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  1. The room is cut into four sections with each section controlled by a separate line action 242. These lines have the different COLORMAPs applied as the upper texture, while the control sectors the lines are pointing to have their ceilings lowered to the floor. This essentially means that all the four sections are above the fake ceiling (as illustrated above in JadingTsunami's graph), and hence have the COLORMAPs applied to them. In the case of deep water, it is the stuff below the fake floor that is colored, hence the COLORMAP in those cases is applied as a lower texture on the 242 line.
  2. Aurelius

    My PNAMES are out of sync with my textures

    Unfortunately I've yet to use DoomTools to merge texture resources, so I can't help you there. Perhaps @MTrop could explain what the issue might be.
  3. Aurelius

    My PNAMES are out of sync with my textures

    I'd recommend you to just auto-regenerate the lumps, as the old thread described. In short: Remove the TEXTURE1 and PNAMES lumps. Highlight all the textures between PP_START/PP_END markers. Right click -> Graphics -> Add to TEXTUREx. Choose "Import from base resource archive" to include the vanilla texture definitions. Done! The PNAMES lump will be generated automatically along with TEXTURE1. If you want to add more textures, you can just drop them between the markers and use the Add to TEXTUREx. The PNAMES lump will be updated automatically. In general it's best to leave the PNAMES lump alone, because manually editing it can easily lead to problems. EDIT: If you're using a texture set that uses multi-patch textures (like OTEX), you'll need to use it as a base and add any single patch textures from other resources into it.
  4. You can use action 242 in conjunction with a scroller to apply the scrolling effect to everything below the floor of the fake sector. Here's an example.
  5. It's still dehacked, yes. There's just more supported functionalities (mainly codepointers) the further away you go from vanilla. A rough division of dehacked formats is vanilla, Boom, MBF and MBF21. What we usually call Boom-compatible is the complevel 9 in PrBoom+/DSDA-Doom and other ports that use/emulate complevels. MBF is complevel 11 and MBF21 is complevel 21.
  6. You can't achieve this in Boom format, because (as you said) you can only use the existing codepointers. This means you can't adjust the shotgun spread to be more narrow. Using the pistol/chaingun codepointers would just result in similar (or possibly even wider) spread, or alternatively they'd be perfectly accurate which is probably not ideal either. Not to mention it would use the same sound effect as other weapons that use the pointer(s). If you extended to MBF21 format, you'd have a generalized codepointer A_WeaponBulletAttack that you could adjust for the desired effect (see more info here). This would be my recommendation.
  7. Aurelius

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    You could do it, but again, if you use a muzzle flash state for a weapon, you only need to make sure it jumps to frame 1 when it's done. If you use Light1/Light2 in the firing sequence itself (and not muzzle flash specifically), you can just put Light0 somewhere at the end. If you're working with vanilla and are low on codepointer frames, I suggest using frame 1 the same way as vanilla Doom does.
  8. Aurelius

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    @Ar_e_en The one instance of Light0 you are referring to is frame 1, which is used by all weapons (that alter the light level) as the last frame of their muzzle flash animation. If you set muzzle flash states for your weapons, they should always end in frame 1. If you use Light1 and/or Light2 outside the muzzle flash animation, you need to make sure to call Light0 at some point.
  9. Aurelius

    Help w/ 3d bridges (Boom)

    In Boom, using action 242 Create Fake Ceiling and Floor is more robust than a self-referencing sector (it won't get broken accidentally, at least nowhere near as easily). The only downside to it is that if it accidentally stays up when you jump down, it does block hitscan attack as well as projectiles, while self-refs only block projectiles. Here's a working example of a fake Boom bridge. It works pretty much like a normal platform would, except that action 242 makes the bridge sector look as if nothing is moving. I also set the midtexes upper unpegged to keep them in place when the floor moves. As to your problem with the self-ref, it can be a number of things (self-refs tend to break in a quadrillion different ways). You say it breaks when you put it in place? Try going to the Edit menu and turning on the Merge Dragged Vertices Only, and then turn off Snap to Geometry. Once you've placed your self-ref, turn the latter setting back on (the first one can be left as is imo).
  10. Aurelius

    *** The "ask a miscellaneous editing question" thread ***

    One of them is unused (PLAYPAL on DoomWiki). Frame duration can be set to 0. This is very commonly used to assign multiple actions to the same frame. Making a 0-tic frame loop might cause problems though, but in your case it's all good.
  11. Aurelius

    What is wrong with this wall?

    It's called the medusa effect, and is caused by your middle texture being made out of more than one patch. You can make a single patch version of the texture in question and it should work fine.
  12. Aurelius

    favorite video game soundtracks

    I wonder just how many of these types of threads have been made in the history Doomworld. Anyway, my all time favorites are definitely the all the DKCs (just linking one though) and the first Metroid Prime.
  13. Aurelius

    Switch activated dynamic lights

    Here's a simple example that demonstrates activating, deactivating and changing colors of a dynamic light using only line actions. The problem with using Thing_SetSpecial is that you can't make any smooth transitions between colors or light levels. You also can't adjust the intensity of a light, because the line action can only access up to three args (intensity being the fourth).
  14. Aurelius

    Stop a crusher and have it raise back up to match ceiling?

    As far as I am aware, once you activate (and later stop) a crusher in Boom the ceiling height cannot be altered using line actions other than activating the crusher again. Somebody gave me a more in-depth explanation for this ages ago, but I've forgotten the details. I made some tests to make the crusher stop moving at its highest point, but because voodoo dolls and crushers are involved it can easily lead to the doll getting crushed if you press the switch at just the right (wrong?) time.
  15. Aurelius

    Switch activated dynamic lights

    If you want a line action, you can use Thing_SetSpecial, though for a more fine-grained control you should use SetThingSpecial via a script. Guardsoul made a test map of the latter, link here.