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  1. There are a few projects, although this isn't really the place to discuss such things. Besides, I'd rather keep it to myself in case I decide to trash them.
  2. Ancient Aliens UV-Speed TAS in 25:47 aad2allx-2547.zip An improvement over my previous TAS.
  3. Ancient Aliens UV-Speed TAS in 27:09: aad2allx-2709.zip A TAS from 2021 I never posted.
  4. The wad is now on idgames, the download link has changed.
  5. Just finished watching, I'm glad the set was (mostly) enjoyable. Thanks for the videos!
  6. I appreciate the bug reports and feedback so far, I fixed the softlock on 01 since I can't think of an appropriate secret for that, although it would be a cool place for one. I also fixed the missing chaingun on 03 on hmp and lower, as well as the bleeding midtex on 05. I've updated the OP with a new version. Strange that the extended hud looked normal for me by default, I guess it's an issue with later versions of DSDA. It's probably past time I update anyway, although I'm not sure it's something I even consider an issue. Thanks though.
  7. Exoterrestrial is a set of 5 MBF21-compatible maps that use Tango's Minicharge mod (You DON'T need to download it separately, I'm just linking it for anyone who wants to use it/play with it themselves). The maps are mostly easy and pretty different from my standard fare, with the only exception of the final fight of map05. IMPORTANT INFO: IWAD: DOOM2 Format: MBF21 Ports tested: DSDA-Doom up to version 0.27.2 Difficulty settings: Yes, but they aren't very thoroughly tested. Any feedback on this would be nice. Co-op: IDK, attempt at your own peril. No jumping/crouching. NOTE: This wad uses version 1.2 of Minicharge and not the latest 1.3. This is because map05 was made way back in early 2020 before 1.3 came out and I just never saw there was an update until I had already compiled this wad. SCREENSHOT Music credits: DOWNLOAD Exoterrestrial
  8. NoReason

    NoSp3 (MBF21, 32 maps) IDGAMES

    Yeah it's possible I'll make another at some point, don't know when though.
  9. NoReason

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploaded!

    Title - This Station Was Lost Midi - "Influx" by Psyrus Format is boom (-cl9), difficulty settings and coop are implemented, but coop is pretty much just player starts. Any feedback on hmp and lower would be appreciated. Tested in DSDA-Doom. Screenshot: mayhem23.zip
  10. NoReason

    MAYhem 2023 - Uploaded!

    Space theme? I'm definitely joining this one.
  11. Map name: Overrun Author: NoReason Music: "Violence Makes Violets" by Jimmy Difficulty Settings: Implemented. Ports Tested: DSDA-Doom Description: Space techbase with slight ammo/health starvation. Notes: I recommend playing HMP/HNTR before UV. Screenshot Download: 30mc2_noreason_m1_v1.zip
  12. Just to answer this question in case anyone else is curious, there's no need for any jumping/crouching in this wad.
  13. The wad is now on idgames. The download link has changed in the OP.
  14. The wad has been updated, the changes aren't that substantial but here they are. Map02 Map04 Map07
  15. Gotcha, was worried for a second there was something I missed in map03. Good to hear you enjoyed the combat maps though. Also as a general update, I just want to say that I'm probably going to wait a couple more days before posting a new version and then assuming there's nothing egregiously wrong with that version I'll try to upload that to idgames by the end of next week at the latest.