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  1. GhoulDesecrator

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    cool gargoyle looking thing
  2. GhoulDesecrator

    What are you listening to?

  3. GhoulDesecrator

    Is E4 in Ultimate Doom optional?

    Some cool maps so definitely mandatory for a fun time! Jokes aside, optional but worth checking out, good stuff imo. Harder than the other episodes though.
  4. GhoulDesecrator

    What are you listening to?

  5. GhoulDesecrator

    i'm losing my joy of watching movies.

    Well you have about 100 years worth of movies to watch. I've been watching some movies from Akira Kurosawa and they are great. Movies that are true artistic expressions are great despite it's political or philosophical alignment, you don't have to agree 100% with something to appreciate it, obviously applying common sense when the topic is particularly polemical. But yeah almost everything coming out is either mediocre or cash grabs appealing to whatever the crowd is into. Dig some classics.
  6. GhoulDesecrator

    What are you listening to?

  7. GhoulDesecrator

    Doomworld Members' Sketchbook

    Cat with a gun, WIP Added contrast because the lighting in my room was sh*t
  8. GhoulDesecrator

    I have a weird thing for newbie mods

    Well i have something for you, then. This is a map i made in 2017, i plan on remaking it once i stop procrastinating on learning how to map. I believe its vanilla compatible, default difficulty is UV https://www.dropbox.com/s/yvu4yge1kfpwiez/cohell.wad?dl=0
  9. GhoulDesecrator

    What are you listening to?

  10. GhoulDesecrator

    What are you listening to?

    Listening to possessed live on twitch:
  11. GhoulDesecrator

    why people hate [doom/2] monsters so much?

    Pain elemental really lives up to the name, but otherwise all other doom 2 monsters are great, good variety etc.
  12. GhoulDesecrator

    Iron Maiden files trademark suit against Ion Maiden

    Yeah, a lot of free publicity for the game, and the lawsuit is such bs that it's very likely they loose. But again, Iron Maiden does have the money to dump on lawyers and stuff so who knows how this will end.
  13. GhoulDesecrator

    What are you listening to?

  14. So, what are your favorite mods that change how the original DOOM wads look? Also, i heard romero released sprites with angles not present in the final game, is there a good texture/sprite pack that implements those? And here's a decorative picture by @DUSKdev: