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  1. leejacksonaudio


    The world may never know.
  2. leejacksonaudio

    Essential stuff for fans of Lee Jackson

    Please read my most recent Status Update, dated today (May 19th, 2024). I just posted it. I'm having some problems staying out of the hospital, it would seem.
  3. UPDATE:


    I wound up back in the hospital for overnight observation again this past Thursday night (the 16th of May) and was discharged Friday afternoon. You see, my bandages and the spot where the hose of my vacuum drain goes through my skin into my knee both started leaking. My home health nurse took some pics and sent them to my surgeon, who then ordered me to go to the Emergency Room immediately and get it treated. That's how I wound up being admitted overnight.


    Anyway, they took out my vacuum drain hose and re-bandaged my surgical wounds, then sent me home Friday. I'm just now settling in to home life once again. However, guess what's happening again? Yep! My bandages are leaking. Again.




    I called my home health nurse on-call service Saturday night and reported the leaking. We did a "Facetime"-like call, where I showed the nurse my leaking wound via my phone. In the end, she made arrangements for another nurse to come out first thing Sunday morning and re-re-wrap my surgical wound. Again.


    This is getting really old, folks. Unfortunately, I've got no way around it. All I can do is put up with it and hope it heals. Please, wish me luck - I need every bit of it I can get. Thank you.

    1. Murdoch


      Best of luck my friend. 

    2. Biodegradable


      You're always in my thoughts, Lee. I really hope things improve for you real soon. Lord knows, you deserve it.

  4. I had my hematoma surgery Tuesday. Waiting was hell. I was NPO from midnight until 3:30 PM, when I woke up. They finally put me under and worked on me, scraping out the hematoma and other gunk as promised, and installed a drain on the leg to keep it from swelling up again. I'm on the same pain management dose and timing I was on before the surgery, so someone forgot something in the promises department. Urgh.

  5. leejacksonaudio

    Looking to buy a new Laptop, which one should I buy?

    That's what I do with it, and it doesn't complain a bit. I even have it run sans screensaver at times, when my notation program (Dorico Pro 5) is running, and it doesn't gripe at all. Look into it and see if it suits your needs.
  6. leejacksonaudio

    Looking to buy a new Laptop, which one should I buy?

    Ignoring all of the user's original specs, I recommend a Sager Notebook. They run smooth and handle just about any abuse you can throw at them.
  7. Well...ahem. My surgery didn't go exactly as planned. It's Sunday, May 5th, and I'm still in the damned hospital, thanks to what they think is a hematoma in my left knee. They got the idea a couple of days ago when my knee popped open and started bleeding during a Physical Therapy walk. Not just a blood drop down my leg, mind you - this formed a puddle beneath my calf. Needless to say, the Physical Therapy walk came to a screeching halt. We motored back to my room, where they re-wrapped my leg (for a second time - it came unwrapped on an earlier walk as well, but didn't bleed). 


    The doctors are planning to keep me here until Monday, possibly even Tuesday if they need to reopen my knee and operate on the hematoma. All I know is that they keep extending my time here while reducing the frequency of my Dilaudid doses. Come on, folks, that's not fair! You should at least wait until you figure out if you're going to let me go before you do that - I'm still in pain here! ;) 

    1. Murdoch


      Jesus :(

    2. leejacksonaudio


      The situation deteriorates here at casa Presbyterian. Saturday, my knee felt like something was sloshing around in it even though I was in bed and lying still. Within minutes, my pain level shot up from an 8 to a 9.5. This repeated on Saturday, and again on Sunday. I reported it to a nurse, who sent the report to a doctor. The upshot of all this is that I'm going to have more surgery to drain the hematoma and clean out other knee gunk on Tuesday, a week after my original surgery. We'll see how this one comes out.

  8. It's finally about to begin. Tomorrow, April 30th, at 5:30am, is when I check in to the hospital for major knee surgery. They'll be removing scar tissue and inserting "shims" in order to keep the joint from wobbling side-to-side. I'll be staying the night, so I'll be out of touch until I get home if not longer. Wish me luck, please.

    1. Biodegradable


      Hope it goes off without a hitch, Lee!

  9. My left knee surgery has been scheduled at last for April 30th, and it's a damned good thing, too - just a few minutes ago, I had to ditch my cane in favor of my old walker (Zimmer frame, I think they call it in the UK). The pain in the outer side of my left knee has steadily been getting worse all night long, and it finally blew the lid open on my tolerance while I was shuttling things back and forth from the kitchen. I just took my pain pills about 15 minutes earlier, so they haven't kicked in yet to help. Dear Lord, I hate this.

  10. leejacksonaudio

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    Some German spread/sauce made of sunflower seeds and "ramps" (wild garlic, which grows wild in part of the USA but doesn't grow where I live): https://www.thetasteofgermany.com/vitam-sunflower-ramps-organic-plant-based-savory-spread-4-4-oz/ I'm looking forward to trying it!
  11. Did some cooking last night. Made Japanese curry. My son was over, so he helped. My wife helped cut some of the carrots as well. My main jobs were to dissect the three very nice New York Strips I'd bought from Walmart (surprising place for them!), to get everything together (except for the koshihikari rice - that was my son's job), and do the main cooking duties.


    We used Vermont Curry Hot roux, in the large size. We normally use S&B, but I wanted to try Vermont for once. It's nice, but it's got no heat to it. I like S&B better for that reason alone.


    All in all, it came out great. The koshihikari rice is definitely worth the money and the hype. It's fantastic stuff. Can't wait to try it with just some goma shio furikake on it. I *almost* messed up the meat by overcooking it, but I rescued it at the last second and instead just got a wonderful fond that left a great flavor behind in the pot.


    One downer is that I got a bit ill toward the end of cooking and had to let my son take over for a few minutes. He pronounced it finished, and my wife brought me a bowl. I ate several bites, then had to surrender to whatever was making me feel sick. All that work, and then I couldn't even finish a bowl. Bummer. At least my wife and my son went back for seconds.


    I take solace in the knowledge that the flavors in my bowl (which is in the fridge, under plastic wrap) will have commingled and will be even better when I'm finally able to get to them.


    Now that you've read that, go read this: https://dleejackson.lbjackson.com/2024/04/at-last-bruckner-symphony-no-6-is-finished/

    1. Amaruψ


      Might try Japanese curry now that I know of its existence. My palate is closely accustomed to the various chicken curries from Pakistan and India. 


      Get well soon, though! Always a bummer when you get sick midway cooking. Has happened to me once and all the enthusiasm I had for the meal I prepared went down the drain xD

  12. leejacksonaudio

    What Was Your Last Purchase?

    A metric assload of going-out-of-stock inventory from Drum Corps International's DVD stockpile from the late 2000s. Almost $100 worth. This covered the years 2003 through 2007 and 2009.
  13. leejacksonaudio

    What are you listening to?

    Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 6 in A Major, arranged for concert band / wind ensemble by Lee Jackson :) More info also available on https://dleejackson.lbjackson.com/2024/04/at-last-bruckner-symphony-no-6-is-finished/ .
  14. Bravo! Thank you very kindly - much obliged! You'd be surprised by looking at the YouTube analytics. It's barely getting any traction at all. Sigh. Not too encouraging.
  15. Thanks! How much of it did you manage to get through? All or some?