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  1. The interesting thing is, while demon corpses also burn away in the multiplayer aspect of the game, there's a lot more effort put into the disintegration effect (more particles, better textures, etc.), and even the Mancubus just exploded into a pile of gibs when killed. What makes the disintegration effect in the campaign/Snapmap so unsatisfactory is that it's pretty much done as an afterthought, as you mentioned. It actually manages to be both hilarious and infuriating to see a gibbed Mancubus disappear not even a split second after it hits the ground, before its death animation is even finished.
  2. So a good friend of mine has been working on a web development education project for a while now. She's also come into serious financial trouble, and now she faces the very real possibility of homelessness. 


    A couple of months ago, she had been laid off, and more recently than that, she had been hospitalized due to illness. As of now, she's been living month to month, and her lease is up. 


    This is not a matter of "getting someone back on their feet," this is something more urgent. She's been trying to get an extension to pay her rent, but it's supposed to be due very soon. 


    Not only that, she's been very passionate about this web development program that's she's been so laser focused on (think 10 to 15 hour days of working on this thing). 


    I know I can personally attest to both of these situations, because I've personally dealt with them. I would like to learn more about web development, as my experience in coding was originally inspired by my work on modding Doom. In fact, I actually took an Intro to C class a year ago, and I feel that more knowledge in coding will significantly improve my chances of making it into the field of IT. With more coding knowledge, I could do so much more in any future internships or jobs that I may have in the future. 

    As for the financial issues, I can also attest to this issue because last year, my mother had broken her leg, and a TON of money was spent on hospital bills, insurance, etc.

    My family has had to make quite a bit of sacrifices to keep everything afloat since then, myself included. 


    This friend has has also been extremely good to me, as she's helped me deal with a lot of personal issues. Case in point, she helped me deal with a former friend who told me that I should commit suicide, the latter knowing full well of my issues (I'm much better now, in case you're wondering). 


    The link to donate to her ambitious project can be found here:


    By the way, the rent is supposedly $400, but the rest of the money goal is to help fund this project. 


    I just want to help a good friend of mine. 

    1. Dragonfly


      While I would like to contribute, I'm not in a position financially where I am able. As a fellow web designer who is currently working 40 hours a week as a hotel receptionist while doing approximately 20-30 hours of web work - despite all this I'm not earning as much as I used to - unfortunately I used to live based on my income, meaning I have regular outgoings which I now can't afford with my standard job.


      I totally know what she's going through, so please pass on the best of wishes to her and perhaps advise her that being as laser-focused on a specific career can potentially ruin her life - she needs to find a balance between guaranteed income ans pursuing her dreams.


      Good luck!

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      That's completely understandable. While it's one thing to pursue your dreams, it's another thing entirely to make sure that realistic goals are set in order to avoid any major issues. Then again, life happens to the best of us. 


      The least I can do for her is to spread the word, even though I can't just pay her rent for her. 

  3. So I watched this last night, and I have to say, this is quite possibly the weakest Alien film I've seen so far (I haven't seen Alien: Resurrection in its entirety). If anything, I managed to find more negative things to say about this than the positives. Just for comparison, there's an equal number of positives vs. negatives that I can say with Prometheus. The positives: The negatives: This is exactly what made the Xenomorph so fucking scary. That we knew so little about it back when Alien originally came out made it all the more iconic, in combination with its appearance. Given what I've been told prior to this movie, I actually went in expecting to hate this movie, but after watching it, I thought it was OK.
  4. So Complex Doom and the LCA add-on are both compatible with GZDoom, but I can't get it to run with RandomMons, and neither does HEM.
    I can't be bothered to install Zandronum, as that would involve having to set up an all new config, and a new folder for all of my WADs. It's too much of a mess to deal with at the moment.

    pls send help

    1. leodoom85


      That's because both mods are specifically made for Zandronum or else you'll get a crash anytime trying to play it and it goes the same by adding the related mods.

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      That's what I figured. It just really sucks shit that I can't play with those monsters found in RandomMons and HEM, since they look to really add variety to the game, as opposed to just vanilla Complex Doom/LCA.

  5. So apparently, there's a glitch that allows the corpse of a Baron to stick around. You have to glory kill it, then keep shooting at it in order to keep it there. I felt this was somewhat relevant, and it may pertain to that video of the lasting Baron corpses that I showed some time ago.
  6. I'll send you a PM on those files.
  7. And now I'm sad again. Oh well, yesterday was fun while it lasted. 

    1. HavoX


      Well, that sucks.


      Is there anything we can do to make you feel better again?

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Eh, it's just one of those days. One day, I'm on top of the world, and I'm down in the doldrums the very next day. 


      Related: Today, I got banned from a Doom Facebook group for posting links to sound effects directly ripped from Doom 2016's game files (monsters and weapons). 

      Also, I found out that a friend of mine got fucked pretty hard by the Doom community, namely that she was not only removed as an admin on the Facebook group I was banned from. 


      Before that, she used to run several servers and created content alongside a team, but for no discernible reason, she was booted from that team, and they still try to ruin her reputation to this day. 

