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  1. So I've had a bit of a realization regarding Marvel Comics characters and their FPS counterparts. 

    I have good reason to believe that BJ Blazkowicz is the equivalent of Captain America, and the Doomslayer is the equivalent of the Punisher. 

  2. So we've got actual gameplay on the Switch.
  3. So it appears that the proper link to the product has been removed, but someone managed to get a screencap of it beforehand. OP has been updated to reflect this.
  4. So something I've been thinking about regarding my cosplay:


    A common critique that it gets is that the helmet looks rather big in comparison to my armor, and that a potential solution is to have bigger shoulder pads. Only question is, how should the shoulder pads be designed?

  5. I think I came in my pants when that new theme came on in this trailer.
  6. So after a few weeks of battling potential depression, it appears that I am now back on my shit.

    Hell yes.

  7. (DEAD LINK) So a bit of good news and bad news: The good news is that the Doomguy collectibles from the game are confirmed for retail. The bad news is that they'll be released in June 2018, meaning we may have to wait almost a year to get them. Hopefully, that date should be a placeholder. Damn, I really wanted to use one of these to fit in my Doom-themed backpack for cosplay purposes; it's to basically carry around a mini-Doomguy, Quake Champions style. EDIT: Since the link to the product seems to have been removed, someone did manage to get a screencap of it in the nick of time.
  8. First Irma, now we're facing Hurricane Maria. 


    y tho?

    1. TootsyBowl


      Cos Florida.


      May chainsaw nun, bath salts zombie, and Florida Man protect you.

    2. Nevander


      When will this hurricane madness stop?

    3. TootsyBowl


      When a new ice age starts.

  9. This trailer is particular amusing, as thanks to Japanese laws forbidding the display of gratuitous violence, we've got a trailer where Doomguy… doesn't do anything. He just stands there and looks at the demons.
  10. Late-night rant:

    I have a sneaking suspicion that my folks only want me to date and support a particular kind of girl, rather than any person I choose. Namely, they want the "modest yet soulful" girl who is considered "presentable and normal," not the type who is all tattooed or has had plastic surgery done.  In fact, I think they'd rather see me on a dating site than to continue talking to someone a few years older than me or someone who seems like they're compensating for daddy issues/low self-esteem/something, when it's clearly not the case for most examples. 


    I know there's truth in the "beautiful on the outside, ugly on the inside" argument, and it doesn't help my case that during my high school days I only chased cheerleader types. And yes, I have found that there are some people out there who really do need to seek professional help; bodily modified or not. 

    As a result, I've become far more careful with who I associate myself with. 

    But at the same time, some of the nicest, sweetest, and most well-spoken people I've interacted with so far are the ones who have radically changed their physical appearances. 

    No matter what I keep telling my parents nowadays, I am not interested in trying to find a girl to date.

    Right now, I'm more concerned with self-improvement and trying to achieve my goals. In other words, finding a girl is the LAST thing on my mind right now. 


    I know I'm just rambling on and on right now, but I've got to let this rant out, and it's 1 AM over here. 

    1. Neurosis


      Well it ain't really up to them now is it? Parents always want what THEY want for you, not what YOU want for you. Believe me, I've two thick skulled parents who won't listen to reason when I know i'm right. Do I know everything? No, but I know what's best for ME. When it comes to that specific scenario, I found Robert Downey Jr's quote to be fitting: "Listen, smile, agree, and then do whatever the fuck you were gonna do anyway."

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Heh, that's pretty much what I've been doing anyway, or at least, what I've been trying to do.


      I know I haven't always made the best decisions, but hey, a man's gotta have experience, right?

  11. What a beautiful duwang Speaking of duwang, I'm still looking for the source of both the image and the sound effect at 0:37.
  12. Boy, this is quite a story to tell. I'd like to start with my experience with Hurricane Matthew. For a while, it seemed like my area would be directly hit by that storm, then it turned around at the last minute, just grazing Florida. The worst we got were some 75 MPH gusts and loss of power for only a few minutes. During the latter, we were all asleep when it happened. In fact, the damage to South Florida was negligible at best, only a few scattered branches here and there. Additionally, there was maybe 1 to 2 tornado warnings issued. This was NOT the case with Hurricane Irma. Not even when we got the first of the feeder bands did we lose power already, albeit for only 15 minutes. Prior to that, I was confident that this would be a repeat of Matthew, with just a few gusts here and there, despite being stuck in the middle of the hurricane's worst quadrant (with it having the most powerful rainfall and winds). In other words, we were expecting the worst of just a tropical storm. Then when the day of the hurricane came, we lost power around noon (or maybe before that). We had prepared as much as we could, and it paid off, somehow. As we were stuck with almost nothing to do, we bided our time playing poker and dominoes. The rest of the time, I was just trying to sleep through the storm. I still remember the sound of the wind banging against the shutters, like some angry thing trying to rip open the house with its thousands of angry fists. I could get used to the constant wind, but not the looming threat of tornadoes. Within 2 hours, my area had gotten 9 tornado warnings in that time span. We weren't too concerned with flooding, as the area we lived in had a ditch to the front of our house, and a lake behind us which could be drained to make way for rain water. The days after the storm were hell, to put it mildly. As we were left with no power after the storm, it was very hot and extremely humid. Not helping was the mad dash to eat as much stuff in the refrigerator to keep food from going bad. In fact, it had actually gotten hotter inside the house than outside. To further complicate things, we find out the morning after the storm that a neighbor's water main had broken. Add to this their sheer ineptitude and failure to report the broken water main, and we were left without running water for only a few hours. We had no power for almost 3 days, and we were this close to just sleeping in our car, which has AC. Speaking of our car, we drove around to assess the damage of everything around us. In spite of our lack of power, our neighborhood had really lucked out. Entire trees were ripped off their trunks, power lines were downed, lakes were overflowing, traffic posts were bent with the direction of the wind, intersection lights were now facing other ways. As an added precaution, there was no garbage pickup in the days before the storm. As a result, the streets around the various mini-malls around us reeked of rotting trash. Yesterday was the last day with no power, and at that point, we already booked a hotel to wait out the power outage. On our way to said hotel, we receive a call that the hotel is actually without power, and that all reservations were cancelled. Since we were out on the streets anyway, we might as well go out to lunch. After lunch, there was the trip to get gas, which is still just as bad as before the hurricane arrived (think long lines and empty gas tanks in said stations). We finally come home, and it turned out power was restored not too long ago. My family and I now appreciate everything that we once take for granted. That being said, I still refuse to get out of my bed, since the days leading up to today have been almost surreal. Not to mention that the days of the outage had made me rather pensive about my life choices and my future. I can't imagine just how worse it would have been had we been directly hit by this leviathan of a hurricane. EDIT: It turned out that on Saturday, the day before the big storm, there was an actual tornado close to our home; it hit the street close to our neighborhood's entrance. According to my mom, it sounded just like a freight train.
  13. So there's a friend of my cosplayer friend, and it seems like she may actually be having suicidal thoughts as of late (as in, these past few hours). 


