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  1. Aurelius

    Fearfully Frightening (Vanilla)

    Good stuff as always, spicy and evil. Here's a dog shit demo to go with it. We need an xdarkmasterx compilation!
  2. Aurelius

    Hell-Forged v1.10 Released. (Development Closed)

    Don't know if you're aware of this: It's a bit less cumbersome than an FTP client.
  3. Aurelius

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    A random doodle with Makkon textures from a few months ago, thought I'd share.
  4. You'd have to be living in quite a hostile environment for them to be fatal :P The unreliability of our memory and visual perception has been studied for decades. With things like confirmation bias, misinformation effect and memory conformity, there's just too many ways our brain and herd mentality can trick us into thinking we saw and experienced something we never did. It doesn't mean we are incapable of functioning in the society in general, in fact many of these things might even facilitate everyday interactions. But it does mean we should be mindful of blindly trusting our memories of highly emotional and/or stressful situations.
  5. Not really. Considering how unreliable our sensory input and memory are, and how easily our brain gets confused, it's always a more likely explanation that our brain just messed up rather than there being any actual "supernatural" phenomena at play. I tend to find the neurological quirks behind these sort of experiences more fascinating than any supposedly real ghost story. That being said, I usually enjoy ghost related themes in moves and such, since they do make for good fictional content.
  6. Nick Bostrom did an interesting TED talk about the topic of AI superintelligence in 2015. So not robots per se, but I'd say its in the ballpark. The gist of it is that a superintelligent AI should be considered a really powerful optimization process rather than an actual artificial "person", and that the main goal should be to set this AI up in such a way that whatever its end goal is defined to be, it contains everything we as humans value and care about. Not by making an exhaustive list, but rather guiding the AI to "pursue our values or to perform actions that it predicts humans would approve of". This is what he called "value-loading", which was described by Eliezer Yudkowsky as "constructing superintelligences that want outcomes that are high-value, normative, beneficial for intelligent life over the long run". In the same article, Yudkowsky also considers the problems that arise from trying to properly define the framework where such development can happen. In all likelihood we have only one shot of getting a superintelligence right, which makes it somewhat of a terrifying prospect.
  7. When you open Whacked, make sure to choose "Extended DeHackEd" from the Engine dropdown menu, otherwise you won't see the extra states. After that, you can use the extra states just like any other states. If you don't know how to modify states, you should check out this video by Doomkid to get started (it's vanilla oriented, but shows the basics really well). In short, you can set the states for things from the Things tab, and for weapons from the Weapons tab. In the States tab you can adjust the properties of each state, for example what action that state might have, how long the state lasts and what state it jumps to next.
  8. Aurelius

    [Poll] What standard would you like to see next?

    I don't think this quite touches the issue at hand. Yes, what you say about homing missiles possibly hitting obstacles is true, but since auto-aim is its own form of "homing" behavior, I consider these two should behave similarly in situations where the homing effect does not make a practical difference. In other words, if you're shooting directly at an immobile target, both methods should yield same results. Below is a video clip of a comparison between a vanilla rocket launcher vs. a homing variant against an immobile Archvile. The difference is pretty easy to see. In the MBF21 documentation, it is stated that Heretic's seeker missile logic was used as a base for the A_SeekTracer function. I wonder if the "discrepancy" originates from there?
  9. Aurelius

    [Poll] What standard would you like to see next?

    There's been some good suggestions here for MBF22, so I'll drop in a few ideas that I don't think were mentioned yet. A codepointer for checking whether a thing's hitbox is obstructed by another solid thing. This would make it possible to have monsters whose SOLID flags are removed and then later returned (say, an enemy temporarily submerging into water or a resurrecting zombie like monster from Quake) without having the risk of them getting stuck into each other or the player. It could function similarly to the Jump functions, where the thing would jump into a specific state if it was blocked (or not blocked). Support for randomized sounds, possibly similar to how the hardcoded randomizations work for sounds like POSIT and PODTH. Extended RandomJump with the ability to jump to as many states as the args can handle with equal probability. Some way (a flag?) for projectiles to not induce pain state on impact if they have speed (stationary projectiles interestingly do nothing). This could be used for environmental and gore effects that require the thing to die on impact to the ground (support for a Crash state would also remedy this). I'm not sure if this could already be "fixed" for MBF21, but the homing projectiles actually hit lower than regular projectiles. For example if you make the rocket launcher homing, in Plutonia MAP01 the perched Archvile is much harder to hit with it than it would be without the homing property. Is this intended behavior? It feels odd that the homing projectiles would target a lower point than regular autoaim. @dmdr Like kraflab said, A_JumpIfTargetCloser should be enough to emulate "A_JumpIfTargetFurther" just by setting it up properly. For example, if you wanted to have A_JumpIfTargetFurther(sniper, 640.0) with the close range attack being the next state should the jump check fail, just use A_JumpIfTargetCloser(closerange, 640.0) and set the next state to be the sniper state. It achieves the same thing.
  10. Aurelius

    Doom Pictures Thread 2021

    @Doom_Dude Loving the look of that, great use of restrained color combinations! I'm also curious to know where those tree sprites are from..
  11. Aurelius

    What were the first three PWADs you downloaded?

    I might forgotten some, but the three that I do remember are: - What Lies Beneath Titan-426 - Valiant - Eviternity I downloaded each of them roughly around the time they came out, so there's like a decade in-between my first and second PWAD, heh.
  12. I think WhackEd is still the best way to quickly view state and thing information. Even if I do most of my DeHacked stuff with DECOHack these days, I still keep WhackEd open to quickly verify thing numbers, ednums, states, flags etc. For your example, you can just click on the Zombieman (Trooper) in the Things window and see that its Attack state starts from 184. And if you open the States window, you can see clearly how the Attack state develops from 184 onwards. The links posted by dmdr are also good for referencing, the first one of them actually doing pretty much exactly what you were asking for (providing a list of all states and briefly explaining what they are). Also, while the DoomWiki page on codepointers has all of them listed, I usually end up jumping over to EternityWiki since it explains in more detail what each codepointer does.
  13. DSDA-Doom: 7 GZDoom: 2 I use DSDA-Doom for almost every wad that doesn't require a ZDoom family port, so the point distribution is directly proportional to the type of wads I usually play. I do use Eternity for Eternity-UDFM maps, occasionally Crispy for limit-removing stuff and ZDoom 2.8.1 for old ZDoom wads, but since those are in a small minority I decided not to include them (giving them 1 each would be disproportionate wrt how often I use them).
  14. Aurelius

    A_JumpIfTargetInSight MBF21/DEHEXTRA crash

    The 'Missile' state does in fact exist even before you define it, as do all of the "main" states like 'Spawn' and 'See'. When you call A_JumpIfTargetInSight and reference the 'Missile' state, you are actually referencing the default state, which in the case of Thing 150 is 0. When you later explicitly define the 'Missile' state, it overwrites the existing default, but will leave the previous A_JumpIfTargetInSight reference as is. DecoHack has a limitation where "forward declarations" are not possible as they would be in Decorate, i.e. when you want to reference a state that has not been defined yet. There is a roundabout way of "fixing" it using state protect/unprotect and later state fill. Here is a fixed version of your source file that should work as intended. The gist is that I protected a specific set of states (1101 to 1110) and then created the 'See' state loop outside the thing definition. Since I know the 'See' state starts from state 1101, I could set it "in advance" in the thing definition, knowing I would define it later. Also, I would recommend you use Thing 151 instead (I made that edit in the above version), since it's the first "extra" thing slot introduced in DEHEXTRA, not Thing 150.
  15. Aurelius

    Buggy animated texture, why?

    Having these loaded as a mapping resource should cause no issues, and I've had them defaulted for my Doom 2 UDMF config for ages now. The latter two could just be set to be loaded when testing, but using gzdoom.pk3 does have it's benefits in mapping as well, like making sector sound sequences visible. Apparently it is required for ZScript parsing as well? My guess is that using the BrightmapsDoom2 and BrightmapsDoom1 don't play well with the Plutonia IWAD. You could try removing those two resources and see if it helps. A simpler way would be to use Doom 2 as your IWAD and just add the Plutonia textures as a separate texture resource.