of gaming but also how I've conducted myself more IRL. It's literally rewired my brain so that I've ended up playing FPSes better; for example, I now use the entire arena to my advantage so that I don't end up dying as often. Additionally, I've now become much more open to sharing personal stories with family and friends again after having essentially shut myself off for some time. And the fact that I was able to process the traumatic events as being traumatic in the first place; I think the fact that I moved several states away may have helped considering that previously it just felt like me and everyone I cared about was just going to be subjected to horrific shit nonstop without so much as a reprieve. And just that I still enjoy the everloving hell out of Doom Eternal; getting to figure out all new strategies on how to kill demons and approach various arenas never gets old, that rush of being dangerously close to death only to be saved at the last second by quick thinking feels exhilarating, and doing all of that to a killer soundtrack only sweetens the deal. Overall, it's still a fun game to me. I mean, it's not like I'm going to become the next ZeroMaster or decino overnight, but unfortunately it seems like as a result of my trauma, I ended up developing a chip on my shoulder as dense as a black hole and said trauma had somehow latched onto the game itself as if I were literally fighting my own demons on screen and they would keep winning due to stupid mistakes. Though I suppose that's some kind of weird blessing in disguise, given how I've essentially been given the ability to blast my own personal demons into chunky salsa. And that brings me to why I even posted this in the first place: So for several years I've been trying to go to therapy only for my own anxiety to stop me. But now with me having realized that I hadn't processed my trauma until recently, I'm doing what I can to overcome said anxiety and finally reach out for help. Now that I finally feel able to actually reach out, I'm going to need some help on how exactly to frame the state in which my trauma exists so not only can I be able to fully enjoy Doom Eternal again without having to worry about the chip on my shoulder, so that I can keep growing as a person and to grow past my own trauma. So that when I finally beat Ultra-Nightmare and get that gold Slayer skin, I can essentially tell my own trauma that I refuse to be its bitch anymore. And while I'm here, I'll be keeping you guys posted on how things are going with this process.
  6. So I think this should go without saying, but I think it really isn’t fair to compare Mick with Andrew (or David for that matter), since they all have vastly different composing styles and sounds and they all have a unique take on the Doom sound. I bring this up now because from what I’ve been hearing as of late, it seems like the latest comments on Andrew’s videos have consisted of nothing but shit-talking Mick (and not even just his body of work but also him as a person). According to comments like those, Andrew should’ve been the one to have been composing for nuDoom since 2016 because Mick’s work is apparently “too much dubstep” for their tastes and they want literally nothing but thrash metal and that’s it. And just to clarify, I'm fine with people preferring X over Y, but am less so when they say "X is the only one who REALLY understands DOOM's sound" or talks down the other musicians/their fans/id/etc. And on a side note, after looking at Mick’s quarantine stream and his IG comments and really processing them, it’s become clear to me that they sound less like someone throwing a fit and more like someone who got the short end of the stick. I mean, his IG comments that pertained to that situation pretty much consisted of “I’m trying so hard to fix this whole situation and make the fans happy”. And at this point, I honestly won’t (and can’t) blame him if he wants nothing to do with the Doom franchise anymore given everything that’s happened. The thing is, absolutely nobody would just do a 180 on a passion project like he supposedly did. And considering how passionate he was about the whole project, it’s beyond heartbreaking to put it lightly. In reality, he was essentially forced into a scenario that nobody benefited from, and then all the other parties involved seemed to just dump all the blame on him (though it is pretty clear that id was also in a difficult situation and I can’t blame them either). And that’s not even getting into the collector’s edition shitshow which catalyzed all this and the massive witch hunt that ensued after someone confronted Mick about the mixing from one of the tracks. I bring this all up because it’s beyond heartbreaking to see people build up Andrew while they simultaneously tear Mick down, even knowing the context that led Andrew and David to be brought on for TAG1 in the first place. But then again, it’s always been like that with metalheads going “MY BAND IS BETTER THAN YOURS” and anything considered different from “the norm” is to be immediately shunned without exception. TL;DR- The comments on Andrew Hulshult’s Youtube page have consisted lately of “Andrew is the ONLY one who understands Doom’s sound and everyone else is inferior, including the false idol that is Mick!1!1!1!!1!1!9one+shift!1!1”.
  7. Man of Doom


