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  1. I always had the impression that "Gotcha!" referred to the Cyberdemon and Mastermind being the same room together for the first time. Before I delved into custom maps, this level was very novel to me.
  2. Got this CD in the mail the other day.
  3. Dusk is the closest by far to actually getting classic style level design right out of any game I've played that has claimed to be classic styled. I particularly really appreciate that it actually avoids the tired "locked in arena until every monster is dead" gameplay that other so-called classic styled FPSs love repeatedly using.
  4. I guess I could give mapmaking a serious attempt this year.
  5. Australia. Born in Melbourne, grew up in Sydney, and live in Wollongong nowadays.
  6. Happy New Year!
  7. Yotsugi from the monogatari series
  8. TNT does have its share of duds (particularly Metal and Habitat). But I think its decent-good levels outweigh the bad, and certainly had some neat ideas. My favorite secret levels out of the iwads for sure. Dead Zone is also fantastic. I often like to think that Memento Mori would've been a better choice for iwad status, as I personally saw that as having the stronger mapping team, and stronger texture set.
  9. Swift Death only has like 3 maps with three digit monster counts. ;) But that might be too hard, so I recommend Dark Covenant and Marswar for some old school charm.
  10. I really like Plutonia, easily my favorite iwad. I love that most levels aren't too long, so I'm comfortable playing them without saves. I think cause I played Hell Revealed and Alien Vendetta before owning Final Doom (didn't get it until like 2004), I never really saw Plutonia as super hard. Just as a step up from Doom 2 UV.
  11. Often times I'll listen to something that fits within one of the many varieties of Rock, Metal, or Electronic styles. Sometimes some Ambient, Rap, Jazz, or Classical styles.