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  1. Star citizen will technically never have production code. Except it basically all is because they are treating it like a released live service game, and probably are going to use that legally when it all implodes.
  2. Reminds of some old star citizen videos that showed some code in the background and horrified people. Then they stopped doing those types of videos. I don't know anything about programming but it seems to be a pretty common opinion that 9 nested "if" statements is a pretty bad idea lol.
  3. it's not night over there right now. stop it.
  4. sandwedge

    What was the best "Inside a computer" mod you've played?

    The Cognition Engine takes place in a digital hellscape, and it even has some cool text logs that describe how it came to be. I was also gonna mention Hotfix93 but I see that was mentioned!
  5. sandwedge

    Through the channel V1.4

    I thought it was fine, didn't find it too repetitive but I think I also tend not to get too bothered by that often. If you're worried about it you can change it since it's a long-ish level.
  6. sandwedge

    Through the channel V1.4

    This was a very pleasant adventure! Definitely feels inspired by a real place which was fun to explore. Combat is pretty easygoing but not to its detriment, especially if you're planning this to be an early map in a megawad. I do like how you have half open doors around to make the place feel bigger without making me press use on doors to see if they work. I do really like the idea of boss enemy versions of normal monsters, however I thought the baron was scaled up in a slightly odd way that made him look a bit stretched. The archvile on the other hand looked good. Highlight for me was definitely the museum, but in general great job on the textures you made and put in! Also liked how I went up in the control room to open the exit while overlooking the path I would take later - nice bit of foreshadowing and connectivity. For those interested, this looks like it would work very well with mods too - might play through with brutal doom if I get the itch. All in all, I would love to see you keep going with something like this in a megawad - keep it up!
  7. sandwedge

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    This is so cool, this is super metroid right? love that idea. cool stuff in all the others too
  8. sandwedge

    Would it be legal to sell a DOOM mappack?

    I've seen some people sell stuff on places like itch.io, usually with "name your own price", and I figured that was more accepted, since it's more of a donation.
  9. Hey this was fun, I like the open ended exploration. The early pain elemental ended up getting out of hand but it was a fun early scramble. But then compared to that I thought some of the later fights were very anti-climactic and could've had more enemies. The final battle is a single archvile, and though it has a fake out and no cover, if you get the bfg and rad suit before it's hilariously easy. It's possible to miss both those things of course, though they aren't tagged as secrets probably because they're pretty easy to find, so you have to assume the player will likely have them, or at least one of them. Even so, much of the later setpiece fights would be too easy for the majority of players even without them, I imagine. The ease of the setpiece encounters contrasts a lot with some of the incidental explorative combat which can be quite tricky with arachno, chaingun and manc snipers positioned around large areas, so that's why I think the difficulty ought to be brought up to par at least with those. Other than a few of those encounters it's quite a nice open level so great work!
  10. This was a nice, easygoing map! Only thing is you can jump to the yellow key over the nukage without hitting the switch to raise the platform, assuming that wasn't an intended method. I also really liked the switch revealing a manc in that silo thing lol, and of course the marines, the barrels o' fun at the end, I appreciate the sense of humour. Keep it up!
  11. Hey played thru this quick and have to echo what others have said about the atmosphere. Cool setting that really ties in with the skybox, music, lighting etc. I will say that when you mentioned scythe and being harder than kdizd I expected it to be a bit harder, especially since I figured you were just doing an episode and not a megawad, so I expected a bit of a sharper difficulty curve. As it is, it's very easy... but that's not necessarily a bad thing. I found that the combat flows well, and some of the sparseness kinda adds to the atmosphere. Yes there are teleport traps but I never found them actually scary, and had plenty of space to toy around with my food. Since it felt easy I ended up playing saveless pistol start and not really getting anywhere close to dying, except near the very end when I was a bit lackadaisical and almost got cornered by specters and imps. But all in all, it was a nice, pleasant, atmospheric romp. It's really up to you, but I'm just saying there could be some room to ramp up more if you want, especially on UV if you implement difficulties. If you're preparing for a larger megawad then this difficulty curve probably makes more sense to me as an episode 1 akin to the iwad. Anywho great work, always great to see more dark, brooding doom wads, and in vanilla! More specific notes: e1m2: the progression in the acid took me a bit to find as usually that's more of a secret type area, but the player will probably eventually try that so maybe it's fine. e1m6: I like the escalation in this map and the fireblu portals that lock off after you're done. But the first lift out is very easy to accidentally ride up and escape, and there's no way back to kill stuff. just depends on what you intend for this section, but might be nice to make it a bit harder to get out.
  12. sandwedge

    OHM 1 & 2 WADs

    Played through Ohm 1 and it was pretty damn fun to blaze through in a couple hours. My faves were probably map 9 Lovely Castle and map 17 Kaboom Kaverns - both really fun rocket spamfests with some very tight encounters. I guess I'm really into those lately! Just some random issues I had:
  13. sandwedge

    I ban you because...

    I ban the person below me for posting here solely to farm reacts. Something I would never do!
  14. sandwedge

    Mass Extinction megawad: Now on Idgames.

    Quoting this for emphasis. I know it's been a while but this is a fantastic megawad, maybe my favourite by nic, but it seems to be broken at the end now. The platform and IoS don't rise up high enough and I think it's impossible, or at least practically impossible, to damage now. It's an unfortunate anti-climax to a great experience but it wouldn't be hard to fix.
  15. sandwedge

    Death Guard.wad

    Nice solid map, attractive detailing and pleasant difficulty! Played it in brutal doom after as it's quite well balanced for that, seeing as nothing gets too crazy. Great stuff!