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  1. The moderator who originally took down the open letter and then put it back up has since deleted their account entirely.
  2. From what I gather, going public with all of this is more to clear his name after id very much dragged his name through the mud. And yeah, given the language of some of the document, it seems like Mick already had a lawyer comb through his statement before giving the ok to do so. Without a doubt. At best, they were attempting to save face by throwing Mick under the bus. At worst, they might have outright weaponized fan reactions to the point where he was getting outright death threats. Oh, and Marty’s open letter on r/Doom? It actually seems to have been at least flagged for misleading info if not taken down outright.
  3. I’m completely with you on this one. Unless Marty decides to step down or something like that, I’m seriously considering not purchasing any more future id titles considering everything. Especially since most (if not all) of Mick’s grievances are with Marty, and he seems to hold no ill will towards the rest of id.
  4. A summary of events is literally provided at the start of the document. Unfortunately, it seems like things were profoundly fucked from Doom Eternal’s inception, so I’m beyond sad to report that this story probably doesn’t get a happy ending at all.
  5. Well, holy shit. In any case, I think this explains @Quasar’s mention that bad blood may have existed as far back as 2018. And at this point, I don’t think I would blame him at all if he wants nothing to do with id anymore after all of this. And forget about the OST altogether, I’m surprised the actual soundtrack is as cohesive as it is.
  6. Man of Doom

    Bits of doom that are scary?

    Heh, I can actually think of three such moments, all of which when I was actually really young: 1. Playing for the very first time, it was very clearly E1M2; I never actually got anywhere past the starting level, and just fighting the Zombiemen was actually pretty challenging not only in that I would keep missing but their death screams were absolutely bloodcurdling to me back then. I think the cherry on top of all that was when I finally managed to exit the game, I ended up being greeted with the sound of Doomguy’s death scream which was just dandy. Keep in mind, I was like closer to five years old around this time. 2. I’d say a year after the first time I ever played Doom, I got to see the demo for E1M5, and it scared the daylights out of me. Back then, something about the Pinkies, the candelabras in what was obviously a futuristic base setting, Doomguy continuing to take damage as his face got bloodier and bloodier, the fast pace in which everything was going on, it all looked so very alarming. But at the same time, I wanted a piece of that action. (and thus began my journey of always playing Doom with degreelessness mode on when I was a kid, and also getting the shareware episode after that night) 3. This actually happened with Doom II, and on the Icon of Sin level, no less. So I was playing the whole game with god mode and I was feeling fairly confident in my abilities to take on the game, right? Well, I got to MAP30 and going by the music alone, I could tell something was off but I pressed on regardless. I was more in awe at the Icon of Sin rather than terrified, but I was determined to beat it nonetheless. Unfortunately, that determination didn’t last for long as when I was heading for one of the lifts, I ended up dying like almost instantly right after I got there (with god mode still on), and there was an Imp’s corpse right in front of me. I remember just jumping at that little incident and I just quit right then and there. (and speaking from hindsight, it became obvious that I got really unlucky right then and there and I had ended up getting telefragged by one of the spawn cubes)
  7. And just to confirm: For this release, has everything been migrated to DeHackEd? AFAIK, Harmony was originally a ZDoom work.
  8. And there’s the announcement.
  9. Man of Doom

    Do people actually hate the DLCs?

    Ok, so I’m not going to pretend like I know that “this is exactly what went down at id Software” during the development of both TAG1 and TAG2. But what I do understand is that the “rush to push things out the door” was most likely contractual obligation more than anything (namely with the Year One Pass which promised two singleplayer DLCs within one year). As for TAG itself, let’s just say that I found myself playing levels like the World Spear and Reclaimed Earth more than I did levels like the Blood Swamps and the Holt. Thing is, not every level has to be a Master Level. And lastly, I need to call something out right here, right now: Namely, this attitude of “disliking that people like the thing you dislike”. (DISCLAIMER: I’m not calling out anyone specifically, it’s just a mentality I’ve seen pop up not just here but in multiple places as well. Especially since apparently there’s now a rivalry of sorts between Doom Eternal and Ultrakill; no, I don’t get it either. They’re two entirely separate games with entirely separate playstyles; why compare apples to oranges?) There is absolutely nothing wrong with disliking something. Hell, if you think the Doom franchise needs to be taken out behind the shed because “Doomguy rides a dragon” or anything like that, more power to you. But there’s a very distinct difference between just disliking something and “making multi-part essays on how Doom jumped the shark”, let alone when it results in others getting attacked because they liked what you didn’t like. Especially the developers. Don’t get me wrong, there are things about both parts of TAG that don’t really gel with me (particularly with the lore) but I think it's more that it's just not my bag. (Plus, with the lore, it does feel like something that actually can be addressed in a future title without necessarily resorting to retcons let alone a hard reboot. Hell, TAG2 is not even remotely comparable to something like say, Aliens: Colonial Marines, Mass Effect 3, the final season of Game of Thrones or Lost, or The Rise of Skywalker.) I don't rag on the people who do like it, I just shrug and move on. I don't think that there's much out there that I just viscerally *hate*, but there has to be a much more legitimate reason than “it subverted expectations” (I.E. the work in question is actively harmful towards minorities). But if there is one thing I can’t take seriously at all, it’s this idea that one is allowed to relentlessly criticize everything, but don’t you dare criticize that criticism because it’s “beyond reproach” or something. There are people who professionally designed games or mods who I saw livetweeting about or posting literal video essays about Doom Eternal (or TAG1/TAG2) making direct digs at [X person at id Software, particularly Hugo Martin], not even criticizing the game anymore but directly going after the developer(s) for having ever made it in the first place. But we can't criticize them for that? For literally calling the people at id lazy? I’m sorry, but I call bullshit. Besides, defending misunderstood media and bashing my head against popular narratives among the fandoms I'm in that don't actually make sense has somehow just become my thing at this point (particularly with what I’ve been busy working on lately). It's actually why I've been pointing out lately how many those popular narratives of yesteryear within this fandom in particular have been abandoned, and those hated and misunderstood works are suddenly popular and beloved now (case in point, Doom 3 and now the Doom 2005 movie). Mayhaps knowing that even with all the hatred and vitriol and malding that occurred prior to Doom 2016’s release (it was especially bad in various Doom Facebook groups), it's now more beloved than ever, so perhaps whatever it is with the Doom franchise one is raging about today... …just isn't worth the blood pressure and Bitch Eating Crackers mentality after all.
  10. Man of Doom

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    Welp, desperate times call for desperate measures. It’s time to make our new passwords aggressively Swedish.
  11. Man of Doom

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    I just said that Doomworld was compromised and that people should change their passwords as soon as possible, not “Doomworld is about to burst into flames and we’re all about to get doxxed”. That said, I do think the original tweet posted in the OP is pretty alarmist (though it’s the only real tweet that initially talked about it). All the more reason to determine the site’s security going forward and possibly reworking it to make sure no future exploits are ever viable.
  12. Man of Doom

    Doomworld has been compromised.

    Change your passwords ASAP.
  13. Man of Doom

    What The Hell Are "Virtual Influencers"?

    uhhhhhhhhh influencers who are virtual? (But seriously, what the actual fuck is going on with this metaverse shit)
  14. Man of Doom

    Quake II potential remaster to be revealed this quakecon?

    A word from Sonic Mayhem regarding the rerelease of the Quake 2 soundtrack.
  15. Man of Doom

    what would a doom arg look like?

    Uhhhhhh, well https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCTKo1_-a3MDA1VSUqESm06A/videos (To be fair, this is less of an in-universe ARG proper and more “every copy of Doom is personalized”)