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  1. New layout looks a lot better when zoomed out to 80% in chrome.

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    2. Jayextee


      It's the Twitter-like nature of the new forum that I like the most. Just sharing garbage thoughts that don't fit into a forum thread (either new or existing) and ending up with those 'off the cuff' conversations is a thing I really enjoy.

    3. Pavera


      Yup. Plus having the notifications means I can just keep Doomworld open in a tab, and my posts don't feel as much 'set and forget' as they used to. Much easier for me to keep a forum conversation going now.

    4. bioshockfan90


      Oh man, this looks a lot better. Also, I, for one, also enjoy not having to put BBcode in every time I want to format text. Makes life a whole lot easier. Thanks for the tip!