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  1. thelamp

    grungo Q&A - ask grungo anything

    you know when a caveman gimmick account first cropped up I thought it would be leading to some kind of Doom project since this is a doom forum but anyways my question is do you think making a Flintstones doom mod in the same style as the Simpsons doom from the 90s is a good idea
  2. thelamp

    looking for "bad" WADs

    Jason Wainman's 30 Levels of Doom II
  3. It would be sort of weird for them to nominate mentionate their own work. Perhaps Grungo could do that since he is not (?) a part of amalgoom team? Although it would also be weird to mention a mapset that hasn't actually been (fully) released yet. I can see that you are excited about this project but how can you judge something fairly and honestly without having actually played it yourself?
  4. thelamp

    Recommend me old good wads

    Doomsday of UAC Galaxia The cool sub Hartlepool 6th Form College
  5. If HakrosTex is no different than any other set of resources compiled without permission then why didn't I see you in the HakrosTex thread coming to defend Hakros? Would've been a great opportunity for you to have 'gotcha' moment on the whole community: What a cruel injustice that HakrosTex should be shunned by a community that has been using assets from various idtech and build engine games from the beginning
  6. thelamp

    Share Your Sprites!

    I remembered this from DBP36 idk where it actually came from
  7. thelamp

    Going Down was a mistake for me

    In general, most people do play with saves. It can be bad if you save yourself into an unwinnable scenario, but this only really happens if a player is saving a lot When playing with self imposed condition like this it's important to understand the levels you are playing were not made with that condition in mind. If you end up having a hard time, it's not a fault of the level it's just a consequence of how you've decided to play the game. Tyson runners don't complain about lack of berserk packs, they know the life they chose Something important to consider in your case is the ammo efficiency difference between SG and SSG. The SG fires7 pellets per shell, the SSG 20 pellets per two shells. You may find ammo balance to be tighter (among other complications) in levels where you would otherwise be using an SSG. If you're playing continuous this probably makes a lot less of a difference tho
  8. thelamp

    I think there should be a Dune mod for Doom

    This sprite exists on realm667, called "Dune Warrior" hope this helps
  9. thelamp

    Difficulty balancing: a conundrum

    The monster closet has more than one teleporter and the gray tree makes one of them unavailable? This controls the difficulty by changing where monsters will enter the play area
  10. thelamp

    YOUR least favorite Doom enemy, and why?

    I dislike Hell Knights because they lack any unique personality. Every other monster has some quirk to make it feel interesting and special, but the Hell Knight is just a watered down Baron. Even the Baron's personality as Big Badass (read: door w/ health) is kinda flimsy and one dimensional and once you take away the tankiness there's really nothing left. Their washed out appearance also echoes that lack of personality. I'm not saying this means every encounter with them is boring or plain, mappers are pretty clever and they find clever ways to use them. I'm just saying they earned their spot at the bottom for me because they don't add anything mechanically or visually interesting to the game.
  11. I like when important items are put up on some kind of pedestal. Not even necessarily a really elaborate one, just something to make the item stand out a bit. Also very helpful if there's a lot of monsters whose corpses might obscure said item (I'm looking at you, Cacodemon)
  12. thelamp

    Scroll Icon and BKG pictures

    Scaling down that hammer to menu icon size isn't gonna look great no matter how you do it To use a picture on the titlescreen (and for it to work in PrBoom+) it should be 320x200 pixels and you can convert it to Doom format in slade after importing it to your wad. Name the file TITLEPIC The graphics for the menu skull icon are M_SKULL1 and M_SKULL2. The originals are 20x19 but you can probably get away with it being a bit bigger than that if you wanted. Here's the hammer icon from Mario 3 hope this helps
  13. thelamp

    Name that graphic

    It's called an ENDOOM, you can use this utility to make one