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  1. I have a story.
    Once upon a time there was a doomguy. His name was Sir Doomguy of Chestersonfieldshireville. He had been knighted by the Emperor of Arthitania, a country which was in existence for exactly three days before it was violently annexed by Degoria, another country no longer in existence. Therefore, he was no longer Sir Doomguy of Chestersonfieldshireville (which was a town in Arthitania until it was renamed Ghdfi*bdm by the Degorian's) but just Doomguy. know Doomguy was in space, but his ship was taken over by some monsters. Doomguy took out his gun, and blam blam blam they all died. He was knighted by the happy community of Earth as Flynn Taggart. After many years of searching, The White Knight had found his name, Sir George of England, figurativly (and literally for that matter) speaking. After Doomguy's knighting, he mysteriously became angry at the world, and had long periods of delusion, and insanity. Some people said it was the horrors of the war against Hell coming back to him. Others said it was the long term effect of teleporters on his brain. Slim to none realized it was because his named sucked. So Doomguy escaped, to seek vengeance. But his orange asylum clothes were soon spotted by authorities, and he was locked back up. Than a monster broke in, and Doomguy picked up a berserk pack and punched it out. Than, with the steroids he punched down the wall, and escaped, and was so mad he

    ...and destroyed the world.

    Coming Soon!

    Not Really!

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