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  1. Welp. And it also turned out that not only did he turn out to be a massive POS in general who not only went off a cliff as the years passed, he was also a serial domestic abuser. No seriously, I only really knew about him from Doom House and that’s literally about it. Plus, Something Awful pretty much changed the Internet into what we now see today, for better and for worse. “Better” in that I can imagine that there were not only tons of good memories to the point of lasting friendships and even marriages being forged there and many other adjacent places before the rise of sites like Reddit, it was basically social media before social media was even a thing to the point of even pre-dating MySpace; also, you can never forget how SA was pretty much the birthplace of memes as we know them (similar to places like YTMND). “Worse” in that, well, Lowtax actively worked to make the site revolve around him, even if it meant new and potentially lucrative ideas being shot down and users being banned for “not being edgy enough” (seriously, he wanted SA to be more like K*w*farms as far as 2019 and felt it was getting too “intellectual” in the mid-tens); also, certain developments led to the rise of “anti-SJW” culture (as well as all the dominos that fell from that) and the birth of places like 4chan but that’s a whole another can of worms. Needless to say, how he ran the site basically resulted in responses like this, even from the regulars as soon as news of his passing spread: In essence, I honestly can’t help but feel that this all very much feels like the kind of cautionary tale of how not to live one’s life. And I can’t help but feel sad for his family.
  2. So this happened with the Limited Run Games version of the Switch port.
  3. Man of Doom

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    So after really taking the time to process it, I think I came to realize why I’ve been feeling so strongly about the Doom Eternal discourse (and more specifically, the TAG2 discourse). Over the course of a couple of years, I’ve gotten to know quite a few people who work/worked at id Software (though more as casual acquaintances-in-passing rather than outright friends, if that makes sense). And from what I’ve gathered, they’re a really tightly-knit group as well as a surprisingly small development studio of like a few hundred people as opposed to the more recognized game studios have have like at least a couple of thousand people working there. And from what I’ve also gathered, everything they do is absolutely a labor of love and they’re also diehard fans of the franchises they work on. I know that the John Romero days may never come back, but they don’t necessarily have to given this current incarnation of id. If Romero id was OG Star Trek, today’s id is basically The Next Generation. Not only that, this current generation of id is not only much younger but also much more online than past generations (even Hugo Martin regularly spends time interacting with Doom Facebook groups, even if those are an absolute cesspool of the worst imaginable Doom takes from what I’ve heard). And of course, there’s the “Marty Stratton browses Doomworld” meme. So what I’m trying to say here is this: they’ve definitely seen your comments. I don’t necessarily mean just you guys in particular, I mean comments in places like r/Doom, various Doom Discord servers, social media like Twitter and Instagram, etc. The guys at id have seen both the best and the worst of the kinds of discourse Doom Eternal had to offer, from the crossovers with Animal Crossing to TAG2’s story, from the Mick Gordon incident to Eternal’s modding community. And let’s just say that I can’t even begin to imagine how shitty it feels to be working on one of your favorite franchises in an official capacity as both a fan and a professional, only for other fans to immediately declare it as the Worst Thing Ever because it didn’t fit their exact tastes or headcanon. (I mean, we literally just got update 6.66 complete with an official horde mode and people are bitching about how it’s not just an endless horde mode throwing 10 possessed Marauders at you at the same time while you only have the base shotgun to fend them off.) That's not to say legitimate criticism or even a bit of nitpicking is completely unwarranted, as legitimate problems can pop up. But given the recent climate of discourse (in a more general sense) where it seems like almost nobody can agree to disagree and any amount of nuance is immediately thrown out the window, it's become surprisingly difficult to tell legitimate critiques apart from complaining just for the sake of complaining. Hopefully, it hasn’t gotten to the point where anyone is outright replying or DMing anyone at id, laying into the latter about how Doom Eternal and TAG as-is needs to be struck from the Doom canon and to just go back to the drawing board (and to also retroactively make 2016 a hard reboot and completely excise everything with “confusing elements” like the Sentinels and Maykrs, making said sequel strictly Hell on Earth complete with nothing even remotely resembling classic Doom in regards to overall aesthetic and literally nothing else; also the Slayer is also the Betrayer because reasons). Ok, rant over. Yeah, I know this is just more Doom Eternal discourse, but I’m just doing what I can to finally make my peace with it. Like I previously stated, I think that id’s next project should be a new singleplayer Quake title and just let Doom rest for a bit, maybe even let others handle spinoffs if they so desire. They very much earned their rest from the Slayer’s journey for now.
  4. Man of Doom

    For those who hit rock bottom, what’s it like?

    So, back when I initially made this thread, part of the reason why I did so was to gauge as to whether that low point in my life was truly going to be rock bottom. Namely, just to put things in perspective. Considering how they say the only place you can go is up once you’ve reached rock bottom, I can safely say that I’ve managed to get past rock bottom (specifically that one low point in my life). Things have indeed gotten much better, and I can only see things getting better from here.
  5. Man of Doom

    What do you want id to do next after Eternal?

    Hoo boy. So before I start my thoughts, I’d like everyone to read this: Read it? Good, because I’m going to build off of what I said here (even if I was in quite a mood when I wrote out the initial TwitLonger). But even at that time, I was less angry and just… bewildered, to put it lightly. After TAG2, there’s actually quite a lot of possibilities worth exploring. For one, there’s still so much of Hell that’s still has yet to be explored, be it the more Lovecraftian, the non-Euclidean, or even just the more fucked-up sections of Hell. Immora was clearly meant to be the “most civilized” part of Hell, and it can only get more twisted from there. Not only that, there’s still the matter of what became of Samuel/Samur, the cultist UAC after the fall of the Hell Priests, or whether Commander Valen was really killed by the Dark Lord. That being said, I think id should let things rest and settle for a little bit in regards to the Slayer’s time and what ultimately became of him. And yeah, I honestly wouldn’t mind a new singleplayer Quake title. Hell, even a new Enemy Territory or Halo Wars-like spinoff doesn’t sound too bad. But given the absolute Mass Effect 3/Halloween Kills-esque vitriol towards TAG2, I absolutely would not be surprised if id decided to pull an End of Evangelion and put together a “true” or “revised” ending of the story arc that began with Doom 2016, complete with an air of “ok, here you go; hope you’re happy with all the standard fanservice to wash down all the stuff you thought was the Worst Thing Ever”. And I seriously doubt that the writing team at id were writing by the seat of their pants or were changing things at Hugo Martin’s whim because “it sounded cool” (case in point, see my above post). It’s also worth noting that even the base game’s development was profoundly affected by a full-scale pandemic never mind both parts of The Ancient Gods (to the point where Reclaimed Earth was allegedly part of TAG1 instead of TAG2 and that each expansion allegedly had 5-6 levels instead of 3-4), which is part of why I’m much more lenient with the story beats of The Ancient Gods. But maybe that’s just me. I mean, the fact that id was still able to swing for the fences given all the constraints they had to work under makes the whole thing commendable in my eyes. And to tell you the truth, I’d much rather have what id gave us in TAG2 than some standard ending where everything is exactly as it appears, or some truly out-of-character shit like “the Slayer bargains with the Dark Lord to get Daisy back, in exchange for Hell to devour as many worlds as it desires”. (Holy hell, I still can’t get over that plot “suggestion”, because that was absolutely a real thing that was suggested.) Because at the very least, id tried something new with the Doom franchise (even if it didn’t quite stick the landing).
  6. Man of Doom

