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  1. Aurelius

    Does anyone know whats going on with this bridge?

    After doing a quick test, it appears that your issue is not necessarily implementation, but rather the nodebuilder you use. Rebuilding the nodes (so practically just opening it an editor and moving a vertex back and forth to force node rebuilding) made it work for me. If you're using UDB, GZDB or DBX, the nodebuilder can be changed from Tools -> Game Configuration -> Nodebuilder (I suspect it's not hard to find in other editors either). For vanilla, you can choose ZDBSP (zero reject) and it should work fine. I've also had good results with DeepBSP, but the real best thing for vanilla would be to use ZokumBSP. It doesn't necessarily come bundled with the editor, so you'd have to download and set it up yourself. But for starters I believe that ZDBSP should work for you and get rid of the bleeding effect.
  2. Aurelius

    Does anyone know whats going on with this bridge?

    Crispy is good for testing functionalities etc. for vanilla, but also remember to regularly take it for a spin in Chocolate Doom to make sure you're not hitting any static limits. Here's a list of those limits (scroll down for a more in-depth explanation on the more important ones.) What you're experiencing is probably not a difficult issue to fix, but with self refs it's hard to pinpoint the exact problem without seeing the actual wad. Here's a quick example I whipped up which you can check out and see if there's anything you're doing differently. One of the lesser known tricks is to use a line action on the self referencing lines to force them on the blockmap, which reduces collision issues quite significantly. I usually use an unknown line action, but I suppose some existing one referring to a non-existing tag works just as fine.
  3. Aurelius

    Does anyone know whats going on with this bridge?

    Looking at the first map, the issue was present only in GZDoom. So, like Doomkid said, you should be testing your map with the intended port. No other source ports besides GZ had issues, and I believe that in most cases encasing your self ref sector within another sector that prevents bleeding is the best way to go. To figure out the effect in the last shot, I'd need to look at the map itself. Could you share the wad? Just to make sure, what is the format you're aiming for? If it's supposed to be vanilla, then self refs for sure. But if you're making a non-vanilla map (Boom or UDMF) then I suggest you use either line action 242 Create Fake Ceiling and Floor (for Boom) or line action 209 Transfer_Heights for UDMF, which can create an invisible platform effect much better than self referencing sectors. An invisible 3D floor in UDMF is also a good option if you want to be able to travel under it.
  4. Aurelius

    A few questions about custom sky/music.

    Even though the music repeats, the music files all have unique names. You can refer to this DoomWiki article to determine which music lump you should replace for a given map. If you're using MAPINFO however, you can determine the music for each map there (and the names need not match the original music lumps). The syntax is usually music = "trackname" or just music = trackname.
  5. Aurelius

    New hud face is offset to the left, help please

    From your screenshot it's evident you haven't set up a base resource archive which Slade would use to determine the palette. It doesn't cause issues if a palette file is included in the archive you're browsing, but most likely your PWAD doesn't contain one, hence the issue. If you press the "cog" symbol next to the Base Resource box, you can add doom2.wad (or any other IWAD) as your base resource which should fix your problem.
  6. Aurelius

    Yellow key card has its own pickup sound?

    Assuming you're working with DECORATE, you can make an actor such as this: Actor YellowCardAlt : YellowCard replaces YellowCard { Inventory.PickupSound "keycard/pickup" } Where the keycard/pickup (as defined in your SNDINFO) refers to your new pickup sound.
  7. Just to clarify, both Crispy Doom and PrBoom+ at cl2 support .mp3 and .ogg files, so technically unless you're mapping for strict vanilla (so basically DOS or Chocolate Doom) you can use either format for limit-removing and Boom maps instead of MIDI, should you want.
  8. While this strategy is still completely valid today, UDB has a "rotate grid" functionality that makes this a whole lot easier (unless you've already grown accustomed with your non-orthogonal design pipeline in the past 10+ years of mapping as some of the community greats have). But for new mappers I'd recommend this option. (And I'm using non-orthogonal here to refer to any rotated geometry, even though technically if you rotate a square, the lines are still orthogonal with respect to each other :P So non-orthogonal with regards to the grid.) Additional ramblings about rotated geo: I want to add here that it's very important to start out by making an interesting piece of macro-architecture instead of going about doing smaller micro-detailing to an otherwise very simple overall structure. Instead of rewording it, I'm quoting rdwpa's post from another thread:
  9. Aurelius

