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  1. So I've developed a Stand, and yes, it is a Jojo reference. 



    Stand Name: Doom's Gate

    Namesake: "At Doom's Gate" from the Doom soundtrack

    This integrated Stand is directly bound to its user. Although parts of it will appear to other Stand users, its entire form has yet to be seen, save for the Stand user himself. The Stand appears as a futuristic-looking suit of armor that only manifests itself in the areas that the user desires, never needing to summon the Stand fully unless in emergency situations where the user is in a life-threatening situation.

    Power: A

    Speed: C

    Range: E

    Durability: A

    Precision: E

    Potential: D


    Ability: Hellwalker

    Whenever the user comes under attack (under threat of injury), the part of the body that is going to be injured is immediately covered with a piece of the futuristic-looking armor (i.e. if someone were to try shooting the user in the chest, a breastplate would immediately form just milliseconds before the attacker fired his gun). However, the user has to be aware that he is going to be injured, otherwise, the Stand won't function. 

    The Stand considers punching or kicking someone as a potential injury risk, meaning that whenever the user is about to hit someone, given how tough the Stand itself is, punching or kicking someone will have the Stand manifest, meaning that the physical attack of the user will be amplified by the Stand. In fact, a punch using the Stand can actually crack corundum.


    Ability: SkullHacker

    Gives the user laser-like focus when he is concentrating on a particular subject of attention, resulting in an extreme amount of attention to detail. Additionally, this ability gives the user a nearly eidetic memory under situations of significant stress or duress. This can work in tandem with the Hellwalker ability, meaning that the risk of the user not seeing an attack coming is mostly mitigated. 


    Ability: Running from Evil

    This ability is not as well-developed as the other two abilities, as this one seemingly occurs at random. Namely, any sound the user makes (voice, footsteps, rustling of clothes, etc.) will be muted to the outside world. This entails that the user can sneak away from dangerous territory unheard, just as long as the user exercises caution to not be seen.