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Stealthy Ivan

Remember the Hissy?

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If you remember, what ever happened to that stuffed caco that was "floating" around doomworld? Who finally ended up with that thing?
While I'm posting, I may as well mention this, Does any have a old copy of a deathmatch level called H2HMUD, also known as head 2 head deathmatch???

[TeamVPO]Stealthy Ivan

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Is Hissy back in chroz's possession then? Kind of a bad having the past listed in the future tense.

edit: not yet, it seems

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Thankx for the wad link Grazza, that is part of the old H2H compititions, I'm happy to have it!!! I wish there was a ZDaemon server that hosted it...

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Gokuma said:

Wow, I had no idea Hissy was quite that old.

This makes Me feel old..! It seems like just yesterday I was seeing posts for this thing on doomworld, I'm glad to see it finally return to the motherland of norway! :P

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Jehar said:

dont DO that when i am up on caffine!!

Or when I'm drunk.

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The Ultimate DooMer said:

[VPO]Stealthy Ivan looks better ;)

Heh, I was just playin around by putting that there, it actually should be [SX]StealthyIvan from my old clan which died around 1999...:P
[SX] = Clan Sector X

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