    doom eternal positivity tread

    Since I've noticed that most of the disdain towards Doom Eternal is actually towards TAG2 as opposed to the base game or even TAG1, I think much of my post will talk mainly about TAG2. (And by disdain, I don’t mean anything like “it’s ok” or “meh” or anything like that, I mean people absolutely loathed TAG2 as in they had nothing but absolute hatred for it. You’d think that this kind of vitriol came from like the newer Doom franchise fans whose first game was like 2016, but no, the angry mobs primarily consisted of like the longtime Doom veterans. And in all honesty, it’s like really far from the worst thing to come out of the Doom franchise.) Real talk: I enjoyed both 2016 and Eternal’s story (DLC and all), but I seriously can’t buy into the idea that 2016’s story was somehow good enough for Eternal to somehow betray it. And not only that, I really do want to applaud id for really taking things up to 11 with the Sentinels and the Maykrs instead of just pushing things like “Samuel Hayden is in fact now the leader of a demon-worshipping cult” or “the Slayer makes a deal with the devil to get Daisy back in exchange for Earth to be devoured”. At first, I did say that TAG2 felt way too easy compared to TAG1, but it's always felt like the greatest hits of the base game in regards to difficulty. As time went on, I've noticed that I would frequently come back to TAG2 way more often than TAG1 because I would actually feel drained after certain encounters in the latter (glaring at pre-patch Holt) to the point of having to take frequent breaks, whereas with most of the former I would still feel alert and ready to take on the next encounter. I think that might've been a big factor as to why I even managed to beat TAG2 on Ultra-Nightmare (and on the first go, no less). Not only that, the level design for TAG2 feels about as good as it can get (especially with the World Spear and especially especially with Reclaimed Earth, which I think hits all of the sweet spots for me). Hell, even Immora has a ton of love and care put into it, especially with how the titular city itself is designed (plus all the things flying around in it); plus Immora serves as a nice contrast to Urdak (Immora's "oppressive, busy, and hyper-industrialized" vs Urdak's "open and serene, yet dystopian"). As for the extra enemies, I can definitely say that they serve their purpose well. Screechers make sure to have you exercise more restraint with your arsenal and to be creative with your less explosive options (or provide an extra challenge if you so desire). Armored Barons know how to pressure the player and can be easily taken care of once their armor is removed (and part of the thrill of taking them out is their armor regeneration). Stone Imps force you to react as quickly as you can because they can easily wreck you if you're careless. Riot Soldiers were never quite the complete pushovers a lot of people make them out to be, as their rapid-fire and invincible shield can cause you to relocate to another location unless you've got an explosive handy (and even so, you have to make sure you're actually hitting them and not their shield). And after a recent patch, Demonic Troopers are no longer the complete pushovers they used to be and could essentially be the spiritual successors to Former Humans (right down to the Soldier death sounds they make once they keel over). As for the story, I think that I might as well have a hot take regarding that (spoilered due to spoilers, of course): Anyway, I think that sums up my thoughts.
  7. (Save the SpongeBob Rock Bottom jokes, they’re original and hilarious) This is not just a thread where I’m going to bitch and moan about my problems, but I think I’d like to get some perspective. What exactly spurred on this thread? I’ve thought about making it for some time especially since things haven’t been great, but sometimes I’d think “at least things can’t get worse” and I’d avoid doing that because I’m afraid that I’m somehow tempting fate to take things even further. Either that, or the infrequent thoughts of taking my own life seemed to somehow stave that off. Either way, I guess I’m just sick and tired of being sick and tired. Here’s the final impetus that compelled me to make this thread: In other words, this saying pretty much sums up rock bottom: So again just to get perspective, what was rock bottom for you like?
  8. Man of Doom

    Why are so many indie games retro-styled?

