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  1. thelamp

    Post your Doom textures!

    I knew I recognized that texture from somewhere, it's used in Deus Vult as a switch there's also a recolour for the other frame of the switch
  2. thelamp

    What are your favorite MAP01/E1M1 MIDIs?

    e1m1 of Magic Doom, it does a great job of setting the mood
  3. thelamp

    Share your titlepics!

    I made it a bit easier by editing the Doom palette, it's only one extra shade of purple but it helps a lot when there's only 5 others
  4. thelamp

    Share your titlepics!

    a very purple titlepic for a very purple mapset
  5. thelamp

    what are you working on? I wanna see your wads.

    nearly finished map13 for The Magenta Spire, this one is deep underground themed
  6. thelamp

    How to change the flats in text screens?

    easiest to just rename the flat you want to use to the corresponding flat on the text screen, e.g. a flat named SLIME16 will appear as the background on the map07 text screen of course, this will also change that flat in your maps if you've used it
  7. leaviathans-vault_v3.rar made some final tweaks Map name: Leviathan's Vault Author: the lamp Play time: 10 mins Music: Bobby Prince - Getting Too Tense Textures: tnt, plutonia, icarus, dbp36 Difficulty settings: yes Coop: yes (not tested, player starts, monsters) Deathmatch: no Description: upset at the lack of fortune to match his fame, doomguy decides to rob Leviathan's vault
  8. I haven't had as much time to work on this project in the last couple months, but I have done some planning on paper. I did want to take a break from it anyway to let my ideas sort of "percolate" before I start actually building them. I also used the time I had to participate in a few community projects (Literalism, Full Moon, DBP36) to develop my mapping skills. My ambitions as a mapper frequently outweigh my skill as a mapper and I'm hoping to close that gap (at least a little bit) as I finish off this mapset. At this point I'm also considering converting the project to MBF21 because it has a bunch of cool stuff I want to use. So far I've been using Whacked to make the .bex patches for this, which does not (yet) support MBF21. This is kind of sort of a reason for my delaying work on this, maybe I should just learn to to code so I can use DoomTools tho, idk. Thanks for your question and interest! The project is not dead or abandoned, just moving at a snails pace.
  9. crap I should've known I wouldn't be up in time to beat the deadline. I fixed a softlock and a few other minor things, but this is mostly the same as v2. Had lots of fun making this! Thanks @MFG38 for hosting and thanks to all the playtesters leviathans-vault_v3.rar
  10. Thanks for the feedback everyone! Here is an updated version of the map, I added a bunch of monsters to the starting area and moved around others. The area with the mancubus is now accessible after grabbing the green armor and I added an optional area before the final fight. It's still very linear for the most part but there is a little more variety. other changes: - fixed missing textures - moved teleporters for shotgunners - retextured rev/pinkie area - added teleporters for archviles near exit leaviathans-vault_v2.rar
  11. Map name: Leviathan's Vault (MAP28) Author: the lamp Play time: 10 mins Music: stock (Bobby Prince - Getting Too Tense) Textures: tnt, plutonia, icarus(rain), dbp36(coins) Difficulty settings: yes Coop: yes Deathmatch: no Description: upset at the lack of fortune to match his fame, doomguy decides to rob Leviathan's vault leviathans-vault.rar
  12. thelamp

    Doom Island: doom2 episode now on Idgames!!!!

    Took me quite a few tries but I've got a demo for you! The cramped space makes it tough, but once I was familiar with the layout it's not too bad. I like the rocky beaches contrasted with dark techy interiors. Great skytexture too! That archvile is a mean one, love it. Nice little map, I look forward to seeing more! beachprueba3-thelamp.rar
  13. section 6 is all stitched up! AngryQuilt_v5.rar