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  1. NoReason

    Death in Excess (slaughterwad)

    Yeah, unfortunately some of these maps are really unfriendly for laptops (especially 16 and 32 with monster counts over 10k). Maps 07, 09, 11, 13 and 14 may actually work relatively well though. Glad that you're enjoying it otherwise.
  2. heh, nice, actually used this today for a coop session and it was pretty damn fun.
  3. Never officially joined here, but I did partake in this just to see what I could do in a month (and keep the rust off while I continue procrastinating on Death in Excess). Got 32 maps out, they're extremely short and difficult though, so play at your own peril -
  4. NoReason

    Some Speedmaps for Nanowadmo

    https://www.doomworld.com/idgames/levels/doom2/Ports/megawads/nosp 32 speedmaps, all made in the span of 20 - 40 minutes over the course of 2 weeks with mostly slaughter gameplay. There is a general theme for each episode regarding health and armor, with the first two being the most difficult (1 megasphere, and no health). Play at your own risk. Some in-game (gzdoom) screenshots:
  5. Did a demo, was pretty fun. Really nice map, not even for a first but in general. Actually enjoyed the lost soul usage, made things a bit more dangerous and less mindless than they would have been imo. I did forget that mancs can sometimes shoot through walls though so I took way more damage than I could've :/ dac01nr.zip
  6. NoReason

    Death in Excess (slaughterwad)

    This is an 18 map slaughterwad that I threw together because I felt like it, there are difficulty settings implemented so don't forget that if a map is too difficult on UV. Build time was about 7 months, not including minor changes for difficulty settings. There are some things still left to do before I even think about idgames (like properly testing those difficulty settings, status bar, level name patches, etc.) although some of those might not happen since I don't know how to create one that fits what I want. Info you might need / want to know: Format - Boom (use complevel 9, preferably) Tested with Prboom/Glboom+ and Gzdoom IWAD is Doom 2 Map slots are 01-16, 31 and 32 Intended for singleplay / pistol starts only, you can try coop but I wouldn't recommend it, especially for the maps that have 7k+ monsters UV playtesting: Bridgeburner56, TheLoneliness and Nevanos (and myself, obviously). Infinite BFG was taken from Slaughterfest All textures used are from OTEX, which is a texture pack created by Ola Björling (Ukiro) Grab OTEX v1.0: https://doom.ukiro.com/otex-downloads/ (I will eventually put the necessary textures in the wad itself). Music credits: Screenshots: WAD: https://www.dropbox.com/s/n9hu6tj8upjouw4/DiErc1.zip?dl=1
  7. I'm certainly interested, assuming it is feasible (since I know next to nothing about making gameplay mods).
  8. NoReason


    Beautiful and spicy.
  9. I'm glad you're enjoying it. Yeah, I was aware of that door closing issue but I passed over it when I was doing fixes because I figured it wasn't important enough. Over the last few months though I've realized how annoying those doors can be.
  10. Thanks for taking the time to post about this! Basically, I didn't know what I was doing but was trying to make it fully coop compatible (since I enjoy coop a lot myself), so I understand any frustrations that would be experienced during playing this. I've learned quite a bit since I made this. 1. The version on idgames is pretty much single play only due to many mistakes in lock-ins and such. There is a better coop version hosted on TSPG I believe, but even that has one or two issues. 2. That is intentional in most maps, although I did mean to put teleporters on map06 to alleviate the annoyance of platforming repeatedly, but unfortunately didn't get around to doing that. 3. This is also intentional, at least for single player, but I suppose I didn't really think about multiplayer in regard to extremely cramped fights.
  11. Made a few visual changes, nothing drastic has been done as I liked the fights as they were. Also fixed that sprite clipping issue, I apologize for taking so long for so little. Link is the same as the original post I made for the map.
  12. NoReason

    The DWmegawad Club plays: ESP 2

    I suppose I should mention that I'm playing on UV, playing in prboom+ for these earlier maps, etc. NH4 MAP02 - Another interesting map here, kept me on my toes for most of my play time. I also mostly hid in the pedestal rooms, until the HK wave and then it was mostly just camping them as they came in. I actually found the end to be the most difficult part despite having the BFG since I was pretty terrible at telling when a vile had a sight on me or not. Not much else to say about it really, pretty short but tough map.
  13. NoReason

    The DWmegawad Club plays: ESP 2

    This wad piqued my interest considering who the creator is, and since I hadn't played anything by ToD outside of the Slaughterfest series I figured I'd give this a shot. I originally wanted to do some demos, but it seems I'm not ready for that yet :D NH666v2 MAP01 - Starting off with this particular setup pretty much won me over immediately, that combined with the outstanding music and I knew I was in for a good time. I managed to fumble my way through to the dual cyber + caco area saveless, after which I realized I had gotten incredibly lucky with the water / cave area because I kept dying there after that. I'd say the fight I had the most fun with was the previously mentioned dual cyber + caco courtyard-like area, dodging cyb rockets while maneuvering around cacos in a tight space is pretty fun. For the last big fight...I share a bit of Scotty's sentiment here, I don't consider myself a particularly skilled player but I couldn't find a way to consistently deal with those Arachnotrons outside unless I sat there at the entrance and spammed them a bit before running out (occasionally I did manage to rush out and go to one side, but I felt that was just down to luck). A pretty neat map overall, I enjoyed it.
  14. NoReason

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    Some extreme slaughter stuff Also, I don't know what I'm doing with this but I thought it looked cool at the time.
  15. Thanks for the demo, some funny moments in there. - Yeah, good point on the texture bit. I think I got a little too carried away with zimmer and bricks, so the rooms are a little more orthodox than I initially intended. - Didn't catch this since I only tested in gl, so thanks for testing in software. - I might try this, didn't even think about it originally tbh. - that was actually a bit of an accident but it was a happy one so I just decided to keep it that way, I'm glad you like it. Also there are a few other things I want to fix just from watching the demo.