    So I’d like to start with kind of a personal anecdote: Back when I was really crazy about YoYoGames because it was basically like one of those free games websites except it was basically like a testbed for Game Maker (I was in middle school back then), even at the time, I came to notice that like less than 0.00000001% of all the games there would be featured (even less so when it came to games that involved 3D, especially FPSes). Plus, most of the stuff I played was essentially babby’s first Doom clone (and like 6 times out of 10, it literally would be a Doom fan game of some kind or at least use sprites from a 90s shooter that wasn’t full 3D like Quake). Most of it wasn’t very well-made, but I very much enjoyed most of them. And due to the limitations of something like Game Maker at the time, the graphics of these types of games often had to be retro in some way. What I’m trying to say is that since making a game has become easier, or more importantly, more accessible over the past several years, of course there’s going to be a glut of retro-styles games and of course it turns out that only a handful of them end up getting noticed. Not only that, it’s not uncommon for these kinds of games to be completely made by one person or even a handful of people that can be counted on one hand. Plus, most of these fledgling often tend to be young adults if not literal teenagers trying their hand at making a game. And that’s not even getting into the effort that even goes into game development itself, a huge component being the graphics and I’m not even talking about just games that go out of their way to look photorealistic (which can take years even for a full game development studio to make). Case in point, I remember Death Trash being in development since like 2016-2018 and it wasn’t until like last month that it went into Early Access. Hell, the big example of a retro-like FPS being massively successful is Dusk, and guess what? There was like only three people who could be considered a dev team, but only one of them pretty much did all the heavy lifting of gaming development as the other two either produced it or made music for it. Hell, it turned out that the sole game dev for the first Project Warlock title was literally only 19 around the final stages of development prior to its release. And it’s not necessarily just the retro FPS being “in vogue” as of now; during the latest Realms Deep, I saw a ton of titles that aren’t even just first-person as there were plenty of platformers, side-scrolling shooters, and even point-and-click adventures. So yeah, I’d take this “retro renaissance” of games as less of a “fad” and more of a sort of sub-genre. TL;DR- It’s very much not worth shitting on someone’s first game especially if it’s in the style of a retro title, especially because most of these game devs behind them often skew young who often don’t have the resources or manpower to make a game with Crysis-tier graphics.
  9. Nothing of note has happened as of this writing, this is something I just wanted to get off my chest. Ever since the open letter from Marty came out, I’ve come to see this mindset of “I never liked Mick’s work anyway” crop up a lot. It’s been shown here on this very thread, I’ve seen it on Twitter and other assorted forums, you get the idea. So I feel like this mindset is dishonest, summed up succinctly by this thread as well as several replies: To cut to the chase here, acting like Mick’s contributions to the Doom franchise have zero redeeming qualities as a whole is not only extremely disrespectful to the guys at id and especially Chad Mossholder because they’re basically being shamed for having worked with Mick, it’s also extremely disrespectful to Andrew Hulshult and David Levy because they basically had to follow in Mick’s footsteps in order to make their contributions work as well as they did. This mindset in question is such a grotesque practice, and makes it clear your intent is not to warn people about a potentially harmful person, but to simply assert over others that you are a morally good person, while at the same time, shaming those who did enjoy said person's works, as if enjoying something made by a shitty person automatically makes that person morally corrupt. I personally find this mindset deeply repugnant, and it’s not the sick dunk one might think it is. Additionally, it also forces the idea that people can't change and that you can somehow identify bad people in advance through their work. It's both dangerous for people who did wrong and seek to become better, and people who are so convinced that the bad is someone else that they'll never self-reflect. On a side note: When people go “I’m glad THIS content creator that I like is good!!” (like what is being done with David Levy and especially Andrew Hulshult in this instance), I feel like they are setting themselves up for a repeat event because of this exact mentality. This isn’t to say that they might pull a similar stunt, but that they might make a mistake by accident and I’m afraid that’ll somehow be enough for the Internet Hate Machine to go after them. And that’s not even to say that Mick is some horrible monster-person or anything like that because he isn’t. It’s very clear that he fucked up. That doesn’t automatically make him an abuser or whatnot. Besides, more than anything, it's extremely likely that the main emotion driving this whole shitshow is spur-of-the-moment frustration. Hell, this latest development of “Mick calls out id or Bethesda in the middle of QuakeCon” was more than likely made under the assumption that whoever is holding the rights to the Doom Eternal OST is just sitting on it and has no plans to release it in any form. And if it seems like I’ve been defending Mick, it’s because I’ve fucked up in my personal life in very similar ways to how he fucked up, and I can tell you this purely from personal experience: Once I was done being awful, I felt awful. And that’s why I made the case on him issuing a public apology to id because they were very clearly caught in the crossfire of all this. TL;DR- People are not set in stone, and you should never put them on pedestals.
  10. Man of Doom

