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  1. Man of Doom

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Just a small heads-up for those moving to bluer skies
  2. Man of Doom

    Doom Year Zero

    Originally, I was adamant on id making their next title a Quake reboot/sequel/whatever. Then kind of taking everything happening with Doom Eternal post-launch and The Ancient Gods: I suspect that this may be id Software essentially calling for a mulligan after COVID-19 basically screwing development up for both the base game and its DLCs. Assuming that id’s next title is a Doom title.
  3. Man of Doom

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    Might as well nip this in the bud right here: Doom Eternal (and The Ancient Gods) was meant to conclude the story arc which began with Doom 2016; it wasn’t necessarily meant to be the grand finale for the entire franchise (and yes, this was confirmed as such by Hugo Martin himself). That said, if Year Zero does end up being a continuation of the Doom Slayer’s story, it’s likely that it’ll be nuDoom’s End of Evangelion (in that it’s an unplanned conclusion that works to wrap up the loose ends which caused a ton of fan backlash). This document was likely made in late 2019/early 2020, long before the Microsoft acquisition and possibly before COVID-19 threw a wrench into every imaginable plan.
  4. Man of Doom

    Doom Year Zero coming from Bethesda

    This is worth noting, on top of the fact that the graphic being passed around is from 2020: Given the title of “Doom: Year Zero” (as well as rumors of id Software working on id Tech 8), I have a sneaking suspicion that this won’t actually be id’s next big title. If anything, I suspect that this might be kind of retro throwback to celebrate the franchise’s 30th anniversary, akin to something like WH40K: Boltgun.
  5. Man of Doom

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    So while this basically restates what was mentioned earlier, I wouldn’t put it past the Emerald Failson to force this in like a week or two given how this would need to be implemented.
  6. Man of Doom

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Holy shit, the ride never ends (or maybe it finally will considering that this will 100% kill off the app formerly known as Twitter if nothing else does). Besides, he’s probably doing it more to clamp down on dissent from users instead of "stamping out bots".
  7. Man of Doom

    Doom Eternal Update Removes Denuvo

    Also worth noting: In addition to removing Denuvo, that update also removes boosters (that Battlemode thing that has you gain XP based off of other players’ performance). IMO, my money’s either on full-blown mod support (or the release of id Studio), or a release on GOG. (latter’s far more likely, though)
  8. Fun fact: Apparently, decino of all people had been working on a Brutal Quake II before it was kind of shelved. Now with the remaster officially around, hopefully interest in that gets revived in one way or another. (As for a “Brutal Quake”, it seems like Quake 1.5 very much exists and I even did a full playthrough with that mod at one point.)
  9. Man of Doom

    Unity goes full Unity

    Emerald Failson vibes all the way down, from (seemingly) wrecking a company just to sell off the remains, to culture war weirdo nonsense. case in point,
  10. Man of Doom

    So What are We doing to celebrate 40k DoomWorld Members?

    …who knows how to order pizza for 40K people?
  11. Man of Doom

    What if DOOM weapons... but cute girls?

    ...I believe Substance40 may have what you're looking for when it comes to weapons waifus.
  12. As it turns out well over a year ago, someone managed to pull off the enviable task of finally piecing together the timeline for the entire Doom franchise (barring spinoffs such as Final Doom, the two Doom RPGs, etc.). I've since decided to put this here just to make sure this gets more attention, even if this is quite a hefty read. And you may wonder, why put this here in the Doom Eternal subforum? Well, as you're about to see, Doom Eternal essentially becomes the sort of backbone for the franchise's story thus far. So without further ado, the timeline guide for the entire Doom franchise (be warned as there be full spoilers here): As for my personal thoughts: Regarding this document itself, not only does it do an amazing job at piecing together aspects of nuDoom which might've initially been confusing or unintentionally ambiguous. While there is quite a reliance either on speculation or outright fan theories or headcanons (often noted as such), it is nicer to see titles such as Doom 3 get some well-deserved love. Not only that, I feel that Doom's story as of late has gotten quite a fair amount of vitriol (first with Doom 3, and then with Doom Eternal which might as well be the Diablo 3 of the franchise; seriously, some people had outright dismissed the game's graphics as being "kiddy" and not being dark enough). I'm not going to lie: I have my own personal set of issues with the kinds of plot elements that Doom Eternal in particular had introduced (and to a lesser extent, Doom 2016). (SPOILERS) So yeah, Doom's story isn't really the most consistent at all. It's frustratingly told at times, and Doom Eternal in particular does seem to struggle with it. But more than anything, I suspect that it's just more of a side effect when it comes to gameplay-vs-story ratio, and I know for sure that special care was placed on the player ripping and tearing while telling the best story they can. While the story has issues, I do feel that not only did id truly work to really throw caution to the wind and tell a story filled with passion, they did so with the constraints they had to work with. And that to me is not only commendable but outright admirable. Just to quote part of the document's ending: While I am also of the opinion that Doom has always been action-horror, it can do so much more with what it has to work with, and Doom Eternal is just one example of what the franchise can be.
  13. Welp, a personal Doom-related vent that's been brewing for a while, and then I'll get off my soapbox:


    So just to start things off: when or if it's revealed that a popular work was made under horrific conditions, making some hot take about how "I always thought it was complete dogshit, actually" is not a super-progressive thing to do (and is actually just a really shitty thing to do).

    Here and elsewhere, it's happened with so many things; it's happened with everything from works like Doom Eternal to as recent as Across the Spider-Verse, and it needs to stop.

    Personally, I'd much rather have the attitude of "it's good but we need to work on changing things behind the scenes for the better" as opposed to "them bad, thus final product bad".
    Especially if it's a team involved, because the attitude of "this is shit because working conditions shit" is really just shitting on the work of those that were either victims themselves, or just doing their job/putting their care and effort into it.

    And now in this larger Doom community, I now find myself worrying about two things:

    1. People will now see their own version of the developers' artistic vision "not being met" as some kind of personal affront or some kind of scam by "lazy devs" (a phrase which seems to have been getting a ton of use nowadays).
    2. Unfortunately, we live in the online world of "perception is reality". And regardless of intent (especially since social media is the place where nuance goes to die), content presented with an angry banner-waving capacity will end up causing collateral damage.

    Not only that, recent developments (not Doom-related) have gotten so ridiculous that certain circles of people will literally advocate for not paying people for their work just because they personally didn't like how a piece of entertainment played out.

    It's why some days, I may even begin to wonder: "why bother making my own Doom-related vision if I'm just going to get raked over the Internet's eternal coals because it's not 100% Rip and Tear or Super-Serious Science Fiction?"
    Hell, it's not even the Manbaby Industrial Complex I'm worried about, it's more the worry over "getting ripped to shreds by my own community peers because it doesn't fit this exact vision of what Doom should be".

    As much fun as I've had with it, I've honestly had days in which I wish Doom Eternal just wasn't a thing at all. Or at least not in the form as it currently exists in.

    This was originally intended for a thread that's just been made by me, but I didn't want to end up causing anything incendiary, no matter how unintentional it might be.

  14. Man of Doom

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Oh yeah, so Apartheid Clyde literally did not consider that his actions would end up getting his precious TwXtter delisted from the App Store and Google Play.
  15. Man of Doom

    Twitter is rebranding to X

    Welp, it’s been fun.