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  1. Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon, Dragon Ball Z Dragon, Dragon, Rock the Dragon, Come get me I remember this being everyone's favorite show, back in primary school. Watching every morning on Cheez TV.
  2. The "so you want to play some fucking doom?" image posted in this thread is outdated. This is the latest version IIRC,
  3. Started playing Nioh on PC.
  4. Tiger & Bunny
  5. Knee Deep In The Dead always felt like a fast-paced arcade campaign to me, even when I played Keyboard Only as a kid.
    Hard to believe these maps were hand-crafted.
  6. I always wonder where the term "freelook" even came from, as I know "mouselook" existed as far back as Quake and always meant being able to look in any direction with the mouse.
  7. Yeah, I've been playing A Hat In Time too. Really liking that each world mixes things up a bit, and go beyond being a simple theme. Battle of the Birds stands out especially. Looking forward to the two additional worlds that'll be added in later on.
  8. Reclusive Tactician, and Masterful Traveller. I guess that works.
  9. As far as I'm aware, PrBoom+ is the only port that disallows idclev beyond 32. Even Chocolate Doom allows me to idclev to 33.
  10. Physically I own, two copies of Doom 2 (One is 1.666, the other is doom 95), Doom Collector's Edition, Doom 64, and Doom 2016 Digitally, I own everything possible on Steam, alongside all the classic Doom stuff again on gog. Dunno about "complete", but I'm fairly satisfied.
  11. I'd miss RPG/Adventure FPSs, thats for sure.