    A hypothetical question involving costumes

    I may have actually followed through on this question some time ago.
  11. I literally just mentioned that the angry fanboys went after him too after Marty’s open letter. Nevertheless, no matter how any thing might be perceived according to either party, I think it would be in everyone’s best interest for Mick to just bite the bullet, swallow his pride, and issue a public apology. Especially after the way everything went down. Even if it is just to preserve the best possible optics and any hope to rework the Eternal OST let alone any future Doom titles because this latest development does NOT look good on his part and the timing of it all makes it look suspicious. And honestly, even though I can’t guarantee that even a public apology will automatically get Mick back on id’s good side let alone finally allow him to redo the OST… but it really can’t hurt to try. That, and a few nice words about Andrew and David could definitely help. Yeah, that is kind of the million-dollar question right there. It’s pretty clear that either id or Bethesda has no desire to release the OST in its current form, since said current form… isn’t very good. Not just in terms of mixing but also that a huge chunk of it is more a glorified soundpack than an actual OST.
  12. So before I post my thoughts, I want to share something that an id Software dev had known about the incident. This will be as concise as possible and I will make it a point to leave out as many identifying details because I don’t want anyone to harangue this dev on any details. The only real development to come out of this incident is that there was a lawsuit and has long since been settled. And that while there were “a lot of fires in the kitchen during the development of Eternal”, “pulling a fast one on Mick” wasn’t one of them and it’s not in any game studio’s best interest to “just be a dick”. Now, for my thoughts. At best, this latest thing seems to be bringing attention to the fact that nothing has been done with the OST, not even the supposed release of said OST to Spotify, Apple Music, etc. At worst, this latest thing looks to be an attempt to get id or Bethesda to cave via #ReleaseTheSnyderCut tactics which I highly doubt will work. The thing is, Mick hasn’t really had a history of attempting something like the latter, but he is the one who said that “Doom fans will burn your house down if you do something they don’t like”. That, and there’s the fact that he tweeted that like right after Hugo’s and Marty’s QuakeCon panel. That being said, I don’t think that Mick is knowingly trying to invoke the wrath of the Doom fanbase or anything like that. I doubt there’s any kind of knowing malice or malfeasance going on, either way. Especially not after the Internet Hate Machine even went after him, too. And either way, I am so fucking done with this entire shitshow. Just let Mick do the OST mixing because the bad shit has long since passed and we can finally put everything to bed. That, or just release the OST as-is and call it a fucking day. Jesus tap-dancing Christ on a stick.
  13. Hoo boy, I have some thoughts and I’m honest-to-god not sure on how to exactly process them. I’ll post them here in this exact post at a later time.
  14. Welp, we have an update from the man himself regarding the state of the OST.
  15. Oh boy, it’s been a while since the last update, but better late than never. So in between this update and the last, a lot of good and bad things happened. To start with the good, I did a UNM run on TAG2 just for the hell of it and I successfully completed it on the first go. Hell, TAG1 could be seen as possibly doable. Not only that, I’ve gotten better at managing my emotions and full-on outbursts rarely occur (if at all) when I play. I've been getting started on a new project that is Doom-related which should allow me to fully process my trauma and vent it out in a creative and healthy way. I’ve been making quite a lot of good progress in my professional career to the point of a major milestone being hit recently. But obviously, not everything has been sunshine and gumdrops. More family members tested positive for COVID. A family member I’m close with has had their mental health decline significantly to the point of multiple suicide attempts followed by extended stays in mental health facilities. And on top of that, the Taras Nabad Master Level has been grinding my gears (if it’s not the Marauder/Tyrant tower where I keep getting swarmed by Prowlers, it’s the vault room). Not to mention there was the whole TAG2 discourse where people were legitimately writing off the Doom franchise as a lost cause over certain plot developments (and just more negative “developments” from Eternal in general). And one more thing: The big catalyst that caused me to realize that I needed to make significant life changes was not just the Mick Gordon incident, but rather during the initial fallout of said incident, I somehow got the bright idea to reach out to Mick himself via his personal site to basically tell him “hey I completely understand if you want nothing more with the Doom franchise, and I can relate on a similar level so here’s what happened with That One Friend I had a nasty falling out with”. And no, he didn’t respond at all, and I can’t really blame him for being weirded out back then by a complete stranger who just dumped all sorts of emotional baggage. But yeah, that was the big thing that caused me to go “ok, I really need to get my shit together”.