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  1. sirjuddington

    How do i run a map from slade into chocolate doom

    There was an issue where the 'Run' configuration from the map editor would not warp to the map, but that should be fixed in SLADE 3.2.4, so try updating to that
  2. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    That looks like some kind of driver issue, not sure what else would cause it, possibly wxWidgets related also. Not sure there's much I can do about it, especially since I can't reproduce it anywhere. Is there a spec for it anywhere? Shouldn't be too hard to add. Yeah it'll be fixed before 3.2.0 is released, personally I haven't looked at it much yet (was implemented by Gez and did work originally) but hopefully it's a simple enough fix.
  3. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    Bit of a bump, but SLADE v3.1.13 is released, along with 3.2.0 beta 3 See the website for details and downloads
  4. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    That's good to hear. I'm wondering if it was something to do with wxMediaCtrl (beta 2 removes this completely since it was only being used to play mp3s, which are now played via a different library). The only other audio related change is the Timidity playback fixes, but I can't see how that would have affected non-MIDI audio.
  5. sirjuddington

    So, did Slade just mess up my .pk3?

    By latest version do you mean 3.1.12 or 3.2.0 beta? I've seen things about that error before (something to do with how windows handles 'open with' for files) but it usually happens on startup from what I'm aware, so no idea how it would have happened during use. As a last resort if you're ok with it you can send me the pk3 so I can see what exactly is causing the crash
  6. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    3.2.0 Beta 2 is now up, with a new entry list that displays as a tree structure for archives that support directories (among other things).
  7. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    Yeah GitHub is still the best place for any bug reports / feature requests
  8. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    He's talking about the theme on windows. wxWidgets uses OS-native controls, and since windows doesn't have a dark theme (not in win32 apps at least), SLADE also doesn't have a dark theme on windows. On linux it's the same, just there you *can* have a dark theme for the OS.
  9. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    Hmm, I really have no idea what that might be then apart from some kind of issue SFML has with your audio driver. Do you have a USB headset or something that has its own driver? If so, see if it works when using that. And yeah a dark UI theme is something that's been requested a lot, unfortunately implementing that would mean switching to a different UI toolkit such as Qt, which means rewriting the entire UI from scratch. Something I'd actually really like to do eventually, but it would take a very long time during which SLADE wouldn't be getting any major updates like new features etc.
  10. sirjuddington

    SLADE Thread (v3.1.13, 01/June/2021)

    Thought it might be a good idea to create a thread here at DW for SLADE general discussion and release announcements, similar to the thread over at the ZDoom forums. I'll update this post with the latest release and changelog as they come. Latest Release Changelog (v3.1.13) Download Links SLADE website downloads page GitHub releases page I also just yesterday released the first beta build of the upcoming SLADE v3.2.0 if anyone's interested in testing it out. See the changes here.
  11. sirjuddington

    Doom Pictures Thread 2020

    Been a very long time since I actually did any mapping (apart from testing for the SLADE map editor, I think the last real map I did was for BTSX E1 >_>). Playing around with the wonderful OTEX texture pack lately has got me right back into it. Remaking the maps for my on-again-off-again unreleased project, this time trying to keep the small/cramped areas to a minimum: