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  1. DRM-MAN

    A Farewell.. (For Now)

    I would like to say that I have enjoyed my time on this forum; within my two year tenure on doomworld, I've met new people and conversed with them greatly. And it was fun. But now, I must take my leave; I've recently relapsed into depression and I doubt that staying on here that much will help my mental health at all, despite the good memories. However, this does not mean that I am leaving forever, I very well might return one day, but I doubt that it will be anytime soon. So, I would like to say farewell to those who follow me on here, or people who consider me a friend on here as well; this was fun, and I loved every moment, from the threads, to the roleplay threads I contributed to, and I thank you all for these memories. I hope to see you all again one day; a day where we can all laugh behind our computer screens during these trying times. I would also like to leave a parting song that I feel that you all will enjoy.
  2. DRM-MAN

    The Backyard

    Where am I? Am I dead, or alive? Grizale awoke from his slumber, only to find himself in a strange white void; bruno was nowhere to be found, and griskai could not be heard. Grizale was truly alone for once. "Perhaps I should try to find a way out, but how... this place seems to not have an exit in sight, let alone at all." Grizale huffed; maybe there was some hidden exit, there just had to be. Grizale walked alongside a strange beach; the ocean was a dark purple color that reminded grizale of a certain moment in his 'childhood'. The ashen-haired man looked up at the sky and noticed it's unnatural color, why the sky and ocean were outlandish colors was beyond grizale at the moment, for finding answers about his current whereabouts mattered more. And with a few more steps, grizale stumbled upon a strange sight. In the middle of a purple pond, stood a strikingly familiar person, said person possessed a rather messy mop of white hair, said hair had a golden tint to it. "I welcome you to the void of intermission, or as some people would refer to it, limbo. You see grizale, who I am is very important to your well-being; you're probably wondering on how you got here, considering the incident with that giant creature, but it does not matter, no, what truly matters is the sight standing before you. For I am Griskai." The lone man said. Grizale recoiled at the sound of griskai's name, it held bad memories that grizale could see within the flashbacks sent by the secondary personality in his head; this could pose a problem for the both of them. Griskai began to float over the water; griskai reached the shore and stood in front of grizale, and as he did, the sky turned into a bloody red. The water dried up as the grass died, leaving behind a large plain of dirt that spanned across the land in the void. "I can tell that you are afraid grizale, but there is no need to fear me, for I possess knowledge that can reveal the truth of your existence, which is something that I know that you want dearly. And I can help you, but only if you wish for me to accompany you to the physical realm; the astral realm is dying grizale, and soon, I might go with it unless I am allowed to escape this prison held within your mind." Griskai said as he placed his hand on grizale's shoulder. Grizale looked up at griskai, the being that held his happiness captive for his entire life; no friends, a family that feared him greatly, and the worst of all, self-hatred. Grizale blamed griskai for all of these things, for griskai living in the confines of his mind did grizale no favors in life. "Why should I help you? Because of you, any chance for a normal life was robbed from me. You stole what should've been a happy life, but no, I just had to be your mortal reincarnation; meanwhile your spirit tortured me internally, and that is something that I can never forgive, no matter how much you try to ally with me." Grizale spat with hatred; griskai closed his eyes while running his fingers down his prosthetic arm, it brought him comfort in moments like these: for it reminded him of the strange, yet honorable teammates he fought alongside with in that dark forest from hell. But before grizale could say anything else, griskai placed his hand on grizale's forehead; a strange sigil appeared underneath the both of them, the sigil glowed fiercely as a dark red portal sucked the both of them to another location. As the portal opened in a another location, griskai and grizale found themselves on a hillside covered with autumn leaves. To Be Continued.
  3. DRM-MAN

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Would look nice on a warm colored wall.
  4. DRM-MAN

    A Mine Within A Cave

    "Well that was an interesting experience." I mumble.
  5. DRM-MAN

    A Mine Within A Cave

    "I really don't have any idea, I wish I did though." I say.
  6. DRM-MAN

    A Mine Within A Cave

    "It's fine." I continued. [Not really, although some do pop up every now and then, but a lot of them die due to them not being the 'big two', aka, the forest and the backyard.]
  7. DRM-MAN

    A Mine Within A Cave

    "No, I wouldn't." I reply.
  8. DRM-MAN

    A Mine Within A Cave

    "Sure is cold in this place." I say while playing with my lighter.
  9. DRM-MAN

    A Mine Within A Cave

    I decided to throw my hat into ring of doomworld roleplays yet again, so, this is A Mine Within A Cave. And yes, make your obligatory minecraft references; other then that, there isn't much of a story at first, you're just a miner working in a cave while ridiculous events take place throughout the story. Before we jump in, here's some formatting rules: There are none! Enjoy yourself in this thread. I also recommend using brackets whenever typing something out while out of character, or making a quick joke.
  10. DRM-MAN

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    Imp with a rather nice hat.
  11. DRM-MAN

    A hypothetical question involving costumes

    A pain elemental.
  12. DRM-MAN

    React To The Profile Pic Above You

    She might be from a bullet hell game, that's all I'm going say for now.
  13. DRM-MAN

    Share a random fact about yourself

    I am currently re-playing castlevania lords of shadow, it's as terrible as I remember it being.