    What do?

    1. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      That depends. Is she under extreme life stress, and/Or does she suffer from any mental illnesses you know of?

    2. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      Lately she appears to have been dealing with more and more negative people, from pricks who leave comments that basically fat-shame her, to other cosplayers who seem to be increasingly toxic. 

    3. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      Okay, so has she been explicitly telling people close to her that she's feeling suicidal (I.e. actively seeking help), or has she simply seemed to be entertaining the idea (suicidal ideation)?


      Basically the big mistake people make is to think the best course of action is to let someone know they can talk to you and then wait for them to bring it up. If someone is able/feels they are able to do that/feels that will actually help, they're likely already doing so and will more then likely be okay as a result.


      On the other hand, people that actually DO commit suicide are often people who see things as hopeless and futile. This is why so many suicides are surprising to people: the person was to suicidal to communicate it. THAT's why the people close to someone who may be suicidal need to take it upon themselves to approach, ask the person how they're feeling, and directly ask what they can do. Someone in an awful emotional state needs to see someone demonstrate care and concern of their own volition, and they need to be SHOWN that there is help and a possibility to recover.

    4. Man of Doom

      Man of Doom

      For the most part, it seems like she's entertaining the idea, namely by starting with posting vague Twitter updates about how "people are evil," then just disappearing from all social media altogether. Normally, I wouldn't really blame her, as I'm seriously considering just deleting my Facebook account.


      However, what really got me were the Twitter updates she had posted prior to dropping off the face of the earth.


      Only real issue is that I don't know her personally, but my friend does (he's also been taking a break from social media). As a result, I have no clue as to how to reach out to her. Maybe by trying to contact some of her friends, maybe?

    5. Captain Ventris

      Captain Ventris

      It's a rough position: if you don't know her closely it can be seen as pretty invasive to reach out to her friends about it. The things she was saying were public, so people around her and closer to her likely know about whatever the issue is. Now if she's talking about people being evil, that's exteenalizing whatever her feelings are. TYPICALLY actual suicidal thoughts are based on internalized thoughts, I.e. beliefs about yourself and your quality of life rather then an outward blame on others.


      If you and your friend are VERY close (enough to know with 200% certainty that a private conversation won't get around), you could ask them if they know anything/have any idea about what's going on, but it sounds like you're too far outside her personal circle to know enough/be close enough to her to be able to provide full on, legitimate support in this situation.

  14. Too long; will read anyway- 
    Prior to heading to the hotel, our next-door neighbor tells us that we were the only neighborhood in the subdivision without power, and this was because of a downed power line in a neighborhood adjacent to us, and one of the branches in our neighborhood had caught one of the power cables. At least it's nice to know how we ended up being the only ones without power so far. 

    As my family and I were heading off to the hotel, we get a voicemail from the manager of the hotel. It turns out that the hotel has no power either, and all reservations have since been cancelled. Anyway, we decide to use this time to go out to lunch, at a Vietnamese restaurant that's relatively new, and is already an excellent place to eat. Of course we all have some soup, and still no updates on the power outage. 

    Before we headed home, we decided to get gas for the car. Of course, gas stations after a hurricane are just as bad before a hurricane, so of course there's either no gas, or incredibly long lines. Not helping was this elderly gentleman who not only decided to get only 3 gallons for his car, he also decided to get out of the gas station in the worst imaginable way. So after a good while of *that*, my mom then keeps trying to check for updates on the power outage, but this time she can't seem to get an update. 


    As soon as we get home, the same next-door neighbor tells us that the power has just been restored 20 minutes before we got home.



    Too long; didn't read- Vietnamese soup fixes everything, from the common cold to friggin' power outages.

  15. So that was Hurricane Irma. 

    I'm happy to report that we're obviously still standing, and we actually got the least violent section of the storm in Florida, despite being in the worst quadrant of the storm (hell, all of Florida got hit with the worst quadrant). 
    That being said, this was NOT Hurricane Matthew. I'm taking a drive around with my family, and there is quite a bit of damage (as in, entire trees ripped off their stumps, bent traffic posts, intersection lights facing other ways, and lots of downed power lines). Plus, I'm typing this from my phone, as the power is still yet to come back on. 
    So if Matthew was a Cybermoose, then Irma was most definitely an Aranea Imperatrix in terms of both size and intensity (both from Doom 2016).

    1. 42PercentHealth


      Glad to hear you're all right, man! I can't even imagine how scary it would be trying to live through potential disasters like that...