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  1. Favorite Movie Genre: Tarantino Favorite Food: Pizza Favorite Holiday: Not sure, any time i can stay at home and it's cold outside is a good time Favorite Memory: Playing videogames with friends in my childhood Worst Memory: My family breaking apart (too) Age: 20 Favorite Outfit: Some shirt with a cool band/game stamp, jeans, any half nice shoe. Nothing much i guess. Favorite Genre Of Music: Death Metal! Though i got a liking for most of Metal genres and classic rock. Also classical music and some japanese electronic shit (touhou). Most Hated Genre of Music: Screamo/metalcore, most of current brazilian pop and country music. Not really hateful towards it, but it's something i tend to really avoid whenever possible. Left Handed or Right Handed: Right Worst Injury: Just some nasty bruises, gladly nothing serious so far. Favorite Hobby: Drawing Your Definition of Success: To live a great life doing what you like. (great life includes financial and emotional stability) In your opinion, are situations typically black and white: Rarely they are.
  2. I'd probably recommend some fun megawad with short and tematic levels with great variety like Pigeon Speedmapping Session, and i think Ancient Aliens and The Revenant Problem should easily get someone interested in modding the game.
  3. Dark Souls III is the one i played the most by far, as for JRPG i'll go with NieR: Automata (Though Dark Souls is japanese, it does not look like it). Havent played many other RPGs since i'm not a big fan of the genre.
  4. I just got a bunch of shirts.
  5. Really nice map! had fun playing it, i really like the quake/heretic like atmosphere it has. The only thing i noticed is that you give a bit too much of shotgun ammo early on in the level, you could cut some of those and add a secret backpack maybe ?
  6. I may be mistaken, but early on development wasn't doom suposed to have slopes implemented in the engine though they droped the idea for performance reasons ?
  7. I love you
  8. It was mostly a 'The Evil Dead meets Alien' kind of thing, with a lot of metal music as catalyst.
  9. I have an unjustified dislike for object oriented programming.
  10. Mostly FLCL second and third season, and Dusk (maybe it's released this year but idk).
  11. Just finishing my first Dark Souls III campaign, died quite a few times to Soul of Cinder aleady. The game is much more fun than i thought it would be.
  12. I just love killing lots of Shotgunners with a single rocket or a SSG, or strafing a bunch of revenants with the chaingun just to explode all the rockets on a wall after i'm finished with them. As for the most annoying enemies, i'd say the cacodemon as they are a very low threat but still is a huge bullet sponge, they're just boring most of the time.
  13. The game looks amazing! The ambients remind me a lot of dark souls, i hope the gameplay is good as the game looks.