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  1. I just love killing lots of Shotgunners with a single rocket or a SSG, or strafing a bunch of revenants with the chaingun just to explode all the rockets on a wall after i'm finished with them. As for the most annoying enemies, i'd say the cacodemon as they are a very low threat but still is a huge bullet sponge, they're just boring most of the time.
  2. The game looks amazing! The ambients remind me a lot of dark souls, i hope the gameplay is good as the game looks.
  3. ID should be fine with a new Doom game if they stay with the standard Doom 2016 settled. A Doom 2 reboot would be a great opportunity to try out some cool environment designs, like dungeons, snowy forest levels, old creepy abandoned cities. I personally wouldn't mind if they shifted a little bit towards a spookier game, still a fast shooter but with overwhelming environments and darker palletes.
  4. I've always liked gaming on CRT monitors years ago, playing PlayStation 2 all-nighters with my friends and etc. I've been thinking about buying one just for playing some older games (like Doom) and the only thing holding me back is the space avaliable on my desk. So i wonder if anyone here still uses CRT monitor for playing games, or at least miss the times when they were common ? Also, is there CRT's with DVI ports ? it would be nice not having to buy an adapter
  5. Though it does not fit the plug and play criteria, i like my razer kraken 7.1 chroma quite a lot. I owned a corsair vengeance 1300 before it and the kraken was a huge improvement. It is very confortable, and does not make me sweat (my opinion may be biased by my long hair tho). It has a usb port too wich i think is nice.
  6. This looks amazing! The weapon looks right (a big problem i have with games such as hacx is that the weapons sprites are a bit strange). I hope it makes it's way to the final product, i'd love to give it a try. The textures are a 10/10, the movement looks smooth (though it could do well with a bit of inertia to it), the gun fire and sound are cool as hell too. In my opinion the monsters so far look a bit weird, but the death animation still looks cool.
  7. For me it's either the lost soul's first appearance, or the scene with the pinky. Those left the biggest impression on me when i was younger. I always fall for every jumpscare though, even after playing the game so many times.
  8. Good tips. I always underuse the chaingun since i hesitate to use it against larger enemies even tough it's very useful againt them as you said. Just a bad habit i guess, i rely in the shotgun way too much. Similar thing happens to the plasma gun but much worse.
  9. Plenty of levels within the theme, but i just cant get enough of it.
  10. Same as Mr. Freeze i guess.
  11. the Archvile seems the most powerful option, though having a Lost Soul following you around seems pretty cool too. A pet demon maybe ?
  12. being Meguka is suffering...
  13. Very nice concept, feels good to have new stuff in development. Btw, i dont get the sound effects in game and menu, only music, SDL issues maybe? I'm on Windows 10. Also, i set the resolution to 1680 x 1050 in the setup file (my native resolution), but the screen get some black borders. Lower resolutions are fine though. Overall i like the idea, reminds me of MBF a bit.
  14. FLCL, Kimi No Na Wa, Tamako Love Story, Cowboy Bebop, Black Lagoon, Eva, Nichijou, the Little Witch Academia Ova, Redline, all the Ghibli stuff, Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo, Gunsmith Cats. Not necessarily in order, may have missed something.