  8. You might actually be right on the nose with that interpretation. It certainly helps that the Argent Tower looks almost exactly like the Tower of Babel from the OG Doom intermission screen.
  9. So a little while ago, someone actually ripped the sound effects from D2016, namely the monster and weapon soundS. I took the time to check out the ripped sounds, and I found something interesting. The Possessed Soldiers/Security actually speak English (I believe), albeit in an extremely distorted voice that's hard to make out not only because of the filters on their voices, but they're speaking with a very heavy dialect that doesn't sound like it can come from any known human language. I didn't get all of them, but this is what I was able to figure out: "Up ahead!" "Go, go!" "What is this/loss!?" "They're all good/gone." "It is nothing." "I sense it, it was." "Make way!" "It is over!" "Enemy is!" "Up ahead!" "Come here!" "There he is!" "It's your funeral!" "There it/eat is!" "Eat! Eat!" "Move, move!" "That he(?) was here." "Up there!" Most of it sounds like very broken English, and some of it might be in another language entirely, given how most of their speech doesn't sound like English at all, but I thought it was pretty interesting.
  10. So I've developed a Stand, and yes, it is a Jojo reference. 



    Stand Name: Doom's Gate

    Namesake: "At Doom's Gate" from the Doom soundtrack

    This integrated Stand is directly bound to its user. Although parts of it will appear to other Stand users, its entire form has yet to be seen, save for the Stand user himself. The Stand appears as a futuristic-looking suit of armor that only manifests itself in the areas that the user desires, never needing to summon the Stand fully unless in emergency situations where the user is in a life-threatening situation.

    Power: A

    Speed: C

    Range: E

    Durability: A

    Precision: E

    Potential: D


    Ability: Hellwalker

    Whenever the user comes under attack (under threat of injury), the part of the body that is going to be injured is immediately covered with a piece of the futuristic-looking armor (i.e. if someone were to try shooting the user in the chest, a breastplate would immediately form just milliseconds before the attacker fired his gun). However, the user has to be aware that he is going to be injured, otherwise, the Stand won't function. 

    The Stand considers punching or kicking someone as a potential injury risk, meaning that whenever the user is about to hit someone, given how tough the Stand itself is, punching or kicking someone will have the Stand manifest, meaning that the physical attack of the user will be amplified by the Stand. In fact, a punch using the Stand can actually crack corundum.


    Ability: SkullHacker

    Gives the user laser-like focus when he is concentrating on a particular subject of attention, resulting in an extreme amount of attention to detail. Additionally, this ability gives the user a nearly eidetic memory under situations of significant stress or duress. This can work in tandem with the Hellwalker ability, meaning that the risk of the user not seeing an attack coming is mostly mitigated. 


    Ability: Running from Evil

    This ability is not as well-developed as the other two abilities, as this one seemingly occurs at random. Namely, any sound the user makes (voice, footsteps, rustling of clothes, etc.) will be muted to the outside world. This entails that the user can sneak away from dangerous territory unheard, just as long as the user exercises caution to not be seen.

  11. So I'm only two days away from my official Doomguy cosplay debut at a con, and the guy who made my helmet also had a SSG prop that was supposedly ready hasn't been ready, and I've tried reaching out to him, to no avail. I'm guessing he's busy with work, but pls send help.

    1. Albertoni


      Run to a toy shop and get a toy shotgun? lol

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Actually, I finally got an update from him. He'll ship it out tomorrow, but it won't be here until next week. 

    3. bzzrak


      Using toy weapons is as Doom-ish as it can be. :]

  12. For anyone still salty about Doom 2016 having "dubstep" for a soundtrack, watch this video: There are completely valid reasons as to why Doom 2016 can't have just thrash metal blaring in your ears, and why it's been so heavily lauded as a result. Also, a bonus video that both backs up the OP's argument, and provides a rebuttal at the same time:
  13. I really can't help but feel that Doom 64 has pretty much been vindicated by history, that many more people are starting to appreciate it more for what it really is. Not only that, it's also a game that's aged extremely well in terms of visuals, especially for the N64. The decision to have sprites instead of fully 3D objects may have baffled many reviewers and fans back in the day, especially when you have games like Ocarina of Time or Goldeneye, but looking back, it's quite possibly the best looking game for the Nintendo 64, bar none. Whereas the games on the N64 today look blocky and quite silly as many developers were struggling with the polygon ceiling, Doom 64 still has monsters which still look very menacing, environments which still look desolate and barren, and weapons that feel both used and powerful. I should also note that this incarnation of Doom also has my favorite depiction of Hell, and it helps that two-thirds of the game take place in Hell. Namely, that Hell isn't just depicted as just fire and brimstone, you also have rolling thunderclouds over mountains resembling gravestones, you have killing fields marred by rivers of blood and the cries of the forgotten, you have an empty void lit only by a distant fire. To me, Doom 64 depicts Hell for what it truly is: an inescapable dimension of infinite chaos.
  14. If there's one thing that truly annoys me, it's forced pistol starts, especially if I'm playing with an RPG-like mod (DoomRLA, for example). I usually have to end up having to turn on God Mode before I go through the death trap that is the exit. I don't mind as much if I'm going vanilla, but when I play it modded, it can really grind my gears. Like no, I totally don't need that gold-plated anti-matter cannon that can instagib Cyberdemons with the push of a button, and I sure as hell don't want that armor made from the wings of an angel that can give me back massages while making me impervious to the razor-sharp nipples of Imps. Just give me back my dinky little pea-shooter, I really don't need anything else. No, REALLY.
  15. As my first status update, I'm happy to report that I'm making further progress to making the Doomguy Reviews, and that the overall consensus for the live-action GitS movie reads thusly:
    It doesn't suck.