    An old map collab with 40oz

    Fun little map, loved all the tight corridors and tight ammo, which was all very manageable with good maneuvering. I especially liked the alternate approaches to the red key fight, each with their own merits and challenges. I was slightly disheartened because, try as I might, I couldn't bump the secret armor through the midtex :P Can't be completed in a limit-removing port as is though, since there are a couple of stuck monsters in sectors tagged 18 that prevent floors from lowering under them. Adding little cubby holes for them by raising the ceiling should fix the issue.
  10. Aurelius

    Top 5 Favorite Films

    I used to keep a large list of my favorites, but haven't watched too many lately and seem to have completely misplaced that list. I'd say top 5 (in no particular order) would include the following: No Country for Old Men Collateral V for Vendetta American History X Inglourious Basterds Here's also a bonus list of top 5 directors (again, in no particular order): Joel & Ethan Coen Steven Soderbergh David Fincher Edgar Wright Denis Villeneuve
  11. Aurelius

    Key cards no longer working when using inheritance?

    If all you want is to change the general key pickup sound, the simplest way is to include the new sound in the PWAD (for example KEYUP), then add SNDINFO lump with the line: misc/k_pkup KEYUP This way it replaces the existing pickup sound for keys. If you want to create completely new keys, you need to make a Key actor (inheriting from Key class) and then add a LOCKDEFS lump with the appropriate lock definition (determining, for example, what key is required to open it). You will assign a number for the lock, which you can set on a line action in the editor. Here's a key template (the standard blue keycard) you can refer to when making your custom key: https://zdoom.org/wiki/Classes:BlueCard Here's the reference for LOCKDEFS (with examples): https://zdoom.org/wiki/LOCKDEFS And here's a list of used lock numbers (so pick one that is not one of them and in between 1 and 255): https://zdoom.org/wiki/Key_types
  12. Aurelius

    Summoning bouncing sprites?

    You can check out Supercharge gameplay mod by Tango, which features quite an extensive set of different gib animations, including a bouncing revenant head (the enemy is called Draugr in the mod). Should be a sufficient reference for you to make something bouncy yourself.
  13. The ammo type should be "Shell" and not "Shells".
  14. Aurelius

    Best Format For Compatibility?

    I think you got the best answers already, but I'll pitch in by breaking down your message and giving a suggestion based on an individual desire. This makes Boom sound like the best bet, since it has many of those quality of life features like voodoo conveyors that, like previously mentioned, are really powerful and give plenty of control over setup design (and make possible some really neat light effects). Depends on how you want to limit yourself. Limit-removing limits you (heh) to the vanilla Doom line actions and some other behaviour like not being able to trigger more than 8 actions per tic without leaving some actions untriggered. Doom 2 format limits you mostly visually but also functionally, which I'll talk more below. Visually simplistic? Doom 2 format is a great at making you better at prioritizing your use of detail, and guides to a less "wasteful" mapping style, so to speak. You have certain static limits that you can't cross, which range from visual things (like no more than 256 drawsegs, 128 visplanes or 128 sprites in sight at a given time) to functional thing (like aforementioned moving platform limit). You learn to take everything out of each line and create the details from the macro-architecture. You also cannot make really large, slaughtery encounters with hundreds upon hundreds of enemies. This again kinda depends how far you want to go with limits. Do you want those limits to be mostly gameplay and functionality related, or visual? Limit-removing for the former, vanilla for the latter. Overall, I'd lean towards limit-removing in your case. I'm not quite sure about your mapping experience, but if you're not familiar using Doom 2 format, I'd say go for limit removing so you can focus on squeezing the most out of the available line actions and lack of voodoo conveyors (at least ones that are easy to set up). Once you have a grasp of that, you can try to visually limit yourself by going down a notch to vanilla. Basically dip into Doom 2 format, make a map that you like and test it with Crispy or PrBoom+ cl2, then out of curiosity test it out with Choco afterwards and see if it runs.
  15. Aurelius

    MAYhem: 2020 Edition - On Idgames!

    None of the things you stated are bugs, the map is indeed just weird. And there was no intentionality behind the way the map looks from a top-down perspective, whatever it might seem to you :P I did not test GLBoom+ though, so some visual oddities might be exaggerated.