    I’m afraid I have some bad news. Just a few minutes ago, MrPyspy confirmed that Slax (AKA Slaxbox or SlaxBlops) had recently passed away. Currently details are scant but I just wanted to pass this along as soon as I could: Slax was an essential pillar to the ZDoom community in regards to his unique artwork. Without it, mods like DoomRL Arsenal wouldn’t have quite been the same. I will be updating this post when I get info on anything else. Rest In Peace, my friend.
  8. Man of Doom

    Still sad we had to kill ... (DLC spoiler)

    Btw, I just realized that back in the lore for 2016, it’s mentioned that VEGA is actually an acronym for a top-secret name that I think only Samuel Hayden knew about. Just thought I’d drop it here.
  9. Man of Doom

    Still sad we had to kill ... (DLC spoiler)

    Eh, not really; and besides, I have to restate again that the Slayer DID NOT KILL THE FATHER. Not only that, the Slayer only destroyed his Life Sphere as insurance: Namely to ensure that not even The Father will try to impede in the Slayer’s quest to kill the Dark Lord, and also to ensure that The Father himself doesn’t get killed off as he would require a physical form in order to actually die. (And it goes without saying that you need a Life Sphere to take any kind of physical form and to potentially render yourself mortal in the process.) Besides, it’s pretty much well-documented that The Father had loved the Dark Lord too much to just kill him even when Samur was begging him to do so. As for the smaller Life Spheres, it’s highly likely that they belong to more Seraphim.
  10. Man of Doom

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Ok, so I finished the rest of the way through, and let’s just say that the entirety of the Holt is where I started to see red (though the final trial of Maligog pretty much acted as a prelude for the pain that was to follow since I already got my ass kicked dozens of times there): First off, the Blood Maykrs. I mean, what if a Maykr Drone and a Marauder decided to have a baby that was spawned out of hate-fucking, and said baby was somehow even more hateful? And not only that, it seems like only the Precision Bolt or the Sticky Bomb seem to do the headshot trick, as I tried to do the SSG headshot trick that usually works on Maykr Drones only for that to backfire hilariously. Not only that, I’ve come to seriously think that the only reason they’re classed as Heavy Demons and not Super Heavy Demons is so that you’ll basically have to fight like 9-10 of them in a combat encounter (if not at the exact same time). Just to illustrate this in one point, I literally died dozens if not about a hundred times in that Slayer Gate encounter because the Blood Maykr/Maykr Drone tag-team combo ensured that I wasn’t getting out of there with my dignity (or my sanity) intact. Ok, so the whole Spirit thing isn’t quite as bad as most people are making it out to be, and no, you don’t necessarily have to sacrifice Heat Blast either. It’s more of a matter of knowing ahead of time when you’re about to fight a possessed demon and strategizing on how best to eliminate all potential possession targets before going in for the kill. Besides, the whole thing beyond the Microwave Beam is maintaining a line of light so as long as you’re fixed on the target, you’re still free to dash around however you please. That being said, the Spirit phases of the Samur fight and the possessed Tyrant were beyond fucking infuriating and I was about this close to lowering the difficulty because of the sheer treachery involved (to the point where I seriously now have a hard time understanding just how people are able to finish UNM with all that involved considering how it would be next to impossible). And keep in mind, not only I was playing on Nightmare, I got through about 80-90% of the Blood Swamps without much difficulty as well as go through entire swaths of the base game without even so much as getting hit (in Nightmare difficulty). Speaking of Samur, let’s just say that he makes the Khan Maykr, the Icon of Sin, and even the Gladiator all look like a bunch of chumps. Barring the Spirit phases, he can tank heavy missile barrages like the Icon or Gladiator while being even harder to hit than the Khan Maykr due to his sheer speed. So yeah, I think we’ve officially reached Beyond Plutonia Hours of sheer difficulty the minute you offer your blood sacrifice to Maligog (whereas the base game might reach the point of Real Plutonia Hours at a few points). Anyone who said that Doom Eternal is too hard is going to be crying like a baby when they get to this. Civvie said that playing Plutonia is like being trapped inside a wicker man, but The Ancient Gods Part 1 is like being a victim of the blood eagle execution method and being left out in the hot sun to die a slow and agonizing death. EDIT: Is it just me, or was David Levy the actual first choice to replace Mick? I ask because it seems like Andrew Hulshult seems to like make it into like about one track and feels more like a guest composer more than anything, whereas David’s music is the one doing all the heavy lifting.
  11. Man of Doom

    Still sad we had to kill ... (DLC spoiler)

    Eh, I don’t think the Slayer really killed VEGA/The Father, rather more that destroying his Life Sphere pretty much made sure he wasn’t able to take a corporeal form. Hell, the Slayer even hesitated when he was about to potentially kill Samur. From what was read in the Codex, even Samur was begging The Father to kill the Dark Lord but the latter refused because he loved one of his creations too much. I think the reason the Slayer ended up destroying the Father’s Life Sphere is because there would be a potential chance of the Father getting in the way of the Slayer killing the Dark Lord and he did so as insurance to make sure he wouldn’t interfere, Samur and the rest of Urdak be damned; almost as if to say in his own particular way “they are no longer your people to save”.
  12. Man of Doom

    New(?) Easter Egg for Doom Eternal

    …and it straight-up got removed in a new update. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if it was because people actually complained about their “SOOPER SIRIUS DEUM GAEM” having any kind of visible “weeb trash” references. I honestly remember at one point a few years ago where I suggested the idea of a Doom anime in a Doom Facebook group and half of the replies were jeering at me because… they didn’t want their manly man game to be “tainted by moeshit and pretty boys”.
  13. Man of Doom

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Alrighty so I decided to give it another try but on regular Nightmare, and hoo boy is it a whole different beast than simply UV. I’ll post my thoughts here of what I’ve gone through so far and things that stuck out to me: So far, TOG1 has a very Final Doom-esque feel to it, which I suppose is fitting given that TOG2 is apparently supposed to be the end of the arc that started in D2016. Plus, while I have yet to get past the second level, UAC Atlantica Facility feels very much like a TNT tribute and the Blood Swamps feels very much like an homage to Plutonia complete with the “otherworldly jungle” aesthetic. Additionally, I’d like to paraphrase something from Civvie when he did Sigil: “there is a very distinct difference between incompetent design and deliberate treachery, and the latter is especially devious when it’s inspired by the hubris of the many”. And yeah, that pretty much sums up TOG so far.
  14. Man of Doom

    The Ancient Gods - Trailer and Release Date

    Honestly, that one thing is pretty much the big reason why I’ve already decided to just go ahead and delete my first save and just start fresh (especially since I was playing UV with Extra Lives mode since I want to knock out as many milestones in as few attempts as possible). That and I didn’t even receive the rewards for having completing that level so I’m guessing it’s a bug. Honestly, I think my frequent playthroughs on Nightmare without any cheats have significantly helped, especially since even during the massive difficulty spikes, I haven’t died once during my initial playthrough of the first level (granted, it was on UV difficulty). And yeah, I can easily say that this is already Plutonia-tier judging by not just by those aforementioned difficulty spikes, but also judging by how at certain points, you end up fighting literally hundreds of demons at a few points (and that’s not even an exaggeration). I don’t know, I guess I just feel frustrated with literally everything right now, and I probably won’t be as lucky the next time around.
  15. Man of Doom


    Welp, we may have to accept the possibility of the next Doom title being an Xbox exclusive now. (Or at least, not ever seeing the PS5.) EDIT: So many of the big talking heads are pretty much the ones speculating that the whole “future Bethesda titles being Xbox exclusive”, and after taking a step back, I’ve since come to realize that this statement is basically no different than the whole “future Bethesda titles will be examined on a case-by-case business”.